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Disneyland Discounts for Southern California Residents

In the slide show above, you're viewing pictures of attractions at Disneyland and Disney's California Adventure! If viewing Disneyland pictures makes you want to hurry to the theme park, perhaps the discounts mentioned on this page can help! Note: This page covers SoCal Residents' discounts to Disneyland. Not a resident? Please view our "Disneyland Park Discounts for out-of-town guests" page.

Southern California residents have lost many perks at Disneyland

Zip codes 90000-93599 only SOMETIMES get special SoCal deals at Disneyland these days

Picture: Entrance to the Radiator Springs Racers ride in Cars Land Southern Californians USED TO BE a lucky group---they were always able to get their very own special Disney discount prices. Because the Disneyland Resort stays open 365 days per year, the park needs to attract thousands of visitors each and every day. However, out-of-towners usually have a difficult time visiting Disneyland any time except during the summer vacation period. Therefore, local residents were needed to fill up the park during the "slow season." In order to keep the park alive with guests year-round, discounts were always given to Southern Californians, who can visit Disneyland more frequently than out-of-towners simply because they live closer to the park. They can pop into Disneyland on weekends...or even after school or work hours are over on weekdays. Life was terrific for Disneyland fans!

Times have changed. Disneyland is generally busy year-round now, and the number of Southern Californians owning discounted annual passes has soared to unmanageble numbers in recent years. Visitors who buy single-day tickets (both locals AND out-of-towners) are having a horrible time trying to enjoy the attractions in a timely matter. (If you've been to Disneyland in the last several years, you've surely endured that same problem yourself.) Single-day ticket holders often anticipate their Disneyland visit for an entire year or more. They arrive excited, expecting to enjoy Disneyland's best-loved rides and experiences --- but get discouraged when they find hours worth of lines for rides, attractions and food.

Even seeing the park's line-less parades and spectacles can be difficult to do if you're a single-day ticket holder. With only one day to enjoy everything, visitors can't spend much time sitting around merely waiting for something to happen. This contrasts with SoCal annual passholders, who frequently visit the park merely to enjoy one or two attractions. Now that our family has moved from California to Arizona, we've had the unpleasant experience of not even getting to see the very tall parade floats in an unobstructed manner. It has truly opened our eyes to the complaints that we've heard from our readers. Some readers have complained that pass-holders show up in droves, wait for hours for parades and Fantasmic, and leave little option left for people who only have a half-hour allotted to wait for each show. We now realize that waiting 30 minutes before a parade can leave a family with terrible views. These days, non-passholders might only see the backs of other people's heads....or the butts of toddlers sitting on their parent's shoulders, as the case might be.

In other words, local residents have loved Disneyland TOO much. Fortunately, something is being done to address Disneyland's problem with overcrowding. Unfortunately, however, Disney officials have worked to solve the problem in a way that makes the most money for them. They raised prices and restricted the number of less-expensive passports that they will sell. This means that Southern Californians who were already making sacrifices to take their kids to Disneyland may now have to abandon the idea completely.

Discouraged? Indeed, many people are. There's basically NO SUCH THING as inexpensive or "discount" Disneyland tickets any more. The demand for park admission is simply too great. On this page, we'll talk about the least expensive options that you can currently find for legitimate tickets. And despite the high prices, we do encourage you to stick with legitimate tickets. Price hikes have spurred an entire cottage industry of fake tickets...and even real tickets which have already been used, despite the assurances of the sellers to the contrary. Even fake tickets are expensive, so the last thing you need to do is get your kids to the gate only to be turned away. There are some things which shouldn't be entrusted to Ebay or Craig's List...and Disneyland tickets are one of them.

Disneyland's Daily Ticket Prices for Local Residents

Disneyland doesn't give local residents a break on daily tickets! SoCal residents buying 1, 2, 3, 4 & 5 day tickets, will pay the exact same price to enter Disneyland (and/or Disney California Adventure Park) that everyone pays!

Daily ticket prices at Disneyland: If all you'd like to do is visit Disneyland for one day, you'll have to gasp at the sticker-shock of Disney's steep prices, just like non-residents have to. The cost for a one day, one park ticket (either Disneyland OR Disney's California Adventure...but not both) is $95---during the "off season." Tickets cost even more during the "regular" and "peak" seasons at Disneyland---up to $119 in Spring 2016. (Yes, that's for just ONE day at ONE park!)

What's "tiered pricing?" If it has been more than a few months since your last Disneyland visit, then you need to know that there isn't just ONE price any more. There are THREE different prices for daily tickets! It all depends on the exact date that you choose to visit Disneyland. And guess what? If your child is on vacation or seasonal break, that's exactly when it's NOT the cheapest time to visit!

If you want to visit both Disneyland AND Disney's California Adventure in the same day, then the cost of your tickets goes up even more.

Since Disneyland's daily ticket prices are the same for both residents and non-residents, please visit the Disneyland Tickets for Non-Residents page, where you can see a full listing of Disneyland's 1, 2, 3, 4 & 5-day ticket prices.

Annual Passes for Local Residents

Annual passports have traditionally been the cheapest choice for local residents who want to visit Disneyland several times during the year. Unfortunately, the park will now be limiting the number of annual passes that they sell (in an attempt to limit the crowd size inside the park.) Also, the passport prices have been raised. Again.

Sometimes you might not be able to purchase Disneyland passports when you need them. Disneyland banned sales for quite a few months in 2015 in order to let the number of pass holders trickle down.

For Summer, 2016, you're in luck---you CAN buy a passport now! At the time of this update, you MAY purchase a "Southern California Select" annual passport. There is a 2nd type of passport that is still being withheld at this time, and you may NOT buy it. This is the "Southern California Annual Passport," which is a very similar name. (There's no "select" in the title.) This 2nd type of passport might be offered again later this there's always hope.

Below, you'll discover the details about both of these two passports.

1.) Southern California Select Annual Passport

Picture: Board a baby tractor for the fun Tow Mater's Junkyard Jamboree ride!At the time of this update, this particular annual pass is now being offered. However, it may disappear at any time---once the huge list of annual passholders has built up a bit.

What a pass it is!

One of the best reasons to be a Southern Californian is to be eligible to buy the Southern California "Select" Annual Passport. This is possibly the biggest money saver that could ever be imagined by a Disneyland-lover.

* Big advantage---Cheapest price: This pass cost only $329 at the time of this update in Spring, 2016. (Prices may be raised again later this year.) For this price, you'll get a 12-month-long annual passport good for 175 pre-selected days that's valid at BOTH Disneyland Park AND Disney's California Adventure theme park. Also, these 175 dates happen to be the LEAST busy days of the year.

* Big drawback: Many blackout dates! The problem most people have with the Southern California Select Annual Passport is that this pass has many blackout dates---and they all fall when MOST people want to go to Disneyland! Here's a list of the dates that are GUARANTEED to be blocked out each year---

---All weekends ALL year long are blocked out. You will never be able to visit Disneyland on any Saturday or Sunday with this pass.

---Most, if not all, days during school summer vacation

---Most popular school holiday periods, like the Thanksgiving long weekend, Christmas vacation, and Spring Break are on the list of black out dates.

* Who will enjoy the Southern California Select annual passport? For any Southern Californian who gets days off of work or school during the middle of the week, this card is a true joy. Except for June, July and August, you'll have MOST of the year to enjoy Disneyland Park and Disney's California Adventure from Monday thru Friday...the very days when crowds are the lightest.

For kids who attend school on a 12 month/year-round plan, it's ideal. What can you do with a month off from school in February or October? Head to Disneyland! The same holds true for homeschooling families; a visit to Disneyland makes an excellent field trip or reward for work well done!

Families with preschoolers are a perfect fit for the Southern California Select passport. The last time that our family chose this particular passport, we had two preschoolers in the family---and this pass was a dream come true. We could take the kids for several hours in the morning on weekdays, then come home when they got tired---without worrying that we "missed something." We could always go back a different day---something we could not have done if we had purchased one-day tickets.

Senior citizens may also find this pass to be quite useful. With a pass in hand, it's easy to leave the park after fatigue or pain sets in. Especially for retirees, the blockout-date restrictions become meaningless. If anything, visiting the park becomes more pleasant when you choose dates when most people are either at work or at school.

Block out dates -- Southern California Select Annual Pass

Picture: Red Monorail at Disneyland CaliforniaWhat are the black out dates for the Southern California Select Disneyland Annual Passport? Here's a list of the block out dates you'll have to avoid this summer---

June 2016--- From January thru May, pass holders could plan their Disneyland visits on many different weekdays during the month. However, June is when the "available" days really dwindle down for people who have the Southern California Select annual pass. In June, there are only 6 days...yes, that's SIX measly days...when you're allowed into the park without buying a full-priced ticket. These date are Wednesday & Thursday, June 1 & 2, and Monday thru Thursday, June 6, 7, 8 & 9. All other dates in June, 2016 are blocked out.

July 2016--- EVERY DATE IN JULY is on the blockout list! You must purchase a regular full-priced theme park ticket to visit Disneyland Park on ANY day this month.

August 2016-- There are only 9 days in August, 2016 on which SoCal Select passholders may enter the park. These dates are: Aug 22, 23, 24, 25, 29, 30 & 31. All other dates are blocked and you'll have to purchase a full-priced ticket in order to visit the park.

September 2016--- All Saturdays & Sundays are blacked out. You may visit Disneyland EVERY OTHER day this month! This includes Monday, Sept 5th, which is Labor Day.

October 2016-- All Saturdays & Sundays blocked out. You may visit the park on EVERY weekday this month! Note: on some dates, there will be an early closing time at Disneyland (due to the park's after-hours Halloween parties.) The dates of those parties haven't been released by Disneyland at the time of this update.

November 2016-- All Saturdays & Sundays blocked. Friday, November 11th; Thursday, Nov 24th; and Friday, Nov 25th are also blocked out this month. Every OTHER day, you may visit Disneyland with your Select passport!

Devember 2016-- You MAY visit Disneyland this month on the following dates: December 1, 2, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 12, 13, 14, 15 and 16th. All other dates are blocked out. Don't forget to visit the park early for its annual Christmas holiday celebration!

January 2017-- All Saturdays & Sundays are blocked out. December 1, 2, 3 & 16 are ALSO on the black-out list. You may visit the park on every other weekday this month.

February 2017-- All Saturdays & Sundays blocked out. Feb 17th & 20th are also no-go. However, you may visit on every other weekday in February.

March 2017-- All Saturdays & Sundays blocked. 3 Fridays are also blocked: March 17, 24 and 31. Every other weekend is available for you to visit the park.

April, 2017-- You may visit Disneyland & the Disney California Adventure Park ONLY on the following dates this month: April 3, 4, 5, 6, 17, 18, 19, 20, 24, 25, 26, 27 and 28th. The other dates are blocked to those using a Southern California Select Annual Passport.

May, 2017-- All Saturdays & Sundays blocked. Friday, 5/26 and Monday, 5/29 (Memorial Day) are also blocked. All other weekdays are available for your visit with this passport.

If you'd like to see the Blockout Dates in calendar format, here's a link to the Southern California Select Blockout Dates page of the website.

There is one "grandfathered" Disneyland pass for local residents

The Southern California Annual Passport

Photo: Darth Vader confronts students at Disneyland's Jedi Training Academy Another Disneyland discount annual pass that's available only to local residents is The Southern California Annual Passport. This passport has ALMOST the same name as the first one that you just finished reading about in the section above. Be careful when you order your annual passes from make sure you're ordering the exact pass that you want! (This second pass doesn't have the word "Select" in its title...that's the difference.)

The Southern California Annual passport is the "next step up" in Disneyland annual passes. UNFORTUNATELY, this pass is NOT BEING SOLD AT THIS TIME. At the time of this update, Disneyland has sold its maximum number of these passports. However, below you will find the info about these passes at the time it was last sold:

The price was $379, when we last saw it offered in 2014. Since the price of passports has gone up by about $50 during that time, you can expect this one to cost around $430 if the park should offer it again soon.

Benefits: You will be able to enjoy your Disneyland annual pass approximately 215 days per year. That means you'll have less black out days to worry about than with the Select pass! When can you use this pass? Although all Saturdays throughout the year remain blocked-out, same as the Select passport,you WILL be able to attend both Disneyland Park and the Disney California Adventure park on most Sundays. This pass will also give you a FEW more days that you may attend the park during the summer. However, this passport still won't give you very many summertime visits; you'll have to move up to a passport for out-of-towners (like the Deluxe Annual Passport) if you need to visit Disneyland during summer vacation time.

As you're making your decision about which pass to buy, keep in mind that inexpensive blockout day tickets are no longer being offered. You'll have to pay full price to enter Disneyland on days that your particular pass has been "blocked out" from the schedule. In other words, adults must pay in the neighborhood of $100 for EACH extra day of visitation. It doesn't take but a day or two to make the cheapest passes NOT a bargain. If you feel that you must visit the park on several blockout dates, it might actually be LESS expensive to move up to a more inclusive pass.

Blockout dates for the Southern California Annual Passport

Picture: King Mickey Mouse & Queen Minnie Mouse end the Disneyland Parade on their royal floatWhat are the block-out dates for the Southern California Annual Passport? They are as follows:

June 2016--- This month is split between the blocked and the un-blocked dates. You MAY attend the theme parks on the following dates: June 1, 2, 3, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 12, 13, 14, 15, 16, 19, 20, 21, 26, 27, 28, 29 & 30. You may NOT visit Disneyland nor Disney's California Adventure on these other dates: June 4, 10, 11, 17, 18, 22, 23, 24 and 25th.

July 2016--- EVERY DATE IS BLOCKED OUT for the month of July. This includes all weekends AND weekdays.

August 2016--- There are only 9 days of the month when you MAY visit Disneyland and the Disney California Adventure Park. These are: August 22, 23, 24, 25, 26, 28, 29, 30 and 31.

September 2016: This is a good month to have the Southern California Annual Pass---only 5 blocked dates this month! You may NOT attend on any Saturday of September, nor on Sunday, September 4th. However, you MAY attend any other day this month. Yes, you MAY visit the Disneyland Resort parks on Labor Day itself (Monday, September 5, 2016.)

October 2016--- All Saturdays blocked out, but every other day of the month you may enter the Disneyland Resort parks. (Note: Mickey's Halloween Party is a separately-ticketed event---even for annual passport holders. This fun party takes place at Disneyland Park on about a dozen evenings during October---after Disneyland's normal closing time. If you attend the park on one of these dates, then you'll face having an early closing time. Halloween party dates are only released by Disneyland in late summer & early autumn, so they're not available to post here at this time.)

Picture: Dancers in the Disneyland Soundsational Parade! title=November 2016--- All Saturdays are blacked out, PLUS Friday, Nov 11th; Sunday, November 13th; Thursday, Nov 24 & Friday, November 25 (for the Thanksgiving holidays.)

December 2016--- December is split half & half between the days that you MAY visit Disneyland...and the days you may NOT. You MAY visit Disneyland and Disney's California adventure on the following dates: December 1, 2, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 11, 12, 13, 14 & 15. You may NOT visit the parks on December 4, 10, and 16th through 31st. In summary, ALL Saturdays are blocked; two Sundays are, EVERY DAY OF DECEMBER beginning Friday, December 16th is blocked out for the rest of the month, clear thru Dec 31st. Visit Disneyland park EARLY in the month to enjoy the Christmas decorations and attractions!

January 2017---All Saturdays are blocked-out during January. January 1, 2 & 3rd are also blocked out (as the Christmas holiday season continues at Disneyland.) One Sunday is also on the block-out list. Sunday, January 15th is blocked out (during the Martin Luther King Jr holiday weekend.) Other than these restrictions, you may attend the park on all the other days of January, including Monday, January 16th (which is the actual MLK Day.)

February 2017---All Saturdays PLUS Feb 19th & 20th (for the President's Day holiday weekend) are on the blackout list.

March 2017---All Saturdays are blocked, plus one Sunday---March 26th. You may attend the theme park on any other day of March.

April 2017-- All Saturdays are blackout dates, plus lots of other dates, as well. You MAY visit the park on April 3, 4, 5, 6, 17, 18, 19, 20, 23, 24, 25, 26, 27, 28 and 30. Easter vacation and Spring Break occur this month...and Disneyland Park will be much busier this month than normal for this time of year.

May 2017--- All Saturdays blacked out PLUS Friday, May 26th & Sunday, May 28th (for the Memorial Day holiday weekend.) Luckily, you MAY attend the Disneyland Resort parks on Memorial Day itself, which is Monday, May 29, 2017.

Calendar of Disneyland Blockout Dates: If you would like to view this information in a calendar format, here's the link to's Southern California Annual Passport Blockout Dates which will show you all of the dates you can & CANNOT visit.

How much does a Disneyland block-out day ticket cost?

Picture: Darth Maul arrives at the Jedi Training Academy in Disneyland Park
What do you do if you'd like to attend Disneyland Park on a date when you're "blocked out?" In the past, you could purchase a blockout-day ticket at a discounted price. That is no longer so! Currently, you must purchase a full-priced ticket if you'd like to enter the park on a blockout day. At this time, it's not known if the limit on blockout-day tickets is only temporary...or if it's permanent. Here's a link to the blockout day ticket information on the Disneyland website. You may check to see if these discount tickets have been reinstated at the time you need them.

What's a good way to get around the black out dates? You can buy your annual pass at the Disneyland Resort ON a block-out day. Restrictions to your pass won't take place until your SECOND visit. Disneyland Ticket Deals

Costco members who are alert may OCCASIONALLY find Disneyland ticket deals for SoCal residents on! (If you're not a Costco member, you can still use the Costco website for tickets, too, but an extra fee may apply.)

You may check to see if there are currently any Disneyland discount ticket offers at by using the following link to the theme park discount ticket page of the website. If you don't find Disneyland discount tickets at this link, then there aren't any Costco ticket deals going on right now.

Are Costco's Disneyland discount tickets also available at local Costco stores? Yes, in selected locations...but only on special occasions when Disneyland is holding a Costco promotion. If your store doesn't have them during one of the promotional periods, try visiting a Costco that's closer to the theme park.

Disneyland Ticket Scams are on the rise---beware!

With the price of Disneyland tickets at an all-time high, scams have been increasing. Just consider this: if you purchase tickets that are turned down at the park, you'll have to eat the cost of those bogus tickets AND buy new "real" Disneyland tickets, as well. This extra cost may mean that you'll have to skip your Disneyland visit altogether.

Here's what to avoid: Do NOT purchase tickets on Craig's list or through a classified ad in your local newspaper. Yes, the people who offer these tickets will have a good excuse. Usually, it's something like "we purchased these expensive tickets and now we can't go to Disneyland after all! We need our money back, so we're willing to sell them at a discount to you." (If you have read some of the newspaper reports about people who have actually been scammed this way, then this line will already be familiar to you.) Victims have stated that the people selling these fake (or already used) tickets will be VERY NICE. So warm, so personable that you just HAVE to believe them. Well, they've got to be nice or else they'd never sell their tickets. While there are people who actually MAY have purchased tickets that they didn't use, you need to consider if saving a few dollars is worth taking a risk.

Another scam is ticket-sharing. There are people who have made their own small business out of Disneyland "ticket sharing." How it works is that you pay a discounted price to these people---and they give you a 5 day ticket that already has several of the days used up. This isn't allowed by Disneyland's terms-of-service. (If a family buys 5-day tickets, they must use those 5 days themselves.) These services have official websites, but you won't find any business address on them...because the owners need to avoid being caught. (Yes, there is real jail time for the sellers if the police apprehend them.) Now, knowing that you have no way of contacting these people if something goes wrong (other than the number of their throw-away cell phone,) do you really want to do business with them. You will have to provide them with a credit card number for your payment, and they will hold your driver's license while you're using the 5-day ticket. (If you don't bring it back to them, then they can't sell the unused days to sell to someone else.) Think about it: your personal information will be in the hands of people who don't obey the law. This is not a position that most people who like to sleep well at night will want to be in.



On this page, we've talked about Disneyland Discount Tickets that are ONLY available to SoCal residents...but "locals" are ALSO welcome to use any of the discounts that are available to the general public, as well! Use the button above to discover what these discounts are.

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