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Authentic, Old-West Ghost Town at Knotts Berry Farm

Here are pictures of Ghost Town to enjoy!

In the slide show above, you're viewing pictures of Knott's Berry Farm's Ghost Town. This old-western themed area of Knott's Park is full of authentic buildings from the wild west, plus exciting rides and attractions. In other words, Ghost Town at Knott's Berry Farm has something for everyone!

Knott's Ghost Town history

Knott's Ghost Town was here BEFORE any thrilling coasters came to Buena Park!

Photo: Ghost Rider roller coaster at Knott's Berry Farm, as seen from the Bigfoot Rapids raft ride Ghost Town at Knotts Berry Farm is the "heart" of the park. This was the first area created at Knott's---where it all began, years before the phrase "theme park" was ever invented!

A short history of Knott's Berry Farm goes like this: First, there were berry fields, and a little fruit stand from which to sell the produce growing in Farmer Knott's fields. He was an inventive fellow, tinkering around with berry breeding...and was actually one of the developers of the boysenberry! Then, in 1934, Mrs. Knott's Chicken Dinner restaurant opened. (It's still in business, and remains popular with locals and visitors alike.) Mrs. Knott's Restaurant soon became famous as word spread about her tasty fried chicken. And, she turned her husband's boysenberries into delicious pies, as well...and these boysenberry pies remain a specialty of Mrs. Knott's Restaurant to this very day!

Decades ago, however, there wasn't much development in & around Buena Park, California...nor many people to come buy the farm's berries or the restaurant's chicken & pies. Mr. Knott's idea was to add a few old-west attractions to the farm as an enticement to bring city customers out into the country to buy the berries. This plan was a success---and Knott's Berry Farm has been adding addractions regularly ever since!

Image of Knotts Berry Farm's historic Dreger Clock, which is being moved to another Buena Park, CA location The Ghost Town section of the park oozes with nostalgia and happy memories for Southern California residents and visitors who have enjoyed this park for decades. Sometimes beloved items from the Knotts Berry Farm rally Knott's lovers into action.

For example, the beautiful Dreger Clock, which you see in the photo to your right, was a fixture at Knott's Berry Farm for many years. After decades of use, the clock fell into disrepair and was removed from Knott's Park...but local citizens didn't let it fade away quietly! There was a "save the Dreger Clock" drive undertaken by the public---and with enough clamor, the magnificent Dreger Clock was restored and found a new spot in Buena Park (across from City Hall) where it can continue to charm the public for years to come! To read more about the interesting story that saved this nostalgic and historic Knott's fixture, please see the website.

Other Knotts Ghost Town Traditions

The Ghost Town old-western section of Knotts Berry Farm is ESPECIALLY important to 2 annual traditions at the theme park.

1.) During the Christmas Season, Ghost Town buzzes with activity from the Knotts Berry Farm Christmas-time crafts fair. Numerous vendors sell beautifully hand-crafted items that you'll want to consider for gift-giving. Ghost Town is festively decorated...and even Santa comes to Ghost Town to greet the kids! You may check out Knotts Berry Farm Christmas pictures on the Knott's Christmas pages of our site!

2.) During the Halloween season, Ghost Town is transformed into a frightening "scare zone" full of monsters, zombies and ghouls for Knotts Berry Farm's annual Halloween Haunt! The area is decorated with cobwebs and scary decorations; at night, the lighting is dim & eerie, and fog creeps through the streets. If you're interested in seeing pictures of Ghost Town during the "Knotts Scary Farm" festivities, you may hop to the Knotts Halloween Haunt Pictures pages of our site.

Knott's Berry Farm's roller coasters

Knott's Ghost Rider Roller Coaster

Photo: Ghost Rider roller coaster at Knott's Berry Farm, Buena Park (Los Angeles), California, USA These days, the star attraction of Knott's Ghost Town is the Ghost Rider Roller Coaster.

The Ghost Rider is a huge mass of lumber which dominates the entrance to Knott's Berry Farm, and is easily seen from outside of the theme park, as well. This dark-stained pine roller coaster gives riders over 2 minutes of screamin' fun as it races along the tracks at 55 MPH.

The ride's queue resides in a made-to-look-old building which features an air cooling system to keep you comfy on warm summer days.

In the photo at the top of this page, you can see the Ghost Rider rollercoaster as it looks from the Wild Water Wilderness section of Knott's Park. And in the photo to your right, you can see the Ghost Rider as it leaves the ride building---before its unsuspecting riders even make their climb up its first...and tallest...hill.

Picture: Ghost Rider roller coaster as seen from Knott's Soak City water park

The Ghost Rider roller coaster is so big that you can see it from Knott's Soak City! As you can tell from this picture of Ghost Rider taken at the Soak City water park, this huge monster of a roller coaster is so big, it's not going to disappear from your view while you're on Knott's property! You can enjoy looking at its intriguing wooden frame as you refresh yourself from summer's heat in the water parks pools and play areas.

Ghost Rider minimum height requirements: Guests need to be 48 inches in height (or taller) in order to ride the Ghost Rider roller coaster. This ride does not make any upside-down inversions, so the type of restraint you'll wear is a lap bar. Guests need to be neither too small for the lap bar to fit correctly...nor too big, either. Loose items should be stowed before boarding the trains.

Ghost Rider roller coaster pictures!

In the slide show of Ghost Rider pictures above, you're viewing photos taken on a number of different Knott's Berry Farm visits. The Ghost Rider gets a special slide show because so many people want to know about this roller coaster, that it's surely one of Knott's Berry Farm's STAR attractions! It's really fun; if you haven't been on the Ghost Rider yet, be sure to try it out on your next visit!

Silver Bullet roller coaster

Picture: Silver Bullet Roller Coaster climbs its first hill in Knott's Berry Farm, California USA
Some people reach this page looking for Silver Bullet roller coaster here are pics of this exciting coaster to your left and right. In the Silver Bullet photo to your left, you can see the ride's cars ascending the first hill of the roller coaster...getting ready to plunge, twist and turn its way to the end. And in the Silver Bullet image to your right, you can see the coaster's colorful twisting metal---a spot where spectators ALWAYS can hear the sound of screams whenever riders are present!

Picture of the Silver Bullet Roller Coaster's now-famous curve; Knott's Berry Farm Theme Park, Southern California

As you might imagine, the Silver Bullet is one of Knott's Berry Farms most popular rides. You'll find the entrance to this ride in the Ghost Town section of the park. Be sure to line up for The Silver Bullet early in the day whenever Knott's Park is crowded---this fun roller coaster's fans keep the line full!

New Pony Express roller coaster

See pictures of Knott's Pony Express, a fun family roller coaster

Picture: Pony Express roller coaster at Knott's Berry Farm, a family-friendly ride The Pony Express roller coaster is a new ride at Knott's Berry Farm! It opened at Knotts for the Summer 2008 season. As you can see in the picture of the Pony Express ride to your right, this family-friendly coaster is not terribly steep. Nor is it terribly fast.

However...that doesn't really tell the whole story! "Not steep? Not fast? Ho hum!" might be what you'd think. But, despite the ride's lack of great height or speed, this is a very different...and very imaginative...roller coaster that parents enjoy riding just as much as their kids!

Picture: Pony Express ride's decorative sign You'll sit like you're riding a horse when you board the Pony Express roller coaster!

When have you EVER done THAT?

The unique Pony Express roller coaster, therefore, is very clever in several ways. First of all, it was tied into the "Ghost Town" area of the park by giving it a Pony Express theme; what could get more "old western" that that venerable mail service, which still captures the imagination of history buffs to this very day.

Plus, making the ride's action take place on horseback...well, it's the basis for a family ride that you simply will NOT be enjoying at any other theme park

Picture: Pony Express family roller coaster, Knotts Berry Farm theme park Off you zoom on The Pony Express! In addition to the novel way you'll ride this family coaster, there's still ANOTHER way you'll have fun. The ride is propelled out of its station. So, even though the top speed on the Pony Express is only 30 miles an hour, you attain that speed in a mere 3-4 seconds! It makes for exciting thrills that the kids in your family will be talking about for the rest of their Southern California vacation!

Pony Express height requirements: Kids need to be at least 48 inches tall in order to ride the Pony Express. All riders must be able to safely fit into the ride's restraint systems. Expectant mothers may not ride the Pony Express coaster.

More Pony Express roller coaster pictures: If you'd like to view still MORE pics of the Pony Express ride, you can see an entire slide show of them! It's on the Ghost Town, Part 2 page.

Knott's Ghost Town Rides

Photo: Log flume ride, Knott's Berry Farm, Buena Park (Los Angeles),California, USA In addition to Ghost Town's most popular ride---the Ghost Rider roller coaster which was mentioned in the opening paragraph above---you'll find the following family-pleasing rides in the Ghost Town themed area at Knott's theme park:

On your left, you see a photo of the Timber Mountain Log ride as a flume log climbs to the top of the first hill. The attractively landscaped course through which the log cars pass, together with its gently floating action and exciting final drop help to make this one of the most popular rides in Ghost Town at Knotts Berry Farm. Scenes reminiscent of the old-west logging days also line the waterways of this fun, family attraction.

Picture: Timber Mountain Log flume ride, Knott's Berry Farm

And on your right, you see a picture of the Knott's Berry Farm log flume---just as a log ride makes a scream-inducing plunge into a splash pool below!

Children under 46" must be accompanied by an adult. Expectant mothers may ride the Timber Mountain Log Ride.

Photo: Calico Mine Train ride, Knotts Berry Farm, Buena Park (Los Angeles), California, USA

The Calico Mine Train ride is one of 2 trains in this section of the park, and a fine family attraction for visitors to Ghost Town at Knotts Berry Farm.

You'll sit in open mine-style cars, as you make your way into an attractive man-made mountain. Inside, you'll see tableaux featuring "how-it-really-was" scenes of mining days in the Old West.

The Calico Mine Train passes the mining vignettes rather slowly, then picks up the pace to give smaller visitors a bit of a thrill. (Adults will find the action here more like a "Sunday Drive" than a thrill.) Note: children under 46" must be accompanied to ride the Calico Mine Train; expectant moms MAY ride.

Photo: Butterfield Stage Coach, Knotts Berry Farm, Buena Park, (Los Angeles), California, USA When you ride the authentic Butterfield stage coach, you can enjoy yourself while feeling a part of history at the same time. After loading up, the stage will take you on a nice circle-tour of Ghost Town and beyond.

Children under 46" tall must be accompanied to ride the Butterfield Stage Coach; expectant mothers MAY ride.

Photo: Authentic narrow guage steam train at Knott's Berry Farm in Buena Park, California

Ghost Town at Knotts Berry Farm features a real, working narrow-guage steam locomotive, the Calico Railroad. Once again, you can partake of a piece of history while having fun at the same time.

As does the Butterfield stage coach, the Calico Steam Train makes a circle-tour of the park. However, on THIS ride, you're not allowed to proceed in peace. By golly, most times around, this darned contraption attracts bandits! Hide that jewelry, folks!

Children under 46" tall must be accompanied to ride the Calico Railroad. Expectant mothers MAY ride.

Knott's "Ghost Town" Attractions

Photo: Authentic old-west hotel on display at Knotts Berry Farm, Buena Park (Los Angeles) California USA
Ghost Town at Knotts Berry Farm doubles as an outdoor history museum. Its collection of authentic old-west buildings brought here from abandoned ghost towns throughout the west is renowned. History-lovers in your group will GO NUTS!

Local school districts recognize the value of this historical collection of buildings. School field trips frequently come to Ghost Town as an adjunct to classroom study about the history of the Old West.

In this photo, you see a building which once served as a western hotel.

Photo: Old windmill on display at Knotts Berry Farm, Buena Park (Los Angeles), California USA

Here are still some MORE of the activities you can do in Knott's Berry Farm's Ghost Town---

1.) Pan for gold---Learn how it was done in the "olden days," and if you find any gold, it's yours to keep.

2.) Watch a Western Stunt Show---Several times a day, tempers flare in Ghost Town. One cross word leads to another, and then BAM, bullets go flying explosions flare. It's all in fun this western stunt show is full of comedy, as well as action! Head to the outdoor amphitheater in Ghost Town to catch the action.

3.) View Native American dancing---If you come during a busy season at Knott's, you'll be able to see a Native American dance exhibition. A multi-media presentation at the Mystery Lodge is also devoted to Native American lore.

Knott's Ghost Town Crafts & Shopping

Photo: Authentic old-western store on display at Knott's Berry Farm, Buena Park, California, USA (greater Los Angeles)

Here's an authentic old store that was brought to Ghost Town at Knotts Berry Farm. The BIGGEST activity in Ghost Town is actually shopping! (There IS a western museum here, but most of these original-western buildings are put to practical dollars-and-cents use!) They earn their keep selling all sorts of wares to the eager customers at Ghost Town.

Photo: Gun Store in Ghost Town area at Knotts Berry Farm, Buena Park (Los Angeles) California, USA The store you see in the photo to your right...the Gun Shop in Ghost Town at Knotts Berry Farm...will really surprise you if you venture inside! Because it's the most UNUSUAL store I think I've ever seen in a theme park anywhere!

The Gun Shop's biggest collection for sale is actually KNIVES--big, sharp, mean-looking fellows. And expensive, too! I always wonder to myself, why would anyone coming to a theme park for a day of fun end up purchasing a high-end hunting knife?

Who knows? But, somebody must, for this store stays in business year after year. The Gun Store also sells antique gun replicas which, I figure, must be popular with collectors.

photo: Needlecraft demo by a woman in old-west costume at Knotts Berry Farm, Buena Park, California, USA

Mixed in amongst the wares of today, are demonstrations of craftsmanship of the past. In Ghost Town at Knotts Berry Farm, you'll always see costumed employees here and there to show you the skills of yesteryear.

Here, you see a woman--who really DOES look like she just stepped out of a time-machine!--showing off needlework styles popular in the days of yore.

Other popular demonstrations are at the Blacksmith shop, where a working smithy will give you a pointer or two...and at the hand-blown glass shop, where you can watch a master artist at work---then buy one of the artist's pieces afterwards.

Knotts Shopping Pass

Picture of Snoopy stuffed animal dressed in his cute Halloween pumpkin costume, complete with adorable pumpkin hat! Shoppers, there's good news---you can get into Knott's Berry Farm FREE! If you go to the guest relations booth (left of the ticket booths outside the park), you can get a free 45 minute shopping pass to the park. 45 minutes wouldn't be NEARLY enough time to browse through all the shops in Ghost Town, but at least, it's a start. The catch? You must leave a cash deposit equal to a full-price ticket, which they'll keep if you don't return! (No cash on hand? They'll point you to the nearby ATM.)

In the Snoopy picture (to your right) you can see a Halloween Snoopy stuffed animal which I bought inside of Knotts theme park using a shopping pass. Isn't he cute...wearing his little pumpkin costume and adorable pumpkin hat? (Of course, I could have bought little Snoopy outside of the park at the large Snoopy Store in the California Marketplace! But, it just seemed more festive to visit the Peanuts store in the Camp Snoopy section of the park...and look at all of the cute Knott's Berry Farm Halloween decorations along the way.) The point of this story is this: don't be afraid to try a shopping pass at Knott's! It's easy and it's fun...and you'll find plenty of free parking at the Knott's California Marketplace.

Photo note: One humorous feature of Ghost Town at Knotts Berry Farm is the fact that they scatter "photo op" statues around the area. In the photo below, you see my step-daughter, Josie, making the acquaintance of two, fine Western gentlemen. Don't be jealous, gentlemen---there are statues of "lovely" ladies available, as well!

Photo: Wooden figures in Ghost Town at Knotts Berry Farm, Buena Park (Los Angeles) California, USA

During the Christmas season, a special all-day/extra-fee shopping pass is offered because Ghost Town at Knotts Berry Farm hosts an annual Christmas crafts fair. During the holiday season, booths selling beautiful gift merchandise abound! Ghost Town hosts Christmas Carolers and bands. Even Santa and Mrs. Claus attend! Traditionally, the Knotts Christmas Crafts display begins on Thanksgiving Day...and this year is no exception! (What a good day to begin; many people already make it a tradition to eat their Thanksgiving feasts at Mrs. Knotts Chicken Dinner Restaurant!) You can get an idea of the fun which will be in store for you by visiting the "Christmas at Knott's Berry Farm" page of this website.

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