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Golf N Stuff

A great place to have some fun with your family!

Photo of the beautiful Mystic Castle at Ventura's Golf N Stuff The Golf N Stuff family fun park is a well-maintained entertainment facility featuring miniature golf, go Karts, bumper boats, arcade games and other types of activities kids enjoy. Its attractive grounds are located in a quiet section of Ventura, California. In other words, Golf N Stuff may be just the right kind of place you'd enjoy spending a pleasant afternoon with your kids.

As you can see in the photo to your left, the "centerpiece" of Golf N Stuff's decor is its magnificent fairy-tale castle in the miniature golfing section of the park. The attractive buildings (such as the castle, the windmill, and a Spanish mission-replica,) along with its beautiful green landscaping make miniature golf a favorite activity at Golf N Stuff. At night, the romantically lit pathways provide a great spot for a date, a parent's night out, or a quiet, happy ending for your family's day together.

On this page, you'll discover the various activities at the Golf N Stuff family fun center in Ventura, along with contact information for the park, directions and a map, plus info about this park's "sister" fun center in Norwalk, California (Los Angeles County.)

Golf N Stuff Attractions

Photo of the miniature San Buenaventura Mission that's used as a decor piece in Golf N Stuff's mini golf course

The Ventura Golf N Stuff location features 5 major activities---

Miniature golf
Bumper boats
Bumber cars
Go Karts
Laser tag

In addition, you'll find a family-friendly game arcade featuring a variety of video games, pin ball machines and other games of skill. Ticket-awarding games are also featured at this 100+ machine arcade, and there's a fully stocked redemption center where you can redeem the tickets you've won for prizes. What's more, there's a birthday party area at the fun park, making Golf N Stuff a favorite place to hold special celebrations that families will remember for many years to come.

All of the attractions are open year-round. (Yes, even the bumper boat pool, despite Ventura's coastal chill during the cooler months of the year. Bring a towel or clothing change with you, perhaps!) Most of the attractions are open every day of the week, with the one exception being the Laser Tag arena. Because it takes a nice-sized group to get a good game of laser tag going (and because "crowds" are sparse here on weekdays during the school year,) the laser tag attraction is only open for play on weekends.

Golf N Stuff's Miniature Golf Courses

Photo of a decorative windmill on the Golf N Stuff miniature golf course in Southern California

There are 2 different 18 hole miniature golf courses at the Ventura location of Golf N Stuff. Both courses are intertwined on a specially-sloped terrain which features winding pathways, lush landscaping, themed decor for specific holes (such as the mini San Buenaventura Mission that you see above you to the right, and the windmill featured in the picture to your left.)

According to park personnel, both courses feature an equal level of difficulty, so unless a particular side of the mini golf course seems to interest you more than the other, you'll face similar challenges no matter which set of putting greens you choose. As with all parks, the first miniature golf holes are the "easiest," though that's no comfort to a youngster who can't seem to get the ball to go where it belongs! As you progress through each course, you'll face angles, slopes and obstacles, or have to get the ball to go through a "trap door" in a decorative structure. You'll be shaded throughout your path by tall, shady trees and the whisper of Pacific Ocean breezes (the ocean's only a mile or so due west from the family fun park!)

Golf N Stuff's mini golf can be played "by the game" or as part of a package ticket deal which includes other attractions. Children under 3 are free when accompanied by a paying player.

Golf N Stuff's laser tag, bumper boats, go karts and bumper cars

Photo of the Go Kart Raceway at Golf N Stuff family fun park in Southern California

Go Karts: One of the Golf N Stuff's most popular features is its Go Kart Track, which you can see in the photo to your left. Officially named the "Lit'l Indy Race Cars," this attraction is a fast-paced, trackless auto ride that isn't suitable for the toddlers and preschoolers in your group to enjoy. Older kids and teens (even adults!) enjoy the speed of these vehicles and the precision needed to steer the cars around the twisting, turning track without running into a side bumper! Guests need to be at least 56" tall to drive one of these zippy vehicles. Riders over the height of 40" tall may tag along in the passenger seat for a 1/2 fare fee.

Laser Tag: As mentioned in one of the paragraphs above, the Laser Tag arena is only open on weekends. But when in session, watch out for some fast shooting action. There's an 8-player maximum for each round of Laser Tag, and each session lasts 7 1/2 minutes, plus explanation-time. Would-be players must be at least 44 inches tall in order to participate in the games.

Bumper Boats: Get ready to get soaked! Climb into one of Golf N Stuff's tire-shaped water vehicles and set out to ram into your friends...and get splashed while doing it! Guests need to be at least 48 inches tall to pilot their own craft; however, each boat may carry one rider, who must be at least 40 inches in height to sail along.

Bumper Cars: This well-liked amusement-park staple is also available at Golf N Stuff. Climb aboard these electric buggies and get ready to knock your friend and family members clear to the other side of the enclosure! Just kidding... While the action of the bumper cars might injure a person in poor health, most active young people will take the jostling and mild jolts in stride, as "just part of the fun." Guests wishing to drive their own bumper car should be at least 48 inches tall. Would-be passengers need to pass a 42" height marker.


All of the above Golf N Stuff activities may be played by purchasing separate one-time tickets, or be chosen as part of a package deal. At the current time, there are no "play all day for one price" deals at Golf N Stuff. However, there are special all-you-can-play sessions. In addition, there are "packages" that allow you to pay a special price which includes a round of miniature golf, one or more attractions (depending on the package) and tokens for the game arcade.

If you would like to view a list of current ticket prices at Golf N Stuff, you may use the following link to the Golf N Stuff official website's ticket & general info page. (While there, you'll also find a link to their website's discount coupon page, by the way.)

Golf N Stuff--Address, Directions, Contact Information

Photo of a sign at Golf N Stuff, which is a family fun center in Southern California The Ventura Golf N Stuff phone number is (805) 644-7131.

The Ventura Golf N Stuff address is 5555 Walker Street, Ventura, CA 93003. Directions: this lovely Southern California family fun center is located directly to the east side of the US 101 Freeway as it travels through Ventura County. From Hwy 101, take the Victoria Ave exit, then you'll find Walker Street just east of the freeway. You may use the following link to view a Google Map to the Golf N Stuff area of Ventura, CA.

NORWALK GOLF 'N STUFF: There is a second Golf N Stuff location in Southern California in the city of Norwalk. The Norwalk Golf N Stuff address is 10555 Firestone Blvd., Norwalk, CA 90650. Directions: This conveniently-located family fun center is not far off the I-605 Freeway in Los Angeles County. From Interstate 605, take the Firestone Blvd exit and head west. You may wish to follow the upcoming link to view a Google Map to the Golf N Stuff area of Norwalk, California.

The Norwalk Golf N Stuff phone number is (562) 868-9956. The Golf N Stuff in Norwalk features many of the same attractions as their Ventura sister park...and yet, some of the activities and rides are a bit different. The prices of attractions are the same at the two fun centers, but they both offer different specials.

GOLF N STUFF WEBSITE: To check out the facilities at Golf N Stuff's Norwalk location (or to find out further info about the Ventura park) you may use the next link to scope out the Golf N Stuff official website.



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