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The Disney's California Adventure Park

Disneyland's sister-park in Anaheim, California!

In the slide show above, you can see pictures of fun Disney California Adventure Park's attractions. But these few images barely begin to "scratch the surface" of the exciting rides, entertainment and shopping you'll find at this Disney theme park. On this page, you'll discover Disney California Adventure's themed areas, and the attractions your family may experience at the "DCA" theme park!

Disney's California Adventure Park is new---and still growing!

Photo: Cars Land is now open at Disney's California Adventure Park in  Anaheim, California!

Hot News! $1 Billion dollar expansion FINISHED at Disney's California Adventure park! New rides and attractions are now open!

One of the biggest and most exciting of the new attractions is a new "land" based on the Disney/Pixar animated hit movie, "Cars!" The centerpiece for this new themed area is a re-creation of the fictional town of Radiator Springs. A major ride has been built in this area, as well...the Radiator Springs Racers, which is a combination of a car-racing ride and an indoor dark-ride where guests may see the Pixar Cars characters. Two other Cars movie-themed rides are in this new themed area area, as well.

To see pictures and get a complete description of rides & attractions in this new themed area, please visit our Cars Land page!

"A Bug's Land" at Disney's California Adventure

Picture the Bugs Land themed area, Disneys California Adventure, Anaheim, California

A Bug's Land is a delightful, whimsical children's area within Disneys California Adventure. Children will love the adorable "A Bug's Life" themed rides there---and parents will be able to ride along with the kids, as well.

Even if you don't have children, you'll certainly want to check out this area's extremely creative decor. This is possibly the Disney parks' pinnacle of creative movie-to-park adaptations. Go see it!

To get details about adorable, creative themed area, visit our "Bug's Land" page of this website!

Paradise Pier at Disney's California Adventure

Photo: Young children adore the fun Jumpin' Jellyfish ride...and parents can join the fun, too!

Paradise Pier is "Ride Central" at Disneys California Adventure. This area of the park---honoring the traditional pierside boardwalks of California's coastal towns---has the greatest concentration of rides in the park.

Here, you'll find the fast & adrenaline-pumping California Screamin' roller coaster and the "Goofy's Sky School" thrill ride. Yet, you'll also find the toddler-friendly "Jumpin' Jellyfish" (gentle tower ride) and Little Mermaid indoor dark ride.

Paradise Pier at Disneys California Adventure has "something for everyone." However, do note that the Paradise Pier area is currently under renovation. As mentioned at the top of this page, Disney's California Adventure is undergoing a major overhaul---and many of the changes are occuring in the park's Paradise Pier section. Be aware that there may be detours and/or ride closures in this area while construction is underway.

To discover details about Paradise Pier rides that your family will enjoy, please see the "Paradise Pier" page of this site.

Hollywood Land at Disney's California Adventure

Picture: Twilight Zone Tower of Terror, Disney's California Adventure, Anaheim, California Sheer terror lurks in the Hollywood Land section of the Disney California Adventure Park. (It was formerly called the Hollywood Pictures Backlot, in case that's the name you remember.) Hollywood Land is where you'll find the ultra-popular Twilight Zone Tower of Terror!

The rest of this interesting themed area is gentle as a lamb! You'll definitely want to visit the mini-Broadway-musical version of "Aladdin," which is performed several times per day.

You'll also find other don't-want-to-miss shows, such as the Muppetvision 3D Theater and the Disney Junior Playhouse.

Monsters, Inc movie-lovers will enjoy a tame-but-exciting ride featuring the beloved animated characters Sully, Mike and Boo.

To find out details on the attractions you'll enjoy in this area of the theme park, please visit our Hollywood Land page.

Golden State Area at Disney's California Adventure

Photo: wild-water rafting ride at Disney's California Adventure, Anaheim, California
For some rollicking fun in the outdoors, head to the Golden State area of Disney's California Adventure (formerly called the Grizzly Peak Recreation Area.)

You can board the white-water rafting ride for adventures through turbulent, might-get-you-wet river waters. Or, climb with your kids in a HUGE high-sierras themed play structure--I guarantee they'll zoom right past you as your family navigates the laced-rope walkways.

For more info about these terrific attractions, please see our "Grizzly Peak" themed area info!

The former Condor Flats themed area has also been "moved" into the Golden State section. Obviously, nothing has really moved except that several areas have now been lumped together into one.

"Soarin' over California" is the showpiece attraction in this section of the park. You won't want to miss this unique attraction that does, indeed, take you soaring over many parts of California's beautiful scenery.

For the complete low-down on Soarin' Over California, please visit our "Condor Flats" themed area page.


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