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Dockweiler Beach Camping

In the slide show above, you're viewing pictures of the popular Dockweiler State Beach and RV Campground in Los Angeles, California. On this page, you can get the details you need for planning a fun campout on the pleasant shores of the Pacific Ocean...without leaving the conveniences of the metropolitan area.

Beachside RV camping in the heart of Metro LA; is it right for you?

Dockweiler State Beach hosts RV-only camping. This is a vitally needed beachside camping facility in a metropolitan area where the demand for beach campsites far exceeds the supply.

There are many "plus" points you'll encounter if you camp at Dockweiler State Beach. These include the following---

  • The sand is wide and clean.

  • There are biking/hiking paths stretching along the beach.

  • New bathroom and snacking facilities have been built recently

  • There are plenty of beach fire rings...and what a popular item beach fire pits are in Los Angeles!

    Dockweiler Beach Campground's neighbor is LAX

    In the section above, we've mentioned some of the best things that Dockweiler camping has to offer. It's a popular campground, and there are plenty of good things to say about it.

    Noise at Dockweiler Campground: The "minus" side to Dockweiler Beach Camping, however, is enough to drive a noise-sensitive person crazy. The biggest "negative" about Dockweiler can be summed up in one word: Airplanes!

    Photo of an airplane flying directly over the Dockweiler Beach campground as it takes off from LAX Airport! Dockweiler State Beach sits directly at the end of 2 runways at Los Angeles International Airport. Most of the day, this isn't a problem. The campground's location doesn't provide any impediment to enjoying the sand and surf...or biking up & down the beach pathways, etc.

    If you're actually trying to get some sleep, however...well, just know that the early morning flight roster at LAX Airport is quite heavy! While the nighttime flights are minimal at Los Angeles International Airport, the morning schedule is doubly-full. If you're like us...that is, you like to sleep later than'll be unpleasantly surprised by how loud the planes seem in the quiet early morning hours at Dockweiler State Beach. We took the photo on your right (showing the underbelly of a plane) from out spot at the Dockweiler Beach camping you can see that some of the planes taking off from LAX fly DIRECTLY overhead!

    On the other hand, if noise doesn't bother you, you'll probably find Dockweiler Beach camping to be quite enjoyable. We've been to Dockweiler Beach during the daytime for beach visits and had never noticed too much noise...because during the daytime, that's not something that city dwellers pay much attention to.

    Dockweiler Beach Camping -- Amenities

    Photo of a restaurant at Dockweiler State Beach in Los Angeles, California The Dockweiler State Beach restrooms and public buildings have recently been renovated. In the photo to your left, you can see a farily new restaurant building at Dockweiler Beach...and in the photo below, you can see the new restroom building. The facility upgrade a few years back gave the Dockweiler Beach RV campground a nice fresh look.

    Activities: Some fun you can enjoy along the beach includes building a fire at one of the dozens of fire pits on Dockweiler Beach. If you decide to use a fire ring, the park asks you not to build your fire using wood that contains nails, and reminds you to always douse your fire thoroughly with water when you're finished. These safety rules for the fire pits at Dockweiler help ensure that no child will walk across the top of your campfire later, only to get burned otherwise hurt. Park rangers like to remind visitors that merely sprinkling sand on top of a fire will not make sure that it's completely extinguished. You'll undoubtedly get some info on this topic when you check in.

    Volleyball nets are available on some parts of Dockweiler State Beach. Also, walking, jogging, biking, and skating are popular on the miles-long beach paths that run along the shoreline through Dockweiler State Beach.

    As for the campsites at Dockweiler RV Campground, they're more or less "parking lot style." The sites, however, do each come with a BBQ and a picnic table. RV hookups are available.

    You'll also find a shower/restroom building at the Dockweiler camping ground, plus a self-serve laundry facility. Being a city campground, naturally the Dockweiler SB showers and laundry have hot and cold water, and the toilets flush. There is also an RV dump station at the campground available for an extra fee.

    Camping at Dockweiler Beach is safe. For one thing, the camping area isn't close to any housing. For another thing, rangers make 24 hour patrols of the beach and campground at Dockweiler.

    Dockweiler Beach Camping Fees

    Photo of facilities at Dockweiler State Beach in Los Angeles, CaliforniaUntil recently, rates were reasonable at the Dockweiler Beach campground...if not downright cheap (considering its oceanfront location.) No longer! Camping rates at Dockweiler have caught up with the realities of the recession...and lowered government support of the park's expenses. However, Dockweiler's camping rates are still cheaper than you'll find at most beachfront campgrounds in Southern California.

    Rates now range from $55 to $65 per camping space, depending on which "row" of the campground you choose. The beachfront row is most expensive, and the row farthest away from the ocean is the least expensive. Unless you like to sit in your rig to enjoy the view, it doesn't really matter; ALL of the spaces are within mere yards of the sand.

    Extra fees at the Dockweiler Beach Campground: Parking for one car comes included in the camping price; there is an extra vehicle fee for bringing more than one car. There is a $15 fee for using the dump station...which is actually getting fairly common in California parks these days. And a fee for a pet or an extra person (over the 4-person maximum.) The early check-in fee (before 1 pm) is $17; and there's a $4-per-day holiday fee applied for camping during the week of Memorial Day, Labor Day or the 4th of July.

    Panorama photo of the Dockweiler State Beach in Los Angeles, CA

    Dockweiler Beach Camping--Contact Information, Map, Directions

    Closeup photo of a Dockweiler State Beach fire pit The Dockweiler State Beach campground address is: 12001 Vista del Mar, Playa del Rey, CA90293.

    Dockweiler Camping Reservations: Call one of the Dockweiler State Beach phone numbers (just below.) Reservations are taken between the hours of 9 am to 4 pm (Pacific Time) from Monday through Friday. Even though Dockweiler SB is part of the California State Parks chain, the administration of this unit is not through the CA State Parks system. Reservations are made through Los Angeles County, and not through the Reserve Californiawebsite, as you're used to doing when camping at other California state campgrounds.

    The Dockweiler Campground phone number is: 310/322-4951. There is also a toll-free Dockweiler State Beach telephone number for reservations, which is 1/800/950-7275.

    Directions to the Dockweiler Beach RV Campground: Finding the Dockweiler Beach camping area is really simple. You should get onto Interstate 105, which heads east and west. (I-105 intersects directly with I-405, I-110, I-710 and I-610; it does not intersect with Interstate 5.)

    Head WEST towards the Pacific Ocean on I-105. As you pass the Los Angeles International Airport, the freeway will end...and turn into Imperial Boulevard. Keep going...the campground is just a short ways farther. The road will dead-end into the Pacific Ocean's shore...and when it does, you'll be at the entrance to Dockweiler's campground!

    Map to the Dockweiler State Beach Campground: To get a better mental picture of where you'll be heading, you may use the following link to view a Google map of the Dockweiler Beach camping area.

    Dockweiler Campground Map: Here's a simple Dockweiler SB campground map to view to get a gist of the layout before you head to the reservations page. It's a parking lot and basically all the spaces look the same. Once you reach the reservations page and pick a spot, you'll get to see a photo of that campsite.

    Dockweiler Campground Fees: Here's the Dockweiler Fees page of the LA County website where you can see a table of extra fees you might encounter (on top of the $55 to $65 basic campsite fee.) Like most places, there are extra-person fees and reservations fees. Plus, there are a few extra, like dump station, pet and holiday fees that you may want to know before you book.

    Dockweiler Rules & Regs: Here's the Dockweiler General Info page of the LA County website where you can see a list of campground rules, list of facilities, suggestions for nearby activities, etc.

    Dockweiler SB Reservations: Here's a link to the LA County campground reservations website. You can make reservations for Dockweiler and any other Los Angeles campground that's part of this system. Luckily, they don't take reservations as far ahead as the state system (only 3 months, not 6,) so it can be easier to get a space here on relatively short notice. The campground is closed in January for maintenance and renovation work.

    Dockweiler SB State Parks Website: Despite being run by Los Angeles County, Dockweiler remains a state beach. As such, it does have its own campground section on the state parks website. You may use the following link to view the Dockweiler section of the website

    Photo showing the sand and fire rings at Dockweiler State Beach in Los Angeles, Calif

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