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Gotham City Backlot at Magic Mountain is now

DC Universe, home of Superheroes!

Come to DC Universe at Magic Mountain...and step into the world of the Caped Crusader, Superman and other Superheroes! Here's where you may fly along the swooping, swirling track of "Batman The Ride" or turn upside down over & over again on the Green Lantern roller coaster! Munch on corn from the Kent Family Farm...and shake hands with your favorite costumed characters.

Green Lantern: First Flight roller coaster

Step up to board the newest coaster in DC Universe!

Picture: Six Flags Magic Mountain's Green Lantern roller coaster

As you can see in the pictures of the Green Lantern Roller Coaster above (in the slide show,) you've never seen a roller coaster quite like this one!

The interestingly-shaped track and the oddly-shaped ride cars provide you with a very unique experience. This is one roller coaster that doesn't whiz along at a fast pace...but you'll be screaming plenty, anyway. Multiple inversions are made by your ride car as it makes its way along the track. It's a different type of why not give it a try?

Batman Roller Coaster

Fun inverting steel coaster at Magic Mountain!

Picture: Six Flags Magic Mountain's Batman roller coaster Have you ever wanted to save the world from crime? Now's your big chance to ride along with Batman as he rounds up some criminals and sends them to the fate that they deserve. As you step into the ride line, you can almost detect it. Something foul is afoot---surely some bad guys are near! Can Batman hurry onto the scene to save the day?

Yes, here he comes---and YOU are flying right along beside him on his roller-coaster-to-the-rescue!

You step into a ride car suspended from above. You loop, bank and corkscrew at 50 MPH, your feet dangling in the breeze. 2,700 feet later, you're back at Batman Headquarters, mission accomplished!

Batman's "citizen helpers" need to be at least 54" tall to assist him in his quest to quell evil. Riders may be asked to remove shoes that don't fasten securely--eg. flip-flops. Batman doesn't want his helpers to hit the innocent citizens of Gotham City with flying footwear!

Other attractions in the Gotham City Backlot

After helping Batman catch the bad guys, you might want a souvenir to remind you of your conquest. Voila---the DC Universe souvenir shop in Gotham City Backlot at Magic Mountain is at hand with all your DC Comic hero-themed needs---T-shirts, caps, cups, keychains, etc. The merchandise is rotated, but always remains themed around our friends, the DC comic book superheroes, and their quest to save the world from rack and ruin!

Picture: Grinder Gearworks ride riders stuck tight by gravity as the ride spins; Six Flags Magic Mountain

The shorter members of your party may be sad that they can't fly along with Batman...but, at least they won't leave Gotham City Backlot at Magic Mountain without having some fun on OTHER rides.

Picture: Wonder Woman Lasso of Truth ride spins and rises into the air

There are 2 rides in the Gotham City area for kids only 42" tall and above. The first is "Wonder Woman Lasso of Truth," a cylinder-shaped ride where you "stick to the walls" as the cylinder spins faster and faster. Then they throw in a twist---while you're spinning and sticking, the rids lifts & tilts to the side. A unique sensation!

Picture: The Flash Speed Force ride cars

Here's another fun ride in Gotham City Backlot at Magic Mountain for the 42" and up crowd---The Flash Speed Force." Riders board a 2-person car in a "train" on a circular track (which also features up & down "waves.")

The cars start to move around a central hub, going faster and faster, as the 2 in each car get increasingly more cozy as they're plastered together against the right-hand side of the car. Scoot over, baby!



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