Girls Costume Entries

Winners have now been announced by the judges!

If you'd like to see the other winning pictures, here's a link to return to the 2010 Halloween Contest page where you'll discover the costumes that won the Grand Prize and the other top 5 positions.

You can see more of the "Best of Category" winners & runners up on the following pages:

1.) "Baby and Toddler Costumes"
2.) "Boys Costumes"
3.) "Kids Pairs Costumes"
4.) "Family Group Costumes"
5.) Other family costumes, including wagon/stroller/wheelchair/vehicle costumes; and the "Families with Pets" costumes

Below, you'll see ALL of the 2010 Girl's Costume entries--aren't they cute?

Girl's Costumes --Age 3

Girl's Costumes --Age 4

Girl's Costumes --Age 5

Girl's Costumes --Age 6

Girl's Costumes --Age 7

Girl's Costumes --Age 8 and 9

Girl's Costumes --Age 10, 11 and 12

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