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Pictures of Dolphins at SeaWorld!

Watch dolphins doing tricks, feed the dolphins...or join the dolphin interaction program!

In the slide show above, you're viewing pictures of SeaWorld San Diego's spectacular Blue Horizons dolphin show. This new SeaWorld spectacular is performed several times daily...and you do NOT want to miss it! Trained dolphins and human acrobats delight visitors with their jumps, stunts, and other tricks...but that's FAR from all that you'll see!

Seaworld San Diego's Dolphin Show

Enjoy the spectacular "Blue Horizons" dolphin show, playing daily!

Picture: The Blue Horizons show at Sea World San Diego features brilliantly-colored costumes Just like Shamu the whale, the dolphins at SeaWorld have their own stadium and show featuring their antics and tricks. In 2010, big changes took place at SeaWorld San Diego's dolphin stadium!

The Dolphin Discovery Show, SeaWorld San Diego's longest-running show, closed. Then, preparations took place for a brand new dolphin show! What preparations? Good question! On top of the normal tryouts, rehearsals, and costume-making, SeaWorld San Diego made extensive changes to Dolphin Stadium! It's now much bigger than before and seats hundreds more people...AND it features a beautiful new background set!

Finally, the "Blue Horizon" dolphin show opened for Memorial Day, 2010. Guests immediately discovered that Blue Horizons is a very lovely show featuring not only dolphins but also humans, colorful costumes and lively original music. Immediately, the new Blue Horizons show was a fabulous "hit" with the crowds. And, even though Dolphin Stadium was significantly enlarged, guests poured in to fill all the seats. Should you see Blue Horizons? Yes, indeed! You can be assured that this in one dolphin show that you absolutely won't want to miss!

Several performances are held throughout the day. There are more daily performances during the busy summer season than in the slower winter season---but at MINIMUM, you'll be able to choose from 2 or 3 different showtimes. Since the open-air Dolphin Stadium holds several thousand people, you'll probably be able to attend the performance of your choosing. However, don't take it for granted that you'll be able to find a seat just because the stadium is so large. This is a VERY popular show! Arrive at least 15 minutes ahead of time on a "slow" day at the park, and 30 minutes or more ahead of time when SeaWorld San Diego is crowded (which is MOST of the time during the busy summer tourist season.)

Picture: 2 dolphins smile at visitors while doing a trick at SeaWorld's dolphin show Will dolphin-lovers enjoy the new show? Yes!

You'll see the dolphins doing tailwalks and backflips. They'll jump high over the water in magnificent leaps. And, they'll interact with trainers...even giving them a dolphin-back ride or two!

HOWEVER, there are many more performers in the Blue Horizons show than in the park's former dolphin show. In addition to the dolphins, you'll be able to see many costume-clad HUMAN performers, too...including acrobats performing spectacular aerial feats. If anything, Blue Horizons will appeal to an even WIDER group of people, because the show features a broader, much more spectacular range of performers than ever before. Even the Blue Horizons backdrop has a few tricks built in to surprise you as the show progresses!

Picture: dolphin makes a high jump trick at SeaWorld San Diego

Just like Shamu's Show, getting splashed will be possible during SeaWorld's new Blue Horizon dolphin show. Watch out! The first 10 rows of Dolphin Stadium are called the "Soak Zone," and if you sit there, you just might find yourself drenched!

Photo notes: Above, you can see a picture of two dolphins posing with their chins hanging over the side of the dolphin pool. They seem to be smiling for the camera!

In another one of the photos above, you see two dolphins bobbing in the water with their noses held high up in the air. This proud pose is accomplished by the dolphin-version of treading water. What smart animals!

Pictures of dolphin feeding and petting!

Touch & feed dolphins at SeaWorld's Rocky Point Preserve

In the photo slide show above, you're viewing pictures of dolphins at SeaWorld San Diego. In some of the pics, you'll see dolphin feeding time at the Rocky Point Preserve attraction---where YOU can feed and pet dolphins! Other images were taken at the park's former Dolphin Discovery show, where trained dolphins delighted visitors daily with their jumps, splashes, and other tricks!

Picture of feeding a dolphin at SeaWorld San Diego Would you like to get more "up close and personal" with the dolphins at SeaWorld than just watching The Blue Horizon dolphin show from your bleacher seat? Try petting and feeding the dolphins at the Rocky Point Preserve, a dolphin pool especially made for dolphins and the park guests to interact!

Several times a day there's a designated "feeding time," where you can buy a small tray of fish to feed to your friendly finned friends. (Alas, the dolphins are quite fickle. Once you've fed one, you'd better KEEP feeding him...or he'll be on his way to the next outstretched hand that DOES have food in it!)

The dolphin pool at the Rocky Point Preserve is a good place for photographing the dolphins, as well. For one thing, the retaining walls are short, so you can look into the pool easily from the top. Also, the sides of the pool are made of a thick, clear acrylic so that you can photograph the dolphins as they're swimming underwater, as well.

Around the edges of the Rocky Point Preserve, you'll also find exhibits relating information about dolphins. If you're a dolphin lover, then feeding and petting the dolphins is a can't-miss experience! The cost of the dolphin food is a small price to pay for the inner satisfaction you'll get from this experience.

SeaWorld's Dolphin Interaction Program

This extra-fee program gets you into the water for dolphin-petting!

Closeup Picture: petting a dolphin at SeaWorld San Diego For the true-blue dolphin fan, there's still one more dolphin experience you may enjoy at SeaWorld San Diego: the Dolphin Interaction Program. You may actually get into the water with a dolphin with a trainer close by. For dolphin-fans, this is an unforgettable experience. However, it's an experience that NOT many people get to enjoy. This dolphin program is an "extra-fee" activity, and the fee is fairly fact, it's lots more money than simply buying a tray of fish to feed the dolphins!

However, if you've got the money...and you've planned ahead to schedule your Dolphin Interaction in ADVANCE of your'll discover that the Dolphin Interaction Program gives you a chance to actually get into the water with a dolphin! This is not "swimming with the dolphins" program, actually, and no swimming ability is needed. You might say that it's more like "standing with the dolphins." However, you will get to be "up close and personal" with one of SeaWorld's dolphins, learn a few dolphin training cues, and get to pet your dolphin.

To participate in the Dolphin Interaction Program, your children must be at least 10 years old and at least 48" tall. The program per-person cost is a whopping $215...but, if you have the money, interacting with the dolphins will give you great memories for a lifetime.

You WILL need to make reservations in advance, because even at this hefty price, spots in the Dolphin Interaction Program do sell out! To make your advance reservation, call (800) 25-SHAMU, extension 7. Or, here's a link to the Animal Interactions page of SeaWorld San Diego's website.

Your session will begin in the classroom, where you'll learn all about dolphins---their anatomy, eating preferences, migration patterns, and their manner of living in the wild. You'll also learn a few training cues and signals which will help you communicate with the dolphins.

Next, you'll don a SeaWorld-provided wetsuit and get ready to enter the dolphin pool. During your pool-session time, you'll get to feed, touch---and even hug!---these adorable creatures. You'll also get to try out the new dolphin training signals that you learned. What fun it is to enjoy your own special close-up time with the dolphins!

When your session is over, you'll be cold and you'll want to hurry into the locker room for a nice hot shower and dry clothes! Your session is now over...but you'll remember it fondly for the rest of your life!

Photo: 2 dolphins splash and swim at SeaWorld San Diego



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