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The Disneyland Resort, a true World Destination

Here's an overview of the resort's attractions and hotels

In the slide show above, you're viewing pictures of the specatcular Disneyland Theme Park in Anaheim, California. On this page, we'll talk about the theme parks, stores, restaurants and hotels which make up the Disneyland Resort in Southern California. Hopefully, by the time you read through the many picture-filled pages of this Disneyland section, you'll have a good idea of the Disneyland attractions which will fill the top spots of your "do not miss" list!

List of Disneyland's theme parks, hotels and more!

Photo of The Matterhorn, Disneyland Park, Anaheim, California The incomparable Disneyland Resort. Home of the FIRST modern-theme park. Mother of all the Disney parks world-wide. Few haven't heard of it!

And yet, not everyone knows the significance of the term "Disneyland Resort" yet, because that's a fairly recent label that's been applied to this venerable travel destination. In the "old days" (meaning "before 2001") There was just Disneyland Park and its accompanying hotel.

Not so any more! The name "Disneyland Resort" was coined as a term to use for ALL the attractions in Disney's Anaheim cluster...and here's what they are---

1.) Disneyland Theme Park, the magical amusement park which "started it all!"

2.) Disney's California Adventure theme park, a 2nd theme park which was added to the Disneyland Resort in Anaheim, California in 2001. Rides and attractions celebrate the state of California's terrain and industries...and so THAT'S why it's called "California Adventure."

3.) Downtown Disney District, a family hot spot that's lined with stores, restaurants and entertainment options. Admission & parking are the Downtown Disney District stays open later than either of the two theme parks. What's NOT to like?

4.) The Disneyland Hotel, Disneyland Anaheim's original hotel. What started out as a one-story motel-like structure several decades ago has evolved into a popular hotel complex consisting of 3 separate high-rise buildings---which nearly always stay full year-round!

5.) Disney's Grand Californian Hotel,
a new luxurious hotel which was added to the Disneyland Resort in 2001. Guests enjoy a Western lodge-like atmosphere, are pampered with amenities, and even have their own private entrance into the California Adventure theme park!

6.) Paradise Pier Hotel, the 3rd and final Disneyland Resort hotel, was purchased from another company rather than built by Disney. Thus, prices are lower; many guests prefer "real" Disney magic. Nevertheless, you'd never know that the attractive Paradise Pier Hotel wasn't Disney-built, because it's cute decor and stunning views of the California Adventure theme park make this a wonderful place to stay.

On this page, we'll talk further about these 6 elements of the Disneyland Resort. Then, you can pick which of them you'd like to discover more about...and follow the links on this page to find entire sections of information about each one of these topics. There are over 100 Disneyland Resort pictures tucked into these sections of the of everything from the rides you'll go on, to the beds you'll sleep in, to the food you'll eat!

The Disneyland Resort -- Fabulous Disneyland Park!

Photo of Space Mountain at night; Disneyland Park at the Disneyland Resort in Anaheim, CA First and foremost at the Disneyland Resort is, of course, Disneyland Park itself...which recently celebrated it's 50th anniversary!

At the top of this page, you see a picture of Disneyland's Matterhorn mountain---a scale replica of Switzerland's Matterhorn...and a true symbol of Disneyland Park. Just to spot the Matterhorn from the freeway as one approaches the park makes the pulse race and the fingertips tingle with anticipation!

Inside these pages, you'll find photos and descriptions of all the famous themed areas that have become household words over the years---Fantasyland, Tomorrowland, Frontierland, Adventureland, Main Street, New Orleans Square, Disney's Toon Town, and Critter Country.

Here are the Disneyland Park pages you may enjoy reading on this website:

  • Disneyland Park overview: Before you can figure out what attractions you'll want to see at the Disneyland amusement park, you need to know how it's laid out. Learn about Disneyland's various themed areas on this page! Or, if you're already familiar with them, then you might prefer skipping ahead to a page which covers your own favorite "land." These pages are:

    • Fantasyland, part 1, where you'll see pictures and discover little-known fun facts about the child-oriented Fantasyland themed section of Disneyland Park.
    • Fantasyland, Part 2, where you'll see photos and find still MORE fun facts about the Fantasyland rides!
    • Fantasyland Shopping, where you'll discover unique and beloved Disney gifts and souvenirs you'll want to pick out while visiting the park.
    • Mickey's Toon Town, the fun and fanciful "land" that's home to Mickey Mouse!
    • Tomorrowland, where the future happens today!
    • New Orleans Square, California's own French Quarter replica!
    • Adventureland, Disneyland's jungle-themed area that's the most exotic place many Angelenos may ever visit!
    • Frontierland, the themed area that's a tribute to the USA's Wild West days of yore.
    • Critter Country, home to Winnie the Pooh & his friends, and the popular Splash Mountain log flume ride.
    • Main Street USA, replica of a North American urban scene from 100 years ago.

Disneyland discounts, hours, holidays

Discover practical information to help make your trip a whopping success!

DISNEYLAND PRACTICAL INFO: To find out Disneyland's hours of operation for the next 30+ days, you may use the following link to see our Disneyland Operating Hours page.

Or, to find out about cheap Disneyland ticket deals and specials, see the Disneyland Discount Tickets for out-of-town guests or the Disneyland Discounts for Local Residents pages of this website. Another handy informational page is the Disneyland Maps, Address and Phone Numbers page of this website.

Holidays at Disneyland Park

Do you love holidays at Disneyland Park? You'll find plenty of Disneyland holiday pictures on this website, as well!

DISNEYLAND PARK HALLOWEEN PICTURES: You may enjoy seeing Disney Halloween characters, activities & attractions on the following pages: (1.) Disneyland Halloween Events; (2.) Woodys Halloween Roundup pics; (3.) Holiday Haunted Mansion pics; (4.) 3D Nightmare Before Christmas Haunted Mansion, part 2; (5.) Disney Pumpkins. Or, you can get tips on Disney Halloween costumes on the Making or buying a Disney Princess Costumes and Captain Jack Sparrow costumes pages of this site!

DISNEYLAND PARK CHRISTMAS PICTURES: You'll see pictures of Disneyland's overwhelmingly beautiful Christmas Castle, snow, parade and decorations on the following pages: (1.) Disneyland Christmas Activities & Attractions; (2.) Disney Christmas Parade pictures; (3.) Disney Holiday Parade pics, pt 2; (4.) Disneyland Park's Christmas Fireworks & Snow (5.) Santa's Reindeer Roundup pictures; (6.) Small World Holiday Pictures; and our (7.) New Year's Eve at Disneyland page.

Disneyland Resort -- Disney's California Adventure Theme Park!

Radiator Springs Racers ride in Cars Land;  Disney's California Adventure Park, Anaheim, California Disney's California Adventure---it's Orange County, California's newest theme park!

Opening in 2001, the Disney California Adventure Park got off to a slow start. In fact, during its entire first decade, it received less than half of the visitors than it's older sister, Disneyland Park.

To build attendance, Disney's California Adventure embarked upon a $1 BILLION dollar spending spree to add new attractions. In the past several years, a new Toy Story-themed ride has opened, and the Paradise Pier section of the park has been remodeled. But, these changes didn't really boost attendance very much. Finally, however, an attraction was added that DID stir up some major buzz among theme park lovers. What was the new attraction added in 2010 that made such a big difference?

The World of Color water and light show was the great new attraction which has boosted Disney California Adventure's attendance figures significantly...and has finally made "DCA," as many people call the park, a must-see theme park. The World of Color puts any water show or light show you've ever seen to shame...being bigger, more spectacular, more clever, and any other superlative you'd care to name. It's the "shock and awe" version of water & light displays everywhere, and the only real drawback to it is the show's immense popularity; it's crowded!

But even though "World of Color" put the Disney California Adventure Park on many people's must-do list, there are many other attractions to enjoy. Your kids will love the adorable "Bug's Land" kiddie ride area. Guests of all ages will enjoy the Broadway-style production of "Aladdin, the Musical," created to the tune of a $million$-plus budget! And, nearly all ages will want to visit "Soarin' Over California," the popular attraction that will make you feel as if you're taking a tour of California by air.

In addition, ALL of the attractions from the park's 5-year expansion plan have recently opened! A fanciful "Little Mermaid" ride was the new, must-see ride for 2011; and in 2012, the new "Cars Land" opened---an entire new themed area based on the hit Disney-Pixar movie, "Cars." Judging from the crowds at Disney's California Adventure ever since Cars Land opened, the new themed area is a smash hit---and we'd agree! If you'd like to view our pictures and read our review of this major new "land," please see the photo-filled Cars Land page of our site.

If you're wondering when you may plan your visit, you may find out the Disney California Adventure Park's hours of operation for the next 30+ days on our Disney California Adventure Hours page.

Disneyland Resort -- Downtown Disney Shopping and Entertainment District!

Photo of the Rainforest Cafe, Downtown Disney, Anaheim, California
A Mayan temple in Anaheim, California? Can that be? Yep, sure is!

You're looking at the beautiful, lushly landscaped Rainforest Cafe in Downtown Disney, Anaheim. The Disney Resort just "feels" more complete with the addition of Downtown Disney, which was completed around the same time as Disney's California Adventure.

Downtown Disney, Anaheim is the Disney Resort's dining-shopping-entertainment complex. You'll love the variety of restaurants, plus there are BOTH family-oriented AND parent's-night-out activities to enjoy. (For example, Anaheim's House of Blues restaurant and concert venue is located here in Downtown Disney, Anaheim.) So...what will be YOUR favorite stores and restaurants here? Catch some clues by using the following link to this website's "Downtown Disney" pages!

Disneyland Resort -- 3 Great Hotels!

Picture of Disney's Grand Californian Hotel, Anaheim, CaliforniaThe Disneyland Resort has three major hotels on its property. What are they?

The Disneyland Resort's Grand Californian Hotel is a masterpiece of California Craftsman architecture. Inside, the tall atrium lobby reminds the visitor of a log-hewn national park lodge...particularly the Lodge at Yellowstone. A roaring fire blazes in the fireplace, and large, cozy chairs beckon the weary to come "set a spell."

The charming Disneyland Hotel features Disney character-themed rooms, swimming pools and gardens. And the Paradise Pier Hotel is themed to the Disney California Adventure Park's "Paradise Pier" section. In fact, if you get a park-view room, you'll be able to see the rides in action...and the beautiful lighting at night, as well.

In addition to Disneyland's on-property hotels, there are nearby "Good Neighbor Hotels" where many guests choose to stay. The Good Neighbor Hotels lie off of the Disneyland Resort property in the surrounding city of Anaheim, California...but some of the Good Neighbor hotels are just as close to the Disneyland Park turnstiles as the Disneyland Resort Hotels are! Other "Good Neighbor" hotels are a bit farther away...but still in relatively close range. You may use the following link to view the Disneyland's Good Neighbor Hotels page of our site.

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