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Griffith Park Christmas Fun!

Photo of a snowman at the Griffith Park Holiday Lights Festival in Los Angeles, California
Griffith Park Christmas lights display WON'T be held in 2013!  The Griffith Park lights were not held in 2010 due to construction at Griffith Park. At that time, the public was promised that the event would indeed be back for Christmas 2011...and then in 2012...but it wasn't.

The DWP lighting display is still NOT running for the Christmas season 2013. Recently, a DWP representative informed me that they HOPE that the Griffith Park Lighting Display will be returning in 2014. Let's hope so! This activity is one of the most popular Los Angeles Christmas activities!

Here's a link to the DWP Light Festival website, where you can see a short slide show of some favorite Griffith Park Christmas light formations.

Griffith Park's TRAIN RIDE TO SANTA'S HOUSE won't be held in 2013 either!  It WILL be returning...hopefully next year.

What is the Train Ride to Santa's House? Unless you have young children, you've probably never enjoyed the second activity & light display happening at Griffith Park---the adorable "Train Ride to Santa," which takes place at Travel Town. Kids enjoy Santa, Mrs. Claus and Santa's Elves here; but adults will enjoy seeing the display of seasonal lighting at this event. /p>

Griffith Park's best holiday activity this year will be at the Los Angeles Zoo!  Dates for the Christmas celebration...featuring reindeer and Santa Claus...have been expanded this year so that more people will get a chance to attend. Here's a link to the LA Zoo's website where you may get complete details of this event.

Griffith Park Family Holiday Fun---

2012 Train Ride to Santa's House!

Photo of the Santa's Elf character at the Train Ride to Santa in Griffith Park's Travel Town Museum, Los Angeles, CaliforniaTHE TRAIN RIDE TO SANTA'S HOUSE HAS BEEN CANCELLED FOR 2013! It will hopefully return next year. Here's a description of last year's event, so you can be looking forward to the re-opening of this popular attraction next Christmas---

For families with young children, a fun Griffith Park Christmas activity is the "Train Ride to Visit Santa" at the Travel Town museum of transportation.

To get in on the fun, head to Travel Town between 5 and 8 pm on one of the dates this activity will be operating. Here's the schedule for 2012:

On Saturday, November 24, 2012, the Train Ride to Santa had its grand opening for this year's Christmas season. At first, the Train to Santa at Travel Town will NOT run daily. Other dates will be: November 30, December 1st, 2nd, 7th, 8th and 9th. Then, closer to Christmas, the Santa Train operates nightly. Between 12/12/12 and 12/23/12, the Train Ride to Santa will operate EVERY evening. Opening time is 5 pm and the last train ride will begin at 8 pm.

Ticket prices for the Train Ride to Santa are $7/each; ages 18 months and younger ride free. Photographs with Santa will be available for $5 each, but no purchase is necessary.

Photo of the Travel Town Gift Shop decorated with Christmas lights; Griffith Park, Los Angeles
What will you experience at the Train Ride to Santa event? This is an activity geared towards younger-aged kids. You'll enter a brightly lit-and-decorated Travel Town Museum grounds, and head to the miniature train depot there. You'll board a miniature train, which will take you to a decorated area where Mrs. Claus and other costumed characters will greet you as you get off of the train.

You'll admire the seasonal decorations, hear seasonal music and meet the costumed characters. Plus, you'll get in line for the kids to meet 'n greet Santa Claus at his decorated photo set. (Digital photos with Santa are available for an extra fee.) Meeting Santa Claus is the highlight of the evening, so if your kids are no longer Santa-believers, this attraction won't hold too much interest for them.

Photo of the Travel Town miniature train used for the Train Ride to Santa holiday activity

After leaving the cute Santa Claus area, you'll re-board the train and take a ride past colorful displays of seasonal lighting which are set up alongside the Travel Town miniature train track. You'll be back at the Depot once again, where you'll disembark.

The last activity for the evening is a visit to the Travel Town gift shop, (optional) where kids and parents both can browse through the assortment of train-related books, toys, videos and other gift items. (Naturally, the Thomas train engine character is featured among the children's toys.)

Train lovers should note that the normal train exhibits are NOT open for view during the Train Ride to Santa hours. Naturally, it's hard to hide something as large as a, yes, you can SEE the trains at Travel Town. You're just not allowed to get up close or to board them.

One other note: DRESS WARMLY! Wear a winter coat...and bring a hat & mittens! The Travel Town Museum at night must surely be one of the COLDEST spots in Los Angeles! Unlike an outdoor mall or theme park, there's no pavement to radiate heat, nor any nearby buildings spewing warmth into the night air. Dealing with the cold is probably one of the biggest guest complaints, so prepare in advance!

Photo of decorations at Travel Town's Train Ride to Santa in Griffith Park, Los Angeles The Travel Town museum is located at 5200 Zoo Drive. This is located north of the Los Angeles Zoo, between the Riverside Drive entrance to Griffith Park, and the Forest Lawn entrance (off of the CA 134 Freeway.)

If you enter Griffith Park via Zoo Drive, simply take the internal park roadway heading north from the LA Zoo, and you'll reach Travel Town easily.

More "Train Ride to Santa's House" info: If you need further information about this cute attraction that your toddlers, preschoolers and kids up to about age 8-10 will enjoy, you should consult the Griffith Park Miniature Train's official website.

Photo of Train Ride to Santa at Griffith Park's Travel Town in Los Angeles, California

Griffith Park Christmas Fun: Maps, directions

Directions to Travel Town/Santa Claus train: You should use the northern entrance of Griffith Park to reach this attraction most easily. From the 134 Freeway, take the Forest Lawn exit and head south into the park. You may use the following Google map to Travel Town in Griffith Park. That address, once again, is 5200 Zoo Dr, Los Angeles, CA 90027.



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