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Halloween BuildABears

Adorable bears and costumes are a great way to celebrate trick-or-treat time!

In the slide show above, you're viewing pictures of Halloween Hello Kitty, the Candy Corn Teddy, the Kooky Spooky Kitty, and the Pumpkin Fun Kitty, the Build A Bear Workshop's 2012, 2010, 2009 and 2008 collectible "furry friends" for Halloween. Aren't they cute? On this page, you'll discover what fun it is to make a special Build A Bear animal for the Halloween season...and get some ideas about which of the many Halloween choices YOU would pick!

Build A Bear Halloween costumes: an annual tradition for stuffed animal lovers!

Photo of a Build A Bear Mummy, perfect for decorating your home for Halloween What better way could families celebrate the Halloween trick-or-treating season than by making a Halloween Build A Bear stuffed animal?

Or else selecting an adorable (or scary!) Halloween costume for a Build-A-Bear animal that you already have at home?

As BuildABear lovers already know, the Build-A-Bear Workshops ALWAYS "celebrate the season" matter WHAT month of the year it is or what holiday will be rolling around soon. Making a Build-A-Bear stuffed animal is a great way to add a holiday touch to your bedroom, living room or family room, whether you're celebrating Valentine's Day, Christmas, or Easter.

When it comes to autumn, Halloween time rolls around. The BuildABear stores have plenty of furry friends to help you get into the mood to "just say BOO!" On this page, we'll talk about some of the stuffed creatures you may build during Halloween time at Build A Bear Work Shops...and some of the costumes that you may buy.

Note: if you're looking for BuildABear locations, you'll find a list of Southern California Build A Bear stores on our Build A Bear Workshop Locations page.

Or, if you're heading to Disneyland Park...and you'd like to see pictures and discover info about the Disneyland location, you may visit the Downtown Disney Build A Bear Store page of our site.

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Halloween BuildABear Costumes

Traditional Halloween costumes

Picture of Halloween BuildABears: an orange Halloween Bear and two Boorific  GhostsBuild A Bear usually offers a few brand-new costumes each year, plus a collection of "old favorites" that sell well from year to year. These include--

Pumpkin Costume---The Build A Bear pumpkin costume looks exactly like a Halloween Jack-o-Lantern! It's soft, orange, and certainly reminds you that this is Halloween Time every time you take a peek at it. The costume also comes with a little pumpkin hat...but other accessories are also available. You can buy matching pumpkin slippers (which are also soft & bright orange) and a soft pumpkin tote pail (in which your Build A Bear may collect his or her Halloween trick-or-treat candy.)

Witch Costume---The Build A Bear witch costume fits all of the standard 15" Build A Bear animals (including the Boorrific Ghost.) It's made of black and purple fabric. As part of this 3-piece set, you'll also get a tall, pointed witch hat and a darling "magic wand" which features a little black bat at its tip. Other accessories that can be added for an extra fee include black boots and a "scary black spider" candy tote (for collecting your BuildABear Witch's trick or treats!)

Mummy Costume---The Build A Bear mummy costume also fits 15 inch stuffed animals. This outfit looks like you just raided the first aid kit and wrapped your bear in rolls of gauze! However, the costume is easier to put on and take off than rolls of gauze, and the material is sturdier. Though it looks like a one-piece suit when it's on a stuffed bear, it actually comes in 2 pieces: one for the body and one for the head. This makes it much easier to put on. This pure-white outfit looks better on darker bears...and doesn't look so great on either white bears or the Build A Bear Ghost. (The mummy costume "blends in" with the animal too much unless there's more of a color contrast.)

Wizard Costume---The Build A Bear wizard costume features a "floor length" robe with cut-outs of the moon and stars decorating it, as well as a matching tall, pointed hat. While both are dark purple in color, a somewhat garish purple and bright red scarf has been chosen as an accessory to this outfit. Missing from the wizard outfit is a Magic Wand and footwear.

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Halloween Build-A-Bear Movie Costumes

Picture: BuildABear pirates on display at the Hollywood & Highland Build A Bear store in California Dress your Build A Bear in a movie costume! Turn your animal into a swashbuckling pirate or a superhero that's always ready to perform a daring rescue!

Pirate Costumes---Who can forget Johnny Depp's imaginative performances in the Disney's "Pirates of the Caribbean" movies? Maybe your BuildABear would like to dress up as a pirate, too! There are 2 Build A Bear pirate costumes: one for girls and one for boys. (Since Build A Bear stuffed animals are not anatomically correct, this is purely a matter of the imagination. However, it's an important distinction, since many little girls do NOT want to have a "boy" BuildABear...and vice versa!) Both the Pirate Girl and Pirate Boy Build A Bear pirate costumes are similar...done in red, black, and red & black stripes. The girls's costume features a ragged-cut skirt, a shirt/vest combo, a pirate hat and an eyepatch. The Pirate Boy outfit comes with the same items (except featuring pants instead of a skirt) PLUS there's a tiny stuffed parrot for the little buccaneer's shoulder and a soft sword for his "hand." Neither of these outfits come with pirate boots.

Spiderman Costume---The Spiderman series of hit films may make YOUR BuildABear just a wee bit jealous! Give him or her super-powers by adding a BuildABear Spiderman costume. Well, just kidding; your stuffed bear won't really have superpowers, BUT he or she will look super-cool! Build A Bear's Spiderman suit looks very authentic, and fits most 15" animals. The red and blue one-piece jumpsuit is adorned with silvery "spider webs" and the hood will completely cover your BuildABear's face...just like the real Spiderman!

Superman Costume---The BuildABear Superman suit is an authentic-looking one piece outfit...which features the traditional "S" emblem, and even comes with built-in muscles! A long red cape and red boots complete the 3-piece this Build A Bear superhero's costume.

Shrek Costumes---Still another hit series of movies have featured Shrek, the loveable green ogre. There are Build A Bear Shrek suits available for your stuffed animal, which include Shrek's characteristically rugged-looking ogre shirt, pants and soft brown shoes. Other costumes from the Shrek movies are available for your BuildABear to wear, including a donkey suit, Puss N Boots costume, and a Fiona outfit. These costumes all fit "regular" BuildABear bears, dogs, ghosts and other creatures. However, you may also get a "real" Shrek stuffed ogre. If you're local store doesn't offer Shrek, he's available online at (see link to official website at the end of this page.)

Wizard of Oz costumes---Since The Wizard of Oz remains one of the most memorable children's movies of all time, it's only fitting that Build A Bear Workshops offer costumes to commorate this landmark film. You can find BuildABear costumes for all 4 of the Wizard of Oz's main characters: Dorothy, the Tin Man, the Scarecrow and the Cowardly Lion. In addition, costumes for Glinda the Good Witch and for the Wicked Witch of the West are also available. If you can't find them in your local Build-A-Bear store, you'll find them on the company's official website (link below.)

Halloween BuildABear Year-Round Costumes

Picture of Hello Kitty Build A Bear in a pink ballerina costume Perhaps you're looking to build a Halloween display for your home...but you would like the BuildABears to look appropriate for year-round decor, as well. There are a number of Build A Bear outfits that could be used both as Halloween costumes AND as year-long home decor pieces. These costumes include the following---

Ballerina Costume---The BuildABear ballerina tutu is made of pastel pink satin and tulle, and is trimmed with sequins and shiny pink ribbon. The suit fits most 15 inch animals. (In the accompanying photo, you can see the pink ballerina costume on a Hello Kitty Build A Bear.) This costume also includes satiny pink ballet slippers and a pink bow for the animals "hair."

Kitty Costume---The Build A Bear Kitty costume looks so little like a real cat that you might not know what you're looking at when you first see it. But, what the heck...Halloween is the time of year to pretend! The cat costume is a dark suit trimmed by pastel pink fluffy "fur" and emblazoned with a pastel pink heart on the chest. A soft pink tail completes the suit; and then a hood with "cat ears" completes the Kitty outfit. This jumpsuit does not cover the feet of your Build A Bear animal, so you might want to purchase your choice of shoes or slippers to complete the costume.

Picture of Build A Bear cheerleader outfit on a stuffed dog Cheerleader costume---Buildabear Cheerleader outfits are available on-line and at Build A Bear stores year-round. Generally only a small selection of colors are available at any given moment. Since Build-A-Bear Workshops offer a line of sports outfits (baseball, football, basketball, etc which rotate through the appropriate season) your Cheerleader Bear may accompany a Build A Bear sports guy...or "stand alone." In the photo to your left, you can see a Build A Bear dog wearing the blue & white cheerleader costume. Build-A-Bear cheerleading costumes come with matching pom poms, pennant, megaphone and ear bows.

International costumes---The Build A Bear company offers an extensive array of costumes from countries around the world. Many of these may not be available at your local Build A Bear Workshop location, but the entire catalog of international clothing is available online at the official website. (See link below.)

Disney costumes--- Buildabear Disney Costumes are available in selected stores (plus on-line) year round. These include: Buzz Lightyear, Woody, Jasmine, Tinkerbell, Mulan, Jasmine, and Cinderella costumes.

Halloween costumes at

In the slide show above, you're looking at pictures of Build A Bear Halloween costumes that are currently available on There are also costumes year-round at Build A Bear stores. The selection you see at one store may or may not be the same as a different store. And the stores may not carry all of the costumes that you see on the BuildABear website. But, most stores will sell a good variety of Disney costumes, sports & cheerleading costumes and seasonal outfits.

If you'd like to see what Build-A-Bear costumes are available online, here's a link to the website.

Halloween Build A Bears on EBay

If you can't get to a Build-A-Bear store while Halloween bears, ghosts and costumes are for sale...or if you want a Halloween item from years gone by which the Build A Bear company no longer sells, don't worry. Halloween bear costumes and other merchandise is sold year-round on the EBay Auction website. With some patience and good timing, you'll be able to find the 2009 Kooky Spooky Kitty, the 2008 Pumpkin Fun Kitty, and other adorable Halloween stuffed animals from past years.

Here's a widget showing you what Build A Bear Halloween creatures & outfits are on sale "right at this very moment" on EBay. This widget automatically updates the next time you see this page, the auctions shown will be entirely different!

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