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In the slide show above, you're viewing pictures of Christmas elf, snowman, reindeer and other fun costumes and accessories that are for sale at www.BuyCostumes.com. Although this page talks about ideas for sewing Christmas costumes, you may be interested in finding purchased accessories...or even wish to buy a costume if your own efforts don't work out. You may use the following link to view the Elf costumes and accessories section of www.BuyCostumes.com

Elf Costume Sewing Patterns

Picture: 2 friendly dogs portray an elves' workshop; submitted by readers Bonnie and Beth Abelew

Although thousands of people search for elf costume patterns every Christmas season, there really aren't very many elf patterns available at the major pattern companies.

Fortunately, it's easy to customize an elf pattern simply by changing the costume's colors or adding extra accessories. If you'd like to make the popular Buddy Elf costume, there's no professional pattern available. However, you can use your imagination (and the picture above) to make your finished product feature the same colors and overall "look."

Here are current Elf costume patterns you'll find on sale at your local store or online:

Picture: Cute baby in elf's costume; submitted by reader Melissa Barnetson of BC, Canada

Infant/Small Child Elf pattern--- Simplicity Christmas pattern #2537 features a darling elf costume that fits babies through size 4 Toddler. When made as the pattern suggests, matching green fabric is used for both the elf's shirt and cap, then both pieces are trimmed with white "fur." Long pants and a bow tie are suggested to be made in a matching, candy-cane-stripe fabric. In addition, the costume patterns includes cute, pointy toe elf slippers. This costume is so cute, you'll make a bee-line for your favorite portrait photographer the moment you've sewn the last stitch!

Infant/Toddler Santa or Elf pattern--- The following pattern is now out-of-print, but it's cute enough that you may wish to hunt on Ebay or other internet sources to find it. Simplicity Santa or Elf pattern 2728 can be made in sizes that will fit infants from 6 months of age through Pre-schooler's size 4. Depending on the color material you use, this shirt & trouser set (with pointed cap topped by a fluff ball) can resemble either Santa Claus or one of his elves. Green and yellow are both popular colors for elf costumes...and there's no reason you can't use BOTH when making this costume to have an "elf look." Elves are known for their love of bright colors!

Picture: Men's elf costume picture, submitted by reader Cynthia Beaumont of New Jersey...and proudly modeled by her husband! Children's elf pattern, out of print--- The European pattern company, Burda, used to offer the Burda Children's costume pattern 2768, which makes a cute Christmas elf. This pattern has been discontinued, but may occasionally still be found on Ebay. Trousers with matching suspenders and a tall, pointed cap are 2 visual highlights of this costume. (Actually, this costume is named "Dwarf," but it resembles what North Americans think an elf looks like more than Burda's actual elf pattern does.)

Adult Elf costume--- Simplicity's Christmas pattern #2542 includes both Santa and Elf costumes. This Santa's Helper wears knee-britches and a jacket with a rounded collar adorned by a bow. The pattern for a pointed cap is included. Elf shoes & stockings must be purchased from a store or costume shop.

Dog Elf costume--- Simplicity's dog costume pattern #3952 includes options for making a doggie Santa suit, not an elf. HOWEVER, this is the closest pet's elf sewing pattern currently on the market...and it CAN be adapted quite well. Simply pick an elfish color like green to make the body of the suit. Then use bright colors...such as yellow or red...to make the trim and the belt. Voila, you've got a dog's elf costume that will be cute as can be!

Snowman Costume Patterns

Picture: Cute baby in snowman costume; submitted by Stacy Villa of Louisiana

Infant/Toddler Snowman Costume--- Simplicity Christmas pattern #2537 creates a heart-meltingly cute snowman costume! A one-piece, long-sleeved jumpsuit features black fluff-ball buttons. A separate hood is crowned with a black top hat. Color is added to the outfit by means of a warm, red scarf and matching red decoration on the top hat. Your baby or toddler will look simply precious! Fits sizes Baby 6 mo. through Child size 4.

Girl's Snowman Apron--- Simplicity Costume pattern 1954 makes an absolutely adorable little snowman apron. Other "play costume" aprons included in the package include a gingerbread girl, a clown, a bee, a lady bug and a 4th of July costume apron. Three sizes come inside the package...S, M and L. This costume may be worn by girls up to approximately age 8.

Children's snowman costume, out of print: Europe's Burda pattern company once offered the cute Burda Children's snowman costume pattern 2419. Although it is now out-of-print, you may still find it offered on Ebay, at times. This blousy, butter-ball shaped snowman suit slips over pants or tights, and Mom & Dad provide a funny hat and face-painting.

Adult snowman costume, out-of-print: Although it's now also out of print, Burda offered an adult snowman costume until recently. If you want to create a "family of snowmen," you can get a men's and women's snowman pattern which matches the children's outfit listed directly above...by hunting on the Ebay auction website. The Burda Adult's snowman costume pattern 2768 creates a plump, jolly snowman, which you finish off with your own hat and makeup.

Reindeer and Gingerbread Man costume patterns

Picture: 3 friendly dogs in reindeer costumes; submitted by Tracy Willis of Manitoba, Canada

You'll notice there aren't many reindeer, snowman or gingerbread costume patterns on the market this year! Here's what's available:

Reindeer costume pattern---

Infant/Young child's Reindeer costume--- Simplicity Christmas pattern #2537 will turn your cute baby, toddler or pre-schooler into an absolutely adorable arctic reindeer. The costume's one-piece jumpsuit features a chest of contrasting color. A separate hood features both reindeer antlers and ears. Finishing touches include a jingle bell decoration and separate slippers. Fits sizes 1/2 (approximately age 6 months) to Children's size 4.

Dog reindeer pattern--- Simplicity Misses & Dog pattern #2827 lets you be Miss Claus, while your cute little doggie plays the part of your reindeer. This dog's reindeer costume pattern even includes the antlers!

Gingerbread Man costume pattern---

Baby/Pre-schooler Gingerbread Man costume--- You've already seen this Simplicity Christmas pattern listed on this page before! That's because Simplicity Christmas pattern #2537 makes 4 very different holiday-themed outfits that will give your child an entire wardrobe of seasonal costumes. The adorable gingerbread costume included with this pattern is a long-sleeved, one-piece jumpsuit which has a separate hood and slippers. Giant sized ric-rac (purchased) becomes the gingerbread cookie's "icing," and contrasting bow tie and "buttons" add extra color to the ensemble. This yummy-looking gingerbread costume fits little boys and girls up through the approximate age of 4.

Girl's "Gingerbread Man" Apron--- Simplicity Costume pattern 1954 makes an absolutely adorable little Gingerbread Girl apron. Other "play costume" aprons included in the package include a snowman, a clown, a bee, a lady bug and a 4th of July costume apron. Three sizes come inside the package...S, M and L. This costume may be worn by girls up to approximately age 8.

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Historically Authentic Victorian Costumes

You'll be the best-looking Christmas Caroler on the block!

Picture: Costumed Victorian Carolers at California's Knotts Berry Farm theme park

Men's Victorian Caroler-- Wearing Simplicity's Men's Victorian costume pattern 4083 is sure to turn heads in your direction as you leave the 21st century behind and transform into a handsome street singer of yore. This luxurious men's Victorian pattern can be made to fit men with chest-sizes between 30 and 48 inches. The many pieces included with this pattern are the waistcoat, cape, vest, dickey...and even the top hat! All you'll need to complete the finished look on the costume package is your own pair of gloves and a walking stick. (You may also make a Jacob Marley ghost costume with this pattern, if you choose white material. By adding a purchased chain as a prop, you'll be perfectly attired to go scare the heck out of Ebenezer Scrooge on an eerie midnight visit!) Check with your wife or seamstress before choosing this outfit, though: this is one pattern that's definitely NOT for a beginner!

Men's waistcoat & vest caroling costume: From the European pattern company, Burda, you can make a dashing caroler's outfit with Pattern B2767, in sizes from Waist 34 to 50. You'll make a dashing Christmas street caroler in this suit featuring a Dickens-era waistcoat, vest and trousers. Two different styles of waistcoats can be made, both equally handsome. A purchased top hat and cane complete the look shown on the package.

Women's Victorian Caroler-- When you make your caroler's costume from Butterick's Women's Victorian dress pattern B5265 you'll look exactly like you stepped off the pages of a Dickens novel! The costume consists of a floor-length skirt and waist-length cape; you'll provide your own blouse underneath (but not much of it will show.) Purchased trim adorns the back of the cape, and a beautiful faux-fur collar is another highlight of this costume. A matching furry muff (pattern included in the package) is another visual treat...and it will also keep you warm if you'll be singing outdoors in cold weather! The pattern for a period-authentic bonnet is included, as well. This women's Victorian costume fits Misses sizes 6 though 20.

Victorian Caroler costume for Women and Plus sizes: An authentic reproduction of 1848 styles, Burda historical costume B2768 makes a lovely caroling outfit. Available in Misses and Women's sizes 10 thru 26, you'll make a floor-length skirt that's got two different styling options. The costume is amply embellished with purchased lace and trim. This woman's Victorian pattern includes pattern pieces for a hoop petticoat, as well. The hats seen on the pattern cover must be purchased.

Another Women's Victorian costume from the European pattern company, Burda, is just right for caroling: it's Burda Women's Victorian dress pattern B7466. Although Burda patterns used to be difficult to come by, they are now being sold through the USA's Simplicity Pattern company. Burda B7466 comes in sizes 10 through 28.

Simplicity historical dress patterns suitable for caroling: Although billed as Civil War costumes, that's perfectly OK; Queen Victoria ruled from 1837 until 1876, making these suitable Victorian-style costumes for any occasion requiring elegant Christmas caroling outfits! Simplicity's Misses dress pattern 1818 is a one-piece dress with a natural waistline fitting women between Misses Size 8 and 24. A detachable collar is made separately, and so are inner sleeve liners. Three similar patterns from this same company are Simplicity 3727, Simplicity 2887 and Simplicity 2881.

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