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Disneyland Parade and Entertainment

In the slide show above, you're viewing pictures of favorite Disney characters. Disneyland's parades and shows offer guests a chance to view their favorite characters. On this page, you'll discover the fun entertainment that's available at Disneyland Park.

Disneyland Entertainment news---

Picture of Belle and Beast on the Beauty and the Beast float of the Disneyland Parade A new Disneyland parade is hot news this year! The name of the new parade is "Mickey's Soundsational Parade." It's a toe-tapping showcase of Disney tunes, and features scads of popular Disney characters!

World of Color show continues at Disney's California Adventure! Disneyland's sister-park, The Disney California Adventure, is still drawing huge crowds with it's nighttime spectacular, World of Color. Held on a large lagoon, the World of Color show features spectacular lighting, dancing fountains, favorite Disney movie music...and, of course, dozens of popular Disney characters. won't be able to see the World of Color show at Disneyland Park itself; you'll have to have a ticket to visit Disney's California Adventure Park...because that's the ONLY place where you'll be able to find it.

Overview of Disneyland's Major Entertainment

Picture of Ariel the Little Mermaid in the Disneyland Parade Major entertainment at Disneyland Park centers around 4 events. These are as follows---

1.) The Disneyland Parade: Tops on the list of any Disneyland entertainment-lover is the daily Disneyland Parade. The name and theme of the parade changes from time to time, but it's always one of the park's favorite entertainment activities.

Walt Disney's Parade of Dreams (pictured on this page) has ended its run at Disneyland Park. It was a fabulous parade featuring lavish floats, colorful costumes, and plenty of characters from favorite Disney animated movies. Disneyland's short-lived "Celebrate" parade has also finished its run at the theme park. However...

...a brand-new Disneyland Parade heads up the park's entertainment action this year! If you love Disney music, then you'll adore the new "Mickey's Soundsational Parade," featuring music, colorful floats and dozens of Disney characters.

During busy times of the year, such as summer vacation and the Christmas holidays, Mickey's Soundsational Parade runs twice each day. During the park's slow-season, it will run only once per day (and a few days may actually be parade-less.) Like most Disneyland parades, you'll be able to catch Mickey's Soundsational Parade anywhere you please along its LONG parade route (which leads from the Main Street area at the front of the park...all the way to the Small World ride near the back of the park.)

What other entertainment can you enjoy?
Picture of Ursula the Sea Witch, Ariel's nemesis from Disney's Little Mermaid movie2.) Fireworks Displays! Another long-standing tradition at Disneyland Park is their fantastic fireworks display held every night at the park (during busy seasons.) Main Street is a favorite place to catch a view of the fireworks, but they can also be seen from a number of other areas throughout Disneyland.

The biggest problem with Disneyland's fireworks is their own popularity. The Main Street viewing area is crowded well ahead of each performance with the many viewers who would like to see it. If you're not willing to miss out on other rides and attractions to wait for the fireworks show for such a long time, you'll probably want to see it from another area (such as Tomorrowland) where it's possible to view the fireworks without reserving your spot in advance.

3.) Fantasmic, a nighttime spectacular! Fantasmic is a fun evening show that's held nightly during busy times of the year (and on weekends-only during the slower seasons.) Held around the Rivers of America lagoon, this outdoor show is thrilling...but crowded. If you plan to attend, you should arrive well in advance to reserve your spot to sit or stand.

4.) Billy Hill and the Hillbillies: Comedy and music-lovers will want to catch this favorite act at The Golden Nugget theater in Frontierland. Even if you don't like music and you're attending the show because someone else in your group wants to see it, these fellows will surely charm you with their self-depreciating wit...and you'll probably leave The Golden Nugget grinning from ear to ear.

Disneyland's "minor" entertainment

Closeup photo of Jasmine and Aladdin in the Disneyland Park Christmas parade While nearly everyone who attends Disneyland Park will enjoy its major entertainment, there are other shows held at Disneyland which are aimed at "specialty" audiences. For the targeted age & interest groups, however, there's nothing MINOR at all about these shows! In fact, some of the entertainment at Disneyland which some guests avoid altogether, is the very entertainment which other visitors make a specific point to see!


* Jedi Training Academy: Aimed for young would-be Jedi, this entertaining show is held in Tomorrowland at the Tomorrowland Terrace stage. You can view pictures of Darth Vader, Darth Maul, Jedi Masters, and other fun from this popular interactive show on the "Jedi Training Academy Pictures" page of this website.

*Disney Princess Fantasy Faire: On busy days, Disneyland holds the Fantasy Faire where you can see the princesses. For more information about this, you can visit our Disney Princess Fantasy Faire page.

* Concerts on the Tomorrowland stage

* Saturday Night Swing Dance Parties

The Saturday Night Swing Party at Disneyland Anaheim!

Every Saturday evening, you'll have the pleasure of enjoying Disneyland's "Jump, Jive and Boogie Swing Party," featuring a changing selection of excellent swing bands. Get your feet ready to rumble! Showtimes are held several times throughout the evening.

Be forewarned that each of these showtimes are SO SHORT! I'm sure you could enjoy the energetic sounds of these special featured swing bands for MUCH longer than each show's time period allows! (So many Disneyland Park guests what to get in on the action, that each show's length is shortened so that more Disneyland Anaheim visitors can be accommodated.)

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