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2014 Disneyland Halloween events!

Enjoy seasonal family fun at Disneyland's Halloween Time & Mickey's Halloween Party

In the slide show above, you're viewing pictures of last year's Halloween celebration at Disneyland in Anaheim, California. On this page, you can discover the exciting Fall holiday activities you can enjoy when you visit the Disneyland Resort at Halloween Time!

2014 Halloween Time at the Disneyland Resort

Halloween Time at Disneyland runs from Friday, Sept 12th through October 31st

Picture of Evil Queen from Disney's movie, Snow White What special events take place at Disneyland Park during the month of October? LOTS of things!

Disneyland celebrates Halloween in a big way these days! But, if you haven't visited Disneyland within the last several years, you may not realize that it has become such a festive, attraction-filled occasion here. For most of Disneyland Park's existence, Halloween was a little-noticed observance. But, when Disneyland finally decided to start celebrating Halloween, the park really "pulled out all the stops!"

Just say "no" to fright! could be the motto for the Disneyland Resort's Halloween activities. Don't worry that the Halloween celebration at Disneyland Park will be too scary for your kids. Halloween activities at Disneyland does NOT include the "fright fests" that are staged at other theme parks in the Los Angeles area. There will be no roving ghosts and ghouls to scare little children...because delighting children is what Disneyland's Halloween festivities are all about!

On this page, you'll discover information about two types of Halloween events at the Disneyland Resort: those which are free (with your normal admission ticket or annual pass,) and those which involve purchasing special tickets to attend.

Free Halloween attractions: A number of events which come included in your "regular" admission ticket or annual pass to Disneyland Park...and we'll be describing these in detail on this page.

Extra-fee activity: For some additional Halloween fun---and an excellent opportunity for your kids to interact with Disney and Pixar characters---you may attend the separately-ticketed "Mickey's Halloween Party" after the Disneyland theme park closes for the day.

You'll get details about both the free and extra-fee Halloween events in the paragraphs below. Hopefully, by the time you reach the end of this page, you'll know which events are going to be "must-do" happenings for your family this Halloween!

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Disneyland Halloween Time Activities included with your ticket

You may enjoy the following Halloween attractions at Disneyland as a part of your "regular" Disneyland ticket purchase

1.) Cute Halloween Decorations--- Pumpkins and jack-o-lanterns! Autumn leaves! Not-so-scary scarecrows! You'll find them adorning buildings and walkways, balconies and hidden corners. To see pictures of cute Halloween decorations at Disneyland Park, including adorable Disney Character Jack O Lanterns, please visit our Disneyland Halloween Pumpkins page.

2.) Do you like greeting Disney Characters? During Disneyland's Halloween Time, you'll also see strolling Disney characters dressed up in their Halloween costumes. You can meet them, greet them, hug them...and take pictures with them. (A professional photographer may take your picture with the characters and offer it for sale...but you don't have to buy it. You may ALSO take your own photos with the Disney characters with your own camera...completely free of charge!) With so many different Disney characters in their disguises, there won't be any forgetting that it's Halloween at Disneyland! To see pictures of cute Disney characters in their Halloween costumes, please visit our Halloween Disney Characters page.

Picture of Lone Ranger and Sheriff pumpkin-headed scarecrows at the Big Thunder Ranch Halloween Roundup in Disneyland Park 3.) Big Thunder Ranch Halloween Carnival--- Disneyland guests are able to enjoy a special seasonal attraction in the"Big Thunder Ranch" section of the park (in back of the Big Thunder Mountain roller coaster.) This activity comes free to guests along with their regular Disneyland tickets or annual passports; a ticket to Mickey's Halloween Party is not required. This child-centered Halloween celebration gives families a place to make Halloween-themed crafts, see whimsical pumpkin-headed scarecrows, view farm animals and see a pumpkin-carver at work. In addition, families can enjoy carnival games and enjoy Meet 'n Greets with the Disney villain characters!

4.) Halloween merchandise galore--- There will be an abundance of adorable Halloween merchandise for sale. You'll be able to buy your children's Halloween costumes at stores within the park, find home decorations, and purchase seasonal souvenirs---such as Disney stuffed animals dressed in costumes. An adorable orange "pumpkin" version of Mouse Ears is available, and they're so cute that it's hard to resist getting a pair of Halloween Mouse Ears...even if you don't have kids. Even some of the snack shops at Disneyland will be selling Halloween-themed munchies!

Picture: Christmas wreath with skull decorating the Holiday Haunted Mansion at Disneyland Park in Anaheim, California 5.) Holiday Haunted Mansion--- Jack Skellington, Sally, and the rest of the Nightmare Before Christmas characters take over the Haunted Mansion ride every Fall...and it's always one of the biggest Halloween attractions at Disneyland Park. To your left is a picture of a Christmas wreath adorned with a skull (one of several which decorate the Holiday Haunted Mansion's exterior.) In the photo below, you see a white, horse-drawn hearse displayed on the Haunted Mansion's front walkway; it's decorated with Jack O Lanterns, seasonally.

If you'd like to look at pictures of Disneyland's seasonal Nightmare Before Christmas-themed Haunted Mansion, you may view our Holiday Haunted Mansion Pictures page.

6.) Space Mountain Ghost Galaxy is a fairly recent addition to the Halloween lineup of fun at Disneyland. Space Mountain, the dark indoor roller coaster in the "Tomorrowland" section of the park, now has numerous special effects added during the Halloween season. It appears as if riders are traveling through a ghostly, haunted version of the galaxy! Sound effects fill the air. And out of the darkness, whispy ghosts appear. If you ride it, don't let the ghosts catch you and transport you to their eerie universe!

7.) What's NOT included with your Disneyland admission ticket? The Halloween Screams fireworks show. Halloween Screams is held only during Mickey's Halloween Extra-Pay Party.

Photo: White, horse-drawn hearse sits outside Disneyland's Haunted Mansion; it's decorated with Jack O Lanterns seasonally

Mickey's Halloween Party, 2014

Festivities will be at Disneyland Park after closing time...

...and you'll need an extra-fee "special event" ticket to attend

In the slide show above, you're viewing pictures of Disneyland's character-filled Halloween parade at Mickey's Halloween Party.

What is "Mickey's Halloween Party?" It's a grand Halloween celebration held at the Disneyland Resort! Formerly called "Mickey's Halloween Treat" and "Mickey's Trick or Treat Party"(names you may have heard and remember,) this event is a special after-hours celebration at Disneyland.

What goes on at Mickey's Trick or Treat Party? Plenty! You'll find trick or treating stations where you'll receive safe candy for your kids---AND adults are invited to participate, too! (In fact, most adults DO go trick-or-treating at Mickey's Halloween Party...even if they DON'T have any kids with them!)

You'll also enjoy character dances, character greetings, and a Halloween parade featuring cute floats, rousing music, and plenty of your favorite Disney characters!

And, here's more good news: most of Disneyland's rides ARE open at the park during Mickey's Halloween Party! Here are further details about the event---

1.) Mickey's Halloween Parade: Disneyland comes alive with an exciting parade during the party; in fact, it's the highlight of the event! This is a high-energy parade where Disney costumed characters come down from their floats and wave & smile to members of the crowd at eye-level. The parade is set to a lively score of original Disney Halloween music! To see photos of Mickey's special seasonal parade, please head to the Mickeys Halloween Parade page of this blog! This special parade is NOT held during "regular" Disneyland hours, by the way, so you MUST come to the after-hours Halloween party if you'd like to enjoy the show.

2.) Trick or Treating Stations are placed around the park. This is where you and your kids may pick up wrapped candy, both chocolate and non-chocolate, and healthier alternatives such as fruit leather, bagged apple slices and mini-carrots.

The trick or treating locations are clearly marked on the Mickey's Halloween Party maps which you'll receive as you enter the park. Adults are welcome to get treats, too...even if they're not accompanying children to the event.

Photo of Pirate Chip at Mickey's Halloween Party 3.) Lively dance parties are where kids and parents dance together...alongside Disney characters! These events are one of the park's highlights, giving kids a chance to actually "rub shoulders" and interact with characters! Several dances are held in various locations of the theme park...and each dance has its own group of Disney characters that will be at each location. To see photos of the Disney characters you'll dance with at the Mickey's Trick or Treat dance pictures, please visit the Dance with Disney Characters! page of this website.

4.) Disney Characters will be in HALLOWEEN COSTUMES, giving you the chance to snap photos you can take nowhere else but the Mickey's Halloween Party event! (Even though you can dance with certain characters, other Disney & Pixar characters will be in traditional "photo" type settings, and you'll need to line up in order to meet them.) Some characters appear 2 different times: both during the regular daytime at Disneyland, and then again for Mickey's Party at night. When that is the case, they will wear DIFFERENT Halloween costumes at night than they did during the that all of your pictures will be unique. To see pictures of the Halloween-costumed Disney characters that you can meet & greet at Mickey's Halloween Treat, visit the Halloween Disney Characters page of this website!

5.) Most rides will be open...though not all. Some rides will be closed for refurbishment; others always close at dusk (eg. the canoes, river boats, and rafts.) Be sure to check your party guide as you enter Disneyland, so that you may plan which rides you'd like to enjoy during the party.

6.) The Halloween Screams firework show: "Halloween Screams" is a fun, "spooky" Disney villain-themed fireworks extravaganza that you probably won't want to miss. The Halloween fireworks are best when seen from the area in front of Sleeping Beauty's castle.

Divider line of Halloween pumpkins

Mickey's Halloween Party Dates for 2014

Picture: Mickey Mouse Pumpkin Question: What are the 2014 dates and times for Mickey's Halloween Party? They will be Friday, September 25th (opening night,) Tuesday, 0/30; Friday, Oct 3rd; Monday, Oct 6, Wednesday, Oct 8th; Friday, October 10th; Tuesday, Oct 14th; Friday, Oct 17th; Monday, October 20th; Wednesday Oct 22nd; Friday, October 24th; Monday, October 27th; Wednesday, October 29th; and Friday, Oct 31st--Halloween Night itself.

What are the times that Mickey's Halloween Party will be held? On Mondays, Tuesdays & Wednesdays, the hours are 6 pm until 11 pm. On Friday party dates, the hours are 7 pm until midnight. Here's a list---

6 pm to 11 pm dates: On the following dates, Mickey's Halloween Party will start at 6:00 pm and end at 11:00 pm: Tuesday, September 30; Tuesday, October 8; Monday, October 6; Wednesday, October 8; Tuesday, Oct 14; Monday, Oct 20; Wednesday, October 22; Monday, October 27; and Wednesday, October 29.

7 pm to Midnight dates: On the following dates, Mickey's Halloween Party beins at 7:00 pm and ends at Midnight: Friday, September 26; Friday, October 3; Friday, October 10; Friday, October 17; Friday, October 24; and Friday, October 31st.

Even though weekends may be more convenient for you, the later hours may mean that younger kids might fall asleep before the party's over! The earlier hours on Mondays, Tuesdays or Wednesdays may work out better for families with toddlers, preschoolers, and any kids who tend to get sleepy early in the evening.

Mickey's Halloween Party FAQ's

In the slide show above, you're viewing pictures of two dance parties at the Mickey's Halloween event. One dance features Buzz Lightyear...and the other, Jack Skellington.

QUESTION: How much will ticket prices be for the 2014 Mickey's Halloween Party?

Answer: At the time of this update, prices have not yet been announced. But last year's tickets (2013) cost as follows: If you purchased tickets at the Disneyland ticket booths just before entering the party, they cost from $67 to $74 in 2013, depending on which night of the party you attend. There are ways to get discounts for some nights of the party (see discount info below)...but not for the most popular nights right before Halloween.

QUESTION: Are discount coupons or discount tickets available to Mickey's Halloween Party?

ANSWER: There are two different types of discounts available: one is the print-at-home discount when you purchase tickets online, and the other is an Annual Passholder discount.

1.) The Print-at-home discount: You can get a print-at-home discount of $8 when you order your tickets online from rather than waiting to purchase your tickets at the gate on the night of the event. (Note: no online discount is available for the following nights: Friday, October 11th; Friday, October 18th; Friday, October 25th; Wednesday, October 30th; and Thursday, Oct 31st, Halloween Night. Also, there is a cut-off time to remember; to get your print-at-home discount, you MUST purchase your tickets by the day PRIOR to the event at the latest.) This means that if you'd like to go to Mickey's Halloween Party early in the season or on most weekdays, you can get a discount. On the most popular nights of the party, you'll have to pay full price. Ticket prices include parking in the large Disneyland structure, for which there is normally an $16 fee.

2.) The annual pass holder discount: You may purchase Annual Passport Holder tickets for a cheaper price on SOME night of the event (but not all.) Combined with your online discount, you should be able to save about $10 on each ticket.

Mickey's Halloween Party does not issue discount coupons that you may get from local merchants. For example, there are no Burger King coupons, grocery store discount tickets, Coke can discounts, etc.

QUESTION: What time may we enter Mickey's Halloween Party?

ANSWER: Mickey's Halloween Party starts at 6 pm on weekdays, and at 7 pm on Fridays. However, you may actually enter Disneyland Park several hours before the party's "starting time."

As you may have noticed, ticket prices have jumped substantially since the party moved from Disney's California Adventure to Disneyland Park itself. To "sweeten" the price hike, you'll now get to enter Disneyland Park BEFORE the event actually starts. On dates when Mickey's Halloween Party begins at 6 pm, you may enter Disneyland at 3 pm or anytime afterwards. On Friday party dates, you may enter Disneyland Park at 4 pm or later. You may begin to park in the Disneyland parking structure 1 hour before these times. There will be no party events going on until the official Mickey's Halloween Party time of 6 or 7 pm...but you MAY enjoy Disneyland's regular rides and entertainment.

A very good thing about being allowed to enter at 3 or 4 pm is that there's no mad rush for all party-goers to enter the parking garage, trams and turnstiles all at the same time. Guests trickle in over a several-hour period, as their schedules permit. It is very pleasant finding only a short wait when entering the parking lot...or when boarding the trams and showing our tickets at the entrance booths.

QUESTION: Will tickets to Mickey's Trick or Treat party sell out in 2014?

ANSWER: Ever since Mickey's Halloween party began, it has been selling out completely, at least on some nights of the event. Back when the Halloween party was held at Disney's California Adventure, ticket sold out completely on MOST nights that the event was held. But in 2014, there's good news for people who don't like to plan in advance! Now that Mickey's Halloween Party has been moved to Disneyland Park, the Halloween parties now hold more guests...and you will PROBABLY find that last-minute tickets are available on many nights. The key word is PROBABLY; not all party dates sold out last year, especially the dates early in October. Nevertheless, you can NOT count on any same-day tickets being available! The only way to play it absolutely safe is to pre-order. (Yes, this is inconvenient. How can you know in advance if the kids will be well? If the weather will be good? Or if some other event will come up for the night you've chosen?) But, inconvenient or not, pre-ordering is the only way to guarantee your admission to the party.

Problems with pre-ordering: Although it's best to pre-order, there can be problems with doing that. Sometimes it rains. You might think that nobody would show up on a chilly and miserable evening...but there can actually be a nice-sized crowd of people at the party, anyway. Why? Because the guests have had to pre-order their tickets & HAVE to attend the party in the rain...or else lose their money. (There is a "no refund/no date-changes" policy when you buy tickets in advance.) On top of the dampness and chill, certain features of the party don't work very well in the rain. Not all of the meet 'n greet characters are in the places shown on the party map; trick-or-treat stations move under shelter (and aren't in the spots marked on the park map, either); dance parties can't be held until the rain stops (because the dances are held in areas without solid roofs.) You'll probably have a good time if you go when it's raining, despite the bad weather. Just expect things NOT to run as smoothly as on a rain-free evening. In our family's experience, we got stuck going to a rainy-day party (because we had pre-purchased tickets for that date.) We ended up having fun...but mostly because the rain stopped fairly early in the evening. Before that, it was wet & miserable.

Picture: Giant candy corn decoration for Halloween at the Disneyland Resort QUESTION: Can you wear costumes to Mickey's Halloween Party?

ANSWER: Yes! By all means! Both kids AND adults may wear costumes to this popular after-hours Halloween party at Disneyland Park. In fact, MOST children do wear costumes...and MANY of the adults do, too. (Note: Adults are NOT normally allowed to enter Disney theme parks in costume. The after-hours party is an exception to this general rule. However, children age 9 and under are ALWAYS welcome to visit Disneyland and Disney's California Adventure dressed up as a Disney Princess or other Disney character...even when there's no special party going on.)

QUESTION: How do you purchase Mickey's Halloween Party tickets?

ANSWER: Ticket sales begin in July every year. You may purchase them by calling the regular Disneyland Ticketing phone number at 714/781-4400. Or, you may buy them on-line and print them at home. You may use the following link to go to directly to the Mickey's Halloween Party page on the website. During July and August, you'll probably find tickets for ALL of the party's dates available for purchase...but as time gets closer to Halloween, your selection of dates will narrow if tickets sell out for certain dates. Ticket sales really pick up steam once October rolls around, so try to have your date selected by then!

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