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El Capitan Theater Past Premieres

Picture: Pirates of the Caribbean-style Mouse Ears at Disneyland in Anaheim, California, USA

On this page, you can discover what hoopla was made for previous Disney film openings...both at the El Capitan Theater, and in other locations, as well!

Where will the May, 2011 movie premiere of Disney's "Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides" be held? You'll find a clue in the picture above. Hint: those are Mouse Ears!

The premiere of POC4: On Stranger Tides will be held again at Disneyland...just like the other Pirates of the Caribbean movies before it! You can read about the other Pirates premieres on this page!

Disney Movie Premiers, 2006 & 2007

Disneyland's Movie Premiere for the blockbuster film "Pirates of the Caribbean 2: Dead Man's Chest"

Photo of a Pirates of the Caribbean sign on a Disneyland street lamp For the biggest Walt Disney Pictures hit of 2006, holding an "ordinary" red-carpet premiere at The El Capitan Theater wasn't enough! More hoopla had to be made...and, who knows better than the Disney folks about how to plan and carry out grand events!

The Pirates of the Caribbean 2 movie premiere was held June 24, 2006---at Disneyland Park itself! The world's longest red carpet walkway was pieced together for the event...and it ran all the way from the front of the park to New Orleans Square (where the screening itself took place.)

Talk about screens! A special, temporary GIGANTIC screen was erected at Disneyland for the premier showing of Pirates of the Caribbean 2: Dead Man's Chest.

All 3 of the film's major stars attended the Disneyland Premiere of Pirates of the Caribbean 2, along with other actors and bigwigs involved with the movie's production. Newscasters turned out in full force. A limited amount of fans were allowed to line the red carpet walkway (even though Disneyland Park closed to the general public at 5 pm that evening.) And, one by one, featured guests arrived and strolled past the fans.

The crowd went wild when Johnny Depp (who stars in the film as Captain Jack Sparrow) arrived and shook hands among the fans behind the barrier ropes. The crowd was no less enthusiastic when Orlando Bloom (who costars as Will Turner) and Keira Knightly (who costars as Elizabeth Swann) arrived and graciously greeted the onlookers. (As you certainly already know, in "Dead Man's Chest," all 3 actors were reprising the same roles they portrayed in the original movie, Pirates of the Caribbean: Curse of the Black Pearl.)

Not only did the movie itself make its premiere at Disneyland Park, but Disneyland ALSO added new characters in the Pirates of the Caribbean ride at the same time as the movie's premiere!

At the premiere event on June 24th, actors and others involved with the making of "Dead Man's Chest" got to take a voyage through the dark caverns of the Pirates ride, and viewed the new animatronic figures of Captain Jack Sparrow and Captain Barbossa (played by Geoffrey Rush)...and see the eerily projected image of Davy Jones. Then, 2 days later on June 26th, the ride was opened for public viewing of the new Jack Sparrow additions to the Pirates of the Caribbean attraction. People LOVE the new movie-themed ride additions---and crowds have kept ride attendants super-busy ever since!

Pirates of the Caribbean 3: At World's End Premiere

Picture: El Capitan Pirates of the Caribbean 3 Marquee during during the run of this film in 2007 Disney's El Capitan Theater got overlooked as a movie premiere site again in May, 2007 when the Pirates of the Caribbean 3 premiere was once again held at Disneyland Park. Events in Anaheim, California seemed to repeat themselves. Photos and descriptions of the event seemed to be a re-do of 2006's POC 2 premiere there. (With one exception: Keira Knightly was absent at the POC3 event.)

If you would like to see photos of the Pirates of the Caribbean 3 movie premiere at Disneyland, you may use the following links:

1.)'s photo coverage of the POC3 premiere

2.)'s photo coverage of the POC3 Premiere event

3.) The BBC's coverage of the Pirates of the Caribbean 3 premiere

You can also see pictures of Johnny Depp at the Disneyland Pirates movie premieres in the slide show below.

Johnny Depp pictures at Disneyland's Pirates movie premieres

The pictures in this little Google widget were taken by the members of the Flickr photo sharing community. These are just "ordinary people" who like to share their pics with the world!

Some of them were lucky enough to get good spots at either the Pirates of the Caribbean 2 or Pirates 3 movie premieres, which were both held at Disneyland Park in Anaheim, California. Some of the pictures are a little askew; others are really great. That's just how it is when trying to capture some good photos in a crowd---with people that are moving!

In the slide show to your left, you'll see plenty of Johnny Depp pictures as part of the Pirates Premiere pics; then in the slide show to your right, you'll see a greater number of Orlando Bloom pics.

Orlando Bloom pics at Disneyland's Pirates of the Caribbean premieres

As you can tell from these Flickr pics, Disneyland Park was absolutely packed with people for the Pirates of the Caribbean movie premieres!

Though the event didn't actually start until late afternoon, anyone interested in observing events at the premiere had to arrive very early in the morning...before the park even opened! get a spot.

After waiting to get into the theme park, there wasn't any rushing towards Space Mountain or other favorite Disneyland rides, either! To see the actors arriving at the premiere, guests had to stay in their spots all day long (in order to reserve their places!)

It was a real sacrifice on the part of the fans to attend the premiere. But, some of the good photos they got...which will "last forever"...can help make up for some of the discomforts they endured.

Disney "Cars" Movie Premiere

Photo of Lowe's Motor Speedway decked out for the Disney  Cars movie premiere It seems like 2006 was Disney's year for holding movie premiers AWAY from the El Capitan Theater.

When Disney's other summer hit movie, the animated film "Cars" made its premiere on May 26, 2006, it was held at an actual race track...Lowe's Motor Speedway in Charlotte, North Carolina ("Cars," of course, featured race track scenes.) And, can you believe it...the grandstands of that giant raceway were actually sold out for the event!

I have a pen pal from the area, Susan B, who attended the "Cars" premiere in Charlotte, NC...and she kindly sent me the photo that you see on your left. She told me that the event was super-fun, and that the movie's human stars were there (the actors who voiced the animated characters in the movie)...including her personal favorite, Owen Wilson!

Picture of Disney's Cars movie merchandise

Like the 3D Nightmare Before Christmas which made movie history (by being the first movie solely released in Digital 3D), the "Cars" animated movie ALSO made its way into cinematic history books. The "Cars" premiere was the FIRST time that a MULTI-SCREEN DIGITAL PRESENTATION took place at any movie premiere, anywhere! (At the "Cars" movie premier, there were 4 giant outdoor screens constructed especially for the event...and each screen had 3 digital projectors assigned to it. As you can imagine, there was a huge crowd was in the stadium that night...and every single person, of course, wanted to get a good view!)

Several readers have requested to see photos of Disney Cars merchandise. (Although the Cars movie hasn't been shown at theaters in years, many kids still watch the movie regularly at home on DVD. Indeed, Cars merchandise still sells very well at Disney stores and outlets.) In the picture to your right, you can see Cars backpacks in several sizes, several styles of Cars boys shirts and, if you look closely, you'll even see some Cars socks among the items on display.

Photo: Disney's Cars movie merchandise

In the photo to your left, you can see entirely different merchandise themed to Disney's animated Cars film. You'll see soft, er, stuffed "animals" of the various cars, along with children's Cars-themed baseball equipment.

If you'd like to refresh your memory about the Disney/Pixar "Cars" movie...or if you still haven't yet seen may get "Cars" film info and watch movie trailers for "Cars" by using the following link to the "Cars" page of the Yahoo movie website.

El Capitan Theater Past Premieres, 2005

In June 2005, there was a huge hoopla made over the premier of "Herbie, Fully Loaded." Archways decorated with colorful balloons lined Hollywood Blvd near the theater. Crowds turned out to see the popular actress, Lindsay Lohan, arrive along with her fellow cast members. Even the REAL star of the show---Herbie "himself"---turned out!

Then, in October 2005, another big premier was held at the El Capitan Theater for the "Chicken Little," animated 3D production. Costumed "animal stars" (the main Disney characters from the movie), arrived and schmoozed with the crowd. Naturally, of course, all of the voice-actors and actresses who brought the cartoon characters to "life" arrived at the El Capitan Theater for the premier, as well.

The Chronicles of Narnia: The Lion, The Witch and the Wardrobe was the center of still ANOTHER "big event" at the El Capitan...which ran throughout December 2005, and ended on January 29, 2006.

No, the movie's premiere was NOT held at the El Capitan Theater. Instead, the world film premiere of "The Chronicles of Narnia - The Lion, The Witch and The Wardrobe" was held at the Royal Albert Hall in London, England! Even Prince Charles and Camilla attended the event!

Nevertheless, back at the El Capitan Theater, guests were treated with a special event which included displays of props actually used in making the film...along with those famous El Capitan Theater organ concerts!

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