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Halloween Clown Costumes

Cute, funny, whacky? Dark and evil? Which clown for you?

In the slide show above, you're viewing pictures of cute, funny & whacky clown costumes for men, women, boys and girls. Colorful clown suits, funny noses, whimsical makeup---what could be more fun than dressing up as a clown? But, clowns have a DARK SIDE, too! "Evil Clowns" have become popular in recent years, as you surely know. If you're looking for pictures of Evil Clown costumes, head to the bottom of this page & you'll find 'em! All of these family clown costumes are for sale at, one of the internet's largest costume stores. Here's a link to view the Clown Costume section of Or, if there's a specific clown costume from the slide show above that you'd like to know more about, simply type its name into the costume search box below to get details.

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Sewing a clown costume

Clown costumes are a fairly easy sewing project; want to try your hand?

Photo: Halloween Clown Costume

If you like to sew, what could be more rewarding than making your child's Halloween costume? Halloween is one occasion when you'll take plenty of pictures...and then look back at the photos for years to come. You'll have the satisfaction and pride of knowing that your own hands actually MADE a family "heirloom" (because, no doubt, when you make the costume, it's not going to be an item that's easily thrown away! More likely, it will be lovingly stored for years!) Your child will also be reminded of your love for him or her every time he/she looks at the family photo album in the decades ahead.

Young children look absolutely adorable in clown costumes! Your older kids may cringe. Clown costumes aren't exactly "cool." Let the older members of your family be pirates or space aliens; no problem. But, little kids who don't want to be trendy still love clowns. They love clowns at the circus. They enjoy clowns in a parade. And, yes, even in the 21st century, preschoolers still LIKE clowns and clown costumes! There's certainly no denying that a child in a cute clown costume looks absolutely precious!

If you're a beginner at the art of sewing, you're in luck---Halloween clown costumes are relatively easy to make! While NO Halloween costume is going to be as easy to make as it is to buy (with the possible exception of the "ghost" costume made from a bedsheet with holes cut out for the eyes!) a clown suit is, indeed, one of the most "forgiving" sewing projects that a newbie seamstress can tackle. Why is this so?

Photo: Children's Clown Costume 1.) Few pattern pieces: A children's clown costume pattern has few parts to cut out. You can occasionally find some clown patterns which have only 2 major pieces...front and back. (The arms are just cut out along with the rest of the suit.) It's more common to find clown costumes with separate pattern pieces for the arms...but even then, you can find patterns which use "raglan cut" sleeves (which are easier for beginners to sew correctly than "set in" sleeves.)

2.) Loose, baggy fit: A Halloween costume doesn't have to fit exactly to your child's waist or hips. Therefore, unless you pick a pattern that's simply too small for your child, it IS going to fit! In fact, I've used the same Halloween clown suit for my kids up to 3 years in a row! (What a time saver!) If you try this Halloween shortcut, for the first year, simply make the suit fit just a wee bit too long & baggy; then, the second year, it will fit "just right." And the third year? Well, the suit may get a bit short in the legs and arms...but will still be loose around the chest and waistline because of the baggy cut of this style!

3.) Garish, distracting colors: Children's clown costumes are usually made from loud stripes, polka dots or prints. Who's going to even notice how straight the seams are amongst the visual hubbub? In addition, clown makeup, ruffles & pom pom decorations, and other attention-getters (eg fake red nose or a crazy clown wig) will be taking the attention of onlookers away from the suit's details and onto the "fun" add-ons.

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Children's clown costumes are economical!

Picture of 2 children in colorful clown costumes Clown costumes are one of the most economical Halloween outfits that women who sew can make!

1.) Patterns less expensive: For one thing, the sewing pattern for a clown costume has been basically the same for decades. This means that...if you get can find a clown costume amongst the patterns sold at your local thrift store. If not there, you'll very definitely find older clown costumes available at a reasonable price online.

Brand-new patterns for Halloween clown costumes tend to be one of the least expensive of all patterns that any sewing company will offer. (Why SHOULD they charge a lot? The very same clown pattern has been bringing them money for years!) In addition, you may be able to make several clown costumes with only one pattern. Since multiple sizes are usually packaged in one envelope, you may make be able to make clown suits for kids of different ages & sizes with just one purchase. You can use the small "leftover" ends of fabric bolts that get marked down and sold "for a song."

2.) Fabric less expensive: The colorful cottons you'll use to make a children's clown costume are among the least expensive fabrics you'll find in a sewing store. You may even be able to get by using discounted fabric remnants. After all, the two sides of a clown suit don't have to match!

3.) Accessories not expensive: Makeup to color a clown face, if desired, is available in the cheapest Halloween makeup kits. And clown hat patterns are generally included along with most clown suit patterns. While pirate costumes may need a purchased hat & sword to look "complete," or a ghoul costume might need an expensive latex mask to look truly horrifying, your cute little clown will save you money by looking terrific in his or her suit, cap and face paint!

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Halloween Clown Costume Patterns

Men's, Women's, boy's and girls clown costume pattern list

Here's a run-down on some of the current clown costume patterns that are available in sewing and crafts stores these days. (Of course, as it was mentioned earlier on this page, there are still plenty of usable second-hand clown suit patterns available at thrift stores and via internet shopping and auction websites.)

1.) McCall's clown costume patterns: One of the easiest children's/adult's clown costume patterns is McCall's pattern 6142. You may use the following link to view the McCall's clown costume pattern #6142 on the McCall's website.

Two advantages of this McCall's clown costume pattern are the fact that (1) it features easy-to-sew raglan sleeves; and (2) the pattern comes in sizes that fit toddlers to adults. You can have your whole group dress as a matching family of clowns!

2.) McCall's other Family of Clowns costume pattern: The choice is yours with McCall's clown pattern M5955: Wear a vest or jacket, wear a ruffled collar, make long trowsers or knicker-length legs. This slightly more-difficult pattern from McCalls also offers you more options...and it still comes in a range of sizes which would fit almost any family member. To view this fun clown costume, here's a link to McCall's Family of Clowns pattern, M5955.

3.) Darling tu-tu clown costume for girls: If you're looking for a clown costume that's more adorable than funny, try Simplicity 2071. This darling girl's clown dress features a tu tu skirt made from several complimentary colors of sheer fabric. Large colorful buttons adorn the outfit, and a colorful long-sleeve shrug ties the look together. Your own mask, tights and balloons complete the costume as shown on the pattern's cover. You may use the next link to see Simplicity girl's clown pattern, 2071. Available in girl's sizes from 3 thru 14.

4.) Simplicity clown costumes for men & women: Simplicity carries an adult unisex clown suit pattern with 4 completly different clown-suit styles included! Simplicity pattern #2849 fits sizes XS to XL (chest measuring 30-48 inches) all in one package--an economical deal for partners dressing as a clown couple. Simply add your own clown shoes/socks, wig & fake nose, and this costume supplies patterns for the rest of your look---court jester, lady clown dress, men's clown "tux," or traditional clown suite with pointed cap.

Another Simplicity clown suit pattern for adults is now out-of-print. But, if you're not happy with the current selection of men's and women's clown costumes available to you, then you might wish to get this pattern on Ebay or other internet auctions. It's Simplicity clown costume pattern #9800. Like Simplicity's other clown package, #9800 features unisex styling and sizes, and comes with several different styles of clown suits included. Patterns for the clown caps and frilly collars come included, but you'll have to purchase your own accessories such as wigs, makeup or false noses.

5.) Simplicity toddler girl's clown dress: If you'd like an unusual...and very cute...clown outfit for little girls, then this may be the costume you'll end up selecting. Designed to look more adorable than funny, Simplicity costume pattern 1530 features a number of story-book looks, including a style which can be made into either a sweet little clown...or a baby doll, depending on the materials you choose. The dress features a natural waistline, gathered skirt, and elbow-length sleeves which end in a wide ruffle. The dress is worn over blousy pantaloons, and then the entire outfit is topped off with a pointed hat and yarn wig (instructions included in the package.) Finish off with matching shoes & stockings, and the "look" is complete! Here's a link to view Simplicity's cute toddler clown dress, pattern 1530.

6.) Is your tween already a fashionista? Many girls are really "into" clothing at an early age these days, thanks to cute 'n hip clothing stores like Justice. If your tween or teenage daughter thinks she's too with-it for all the "lame" costumes she sees in the stores or pattern books, she just MIGHT enjoy wearing Simplicity's too-cool clown pattern 3071. This stylin' outfit features a ruffled 2-tier skirt, a blouse and a corset-laced vest. Made with her favorite fabrics, your daughter will feel as if she's just stepped out of a designer clown boutique! Sizes run from 7 girls to 14 teen. You will of course want to purchase cool accessories to go with the ensemble, which will complete the too-hip look seen pictured on the package.

7.) Women's cute clown dress: Mom may want to look like a very fashionable clown, herself! If so, try Simplicity's fun Misses clown dress, pattern 3073. Why hide your figure behind a baggy clown suit when this dress ensemble looks so darling? The basic outfit is a simple empire-waist dress, which you'll want to make in clown-looking...but flattering...colors. From there, you'll accessorize by making a vest (or not,) a jacket (or not) and a bow tie (or not--it's up to you which clown accessories you choose!) A wide range of sizes...from Misses 6 to 20...means that most figures will be accommodated by this fun clown dress pattern.

OUT OF PRINT CLOWN PATTERNS: Other Simplicity's baby, toddlers and kids costume patterns are now out-of-print. You might still be able to find Simplicity children's clown suit patterns on Ebay (or from other internet sources.) One Simplicity toddler pattern does double-duty. You can make a traditional clown suit for babies through age 4...or choose a non-traditional toddler girl's clown costume. It's a 2-piece costume featuring bloomers sticking out from under a clown dress. A clown hat pattern comes included in the package, which is worn with both costumes. If you're looking on Ebay or elsewhere, the pattern number is Simplicity #2787.

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Evil Clown-lovers, here are some ideas!

Twisted grins, cool latex masks, the chance to scare your friends--Evil Clowns are fun, too!

In the slide show above, you're viewing pictures of Evil Clown and Jester costumes. Sizes range from children through plus-size---enough choices to so you'll surely find one for your needs (or to imitate, if you put together your own costume.) Or, if you do plan to sew your Evil Clown costume, you'll find fun accessories like colorful shoes, latex masks and makeup. If there's a specific Evil Clown costume or accessory that you'd like to know more about, you may type its name into the costume search box below to discover full details.

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