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Disneyland Maps and Contact Information

Find your way around Anaheim, California and the Disneyland Resort!

You've been previewing pictures of several Disneyland Resort attractions in the slide show above. The Disneyland Resort in Anaheim, California encompasses more than just the well-known Disneyland Park---it includes the newer Disney's California Adventure Park, too! You may have noticed photos from both theme parks among the photos above.

Disneyland Resort Map

Basic parts of the Disneyland Resort

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In this first Disneyland Map, you'll see the basic parts of the Disneyland Resort in Anaheim, California. This includes---

1.) Disneyland Park

2.) Disney's California Adventure Park

3.) Downtown Disney District

4.) Disney's Grand Californian Hotel

5.) Disneyland Hotel

6.) Paradise Pier Hotel

You'll also see the Disneyland Parking Garage (there is more about the parking structure further down on this page,) plus the nearby notable Anaheim landmarks: the convention center and the Anaheim GardenWalk Mall.

Click on the map's pins to see explanatory info.

For a printable PDF map of this same area, here's the link to a PDF map the Disneyland/Anaheim resort district, which even includes some of the most popular Anaheim hotels, as well. This map is produced by Anaheim's official tourism website, and they routinely update this map (and remove the links to their older maps.) If the direct map link in this paragraph doesn't work, then you can view whatever new map has taken its place on the Anaheim maps page of the website. (The "OC" stands for Orange County.)

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Map of Disneyland Rides & Attractions: In the Google Custom Map to your right, you can see a number of Disneyland Park rides pinpointed. These are certainly NOT all of the theme park's many attractions...merely the ones mentioned most by readers of this website.

Google maps provide a very interesting overhead view of the park. These days, anyone and every one can see the roofs of ride buildings...or hunt for the areas where only park employees are allowed to go (like the Disneyland parade staging areas.) Older readers can remember when seeing these parts of the park were forbidden by outsiders!

If you've already been to Disneyland Park before, it makes a fun game seeing if you can spot where your own favorite rides are...just by seeing their overhead pictures!

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Interactive & Printable PDF Disneyland Maps

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Picture of Astro Orbitors ride in the Tomorrowland themed area of Disneyland Park At the top of this page, you saw Google Custom maps of the Disneyland Resort. As you could tell, Google makes these maps from aerial photographs that they take of Disneyland Park.

Next, you can see some other fun Disneyland Park maps...those made by the Disneyland Resort itself. Disneyland Park's maps are made from cute drawings of the park rather than aerial photographs...and these colorful, interactive maps are lots of fun to play around with.

Here is a direct link to the Disneyland Resort's Official Map page. You'll find a choice of interactive Disneyland maps (including Disney's California Adventure) which you may choose to explore.

Printable PDF Disneyland Map: You'll receive a Disneyland Park map as you enter the turnstiles. However, if you'd like to get a head start in locating your favorite rides, you can make your own copy of the Disneyland map at home! Here's a direct link to the Disneyland Park's official PDF printable map of Disneyland. If you'll be theme park-hopping, you'll probably want to make your own copy of the Disney California Adventure Park printable PDF map, as well.

Disneyland Resort PDF Map: Would you like to print out a map showing not just the theme parks, but the entire layout of the resort, including the Disneyland Hotel and Downtown Disney, too? If so, here's a PDF Map of the entire Disneyland Resort.

Where is California's Disneyland Resort?

In Anaheim, California!

Picture: Yellow submarine; Finding Nemo ride at Disneyland Park in Anaheim, California Anaheim, California is located in Orange County, California. Though visitors from other US states and other countries often say that "Disneyland is in Los Angeles," that's only partly true. When you're located far away from any metro area, it's common to include all of that city's suburbs when talking about the major city. (For example, everyone says that Walt Disney World is located in Orlando, Florida...when it really lies in the town of Lake Buena Vista.) While Anaheim is located NEAR Los Angeles, it's location in Orange County places it SOUTH of Los Angeles.

Map of Southern California: If you're unfamiliar with the layout of Southern California cities, here's a printable map of Los Angeles and its freeway system, so you can see that downtown Los Angeles is actually quite a bit north of Anaheim. (This map is also interactive; you may click on any city that's underlined & you'll get to access more details about that area.)

PDF map of Orange County: Anaheim is located towards the northern end of Orange County. Though parts of Orange County lie directly on the Pacific Ocean, Anaheim is located away from the beach area (about 1/2 hour in light traffic, though the trip can take longer depending on your specific route and time of day.) If you'll be driving around Orange County, here's a very clear PDF map of Orange County, California with major tourist attractions plainly marked on it. You'll see Orange Co's freeways and major roads on this PDF map. In addition, you'll see the locations of other cities in Orange County (which you might also be interested in visiting, as well.)

Anaheim, CA maps

Picture: Bobsled zooms on Matterhorn mountain at Disneyland Park in Anaheim, CA ANAHEIM OVERVIEW MAPS: Disneyland Park is located in what's known at Anaheim's "Resort District." In this area, you'll find many hotels & restaurants, the Anaheim Convention Center, and plenty of lush landscaping which sets this area apart from other sections of the city. The Anaheim Resort District lies directly to the side of Interstate 5 in northern Orange County. By taking I-5's Harbor Blvd exit or its Katella Ave exit, you won't miss the Disney theme parks, the convention center, or the new Anaheim Garden Walk.

From the moment you decided to take your vacation in Anaheim, you probably "Googled" up a map of the area. If not, now's a great time to do that! You may use the following link to view a Google map of Anaheim, California.

MAPQUEST MAP OF ANAHEIM, CA: Some people prefer to use the Mapquest brand of maps. If you'd rather, here's the link to a Mapquest map of Anaheim, California.

PRINTABLE PDF MAP OF ANAHEIM: If you would like to have a printable PDF map of Anaheim, CA, then you may use the following link to access a good Anaheim, California PDF map which is printable. You'll not only find Disneyland Park on this PDF map, but a number of other important tourist locations, as well: the Anaheim Convention Center; several dozen hotels; and several sports venues.

If you would prefer a pdf map of Disneyland's immediate area (which shows just a close-up view of the theme parks and the hotels which immediately surround it,) you'll want to see the following Disneyland area PDF map. This is a great map to use if you're trying to find the very closest hotels to the Disneyland entrance. While every hotel in the area will tell you that it's in "walking distance" of Disneyland, that's only true if you're a martyr or a masochist. This particular Disneyland Map has the main entry plaza well marked, so it's easy to see just which hotels actually ARE within a close stroll (as opposed to those motels which will require taking a tram or making a vigorous hike.)

Disneyland Parking Map

How to find the Disneyland Parking Garage

Photo of a Mickey Mouse statue at the Disneyland Hotel in Anaheim, California, USA DISNEYLAND PARKING GARAGE ADDRESS AND MAP: Because the first place you'll need to go at the Disneyland Resort is the parking garage, we'll talk first about how to get there!

The giant Disneyland Resort parking garage is located on Disneyland Drive. I have been asked by readers, "What is the address of the Disneyland parking garage?" Well, if you'd like to write the Disneyland folks with a question about the parking garage, you should use the "regular" Disneyland address...which is listed below on this page. However, if you're looking for an actual street address to key into your GPS system (or to look it up on a map), you can use the Disneyland Parking Garage address of 1301 Disneyland Drive, Anaheim, CA. To save you the trouble from having to make your own map, though, I've already made one for you! Use the following link to view a Google map to the Disneyland Parking Garage. This is a precise map, and will get you directly to the Disneyland Parking Structure entrance.

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Map of Disneyland Parking Garage & Tram Route: The large building in the Google Custom Map to your left is the parking garage itself (called Mickey & Friends Parking.) Just north of the parking garage you'll see an open-air parking lot. This is one of Disneyland's employee parking areas. Just south of the parking structure, you find the RV, bus and oversized vehicle parking lot (Pinocchio and friends parking lot.) Though some or the covered parking inside the garage will fit vans and SUV's, motor homes will definitely need to park in the open-air lot. There is no extra charge for parking in the oversized lot; my van is tall, so I do this regularly. HOWEVER, if your vehicle is too large to occupy merely one parking space (such as an RV) then you WILL be charged an extra fee.

Disneyland Tram: You will board a tram towards Disneyland Park from in front of the parking garage. This is called the "Mickey & Friends" tram. You'll see the path that the tram takes marked with a blue line. This tram unloads at Downtown Disney rather than in front of the Disneyland theme park. Before you can pass through to the theme park's entrance, you'll have to pass through the security inspection station.

Disneyland Parking Lot Tram Service

Picture of Space Mountain at night; Disneyland Park, Anaheim, CA As part of your Disneyland Parking fee of $16, you'll get to ride a shuttle to the theme park entry area for no extra charge. (Price current as of Summer, 2013.) This shuttle is completely closed to outside pedestrian traffic, so if you're planning to stay in one of the hotels near Disneyland Drive and Ball Road, you should know in advance that you WON'T be able to ride the shuttle tram. You'll either have to walk (quite a trek to the entrance,) take a hotel shuttle, or drive & park in the structure. These hotels include a Sheraton, a Rodeway Inn, a Best Western, a Days Inn and several others. (Needless to say, they all claim to be in walking distance of Disneyland; some even call themselves "Main Gate" locations. They're somewhat close; but they're not the closest. Walking to them seems especially far after trooping through the theme park all day!)

Disneyland tram rules and etiquette:

1.) Babies and toddlers must be taken out of their strollers before boarding. Strollers should be folded, if possible. There is one "extra large" seating area per tram car where you should sit if you're bringing a stroller (or wheelchair.) Every tram is made up of a number of individual cars; therefore, there will be enough spots in the tram for SEVERAL families bringing strollers. Riders without strollers should be courteous and sit in one of the "regular" seats...and leave the large seating areas for the visitors who really need them.

2.) Babies may sit on their parents' laps, but children who can sit on their own must sit directly on the seat of the tram. Adults should take the outside seats and keep kids away from the edges of the tram.

Photo of a topiary figure of Goofy at the Disneyland Hotel in Anaheim, CA

3.) There is no smoking on the tram.

4.) Riders must stay seated at all times.

5.) A short spiel about the park's attractions will be broadcasted on the tram's loudspeaker system as you ride from the parking lot to the "drop off" point in Downtown Disney.

6.) Before entering either one of the theme parks, you must pass through a security screening area where your bags, purses and packages will be inspected. (This is a standard feature of theme parks all over the USA these days.) However, once you clear the security checkpoint, you will be able to rove freely back & forth between Disneyland Park and the Disney California Adventure park without getting re-inspected again.

Disneyland Resort Contact Information

Disneyland phone numbers and address

Photo op spot with Mickey Mouse, Minnie Mouse and Goofy at the Disneyland Hotel 1.) The Disneyland Address is---Disneyland Resort
P.O.Box 3232
1313 S. Harbor Blvd.
Anaheim, CA 92803

The Disneyland phone number is (714) 781-4565. There are a few other handy Disneyland telephone numbers, as well. To find out the candy-making schedule at the Main Street USA Candy Kitchen, call the following phone number for recorded information: 714/781-0112. For Disneyland Fairy Tale Wedding information: phone number 714/956-6527. The Disney job hotline phone number is 800/766-0888.

2.) Downtown Disney telephone number: 714/300-7800. This is a recorded information line which can give you information about the stores and restaurants of Downtown Disney. It can also give you information about the major entertainment at Downtown Disney (AMC Theater, Ralph Brennan's Jazz Kitchen, ESPN Zone, and Anaheim House of Blues.)

3.) The Disneyland Hotel address is---
1150 Magic Way
Anaheim, California 92802

Phone number for Disneyland Hotel Operator---(714) 778-6600.
Phone number for Disneyland Hotel Reservations---(714) 956-6425.

4.) Disney's Grand Californian Hotel address---
1600 S. Disneyland Drive, Anaheim, CA 92809

Phone number for Disney's Grand Californian Hotel operator---(714) 635-2300
Reservations number for Disney's Grand Californian Hotel---(714) 956-6425 (same as for the Disneyland Hotel)

5.) Paradise Pier Hotel address---
1717 Disneyland Drive
Anaheim, California 92802

Reservation telephone number for the Paradise Pier Hotel in Anaheim is (714) 956- 6425 (same as for the Disneyland Hotel)

Disneyland Website: To see the official Anaheim, California Disneyland Resort website, use the following link:

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