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The World Famous Graumans Chinese Theater!

Hollywood's Grauman's Chinese Theater is an amazing movie venue on for a number of reasons.

1.) Historically, it was one of the first grand movie palaces built in Hollywood, California.

2.) Culturally, it serves as a museum of Hollywood's film history, hosting dozens of foot prints, hand prints...and even hoof prints...of actors and actresses, both past and present.

3.) Economically, this theater is a major powerhouse in bringing tourist revenue onto Hollywood Boulevard from the four corners of the globe---and not just because it shows films! Many tourists base their Hollywood visit with Grauman's Chinese Theater as "ground zero" because of the lively atmosphere here. Costumed characters greet tourists, shaking hands and snapping photos. Tours of Hollywood homes and visits to TV studio tapings originate here. The Hollywood Walk of Fame hosts some of its most famous "stars" near the theater. In other words, Grauman's Theater is a beehive of activity, just waiting for visiting families to explore!

Graumans Chinese Theater -- History

Picture: Grauman's Chinese Theater, a famous landmark in Hollywood, California Sid Grauman's Chinese Theater had its grand opening back in Hollywood's glamour days of the 1920's. Hollywood was "brand new" then. Prior to the mid-1920's, downtown Los Angeles was the "in" place to go to catch a movie. Palatial theaters lined Broadway Street in downtown Los Angeles. The big question concerning developers of the new Hollywood area of town was---"How do we draw viewers from the established theaters of downtown Los Angeles? How do we get them to come all the way out to Hollywood?"

The answer was to built even MORE palatial theaters..."themed" theaters with lavish interiors and unusual features. These would need to become the "hip & happening" places in order to draw the crowd away from Los Angeles.

Sid Grauman's first Hollywood Theater was the Egyptian Theater, which opened in 1927. (He was actually competing against HIMSELF, as he owned the Million Dollar Theater in downtown Los Angeles, too!) The lavish Egyptian decorations of that theater piqued the interest of an Egypt-hungry crowd whose minds had been whetted by the recent discoveries of archaeologists in that country. When it came time for him to build the brand-new theater which he had in mind, how could Sid Grauman top his own Egyptian Theater?

Graumans Chinese Theater inside He decided on using a Chinese motif, and no expense was spared! (The Grauman's Chinese Theater cost $2 million to build BACK THEN!) Real Chinese artifacts were imported from China---including the sculpted stone Temple Dogs, one of which you can see in the picture above. Plus, whatever decorations weren't imported were hand-crafted by Chinese artisans familiar with the traditional styles of their native country. The result was a truly magnificent that has stood the test of time. In 2007, Grauman's Chinese Theater celebrated its 80th birthday!

Graumans Chinese Theater continues the grand tradition of lavish movie premiers with which it started. (The theater's opening day WAS a premiere---on May 18, 1927, Cecille B. DeMille's cast-of-thousands spectacular "King of Kings" premiere was held here as the theater's first event. And, the crowds WERE pulled away from the downtown Los Angeles theaters, as Mr. Grauman had hoped! THOUSANDS of Angelenos lined the streets hoping for a glimpse of their favorite movie stars and celebrities!) The theater opened for business to the general public on the following day.

What are some of the recent premiers held here? You'll find movies from most of the major film companies using Grauman's for their premiers---Warner Brothers, 20th Century Fox, Paramount, Dreamworks, Sony, MGM/UA and New Line, for example.)

Some of the movies that have premiered at Hollywood's Grauman Theater in the past few years include---

  • Ocean's 13
  • Are We Done Yet?
  • Music & Lyrics
  • Rocky Balboa
  • Pursuit of Happyness
  • The Dukes of Hazzard
  • Charlie and the Chocolate Factory
  • War of the Worlds
  • Batman Begins
  • Miss Congeniality 2
  • Ocean's 12
  • The Aviator
  • Cheaper by the Dozen
  • X2--X-Men United
  • 27 Dresses

Even children's movies have their premiers at Graumans Chinese Theater! Some of the recent kid's shows that have had their premiers here include---

The Simpsons Movie
Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix
Nancy Drew
Surf's Up
Happily N'ever After
Happy Feet
Polar Express
Scooby Doo2
Agent Cody Banks 2
Fred Claus

To find out what Grauman's Chinese Theater movie premieres are coming up in the FUTURE, you may use the following link to see the "Upcoming Premieres" page page of the Grauman's Chinese Theater website.

Grauman's Chinese Theater -- Grauman's famous footprints of the stars!

Star Wars footprints at Grauman's Chinese Theater Perhaps Grauman's Chinese Theater's biggest claim is the outstanding collection of movie star's footprints in its famous forecourt. On any day of the week, the courtyard of Graumans Chinese Theater is buzzing with the activity of dozens of tourists from all over the USA---and, indeed, all over the world!---gazing at the famous footprints, stepping in them, photographing them, etc.

Some (but certainly not ALL) of the footprints added at Grauman's Chinese Theater since the year 2000 are---

*Sir Anthony Hopkins, whose prints you can find in square #199 on the "map of Grauman's Chinese Theater footprints" that will follow.)
*Nicholas Cage map #200
*Johnny Depp map #204
*Morgan Freeman map #185
*Samuel Jackson map #191
*Martin Lawrence map #183
*Adam Sandler map #189
*John Woo map #184

Mel Gibson's footprints at Grauman's Chinese Theater Some of the footprints added at Graumanns Theater in the decade of the 1990's are---

*Harrison Ford map #167
*Tom Cruise map #175
*Mel Gibson map #176
*Arnold Schwarzenegger, the "Governator!" map #177
*Meryl Streep map #178
*Whoopi Goldberg map #179
*Bruce Willis map #180
*Jim Carrey map #182
*Al Pacino map #186
*Denzel Washington map #187
*Danny Glover map #190
*Tom Hanks map #191
*Ron Howard map $195
*Sean Connery map #196

Some of the footprint ceremonies that took place in the decade of the 1980's at Grauman's Chinese Theater of Hollywood were for---

*John Travolta map #18
*Sylvester Stallone map #159
*George Lucas map #166
*Steven Spielberg ,ap #167
*Donald Duck map #169
*Clint Eastwood map #158
*Eddie Murphy map #173

On August 3, 1977, a special group-footprinting was done for cast members of the original "Star Wars" movie. (Actually, you can't call some of these prints "FOOT" prints!) You can see a photo of the Star Wars prints and signatures in one of the photos above.)

Of course, footprinting ceremonies have been taking place in the Grauman's Chinese Theater courtyard since the 1920's, so in addition to seeing the prints of some of your favorite movie stars of today, you'll also see a wide collection of footprints from celebrities of Hollywood's Golden Age. Almost all of the mega-famous stars from the 1920's through 1960's area are represented here in Grauman's courtyard. There are just too many star's footprints to list here! This page would grow to be "a mile long!"

So that you can find your personal favorites, I'm putting in a link here to the map of the footprints in the Graumans Chinese Theater courtyard. (This map is a part of the official Mann's Theater website, the company who has owned the Chinese Theater for quite some time now. Note that the spelling of their website is, if you should type this in yourself. Click on the following link to see the... Map of the footprints at Grauman's Chinese Theater

Star Trek footprints at Grauman's Chinese Theater in Hollywood, California

Graumans Chinese Theater -- Directions, Map and Behind-the-Scenes Tour Information

Picture of the inside of the Grauman's Chinese Theater. The address of Grauman's Chinese Theater is---
6925 Hollywood Blvd.
Hollywood, CA 90028

Grauman's Chinese Theater phone number: Recorded movie information for the Grauman's Chinese Theater (as well as for the "Mann Chinese 6 Theaters") can be heard by calling phone number (323) 464-8111.

Grauman's Chinese Theater gift shop phone number, where you'll reach a live person and can get tour information)---
(323) 463-9576

Directions to Grauman's Chinese Theater in Hollywood (greater Los Angeles), California---
Here's the link to a Yahoo map that you can use to get a general idea of where you'll be going. When you actually come to visit Los Angeles, though, don't forget to BUY A MAP! The small price for a map of Los Angeles, Hollywood, Universal Studios, and all the theme parks will go a LONG way in keeping YOU from getting lost!

Grauman's Chinese Theater Map: Here's a Google map to the Grauman's Chinese Theater in Hollywood, California.

Grauman's Chinese Theater website: If you would like to learn more about the Grauman's Chinese Theater, or check out the theater's movie schedule of showtimes on-line, you may use the following link to view the Grauman's Chinese Theater pages of the Mann's Website.

INFORMATION FOR THE GRAUMAN'S CHINESE THEATER VIP BACKSTAGE TOUR, a behind-the-scenes glimpse of this magnificent movie palace!---

Hollywood's Graumans Chinese Theater holds backstage tours 7 days of the week, at times spaced throughout the day (as the movie schedules inside the theater permit.)

On the tour, you'll learn more about the grand theater's history, see the VIP lounge, and even see a short-but-interesting 5 minute documentary about Grauman's Chinese.

No reservations are required. The tour price is $12 for the 30 minute VIP Backstage Tour at Grauman's. You may call (323) 463-9576 if you have any specific questions you'd like to ask about this behind-the-scenes tour.

Other interesting tidbits about your experience at Grauman's Chinese Theater---

In the first paragraph of this page, I mentioned that the theater's courtyard is humming with activity---and I wasn't kidding! You'll find people milling around throughout the whole courtyard exploring the footprints of the stars. You'll hear loudspeakers announcing the next VIP Backstage Tour. You'll hear the voices of hawkers, offering you seats to the live tapings of popular TV shows. (If it would interest you to see a TV show being taped, definitely come to the Grauman's courtyard and hang out---especially in the morning. You'll undoubtedly hear several offers, particularly on weekdays.)

You'll hear other people hawking tours of Hollywood and tours of movie star's homes. Incredibly, you'll even see people dressed up like actors or characters from movies. (On my last trip to the Hollywood Grauman's Chinese Theater, I saw Sesame Street's Elmo--a fake, of course---and a Star Wars Storm Trooper. A few locals make their living this way---taking tips for getting photographed in their costumes with out-of-town visitors!

Side Note: The Chinese Theater in Aurora, Colorado

The Chinese Theater in Aurora, Colorado resembles Grauman's Chinese Theater in Hollywood, California! With a theater as fine as Grauman's Chinese, just one of them wasn't enough! The Mann's Theater chain built another Chinese Theater in Aurora, Colorado that's highly reminiscent of the original Grauman's Chinese Theater in Hollywood, California. In this picture on your left, you can see for yourself. The 2 theaters aren't identical, but the brand-new imitation features very similar Chinese-motif architecture and decor.

Mann's no longer owns this theater...but the new owners, Colorado Cinemas, have left the building's decor intact. If you live in the Aurora (greater Denver), Colorado area, you might enjoy catching a movie here.

Interior of the Chinese Theater in Aurora, Colorado COLORADO CHINESE THEATER ADDRESS: The address of the Aurora, Colorado Chinese Theater is---
Colorado Cinemas at Arapahoe Crossing
6696 S. Parker Rd.
Aurora, CO 80016

The theater is part of the Arapahoe Crossing shopping center at the corner of Arapahoe Road and Parker Road. The easiest way to get to the Colorado Cinemas Chinese Theater from other areas of the Denver metropolis is to head south on Interstate 25, and exit at the Arapahoe Rd. exit (which is in the heart of the Denver Tech Center area.) You'll head EAST on Arapahoe Road from I-25. You can't miss the theater---it's up on a hill, with it's Chinese decor shining for all to see!.

Map to Colorado Chinese Theater: For your convenience, here's a Google map to the Aurora, Colorado Chinese Theater.

COLORADO CHINESE THEATER PHONE NUMBER: The telephone number for the Colorado Chinese Theater is (303) 766-3100. This Chinese Theater phone number is the recorded information line which will tell you all the shows playing and their performance times, as well as prices for the various show times.

If you get the chance to catch a show here, you'll find that it's a very pleasant theater. Every one of its many theater auditoriums features stadium seating---so your view of the screen won't be blocked by someone's head! And, of course, you'll enjoy hearing your movie's score on the theater's state-of-the-art sound system!

Or, if you'd like, you may find a different Colorado Cinema location. You may use the following link to head to the "Colorado Cinemas" page of the www.Have-Fun-In-the-Southwest website (which is a sister-site to covering activities and attractions in the Southwestern USA states of Arizona, Colorado, Nevada, New Mexico and Utah.)



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