Grizzly Peak at Disneys California Adventure is now part of the

Golden State Themed Area

In the slide show above, you're viewing pictures of the Grizzly River Run ride and the Redwood Creek Challenge Trail attraction at Disney's California Adventure Park. Formerly in the "Grizzly Peak" themed area, these rides have now been blended into the "Golden State" section of the theme park. New "land"...but the same exciting fun!

White water rafting fun: the Grizzly River Run raft ride

Photo: A passing raft and mist; Grizzly Peak at Disneys California Adventure

What's the wildest, most exhilarating ride in the Golden State themed area at Disney's California Adventure Park? Easy---it's the Grizzly River Run rafting adventure!

You'll board a multi-person, round-shaped raft that'll soon have you heading into the wilds of landscaped-like-the-great-outdoors Grizzly Peak Recreation Area. First, you'll be launched into a gently churning river, and then you'll be hoisted up a tall mountain. From there, you're released to let gravity take you on an uproarious downhill run.

Photo: Nature's beauty adorns the rafting ride in Grizzly Peak at Disneys California Adventure theme park

Water will splash into the raft from the sides. Erupting "geysers" will rain down water upon you. And a crystal-clear splash pool awaits your plunge into its depths. Hmmm...getting the idea? You WILL get damp---and, maybe, you'll get SOAKED!

Photo: Nature's beauty adorns the rafting ride in Grizzly Peak at Disneys California Adventure theme park

One very pleasant feature of the Grizzly River Run Rapids Ride is the interesting waiting area for non-riding guests.

Unlike at similar rides in other parks, non-riding guests in Grizzly Peak at Disney's California Adventure may meander up a path, where they may watch the action from several different viewing points.

Less adventuresome non-riders may enjoy the fun while remaining completely dry. Others, who want to join in on the gets-you-soaked fun may wait at a viewing area directly adjacent to the splash pool! (And, no, there's no splash guard!) On a hot day, standing next to the splash pool and getting caught in the "rain" each time a raft plunges down & throws up a torrent of water, is great, refreshing fun all by itself!

High Sierra-themed playground: Redwood Creek Challenge Trail

Photo: Climbers can ascend rope netting and wooden bridges to reach the top of the Redwood Creek Challenge Trail The Redwood Creek Challenge Trail at Disneys California Adventure Park is a magnet for kids ready to stretch and run their wiggles away!

This huge, 2 acre area (just across from the entrance to the raft ride) contains a gigantic play structure for children. The rustic theme of the Grizzly Peak area is carried out in the playground: wood beams, workers in "park ranger" uniforms, and a "ranger station" built of logs.

Photo: Looking down from the Ranger Station at the top...towards the rest of the Redwood Creek Challenge Trail

There are many paths made with meshed rope within the play structure that you'll need to maneuver. Hint--don't try to climb this thing in heels!

When I climbed around in this "monster" for the first time, I was alone, and I was pretty darned proud of how well I had done. (Actually, I wanted to test it out to make sure I could climb in it before bringing the grandkids here! I wasn't sure that I could!) My pride-of-accomplishment vanished when I climbed the mesh ladders and trails again with my 9-year-old grandson (on another visit.) He zoomed past me, climbing the rope ladders as if they were escalators! (Alas, poor me! I didn't look like the hearty, trail-ready grandma that I'd wanted to appear as being!)

Photo of a slide made to look like a hollowed-out log at the Redwood Creek Challenge Trail The Redwood Creek Challenge Trail has many other fun features that your children will enjoy. There are slides (such as the cute "hollow log" slide seen in the photo here), "creeks" in which to dip your feet on a hot day, a mini-rock climbing wall, and a "fire jumper" rope ride.

Adventuresome, athletic children can easily spend an hour here...if your plans have that much extra time built into them!

Disney Characters & other Grizzly Peak fun

Meet Chip & Dale or the Brother Bear characters!

Photo of the Disney costumed characters Chip and Dale greet fans in the Grizzly Peak section of Disney's California Adventure In Grizzly Run at Disney's California Adventure, you'll have the chance to meet strolling Disney characters to grab an autograph or take a photo of them with your kids. The Disney characters that you will meet here tie in with the "rustic" nature of the area. Here, you see Gabriel meeting and greeting the familiar old-time Disney characters, Chip and Dale.

Photo of costumed Disney characters from the Brother Bear movie greet fans in the Grizzly Peak section of the Disney California Adventure theme park

In this photo on your right, you see Gabriel meeting one of the bears from the movie "Brother Bear." Several of the "Brother Bear" characters were roving around the Redwood Creek Challenge Trail on the afternoon that I took these photos.

Photo: This cross-section of a genuinely ancient tree has its growth rings marked to match historical events

There's also a "nature" trail in this section of Grizzly Peak at Disney's California Adventure. Most of the trail consists of man-made "natural" items! For example, a man-made sequoia tree, a cement trail marked with "paw prints" of passing bears and other wild animals, and plants that appear more like garden shrubbery than real forest specimens.

I do have one very favorite thing to look at along the "nature" trail, though---it's a REAL cross-section of an ancient tree...and its rings are marked with world events happening at various stages in the growth of the tree (e.g. "This tree ring was being formed during the Revolutionary War"). If your child isn't too bent on running ahead to the play structure, you could slip in an interesting little science lesson here!

Photo of the cute, rustic-themed gift shop in Grizzly Peak at Disneys California Adventure

The themed area of Grizzly Peak at Disney's California Adventure has a very attractive gift shop done, of course, in the same rustic style as the other attractions here. I like its log cabin look. The merchandise here varies somewhat from stores in the rest of the park. In keeping with the Grizzly Peak theme, the wares in this shop are more outdoorsy.



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