Reminisce about Disneyland's 50th Anniversary Christmas 2005!

Disneyland's 50th Birthday---Golden Rides were everywhere!

Picture: Golden Dumbo Elephant photo prop was available during Disneyland's 50th anniversary

Stroll down Memory Lane! On this page, we'll talk about Disneyland's Christmas activities back in 2005. But, if you're looking for information about THIS year's events, please see our Disneyland Christmas Events page! You'll get plenty of info...and see lots of photos...of the Disneyland holiday celebration currently underway.

Disneyland's Christmas celebration is always the one way. It's ALWAYS beautiful. It's ALWAYS heartwarming. And, it's ALWAYS Character-filled.

Still, Christmas at Disneyland in 2005 was EXTRA special---it was the theme park's 50th Anniversary!

Maybe it was the first year ever that it was hard to keep one's mind on the Christmas decorations and celebrations! Many of us were entering the famous theme park for the first time since Disneyland's 50th Birthday celebration began---and the nostalgia was overwhelming!

  • Golden ride cars were the "hot" thing to enjoy. And for those not lucky enough to get their turn riding in a golden car (there was only ONE golden car on each participating ride,) then there were "photo op" golden cars which everyone could take their turn to enjoy...and pose with!

    For example, in the picture to your left, you can see Dumbo the Flying Elephant's golden "photo op" ride car. These golden ride cars are only a memory NOW...but they really helped to make our Christmas season special THEN.

  • Picture: Golden Teacup on the Mad Tea Party Ride, a sign of Disneyland's 50th Anniversary CelebrationThen, there were "hidden 50's," (remember them?) which were fifty little signs bearing the number 50 hidden in out-of-the-way places in Disneyland Park...a little "treasure hunt" that was a fun and unusual diversion to enjoy.

  • And there were pennies to squish, too--to fill the special Disneyland 50th Anniversary squished-penny albums!

    If was a busy, fun, and...just as they claim...a "magical" time. If you find yourself forgetting what the Disneyland Christmas celebration was like in 2005, you may refresh yourself by reading through this page.

    But if you want Disneyland Christmas details for THIS holiday season, please visit the Current Disneyland Christmas Events page of this website for an updated look at what you'll enjoy THIS year!

    December 2005, Disneyland's 50th Anniversary Christmas

    Photo: Golden Jungle Cruise boat for Disneyland's 50th Anniversary celebration

    Disneyland for Christmas 2005 was a beautifully-decorated, glowingly-lit beehive of family holiday activities! There was plenty of holiday fun to be had...and all of the Disneyland 50th anniversary sights to behold.

    Here's a run-down on all the great holiday events you might have enjoyed during Christmas at Disneyland 2005...IF you could keep your mind off of the golden ride cars (which I couldn't, as you can tell by the photos on this page)---

    * SNOW!!! Every evening after the "Remember...Dreams Come True" fireworks display, there were 3 areas in Disneyland where it began to snow real flakes! (Out-of-towners...please bear with us Southern Californians! We never see natural snow in our cities, so what may be commonplace to you is a gawk-until-the-eyes-pop-out experience here!) How did we find the snow? We looked on the Disneyland Map (which we were handed as we entered the park for the day.) Remember---we saw the "snowy" areas marked on the map with a snowflake. These areas were in Main Street USA, Frontierland and Fantasyland!

    Picture: Disneyland's Sleeping Beauty Castle was adorned with golden crowns during the theme park's 50th anniversary celebration* Main Street USA's fabulous holiday decor From the moment we entered Disneyland Park and stepped onto Main Street USA, we were transported to the magical world of Christmas Past. Old-fashioned holiday decorations were everywhere! Christmas carolers in long dresses or sporting stovepipe hats made their way around Main Street singing the songs & carols of the season. However, there were no icicles hanging from Sleeping Beauty's Castle in 2005. That beautiful the castle's nightly lighting ceremony...didn't begin until 2007!

    * "A Christmas Fantasy" Parade Twice daily a special Christmas themed parade made its way through the park. Those who attended the parade saw Minnie and Mickey Mouse skating together on an icy pond, Gepetto making toys in his workshop, and scads of other heartwarming Disney holiday scenes. If you enjoyed this parade, you'll want to see our Disneyland Christmas Parade Pictures page!

    In 2005, there was great news for parade-lovers! Not only was the special Christmas parade staged, but ALSO Walt Disney's "Parade of Dreams" (the special Disneyland 50th anniversary parade) was shown, as well! That's right! Two parades! There was one daily performance of the 50th anniversary parade, and 2 Christmas parades----making the parade route at Disneyland one heck of a busy place! All the better for everyone's enjoyment! Even better still...the Disney folks managed to pack in a schedule that allowed visitors to include the nighttime spectacular "Fantasmic!" AND the nightly "Remember...Dreams Come True" fireworks show, as well. What a busy time many people had in Disneyland during Christmas 2005!

    Picture: Peter Pan golden pirate ship ride car; this one was the photo-op version* A 100 foot-tall "goldenized" Christmas tree! Every year, Disneyland has a special Christmas tree...and in 2005, it was even MORE spectacular. In honor of Disneyland's 50th Anniversary, the tree in 2005 featured special golden touches!

    * It's A Small World Holiday The "It's a Small World" ride exterior and plaza was lit with over 300,000 miniature lights! This ride was ablaze with the feelings of festivity. Every evening, guests could witness the ride's special light-up ceremony. Then, you could ride through the specially-decorated-for-Christmas interior of the attraction.

    * Santa's Reindeer Roundup in Frontierland You could have a country-styled holiday in Disneyland for Christmas 2005 when you headed over to Frontierland for a special celebration there. A number of separate events happened in Frontierland this year, and they included...

    .......The Holiday Ho-Ho-Hoedown, your special place to learn country line dancing and get involved in holiday family sing-alongs.

    .......Nightly tree-lighting ceremony led by Pluto the Red-nosed ReinDOG. Only ONE Christmas tree in Disneyland at Christmas time? Not on your life! Frontierland had its OWN special tree-lighting ceremony led by Mickey's faithful pet, Pluto, dressed up in hilarious holiday garb.

    .......Family Christmas activities. You could bring the kids and have fun watching as they decorated their own Christmas cookies and made holiday crafts.

    .......Character Greeting, Western Style. You could meet and greet Western Goofy, Western Chip and Dale...and even that rare Disney character, Clara Cluck, in the Santa's Reindeer Roundup area of Frontierland.

    Picture: Golden Carousel Horse photo prop used during Disneyland Park's 50th Anniversary Celebration* The Haunted Mansion Holiday Version Jack Skellington and The Nightmare Before Christmas gang visited the Haunted Mansion in they have every year since 2001. Jack Skellington left all sorts of ghoulishly fun decorations in place for us to admire---and mountains of visitors came to enjoy the Haunted Mansion's special holiday decor! If you love Jack Skellington...don't worry about missing out on the fun---the Holiday Haunted Mansion is now an annual event EVERY Halloween and Christmas season! You can use the following link to see pictures of the Holiday Haunted Mansion!

    * Toontown's Special Holiday Decor. If you're familiar with Toontown's architecture, you know that nothing there was built using straight lines...and EVERYTHING there is full of whimsy! Toontown's holiday decorations in 2005 were full of that same full-of-fun spirit. Adults should remember to give Toon Town a look-see...even if they have no children in their party. It was...and is...a whimsical celebration of zaniness!

    Christmas at Disney California Adventure 2005

    Photo: Disneyland 50th Anniversary is marked with this lovely special lantern above the Mad Teaparty Teacup Ride in Fantasyland

    In December, 2005, Disney's California Adventure (Disneyland's "sister" park) offered its own "sunny California" brand of Christmas activities for the holidays.

    After you entered the turnstiles and stepped into the park's Sunshine Plaza area, you noticed SOMETHING QUITE DIFFERENT here! Santa had come to California for the holiday season---and was he ever having fun basking in the sun!

    * Santa's Beach Blast was the name given to this area filled with Santa's vacation fun. Visitors strolled around and enjoyed activities centered around the odd idea that Santa would LIKE a break from the cold and snow! Some guests took part in a limbo contest...or played a number of games, such as trying to throw a Christmas wreath around the spires of a "sand" castle. Santa's Beach Blast had its last appearance in 2007, quite sadly. But if you, like me, are one of the many people who enjoyed it, you may have fun reminiscing about this fun & lively holiday party on our Santa's Beach Blast Pictures page!

    * There was a daily Christmas tree lighting ceremony at 5 P.M.

    * Whimsical holiday decor filled "A Bug's Land." Remember---things are seen from a "bug's eye view" in this creative section of the park...and so, the ornaments were GIANT-sized. That's how it WOULD seem if you were a bug!

    Picture: Golden boat took visitors on Disneyland's Storybookland Canal ride during the park's 50th anniversary festivalThere were a few things to note about the holidays in Disney's California Adventure.

    * That fabulous parade extravaganza, the "Block Party Bash" continued on most days throughout the season.

    * Disney's Electrical Parade ran nightly through January 2nd. Every since, it has re-appeared for the Christmas rush before retiring again during the park's "slow season." If you're a parade-lover, you may wish to view the Disney's Electrical Parade Pictures page of this site!

    More Pictures of Disneyland's 50th Anniversary

    If you'd like to see a slide show of photos taken during the Disneyland 50th Anniversary're in luck! It's running to your left in the Google Widget. Some of the photos were obviously taken during the Christmas 2005 celebration, and others weren't. Most of them...well, it would be difficult to say! California's weather stays warm enough for short sleeves year-round, so we can't tell when these folks actually made their Anniversary-year Disneyland visits!

    These photos were all taken by members of the Flickr photo-sharing website. After returning home from their vacations, they uploaded their snapshots into Flickr's photo banks...and now "the whole world" is free to admire them!

    Disneyland's 50th Anniversary on EBay

    Did you get all the souvenirs you wanted during your visit to Disneyland Park's 50th Anniversary celebration? If not, you've probably discovered that it can be difficult to find the items you wanted to buy at Disneyland during the special celebration...but didn't.

    Fortunately, the EBay auction website is still one place you can find the mementos that will bring your treasured memories to mind once more. In the widget below, you can view current auctions going on right this minute on EBay. Plus, when one auction ends, a fresh one takes its place in the widget---giving you new things to view the next time you return to this page!

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