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Downtown Disney Shopping Fun--

Quiksilver, Sephora, Fossil, Disney Vault and many more terrific stores await you!

In the slide show above, you're viewing a salon session at Disneyland's Studio Disney 365 store, where tween girls flock for fun hair styles and makeovers. This popular store has taken over the place of Club Libby Lu at Downtown Disney. On this page, you'll discover more about the shopping you may enjoy just mere steps from Disneyland's front entrance.

Downtown Disney Anaheim, Directory of Stores

Night photo of Downtown Disney Anaheim's popular Quiksilver store What's a resort trip without nosing around in some shops and boutiques for some unique browsing opportunities? The Downtown Disney stores awaiting you just outside of Disneyland's gate won't disappoint you for fun and variety of unusual items. Here's a listing of Downtown Disney stores you may enjoy:

Alamo Rent-A-Car, phone number 714/300-0645
Blink by Wet Seal, phone number 714/817-9858
Build A Bear Workshop, telephone 714/776-5980
Compass Bookstore, phone number 714/502-9999
Disney Pin Traders, (cart)
D Street Japanese-style Disney collectibles
ESPN Store, telephone number 714/300-3776
Fossil store, telephone number 714/808-1938
House of Blues Store, telephone 714/778-2583
Island Charters, phone number 714/635-9499
Lego Imagination Center, phone 714/991-6512
Little Miss Matched, telephone 714/491-2100
Marceline's Confectionery, no phone
Pearl Factory, (cart)
Quiksilver/Roxy, phone number 714/778-4274
Rainforest Cafe Store, telephone 714/772-0413
Sephora cosmetics, phone number 714/758-1700
Something Silver jewelry, phone 714/254-0007
Studio Disney 365, phone number 714/781-7895
Sunglass Icon, telephone number 714/563-2172
Travelex currency exchange, phone 714/502-0811
World of Disney, contact number 714/300-7903

For further Downtown Disney store info: Most of these fun stores will be described on this page...but not all. The following stores feature pictures and descriptions on their own special pages of our site: the Build-A-Bear Workshop; the Lego Store; the Rainforest Cafe Store; and the World of Disney Store.

Studio Disney 365

Cool clothing, accessories...and hairstyling!

Do you have a "tween-aged" daughter? If you do, here's advanced warning that once she spies Studio Disney 365, your family won't get much peace until you let her go inside! Studio Disney 365 has all the too-cool merchandise that your elementary school-aged daughter will consider "must have" items!

Tween hairstyles & makeovers are also a specialty at Studio Disney 365. As you can tell from the Studio Disney 365 pictures in the slide show above, your daughter can be the center of attention...and come away with a glamorous new "look" which will set all eyes turning! Stylists can offer a choice of about 4 different hairdo's...each of which come with fun touches, such as a wiglet, glitter, and other finishing touches. If you plan to sign up your daughter for a hair styling session, it's best to select your appointment time before browsing around through the rest of Downtown Disney (since you may have to wait an hour or more on a busy day.)


Build your own custom model car!

Like cars? If so, then, you'll probably enjoy visiting Ridemakerz, where you can put together a model car adorned with your own finishing touches. Remote control units are also available at Ridemakerz, as well. The finished price of your masterpiece depends on which accessories you choose.

First, you'll select the car body of your choice. Next, you'll choose the add-ons you would like, including wheels, decals, etc. Finally, you'll find an empty assembly station where you can put your prized vehicle together. Ridemakerz is brought to you by the Build-A-Bear, as you might imagine, the emphasis here is just as much on having a good time as it is on the finished product! Here's the website, where you can discover the body styles and accessories from which you'll be able to choose...or even order your dream car on line right now!

Downtown Disney Shopping -- Clothing Stores

Photo of attractive men's merchandise at Island Charter in Downtown Disney Anaheim ISLAND CHARTERS---Downtown Disney location phone number 714/635-9499

In the photo on your left, you see resort-themed clothing for sale at "Island Charter," one of the Downtown Disney shopping ops for men. Along with casual and resort-wear, you'll find nautical collectibles and boat reproductions. Lots of browsing fun awaits you here!

Photo: Stylin' men's fashion can be found at the Quiksilver store in Downtown Disney Anaheim

Downtown Disney location phone number 714/778-4274

Men can also get involved in the Downtown Disney shopping experience at the hip QuikSilver store. QuikSilver is a great place for finding California-lifestyle clothing.

Do you like board shorts? Think QuikSilver. Like comfortable but with-it shirts, sweats, pants and shorts? Think QuikSilver. Need new accessories...maybe a cap or backpack? Again...think QuikSilver for the latest youth-oriented, California styles.

What if there aren't any boys or men in your group? No problem...Roxy clothing for women and girls is also sold here, too!

BLINK BY WET SEAL---Wet Seal, as you probably know, is a popular mall-based chain of stores which feature trendy junior clothing. The brand's new all about denim. Here's the Blink website where you may see pictures of styles you can expect to find here.

Downtown Disney Shopping -- Bath and Beauty

Night photo of the Sephora store in Downtown Disney Anaheim SEPHORA---Downtown Disney location phone number: 714/758-1700

Women who love cosmetics love "Sephora." At the Sephora location in the Downtown Disney Shopping District, you can find many upscale brands of fragrance, makeup, skin care, bath and shower products and hair treatments. Expect to open your wallet for this high-quality selection---you won't find any of the drug store brands here!

Note: On your left, you see a nighttime shot of Sephora's exterior. On your right, you see a picture of the store's spacious, well-stocked interior.

To learn more about the merchandise Sephora offers (and discover other Sephora store locations), use the following link to view the Sephora company official website.

Downtown Disney Accessories Stores

Photo: Store interior of the Downtown Disney Sephora location What are some other stores at Downtown Disney Anaheim which focus on accessories? Here are several---

FOSSIL---The well-known Fossil brand is represented at Downtown Disney Anaheim with a popular store featuring a selection of current merchandise. What could be a better souvenir of your Disneyland visit than a new item to complement your wardrobe? Here's the website, where you can see a catalog of the company's current offerings.


Need some cool shades to complete your "I'm-on-vacation" look? Stop in at the "Sunglass Icon," a great Downtown Disney shopping stop where just the right accessories can be found. You'll see shades by Gucci, Oliver Peoples, Chanel, Oakley and more.

Phone number 714/254-0007

Stop in at "Something Silver" to see a HUGE variety of silver jewelry. Of COURSE you'll find bracelets, earrings, necklaces and rings. But, you'll also find gifts for the whole family here as well---key chains, money clips...even baby items...for example.

To see the Something Silver on-line catalog, learn about other Something Silver Store locations, etc.---use the following link to view the Something Silver official website.

LITTLE MISS MATCHED will be a new & unusual store for most visitors. This store specializes in selling...believe it or not...mismatched socks! Vibrant colors and bold stripes & patterns are the norm here. It's fun, it's different...and it's interesting to see, whether or not you agree with the concept! Here's the website, where you can discover more info about their styles.



Use the button to your left to see photos of still MORE Downtown Disney stores, restaurants and fun!

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