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Griffith Park FAQs

On this page, you'll find answers to some of the questions readers of this website have asked about Griffith Park in Los Angeles, California.

If you don't see the information you're seeking on this page, try checking the main "Griffith Park" page of this website, or else the Griffith Park Observatory page of this website.

Griffith Park FAQs -- Dog Park information

Photo of Griffith Dog Park, at Griffith Park in Los Angeles, California

Question: Does Griffith Park have a dog park area?

Answer: Yes, though it's hard to find, the Griffith Park Dog Park does exist, and it's quite nice.

The Griffith Park's Dog Park is isolated. It's over on the east side of Interstate 5. The only other Griffith Park facilities in that area are the Soccer Fields.

If you drive past the soccer fields (see link to a map, below), you'll FINALLY come to the Griffith Dog Park area. On the map, you'll find the Ferraro Soccer Fields mentioned, but you won't find the Dog Park listed. Trust me, though, the dog park is just beyond the soccer fields.

Photo of compound for smaller dogs at the Griffith Dog Park in Los Angeles, California There are actually 2 different, completely-fenced compounds for dogs at the Griffith Dog Park. The first compound you'll come to is for larger and/or more outgoing dogs. The second fenced-in area is for smaller and/or shyer dogs. A separate parking lot (free-of-charge, of course) is adjacent to the fenced doggie areas.

While inside the dog park compounds, you may unleash your dog and let him romp. You will be expected to keep your dog from fighting with other canines in the park, and to pick up any poop your pet makes.

The Griffith Dog Park does not have restrooms for humans, but there is a restroom building nearby in the nearby Soccer Field Area.

For a map which can show you the location of the Griffith Dog Park, see the "Soccer Field" map in the section below. (The Dog Park and the Soccer Fields are located side-by-side.)

Griffith Park FAQs -- The Griffith Park Soccer Fields

Photo of the Ferraro Soccer Fields at Griffith Park in Los Angeles, California Question: Can you show me a photo of the Griffith Park Soccer Fields?

Answer: Sure, here's a photo of the Griffith soccer fields on your left.

For those of you who don't know where they are, like the Griffith Dog Park, the soccer fields lie on the east side of I-5...away from all the park's other facilities. There are quite a few soccer fields, but even so, not enough to accommodate every team that wishes to play here. During the school year, weekday mornings and early afternoons find the soccer fields lying empty. But, they do get crowded in the evenings and on weekends. If your team wants to play or practice here, you must call for reservations.

The Griffith Park Soccer Reservations phone number is: 818/246-5613.

To view a detailed Griffith Park Map which will show the John Ferraro Soccer Fields, you may use the following link: Detailed Griffith Park Map from the LA City website.

Photo of the cute soccer themed restroom building at the Ferraro Soccer Fields in Griffith Park, Los Angeles, CA

To find the road for the soccer fields and the dog park, you'll need to be near the Los Angeles Zoo and the National Autry Center on Crystal Springs Drive. Near the Autry Center, you'll find a road that says it's going to take you to the interstate...and when you take it, you'll find the option to head to the soccer fields. It's tricky to find, if you've never been there before!

The soccer fields have a cute soccer-themed restroom building (see the photo to your right.) There is also a children's playground case the kids get tired of watching Papi play soccer!

Griffith Park FAQs -- Confusing Roads and Entrances!

Photo of a Griffith Park picnic grove; this one is near the Griffith Park Carousel

Questions (paraphrased from several): What Griffith Park entrances do I use to find the specific attractions I came to see? Why are the roads within Griffith Park so confusing?

Answer: Griffith Park is indeed a tricky place to find what you're looking for! You can't get to all of the major attractions within Griffith Park by using only one entrance. So...what that means for all of us visitors is that we have to become familiar with SEVERAL entrances.

You MUST learn that the entrances for the Griffith Park Observatory and the Greek Theater will NOT get you to most of the park's other attractions...and vice versa.

My favorite Griffith Park entrance for going to the Griffith Park Observatory is the Los Feliz Blvd and Vermont Avenue entrance. The entrance is actually a continuation of Vermont Avenue several blocks north of Los Feliz Blvd. Just find that busy intersection, head north on Los Feliz, and you're in! Use the following link to view a Yahoo map of the Griffith Park entrance by the Los Feliz Blvd and Vermont Ave intersection.

As you can see by studying the Yahoo map, this very same Griffith Park entrance can be accessed from the intersection of Los Feliz Blvd and Hillhurst.

Use the Vermont/Hillhurst entrance if you wish to enjoy the following Griffith Park attractions---

***The Roosevelt Municipal Golf Course
***The Vermont Canyon Tennis Courts
The Greek Theater
***The Griffith Park Bird Sanctuary/Nature Walk
(Address: 2900 N. Vermont Ave, open 10 am to 5 pm daily. Restroom and small, free parking lot adjacent
***A nice mountain drive through the undeveloped part of the park; many of the other mountain roads of the park are closed to automobile traffic these days, so if you'd like to enjoy a nice loop through Griffith Park, this is a good entry to take. We'll discuss where you'll exit below.
***The Griffith Park Observatory, which is set to reopen after a several-years-long renovation in November 2006!

The Western Avenue Entrance---

You'll find an enchantingly beautiful entrance near the Western Avenue/Los Feliz intersection (which is more like a "bend in the road" than a real intersection. This is where Western Avenue bends and "turns into" Los Feliz Blvd.)

You'll find a sign that directs you to turn onto Fern Dell Drive; get onto Fern Dell and follow it into the park.

You'll want to use the Western Ave/Fern Dell Entrance if you're headed to see the---
Fern Dell Nature Center, nature trails and picnic grove;
this is quite a lovely area, and nice for strolling and picnicking

***To take a scenic drive of the undeveloped part of Griffith Park. In the paragraph, I mentioned taking a scenic loop through the mountains from the Vermont Ave entrance; Fern Dell Drive is where you'll end up. Naturally, you can also enter at Fern Dell and head towards Vermont Ave. You'll actually get better views of the Griffith Park Observatory during your scenic drive if you begin from the Western/Fern Dell entrance. Use the following link to view a Yahoo map of the Griffith Park, Western/Fern Dell entrance.

ANOTHER MAJOR GRIFFITH PARK ENTRANCE is at the intersection of Los Feliz Blvd, Crystal Springs Drive, and Riverside Drive. (Riverside Drive TURNS INTO Crystal Springs Drive as it enters Griffith Park.)

If you're coming along Los Feliz Blvd coming from Hollywood, turn left into Griffith Park at Crystal Springs Drive. (There's a sign that will give you other instructions; ignore it. Use your eyeballs, because your eyes can clearly see that this is a Griffith Park entrance. Turn right if you need to go to the Griffith Park Rec Center and Swimming Pool, which are on the outer edge of the park.)

Use the Crystal Springs Drive/Riverside entrance to Griffith Park if you're going to the following attractions---
***Griffith Park Miniature Train Rides
***Griffith Park Pony Rides for children
***Griffith Park Ranger Headquarters
and/or the Bike Rental shop in the ranger's parking lot
***The Merry Go Round and/or adjacent tennis courts
***Shane's Inspiration
playground for physically challenged kids
***The Wilson Golf Course and the Harding Golf Course
***Horse Trails
***Los Angeles Zoo
***National Autry Center

If you continue past the zoo, you can also reach the road heading to the soccer fields and Dog Park; Travel Town on Zoo Drive; and the turn-off to the Los Angeles Equestrian Center from this road.


You can enter Griffith Park directly from I-5 by taking the "Zoo Drive" freeway exit. This exit, not surprisingly, will take you directly to the Los Angeles Zoo. From the Griffith Park zoo area, you can use Crystal Springs Drive to get to any of the other attractions described above (in the paragraphs about the "Crystal Springs Drive" entry to Griffith Park.) To get back onto Interstate 5 from the Los Angeles Zoo area of the park, simply follow the well-placed signs.

Would you like to see a Yahoo map of the Zoo Drive and Interstate 5 intersection? Use the following link to view a Yahoo map of Griffith Park's Zoo Drive as it intersects with Interstate 5.


You can enter Griffith Park on its northern, "Burbank" side, if you take the Forest Lawn Drive exit from the Ventura Freeway (CA 134.) This exit is closest to Travel Town, a great place to see vintage railroad train cars. As you exit Freeway 134, you'll enter the park on Zoo Drive, which will take you to the zoo and other attractions along Crystal Springs Drive. If you want to visit the Greek Theater or the Griffith Park Observatory, you'll have to exit the park and re-enter via the Vermont Street entrance.

Use the following link to view a Yahoo map of the Griffith Park entry at Forest Lawn Drive.

The Victory Blvd/Riverside Drive entrance to Griffith Park---

Another northern entrance to the park not far from Travel Town and the Live Steamers is the Riverside Drive entrance to Griffith Park. If you're traveling through Burbank on Victory Blvd towards Griffith Park, you'll discover that Victory Blvd turns into Riverside Drive just a few blocks from the park. Just follow it on in!

If you plan to rent horses, you'll need to know about the Riverside Drive entrance; the L. A. Equestrian Center is near this Griffith Park entrance. Use the above link (to the Forest Lawn Drive entrance) to view the Riverside Drive entry; just move the map one click to the right...both of these two entrances are close together.

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