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Edwards Theaters Orange County

The cinemas for which locals feel "the warm fuzzies"

Photo of the Edwards Theater at the Irvine SpectrumDo you enjoy taking in a show at one of the Edwards Theaters' locations? If you do, you're not alone! For many Orange Co. residents, the Edwards chain is a tip-top favorite place for movie viewing. On this page, you'll find a listing of the Orange County Edwards locations, along with addresses, maps, phone numbers, and links to each theater's current movie listings & showtimes. But's a little bit about how the popular Edwards movie chain got its start.

Quick history of Edwards Theaters

During the heyday of the giant, one-screen movie palaces, Orange County was still largely a land of ranches and orange groves. Theaters oozing glitz and glamour? That was strictly a "Hollywood thing."

As beautiful housing tracts began filling Orange County, the demand for movie theaters in the area grew. A number of smaller theaters were built to accommodate the film-going residents. But, as far as Southern California cinema history goes, it was James Edwards II who really "put Orange County on the map," as the saying goes.

1969 was the year---in the midst of an era when nay-sayers were predicting the fall of the entire movie industry (because the switch from black & white to modern color television programming had revolutionized the entertainment world; viewers could now enjoy at home what they used to need theaters to see.) Attendance at the former movie palaces was waning. Many of the fabled landmarks were falling into disrepair or having their grandeur "modernized," turning them into bland shadows of their original glory. The move towards building small mall-plex theaters was on the rise, and with good reason: at least by offering more film choices in smaller auditoriums, theater-owners could keep seats filled and continue to make a living.

Nevertheless, 1969 was ALSO the year that Mr. Edwards built the Grand Dame of OC movie theaters, the Edwards Big Newport in Newport Beach. Designed with the splendor of theaters' Golden Years in mind, the Edwards Big Newport had a giant-sized auditorium seating 1000+ patrons. The screen itself was huge---a whopping 40 x 80 feet. The Big Newport quickly became THE place in Orange County to catch a movie on its opening night. (The tradition continues...and has even evolved. Edwards Big Newport Theater is now also THE place in Orange County to camp out before important film debuts...with fans often in costume---as they were before the Star Wars films and the 2006 Pirates of the Caribbean installment.)

The Edwards Big Newport also became the flagship theater of this chain...and Mr. Edwards himself worked in offices here! (Talk about enthusiasm---he stayed on-the-job here until 90 years of age! He literally kept going until he went on to greater adventures in the next life.)

The Edwards cinema chain continued to grow, giving patrons places to enjoy their favorite flicks, as well as build happy memories. Edwards Theaters pioneered stadium-style seating in Orange County, opening the Irvine Spectrum Center theaters with several of the "new" type auditoriums back in the mid-90's. As we all know, stadium seating went on to become the industry standard. After the Spectrum cinemas, Edwards went on to build the popular Metro Pointe Theaters with every auditorium containing stadium seating. Today, newer Edwards Theater are a plush affair, with not only stadium seating but also digital sound, grandiose lobbies, and large restrooms.

The Regal Theater chain bought the Edwards cinemas several years back, but has maintained the Edwards name that Orange County movie-goers love so well.

Edwards Theaters in California

There are so many Edwards Theaters in California that it takes several pages to cover them all!

1.) On this page, you'll find a listing of the Orange County Edwards Theater locations

2.) If you're looking for Edwards Cinemas in LA, head to the "Edwards Theaters/Los Angeles County" page of this website.

3.) If you're looking for San Diego, Riverside, San Bernardino or Ventura County Edwards locations, please visit the Southern California Edwards Cinemas" page of this website.

Edwards Theaters Orange County locations

Photo of the Edwards Theater in Metro Pointe at South Coast Plaza, Costa Mesa, California ALISO VIEJO:
Edwards Aliso Viejo Stadium 20 Cinemas & IMAX
Aliso Viejo Edwards Theater movie listings.
   Address & Map: The Edwards Theater address is 26701 Aliso Creek Road, Aliso Viejo, CA 92656. Directions: Take the Aliso Creek Road rxit off the 73 Tollway, then head southwest to the theater. To help plan your route to the Aliso Viejo Edwards Theater, you may use the following Google map to the Edwards Aliso Viejo 20 Theaters to guide your way.
   Phone: (949) 425-3861.

Edwards Anaheim Hills 14 Cinemas
Anaheim Hills Edwards Theater movie listings.
   Address & Map: 8032 East Santa Ana Canyon Road, Anaheim, CA 92808. Directions: from the 91 Freeway, take the S Weir Canyon Rd exit; turn west onto Santa Ana Canyon Blvd. If you wish, you may use the upcoming link to view a Google map to the Anaheim Hills Edwards Theater.
   Phone number: (714) 282-5953.

Edwards Brea Stadium East 12 Theaters
Brea-East Edwards Theater movie listings.
   Address & Map: Located in the Downtown Brea District, this theater's address is 155 West Birch Street, Brea, CA 92821. You may use the following link to a Google map of the Downtown Brea Edwards East Theater if you're unfamiliar with the territory.
   Phone number: (714) 672-1012.

Edwards Brea Stadium West 10 Theaters
Brea-West Edwards movie listings.
   Address & Map: Like the Brea East Edwards, this theater is also in the Downtown Brea shopping, dining & entertainment district. Its address is 255 West Birch Street, Brea, CA 92821. Yes, there really ARE 2 Edwards Theaters on the same block in Brea! That's because the designers of the oh-so-cute Brea Downtown project felt that one giant theater would overpower the other shops and restaurants on the block, and would make the area seem less cozy and intimate. Here's a Google map of the Downtown Brea Edwards West Theater.
   Phone number: (714) 672-4136.

Edwards Cinema Metro Pointe Stadium 12 Theaters
Edwards Metro Pointe movie listings.
   Address & Map: Edwards Theater's address at the Metro Pointe Mall near South Coast Plaza is 901 South Coast Drive, Costa Mesa, CA 92626. Here's a Google map to the Edwards Theater at Metro Pointe. You might also enjoy discovering the list of stores and restaurants at Metro Pointe; please visit our South Coast Plaza Mall page to see pictures & a directory.
   Phone number: (714) 428-0962.

COSTA MESA AREA: The former Edwards South Coast Village 3 Theaters, is now a member of the Regency Theater chain. This cinema's new name is simply the South Coast Village Theater. Its location remains at 1561 West Sunflower Avenue, Santa Ana, CA 92704. (It has a Santa Ana address, but it's just across the street from Costa Mesa's South Coast Plaza Mall.) Continuing in the same tradition it upheld while a member of the Edwards chain, this movie house still plays artsy or independent films. Regency's South Coast Village Theater phone number is (714) 557-5701. You can find out showtimes online at the Regency Theater's official website.

COSTA MESA: The former Edwards Triangle Square 8 Theaters is now the Starlight Triangle Square Cinemas. The Triangle Square Starlight Theater phone number is (949) 650-4300. This theater's address is 1870 Harbor Boulevard, Costa Mesa, CA 92627. Directions: an easy way to find Triangle Square is to take the 55 Freeway west until it ends, then keep going for several blocks once it turns into Newport Blvd. This attractive little mall will appear on your right; use the entrance to the parking garage that you'll see, because there's no "regular" above-ground parking lot here. An alternative route would be to exit Interstate 405 at Harbor Blvd and head oceanwards until Harbor Blvd dead-ends into Newport Blvd. In this case, the theater will be on your left; and you'll also ind a parking garage entrance from this side. You may use the following Google map to the Triangle Square theaters to help you find your way. You can find Triangle Square showtimes on the Starlight Cinemas website.

Photo of the Edwards Theater at the Irvine Spectrum IRVINE:
Edwards Irvine Spectrum 21 & IMAX Theaters
Edwards-Irvine Spectrum movie listings.
   Address & Map: This theater's address at the Irvine Spectrum Center Mall is 65 Fortune Dr, Irvine, CA 92618. Here's a Google map to the Edwards Theater at the Irvine Spectrum. You may also wish to visit the Irvine spectrum Center page of our site to learn about other fun at this attractive ourtoor mall, which includes plenty of shopping opportunities and restaurants.
   Phone number: (949) 450-4920.

Edwards Marketplace Stadium 10 Theaters
Edwards-Irvine Marketplace 10 Theaters movie listings.
   Address & Maps: The Edwards Stadium 10 address at the Tustin/Irvine Marketplace is 13782 Jamboree Road, Irvine, CA 92602. Here's a Google map to the Edwards Marketplace Stadium 10 Cinemas. To learn more about the Tustin-Irvine Marketplace's shops and many restaurants, please head to the Tustin-Irvine Marketplace page of our site.
   Phone number: The Irvine Marketplace Edwards Theater phone number is (714) 505-1126, by which you may reach an employee at the cinema.

Edwards University Town Center 6 Theaters
Edwards-University Town Center's movie listings.
   Address & Map: This Edwards theater's address is 4245 Campus Drive, Irvine, CA 92612. You'll likely find art house and indie films playing at this location, which is just across the street from the University of California at Irvine. Directions: From the 73 Freeway, take the University exit and turn right onto Campus Drive. Or, from Interstate 405, exit at Culver, which you should follow driving oceanwards; then turn right onto Campus Drive until you reach the shopping plaza (where there's an In N Out Burger.) You may view a Google Map to the UC Irvine-area Edwards Theater to help plan your route.
   Phone number: The Edwards University Theater's phone number is (949) 854-8818; you'll reach the "live voice" of a theater employee at this contact number.

Edwards Westpark 8 Cinema
Edwards-Irvine Westpark movie listings.
   Address & Map: This theater's address is 3755 Alton Parkway, Irvine, CA 92606. Directions: from the I-405 Freeway, take the Culver exit & head inland. You may view the following Google map to the Irvine Westpark Theater to serve as a guide.
   Telephone number: You may call the Irvine Westpark Edwards Theater phone number at (949) 622-8609 if you'd like to speak with an employee at this location.

Edwards Kaleidoscope Stadium 10 Theaters
Edwards Kaleidoscope movie listings.
   Address & Map: The Edwards Cinema's address at the Kaleidoscope Mall is 27741 Crown Valley Parkway, Mission Viejo, CA 92691. Directions: Take the Crown Valley Pkwy exit off of the I-5 Freeway. Here's a Google map to the Edwards Kaleidoscope Theater to help you find your way.
   Phone number: The Mission Viejo Edwards Theater phone number is (949) 582-4078 (to speak with an employee of the cinema.)

Edwards Island 7 Theaters
To see what movies are currently playing, here's a link to the Island Cinema movie listings online.
   Address & Map: The Island Seven cinema's address at the Fashion Island Mall is 999 Newport Center Drive, Newport Beach, CA 92660. Here's a Google map to the Island Cinemas.
   Phone number: The Island 7 Edwards Theater phone number is (949) 718-4382.

Photo of the Edwards 10 Theater in the Downtown Brea districtNEWPORT BEACH:
Edwards Big Newport 6 Cinemas
For a schedule of current showtimes, here are the Edwards Big Newport 6 Theaters movie listings on the website.
   Address & Map: This theater's address, also at the Fashion Island Mall, is 300 Newport Center Drive, Newport Beach, CA 92660. Here's a Google map to the Edwards Big Newport Theater. 3 auditoriums have stadium seating; all have digital sound and projection. The original giant auditorium seating over 1000+ people (which was mentioned in the opening paragraphs of this page) still remains, and continues to be a favorite theater for movie buffs seeking a grand cinematic experience.
   Phone number: The Edwards Big Newport Theater's phone number is (949) 640-4600. This is a special recorded info line for this one theater only. The message includes options to hear the movie listings via recording; to speak with a theater employee; or to speak with the regional offices. (Note: this theater even has its own "Fan" website:! It makes for some interesting reading, if you're a fan of this theater.)

Edwards Tustin Market Place Cinema
If you'd like to view this theater's showtimes online, here's a link to the Tustin Market Place 6 movie listings at the Fandango website.
   Address & Map: The Market Place 6 Theater's address at the Tustin/Irvine Marketplace is 2961 El Camino Real, Tustin, CA 92782. (This is the older of the two Edwards movie theaters at the Market Place.) Here's a Google map to the Tustin Marketplace Cinemas to help you find this location. Or, to learn more about the shopping and dining fun you may enjoy at the huge Marketplace shopping center, please visit to the Tustin-Irvine Marketplace page of our site.
   Phone number: (714) 669-9279.

Edwards Westminster 10 Cinemas
Here are the Edwards Westminster 10 Theater's movie listings for your convenience.
   Address & Map: This theater's address is 6721 Westminster Boulevard, Westminster, CA 92683 (near the intersection of Goldenwest St & Westminster Blvd.) You may use this Google Map to the Westminster Edwards Theaters to view this area more clearly.
   Phone number: (714) 379-1185.

Edwards Theaters Orange County -- Contact info

If you would prefer to find a different theater, you may use the following link to the Regal Cinemas Official Website, where you'll find movie listings and showtimes for Edwards, Regal and UA cinemas in all states of the USA. To view a list of ONLY the California Edwards, Regal & UA theater locations, here's the California Regal Theater locations page of that same website.

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