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Downtown Disney California Snack Shops

Yummy taste treats await you!

Photo: At Marceline's Confectionary in Downtown Disney Anheim, treat-making is performed inside a glass-windowed room

Would you like to grab a quick snack while you're at Downtown Disney California? On this page, we'll talk about your snacking options while at the popular Downtown Disney shopping, dining and entertainment mall.

Note: In the picture to your left, you see a worker at Marceline's Confectionery Shop making hand-dipped, chocolate covered pretzel sticks. As you'll learn below, EATING the sweet treats at Marceline's is only HALF the fun. (Watching as Marceline's confectioner make them "before your eyes" is the OTHER half!)

Downtown Disney Snack Shops --

Haagen Dazs and Jamba Juice

Photo of the Haagen Dazs Ice Cream Shop at Downtown Disney Anaheim *HAAGEN DAZS ICE CREAM SHOP in Downtown Disney; phone number 714/533-7640

As you can see from this photo, Downtown Disney California has a Haagen Dazs Ice Cream Store numbered among its many stores, restaurants and snack shops. The cute architecture of the Downtown Disney Haagen Dazs location makes it look like there's a GIANT ice cream cone just waiting for you to bite into it!

Inside this whimsically-designed building, (whose interior is just as "cutesy" as its exterior is!), you may enjoy those cold 'n' creamy treats for which Haagen-Dazs is so famous---ice cream cones in a variety of tempting flavors, ice cream bars (a toddler favorite), thick & tempting milk shakes, light-calorie frozen yogurts, fruit-flavored sorbets, Italian-style gelatos..and more.

You'll also find ice cream cakes you can take home for a birthday party or other special event. You'll encounter a small selection of delicious baked goods, like the Haagen Dazs chocolaty brownie treats. And, coffee lovers will enjoy the selection of coffee specialty drinks offered here at the Haagen Dazs location in Downtown Disney California.

Nighttime photo of Downtown Disney's Haagen Dazs ice cream shop *JAMBA JUICE at Downtown Disney California; phone number 714/774-0521

Fruit smoothie drinks are very popular in Southern California, and Jamba Juice---one of the most popular smoothie-making stores of all---has a location in Downtown Disney Anaheim!

Don't know what a fruit smoothie is? could I describe this delicious style of drink? Well, first you'll select the fruit or fruits you'll want in your drink. At Jamba Juice, you can find a wide selection---strawberrys, raspberries, blueberries, oranges, limes, pineapples, mangos, peaches, bananas and passion fruit.

Next, your fruit will be blended with other ingredients, which vary according to the selections you make. These could possibly include orange (or other fruit) juice, crushed ice, frozen yogurt or soy milk.

Lastly, you'll choose an "add in" or two (if you like) which is a powder that's mixed into the drink when it goes to the blender. For your "add-in," you could choose from vitamins, protein powder, minerals, herbals, and pick-me-ups like ginseng or guarana.

But, smoothies aren't the only item on the menu at Jamba Juice. You can get plain, fresh-squeezed juice, as well. And, you can grab something to snack on with your drink---such as giant pretzels, cheese bread sticks or other baked goods.

Don't forget to ask for your "frequent purchaser" punch card---you'll end up getting a free drink after making a designated number of smoothie purchases!

Downtown Disney California Snack Shops --

Marceline's Confectionery & Wetzel's Pretzels

Photo of colorful candies on display at Downtown Disney's Marceline Candy Shop *MARCELINE'S CONFECTIONERY SHOP at Downtown Disney.

Care for a sweet treat? Marceline's Confectionary carries a wide selection of both chocolates and hard candies. As you can see from the photo, the store's looks are as enchantingly colorful as its wares are tasty! Come on inside for a look around...and be visually enchanted by all the vibrant colors that you'll see.

Part of the Marceline's Confectionery Shop is devoted to candy plain view of the store's customers, and even in view the passersby strolling along the Downtown Disney pathway! You're welcome to stop awhile and watch as employees create their sweet masterpieces. There's no guarantee just what type of confection they'll be making on the day you visit...but, whatever the treat might be, it will be a fun experience for your family to see. For the best view, plan to visit after dark...when the bright lights of the store's interior illuminated the candy workers and their activities better.

Marceline Confectionary Shop does not ship merchandise. Moral of the story? If you see what you want at Marceline' it at that moment! You won't be able to get it later!

WHY THE NAME "MARCELINE? The name of the Marceline Confectionery Shop has was chosen because Marceline, Missouri is the pleasant farm town where Walt Disney had the pleasure of living during some of his childhood days!

Photo: Making candy in the open display window of Marceline's Confectionery in  Downtown Disney Anaheim *WETZEL'S PRETZELS at Downtown Disney; phone number 714/535-5994

At Wetzel's Pretzels in Downtown Disney Anaheim, you'll find a wide selection of fresh-baked giant soft pretzels. The selection at Wetzel's Pretzels includes a wide variety of pretzel flavors---like cheese, garlic or cinnamon/sugar---in addition to the "original" pretzel flavor.

You may choose a dipping sauce for your pretzel---such as pizza sauce, cheese dip, jalapeno cheese, honey mustars and caramel. Want lunch? Wetzel's Pretzels can fix you up with a Pretzel-dog and tasty lemonade...and you're on your way!

Downtown Disney Restaurants & Snacks --

La Brea Bakery

Photo of the La Brea Bakery's exterior; Downtown Disney California *LA BREA BAKERY at Downtown Disney; phone number (714) 490-0233

For snacking OR dining OR taking home delicious baked goods to your family, try the La Brea Bakery in Downtown Disney Anaheim.Meal service begins with breakfast at the La Brea Bakery---but you'll not only have a selection of traditional breakfast dishes, but also lunch-type sandwiches are served for the lets-skip-the-eggs crowd. Breakfast prices start around $10.

For lunch and dinner, a wide variety of sandwiches is served, starting at around $12. Naturally, the absolutely fresh bakery breads for which this chain became famous are used in making sandwiches for the luncheon and dinner guests!

Photo: La Brea Bakery's baked goods counter at Downtown Disney Anaheim The La Brea Bakery was founded in Los Angeles in 1989, and reached quick, phenomenal success from its wildly popular "natural" style breads. (At the La Brea Bakery, they call them "artisan" breads.) Thus, at the La Brea Bakery Cafe, you KNOW that your specialty sandwich will be served between the slices of the bakery's signature gourmet bread. Main dish soups (served in sourdough bread bowls) and salads are awailable, as well as a limited selection of non-sandwich entrees, such as pasta dishes.

Downtown Disney Books & Snacks at the

Compass Bookstore and Cafe

Photo of the Compass Cafe and Book Store in Downtown Disney; Anaheim, California *COMPASS BOOKSHOP AND CAFE at Downtown Disney; phone number (714) 502-9999

Another dining spot in Downtown Disney Anaheim where you'll get to make the "shall-I-grab-a-snack-or-eat-a-sandwich?" choice is at the Compass Book Store Cafe. Like the La Brea Bakery, the Compass Books Cafe offers sandwiches, salads, pastries, desserts and beverages, plus--in addition--fruit smoothie drinks. And, when you're done eating, you can browse through your favorite titles at the Compass book store!



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