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Disneyland Hours of Operation

In the slide show above, you've been viewing colorful pictures of Disneyland Park in Anaheim, California! Just thinking about all the fun rides, characters and attractions at Disneyland will leave you hoping for LONG HOURS on the day you plan to visit (so you'll have plenty of time to enjoy everything!)

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Disneyland Hours Overview

What time does Disneyland open and close? Find out Disneyland's opening hours here!

Photo: Matterhorn as seen between lovely flowering trees at Disneyland Park
Star Wars Galaxy's Edge is now open! But don't let "crowding" keep you away from the park this summer. So far, attendance levels have remained quite manageable throughout the park. For more info about this interesting new themed area, please see the "What's New at the Park" section at the end of this page.

New smoking policy: Just a head's up---there will no longer be smoking withing the gates of Disneyland and DCA. This has to do with the increased crowds in both parks. Sidewalks have been widened to make room for more guests and better stroller parking. Something had to go, and it was the smoking areas. If you step outside the gates to light up, don't forget to ask for a hand stamp when leaving, and have your tickets or annual pass ready to show when you re-enter.

How to maximize your time at Disneyland

How can you enter Disneyland Park as early as possible? Be there early! Disneyland opens its theme park gates at the announced opening time for that date. BUT, the parking lot and the ticket booths DO open earlier. If you have parked your car, ridden the tram from the parking lot, and purchased your tickets all before opening time, then you'll be able to enter the park much sooner than someone who arrives at the parking lot at opening time!

Since it can EASILY take an hour or more to park your car, pass through the security inspection line and purchase tickets, you'll be adding hours to your day at Disneyland if you take care of those chores before opening time. Purchasing your tickets online ahead of time is a good way of avoiding the ticket line, which will not only save time, but also some wear & tear on your family's nerves. It's not so fun to stand in line when there's no ride waiting at the end!

How can you stay as late as possible at Disneyland Park? The Disneyland closing times are actually the times at which the park's rides and attractions close. However, these closing times are NOT in effect for Main Street! Main Street stores & snack shops remain open later than the rest of the theme park so that visitors may buy souvenirs and eat a bite before heading home! If you're running short on time, save visiting Main Street for the end of the day...when you'll get in some after-hours "extra time" as you shop and grab a snack.

When the park closes, you WILL be able to board if you're already standing in line for a ride. Some families extend their time in the park by making sure they're in line for one of their favorite rides at Disneyland's closing time. Then, they continue to wait for the ride while the rest of the park empties out!

NOTE: CARS LAND AND THE NEW PIXAR PIER ARE AT THE DISNEY CALIFORNIA ADVENTURE PARK, NOT DISNEYLAND! Pixar Pier was the big new attraction for 2018 at the Disneyland Resort. In 2019, it's finally (mostly) finished, as Jessie's Carousel has now begun operating. The resort has been including more Pixar-themed entertainment in its mix, and although Pixar Pier still looks extremely similar to the older "Paradise Pier" themed area that it replaced, most guests seem to be more or less pleased with it. Cars Land, however, remains a whopping, Grade A hit among guests, and will continue to compete well against Disneyland's new Galaxy's Edge land, we think (especially among families with young children. Cars Land is a knock-your-socks-off, visually stunning themed area that debuted several years ago...and it has been a smash hit ever since opening day. Any "Cars" movie fans will feel absolutely right at home there...and would probably enjoy even sitting on a park bench just drinking in the architecture---even if they never stepped foot on a ride. However, don't expect to find Cars Land or Pixar Pier inside of Disneyland Park. These attractions are at Disneyland's "sister" theme park, the Disney California Adventure Park...which is only a few steps away from Disneyland's turnstiles, but has a separate entry gate all of its own. The Disney California Adventure Park has hours of operation that are completely different than Disneyland's schedule. To discover those hours, please visit our page covering the Disney California Adventure Park hours of operation. And, if you'd like to view pictures of the beautiful Cars Land themed area, please visit our Cars Land Pictures page!

Do you still need Disneyland tickets? Our site lists some of the ways you can get the best value for your money when buying them. Please see either our Disneyland Discounts for Local Residents or our Disneyland Tickets for Out of Town Guests pages to plan out your money-saving strategy.

Quick overview of Disneyland Hours this year

Generally speaking, you'll find that...

Photo: Lion King float in Mickey's Soundsational Parade at Disneyland ParkDisneyland doesn't release their schedule of operating hours very far in advance. It's not unusual for people to plan their vacations 3 or 4 months ahead of time...and yet, Disneyland Park will NOT have their list of hours ready that far in advance. The official operating schedule is never released for more than 6 weeks in advance. Even then, the park reserves the right to change its hours up until the last moment, if necessary. What's a family trying to plan out their vacation to do? (And, no, calling the park won't get you any more information about Disneyland's upcoming hours that aren't posted on its official schedule!) Well, you might take into mind certain rules of thumb (that we've noticed from watching Disneyland's schedule year after year.) You can count on certain consistencies in the park's calendar to use as a rough guide:

1.) Disneyland's slow-season schedule on weekdays is generally 10 am to 7 or 8 pm. That's 9 or 10 hours of fun you may count on, at minimum. The only exception is when Disneyland has a private after-hours event. Most of the year, these aren't very frequent...although in the Fall there are a number of special extra-fee parties. On special event nights, the theme park may close at 6 pm. Disneyland makes sure these events don't ruin the vacations of their out-of-town guests in 3 ways: (1) They open Disneyland earlier than 10 am; (2) They leave Disney's California Adventure Park open at bit later; and (3) They don't run special events back-to-back for several nights. Even if your vacation includes a date on which the park closes early, you can be sure that it will close at its normal time on the next night. When is Disneyland's slow season? You'll generally find slow-season hours on many weekdays in January, February, March, April, September, October and November.

2.) Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays have long Disneyland hours all year-round. 8 am to 12 Midnight is Disneyland's maximum schedule of hours. (Only on one day of the year---December 31st, New Year's Eve---will you find longer hours; those are usually 8 am until 2 am New Year's morning.) Other schedules you may find on weekends could be 8 am to 11 pm; 9 am to 11 pm; or 9 am to 12 Midnight.

3.) Extra-long hours are always planned for Spring Break, Summer Vacation season, and the Christmas/New Years holiday period. During these times, you'll find weekend-type hours in effect on every day of the, opening time 8 am or 9 am, with closing times of 11 pm or 12 Midnight. Selected other holidays throughout the year also have longer operating hours...for example MLK Day, President's Day, Memorial Day, Labor Day and Veteran's Day. There are several months during which you may expect longer hours of operation for most of the month: June, July, August, the latter half of December. July generally has the longest hours of all...usually a schedule of 8 am until 12 Midnight every single day of the month!

4.) Disneyland opens every day...including RAINY days. There is rarely extreme weather in Anaheim---no snow, no tornadoes, no Arizona-style dust storms. Rain is not frequent, but when it happens, it may drizzle or pour all-day. Disneyland IS open in the rain, but a number of attractions may be closed. The park offers inexpensive ponchos for sale, but does not give refunds nor rain checks. If you hate rain, then an indoor attraction, such as the Discovery Science Center about 5 miles from the park, might make a good alternate activity for a family with kids. The world-class South Coast Plaza Mall in Costa Mesa might make be a good indoor substitute for a party of adults. You may always save a pre-purchased ticket for another day...but you can't get it back if you enter the park, then find yourself wet and miserable. (Note: some people LIKE visiting in the rain for the shorter lines and fewer crowds. But bear in mind, there's lots of walking outdoors between the park's attractions...and most walkways are in uncovered, open-air areas.)

Disneyland Hours for Spring & Summer, 2019

May, June & July hours of operation

In the slide show above, you're viewing pics of exciting Disneyland attractions. If the slides are no longer running by the time you reach this point, you may refresh this page to get the show running once again.

Are you heading to Disneyland Park soon? If so, then you're in luck! For late-spring and summer, you'll find long hours, a full schedule of entertainment, newly refurbished sidewalks and stroller parking, and even special-occasion foods to enjoy.

Best of all, maximum and near-max hours are in effect at Disneyland most days until autumn! You'll have 14-16 hours each day to enjoy Disneyland's rides & attractions!

Late Spring weather in Anaheim is typically variable. Temperatures in Anaheim change from day to day...and also throughout each day. Mornings are generally cool---and perhaps even chilly. At the park's 8 or 9 am opening time, you'll probably experience temperatures in the 60's. By afternoon, it will probably reach into the 70 or 80 degree range (Fahrenheit.) But nothing is certain. On a cloudy day, temps may remain in the 60's all day. Or, getting close to summer, high temperatures may already begin to reach the 90's (especially inside Disneyland Park itself, which doesn't get as much of a breeze as the surrounding area.)

Summer weather in Anaheim is typically quite warm. Temperatures in Anaheim vary throughout the day. Mornings are generally pleasant---and it's a good time to start your day at Disneyland. At the park's 8 am opening time, you'll usually enjoy temperatures in the 70's. However, by afternoon, you'll probably be breaking a sweat when you're outdoors in unshaded areas. High temperatures are generally in the 80's or 90's (although they can sneak up into the 100's range on a number of days each year at Disneyland Park.) Some people do not enjoy the park in the heat. Others enjoy the (slightly) less crowded conditions---since local pass holders tend to avoid the hottest days...leaving them for the out of town guests who are stuck into their pre-planned hotel reservations.

But even in summer, the thermometer plunges after dark, and you'll find that evening temps are generally quite pleasant. Temperatures will fall backwards into the 80's & 70's...and possibly even down into the 60's if you'll be staying until closing time at midnight. What about rain? It's possible, but the forecast will generally be sunny during the summertime.

The operating hours at Disneyland for Late Spring 2019

Summary of operating schedules: During May and June, Disneyland operates at its peak hours of 8 am to 12 midnight...or close to it. The opening and closing times never vary by more than one hour. The biggest exception this year is on June 2nd, when Disneyland closes extra-early (6 pm) for a special event.

OPENING & CLOSING TIMES---MAY: Between Friday, May 3rd and Friday, May 31st, peak and near-peak hours will be in effect. There will be NO opening times later than 9 am this month, nor closing times earlier than 11 pm. (Plus, many shops and eateries on Main Street will stay open for an hour after "closing" time.)

---8 am to 12 Midnight dates: Saturday, May 4; Sunday, May 5; Thursday, May 9; Friday, May 10; Saturday, May 11; Sunday, May 12; Monday, May 13; Thursday, May 16; Saturday, May 18, Sunday, May 19; Monday, May 20; Tuesday, May 21; Wednesday, May 22; Thursday, May 23; Friday, May 24; Saturday, May 25; Sunday, May 26; Monday, May 27 (which is Memorial Day); Thursday, May 30th; Friday, May 31st.

---9 am to 11 pm dates: Monday, May 6; Tuesday, May 7; Wednesday, May 8; Tuesday, May 14; Wednesday, May 15;

---8 am to 11 pm dates: Friday, May 3rd; Friday, May 17; Wednesday, May 28th; Thursday, May 29th.

OPENING & CLOSING TIMES---JUNE: From June 1st thru 31st, there are 2 schedules: either 8 am to 12 Midnight; or 8 am to 6 pm. (At the time of this update, the rest of June's operating calendar hasn't yet been released. We are expecting Disneyland to use the 8 am until 12 Midnight schedule near-exclusively, since that's what the park generally does every June.)

---8 am to Midnight dates: June 1, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12, 13, 14, 15, 16, 17, 18, 19, 20, 21, 22, 23, 24, 25, 26, 27, 28, 29. 30 and 31.

---8 am to 6 pm date: June 2nd

The operating hours at Disneyland for July, 2019

EVERY day during July, 2019, Disneyland will open at 8 am and close at 12 Midnight.

What's new this summer at Disneyland?

Star Wars Land (Galaxy's Edge) has opened!

In the slide show above, you're viewing pics of fun & popular Disneyland attractions. If the slides are no longer running by the time you reach this point, you may refresh this page to get the show running once again.

Finally it's here! Disneyland's new Star Wars themed area opened in May! The "soft opening" period lasted until June 23rd, and Star Wars fanatics and bloggers crowded the new area. Lines were very long. But...since the new themed area opened to the general public, the crowds have been quite managable. For one thing, most SoCal passport holders are blocked during the summer. And for the other things...well, you'll have to read below. You may be shocked, saddened, angry, annoyed....or not, depending on your reaction. If you're rich, you won't care about the down sides to Galaxy's Edge, so yes, the down side has to do with the expenses you'll meet there.

Photo of Cinderella and Belle in Mickey's Soundsational Parade at Disneyland Park in Anaheim, CaliforniaGetting into Galaxy's Edge requires a bit of pre-planning. You need to know that once you get inside the park, you may need to make reservations for your Galaxy's Edge entry time (because there will be no lining-up allowed on the park's walkways to get in when it's full.) You may make your entry-time reservations via the Disneyland App (if you have it on your cell phone.) Or, you may pick up Entry Time passes in several areas of the park. Well, there may no longer be several areas, since the demand has been less than crushing to get in...but at least one time-reservation ticketing area will surely stay in place. You may ask an employee where to find them on the day that you enter. On days that there is no crowd, then you may come and go into the Galaxy's Edge area with no reservation. Light-attendance days have been happening fairly often, particularly on weekdays...and nobody ever knows, not even Disney, what the crowd will be like in advance. One thing is clear, however: the park is NOT amused by this lack-luster situation. Disney has cancelled their proposed ban on employee visits during this summer's season. Also, they plan to begin offering season pass holders a "cheap $99 block out day" ticket.

At Disneyland Park, Galaxy's Edge will indeed be the highlight of the summer for anyone but paupers (like us.) We would really enjoy going there, and are a bit sore at not being able take everything you read below with a grain of salt. So, how expensive is Galaxy's Edge? Like the old saying goes...if you have to ask, then you can't afford it. But price is relative, so if you're a huge fan, it will be worth it to you to take out a loan....well, maybe. Because it's also true that Galaxy's Edge has been so emotionally impactful to some guests that grown men have been moved to tears!

Unfortunately, Galaxy's Edge is the Disney Parks first area to be built so that nearly every experience requires an extra fee. (We say "parks" in plural, because Walt Disney World in Florida will be getting a Galaxy's Edge very soon, too.) In a quaint time during the distant past...let's say 2012...the Disney folks managed to open Cars Land with 3 entire attractions that didn't cost a dime over and above the Disney California Adventure Park's entry fee. Character-themed merchandise was reasonably priced. Flo's Cafe served the "comfort food" that was popular during Route 66's heyday for the price of other restaurant meals in the park. But that was SO long ago...and like Route 66 itself, the fuzzy, warm era of "no extra fees" has faded away at Disneyland Park.

Like "free" video games these days (that actually require purchased add-ons to get ahead in the game,) this hip new themed area has taken advantage of the Star Wars popularity to lure guests into making in-park purchases. We are not talking about personal items like T-shirts and mouse ears here. What has sneakily debuted at Galaxy's Edge is the actual existance of attraction entrance fees...but without calling them "entrance fees." For example, there is a special experience you may join in on that happens to include a souvenir (a light saber) as a part of the show. But instead of calling this an "experience," they're calling it a sales shop. It's not, though. It's one of the core "things to do" at Galaxy's Edge...and it's essentially an important show that you can't enjoy without paying to get inside.

These highly-anticipated light-saber building sessions cost $200 each. You cannot simply stroll through the front door, stand there watching the event, and then leave without the required light saber purchase. But this is not the lone "extra fee" experience." In addition, the droid building area costs $100, plus more for any add-ons you might wish. (But once again, it's called a "shop," thus avoiding the term "extra fee experience".) Then too, there's Oga's Cantina, which is more of an immersive Star Wars "experience" than it is a snack stand. Going into Oga's will set you back nearly $100 if you get 2 drinks in souvenir mugs and 2 desserts, and then leave a decent tip. (At the time of this update, you MUST be a paying customer to enter Oga's---no freeloaders staring at the iconic scenery are wanted!) So in summary, if you do anything more than enjoy the one free ride or look through the land's many themed shops, you'll spend some serious cash. Together with your ticket price, by the time you leave Galaxy's Edge, you will have just spent $500 (or close to $1,000 if there are two of you!) This new "land" is just like the tale of The Emperor's New Clothes----the attractions, like the king's clothing, are not there. There is almost NOTHING TO DO in this land if you don't spend money for the extra-fee experiences!

The $500 per person figure for a day at Disneyland has now been reached. Ta da! The bean-counters were surely salivating as they awaited this sure-to-be-a-landslide of gold. It's true that most of the bloggers left happy as clams (which is because they can deduct every purchase as a business long as their blog produces enough income to require filing taxes.) But when the average Joe & Jane come in, they often take a quick look around, and then leave. The execs may be scratching their heads in wonderment, but you probably won't be.

What can you do for free? Although you will not have the same experience as more deep-pocketed guests, there is still some fun to be had in Galaxy's Edge. By all means, go...and enjoy what comes included with your normal Disneyland admission fee. There is one ride open already, with another one on the way. The ride that's open casts YOU as either the pilot, engineer or laser-weapon operator of the Millennium Falcon. This is the ride that many are absolutely raving about and want to experience multiple times (to enjoy multiple roles.) In addition to this ride, you will enjoy wandering around throught the artistic scenery and interacting with strolling characters. If you have the Disneyland App on your phone, then there's a way for you to interact electronically with some of the exhibits. And of course, there are plenty of photo ops for your selfies...with pics taken by the full-sized Millennium Falcon being one of the "must do" locations.

Outside of Galaxy's Edge, you will also enjoy the many construction and renovation projects that have been done for the new themed area's opening. The entire resort has been getting ready for the expected onslaught of visitors and record crowd levels. A new parking structure---named Pixar Pals---has been built next to the existing Mickey & Friends parking building. 5,000 new parking spaces have become available since it opened. Plus, the tram that whisks you from the parking lot to the theme park's entrance has a new surprise---its boarding station has now been relocated indoors. It will now provide you with shade and protection from rain.

There are still other improvements and changes you may anticipate, since the entire Disneyland Resort has undergone extensive refurbishments. Smoking areas are now gone from both parks, and smokers must exit the gates of Disneyland and DCA in order to light up. This change makes room for wider pedestrian walkways and larger stroller parking areas. Curbs have been eliminated in many areas to facilitate the movement of strollers, wheel chairs, etc. Wagons are now banned from the parks, and stroller size-limits have been put into place. At present, these limits are extremely generous, and even double strollers will fit the bill. Even the size of many flower planters has been reduced in order to facilitate the orderly and safe movement of guests.

Entertainment options will be at their maximum peak during late-spring and summer. In particular, the opportunities for guests to hear live music in all the various "lands" of the park have been beefed up. You'll need to pick up a "daily entertainment schedule" as you pass through the turnstiles in order to keep up with all the various scheduled performances! (Also, you'll need to consult the map in these brochures to find your way to Galaxy's Edge. While most of the park will be familiar to repeat visitors, you'll probably need help finding the entrances & exits for Galaxy's Edge.)

Best of all, lines should be shorter this summer for your favorite rides & attractions in other "lands" of the park. Since everyone wants to visit Galaxy's Edge at least once, the added space that Galaxy's Edge brings to the park thins out the number of guests who are enjoying the older areas. Until some of Disney's special crowd-boosting offers start to kick in, your waiting time at favorite older attractions may be more reasonable than ever. By going to the park early (or staying late,) you'll be prepared for whatever the conditions turn out to be on the day that you visit. Whether it's crowded...or not...the park's earliest and latest hours are always offer guests the best waiting times at attractions.

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