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In the slide show above, you're viewing pictures of several Downtown Disney restaurants: Tortilla Jo's Taqueria (a Mexican restaurant;) Naples and Napolini restaurants (Italian cuisine;) and the Catal Restaurant & Uva Bar. All of these are popular Downtown Disney restaurants at the Disneyland Resort in Anaheim, California. On this page, you'll discover details about each one.

Naples and Napolini Restaurants at Downtown Disney

Photo of the Naples Restaurant at Downtown Disney in Anaheim, California There are two restaurants at Downtown Disney Anaheim which feature Italian cuisine. The popular Naples Restaurant is a sit-down restaurant where you can enjoy a table-service meal within a climate-controlled indoor dining room, or on the lovely open-air patio. The busy Napolini Restaurant offers walk-up counter service, cheaper prices, and the opportunity to grab a quick bite on your way to the Disneyland Resort theme parks.

The Naples Restaurant, specializes in "southern Italian cuisine," to be specific. This is your choice among the Downtown Disney Restaurants if you're looking for some fine pasta dishes...and pizza, as well.

Photo of the Naples Italian Restaurant at Downtown Disney in Southern California Pizza, in fact, is a specialty of the house at Naples Restaurant. Naples features hand-tossed pizzas...cooked in wood burning ovens designed to "bring out the best" in the flavor of the pizzas.

Aside from the variety of pasta dishes (which feature a variety of meats, seafood, cheeses and sauces), you'll find a selection of main dish salads at Naples.

The Naples Restaurant dessert specialty is their homemade gelato, which, customers are assured, is "real Italian style." Desserts and beverages are priced separately from the pizza and entrees, and altogether, you can expect the cost per-person to run in the $18--30 price range, depending on what you order. Sandwiches, priced $10-15, are served before 5 pm.

Naples Restaurant has both indoor seating, and a large outdoor patio. Naples Restaurant is located right next to the Downtown Disney Anaheim tram stop...where passengers both head to and come from the giant Disneyland Resort parking structure on Disneyland Drive.

Photo of the Napolini counter service restaurant at Downtown Disney Anaheim Do you prefer quick meals? The Naples Restaurant has its own walk-up-ordering counterpart, "Napolini" located right next door to the main restaurant. The menu features casual foods, including sandwiches and salads. Prices are cheaper than at the main Naples Restaurant, and your total mealtime is certain to be quicker...which is great for those who are trying to squeeze as much fun as possible into their Disneyland vacations!


The Naples Restaurant address is--
1550 S. Disneyland Drive
Anaheim, CA 92802

The Naples Restaurant phone number is 714/776-6200

FYI, the official name of Naples Restaurant at Downtown Disney is Naples Ristorante and Pizzeria

Naples Restaurant has an official website! It's a very useful website, too, because it lists the current menu---including the kid's menu---PLUS PRICES! You may choose what you'd like to eat...and know how much you'll be spending, ahead of time. Use the following link to view the Naples Ristorante and Pizzeria official website.

Downtown Disney Restaurants -- Tortilla Jo's

Photo of the Tortilla Jo's Restaurant in Downtown Disney Anaheim Tortilla Jo's is the place to order Mexican specialties while you're at Downtown Disney Anaheim. (FYI: You do need to know that the town of Anaheim itself...and all of Orange County, in loaded with Mexican restaurants, most of which will be cheaper than Tortilla Jo's. Tortilla Jo's is simply more convenient for the busy theme-park well as for out-of-town guests staying at the Disney Resort Hotels...who may not have a car with them.)

Tortilla Jo's is a very attractive restaurant. You'll find 2 sides here---the restaurant and The Cantina (bar.) The restaurant is divided into a "counter service" taqueria, and a sit-down, table-service restaurant. There are different menus for all 3 areas within Tortilla Jo's (with the walk-up counter featuring the least expensive prices---but most restricted menu---of the three. There is also a special children's menu.

Photo of Tortilla Jo's Cantina in Downtown Disney California Live Mariachis play at the Cantina Wednesday through Sunday from 3 pm to 1 am. (Mariachi music is a Mexican genre developed in the central Mexican city of Guadalajara. Performers dress in matching Mariachi outfits, cut from a solid color fabric and trimmed with braid. They wear large, ornate, matching sombreros. Black is a traditional color for the mariachi outfits, though these days, they can be of any color. Strings were the traditional Mariachi instruments (guitars, violins) until radio was invented. Since string-only groups didn't create a loud enough sound to carry over the radio, brass instruments (notably trumpets) were added to the Mariachi mix.

But, back to the restaurant: The Tortilla Jo's menu features many "tapas" or appetizers...including taquitos, "drowned" nachos and quesadillas. You'll find a hand-made tortilla station, fresh ceviche (a shrimp-and-lime dish), and many more Mexican favorites on the menu. The full-service side of the restaurant has a wider selection---and more-filling entrees---than you'll find in the taqueria. On the other hand, if you're looking for a quick bite or in eating a meal that won't take much of your time away from the theme park rides, then the Taqueria is your better choice.

Night photo of the Tortilla Jo's Taqueria in Downtown Disney CONTACT INFORMATION FOR TORTILLA JO'S RESTAURANT

The Tortilla Jo's Restaurant address is---
1510 S. Disneyland Drive
Anaheim, CA 92892

The Tortilla Jo's phone number is 714/535-5000

Directions to Tortilla Jo's Restaurant in Downtown Disney Anaheim
For Tortilla Jo's directions, please refer to the "Disneyland Maps" page of this website.

***Tortilla Jo's Website

Tortilla Jo's has their own website where you may find a whole slew of menus WITH prices---main menu, Taqueria menu, kids menu and Cantina menu. You may make reservations, find out party room info, etc. Use the following link to view the Tortilla Jo's official website.

Catal Mediterranean Restaurant and Uva Bar

Photo of the Catal Restaurant in Downtown Disney, Anaheim, California Catal, another of the Downtown Disney Restaurants---seen here in this photo---is actually 3 restaurants in one: The upstairs fine-dining restaurant; the downstairs cafe; and the outdoors Uva Bar. Each of these three restaurants-within-a-restaurant has its own personality.

The Catal Restaurant's upstairs dining area is perhaps the most expensive restaurant at Downtown Disney Anaheim. The big controversy surrounding this fact is, "Is the price worth what Catal delivers?" Many people feel that it's not worth the big bucks. Others do...enthusiastically. Only YOU can decide that question for yourself.

Catal features a Mediterranean style cuisine. You'll find grilled seafood, poultry, salads and pastas on the menu. Care is taken to the "presentation" of the food...but some people feel that Catal sacrifices adequate portion sizes to achieve the artistic look of the plate.

The look of the restaurant is either hip and urban---or bland and beige---depending on how you look at the situation. All agree, though, that choosing the balcony dining gives an excellent view of the passersby in Downtown Disney below.

So, just what IS that controversial "high price tag" that I mentioned above? Well...don't expect to leave Catal without paying $30--50 per person, depending on your food and beverage selections.

Photo fo the Uva Bar at Downtown Disney in Anaheim, California Also owned by the Catal Restaurant is a casual dining restaurant, the outdoors-only Uva Bar. Wine by the glass is featured here, as well as an acclaimed menu of sandwiches, soups and salads.

Many people think that the Uva Bar is the best of the Downtown Disney Restaurants for people watching, and a nice spot for dads to wait while Mom & the girls are at Build A Bear Workshop or Studio Disney 365.

The 3rd area in which you may eat is the "inside-but-downstairs" section of the restaurant. Catal's downstairs area shares a menu with the Uva Bar, and features a more casual atmosphere than it's upstairs sister. In addition, Catal's downstairs restaurant is open for breakfast.


Catal Restaurant Address---
1580 S. Disneyland Drive
Anaheim, CA 92892

Catal Restaurant phone number---(714) 774-4442

The Catal Restaurant Website
At the Catal Restaurant's official website, you may find out both prices and details of the menus for the Catal Mediterranean Restaurant (upstairs); for the Uva Bar; and the children's menu. You may make restaurant reservations, or find out information on planning a group event. Use the following link to visit the Catal Restaurant's official website.



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