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2008 Halloween Costume Contest Winners!

Grand Prize: Dawn Quintero wins with adorable Wicked Witch doggie!

Picture: Wicked Witch from the Wizard of Oz costume, modeled by Diamond the cute pug prize-winner!

Dawn Quintero's cute pug, Diamond, won the grand prize of's September 2008 Halloween contest! (Would YOU like a chance to win a Halloween costume contest? Then, be sure to see the 2009 Halloween Costume Photo Contest page of this website!)

Diamond's doggie Wicked Witch costume beat out all of the other 70 contest photos in a vote of this website's readers. 2008 is certainly the "year of the Pug!" The famous pug dog Zelda has her own line of top-selling doggie costumes for sale in pet stores...and pug-fever has reached the internet, as well.

Diamond's Wicked Witch costume was part of a family Wizard of Oz group costume! While the human members of her close-knit family portrayed other Wizard of Oz characters like Dorothy and the Tin Man, Diamond was chosen to play the role of the Wicked Witch. Didn't they realize that Diamond is simply too cute to ever look wicked...or scare anyone, either?

Picture: Pug dog, Diamond, in her Halloween Wicked Witch dog costume

Diamond is still a puppy--only 7 months old! While most puppies are well-known to get a case of the wiggles when a camera points their way, Diamond actually loves to get dressed up and pose for pictures!

When asked how she got her puppy to sit still for the prize-winning photo, Dawn replied that, "Diamond loves to pose for pictures--as soon as we get the camera out, she's ready to pose!" Hmmm, a statement like that could make lots of would-be doggie photographers quite jealous!

Dawn also tells that her entire family has always loved Halloween, which is why they decided on planning their group Wizard of Oz costume.

What's next for Diamond the pug? Plans for Halloween 2009 are already in the works at her house. It's entirely possible that we might be seeing Diamond dressed up as cute fairy in the 2009 Halloween Costume Contest!

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Bonnie Abelew's Doggie Circus won Grand-Prize runner up!

Costumes and settings combine to create a prize-winning picture!

Picture: A doggie white tiger costume and dog ringmaster suit are showcased in a circus setting

Bonnie Abelew's Doggie Circus picture took 2nd place among the 70 contest entries to the Halloween costume competition.

Bonnie's elaborate costume-making dates back to 1999, and follows a life-long love of Halloween. Along with her sister, Beth (who is another contest winner---as you'll see below!) she loves to create unique costumes for both herself and the sisters' beloved canine friends. In fact, they begin designing their original costumes by at least summertime each year...and sometimes sooner. Family and friends can't wait to see what unusual costume idea they've come up with next!

Bonnie love all types of costumes, however, and doesn't design every one of her doggies' darling disguises. Sometimes she purchases pre-made costumes, then embellishes them. Still other times, she hires a seamstress...which is the case with the costumes you see in the Doggie Circus picture above. After ordering custom-made costumes, Bonnie assembled accessories and made the circus set...then, voila, another fanciful scene was finished!

Picture: whimsical Dog Harry Potter costume and photo backdrop Doggie Harry Potter (to your left) and Doggie Captain Hook & Peter Pan (to your right) are other contest entries made by the Abelew sisters. As you can see, these are also very unique dog costumes. They're all original costumes...unique and one-of-a-kind.

Why are all 3 of Bonnie's dog costume entries placed in elaborate settings? Because creating imaginative photo settings is all part of her costume-making process.

The idea for making dog costumes and settings started with a "customized calendar" project! Perhaps you've made such a calendar yourself; they've become quite popular since computers have greatly expanded everyone's options for custom printing.

The Abelew sisters needed to come up with 12 different doggie for each month of the order to complete their calendar project. So hard as it is to believe, these 3 creative dog Halloween costume pictures are only a sample of the original work they've done!

Picture: Dog Peter Pan and Captain Hook Halloween costumes;l costume patterns created by Bonnie Abelew

Aladdin and Phoenix, Bonnie's two dogs, are different as night and day when it comes to posing for their costume shots.

Aladdin is calm, contented, and eager to stand still and hold props. (Aladdin is wearing the doggie Captain Hook costume to your right...and obediently displaying his sword for the camera.)

Phoenix, on the other hand, is not a dog who likes to stay still...or wear hats! Though you'd never guess from the picture, he had to "work up to" keeping a hat on his head long enough for the camera to take his picture!

How does Bonnie teach her dog to sit still for photos? By offering dog treats for successful wiggle-free moments!

At first, sitting still for 2 seconds was a triumph for Phoenix! But, with practice...counting out loud and doling out doggie treats...Phoenix worked up to wearing a hat for 5 seconds, and then 10 or more.

What's ahead for Bonnie's costume-making? Still more Halloween costumes are ahead, she assures us. Maybe next year she'll have more clever & unique dog Halloween costumes for us all to enjoy!

2 contestants tied for the "Best Doggie Costume" prize

Melissa Harbour's Doggie Mummy and Kathleen Truax's Doggie Mouse are adorable canine contest winners!

Picture: Dog's mummy costume was a hit; it won Dog Costume Contest Category

The September 2008 Halloween Costume Contest really "went to the dogs!

Since both the Grand Prize and Grand Prize Runner-up winners were dogs, that left the Dog Halloween Costume category wide open for a different winner (since no contestant could win more than one prize.) With the Wicked Witch and Circus Dogs out of the running, that moved 2 other doggies into a first place tie for the title of "Best Dog Costume--Category Winner."

Melissa Harbor's cute doggie costume was a spur-of-the-moment thought! The tiny creature had an eye injury. As Melissa was wrapping gauze around her doggie's eye, the thought suddenly came to her---why not keep on wrapping, and make a mummy costume!

Several readers of this website have asked for inexpensive dog costume ideas, and surely this is a good one that could be used. The gauze, purchased at any drug store, grocery store or discount store, only costs a few dollars per roll. It only takes a few moments to apply...IF your little fellow co-operates, that is! And in the end, you've got an adorable little a costume that can't be wiggled out of very easily (once it's fastened with tape!) Note: the doggie manicure & carefully applied pink nail polish can be omitted if your little sweetie is a boy!

Picture: Dog's mouse costume is adorable, especial when posing beside a prop of swiss cheese!

The Dog's Mouse costume submitted by contestant Kathleen Truax is a heart-melting doggie disguise!

In the picture to your right, you see the darling little doggie resting his chin on a fabric "cheese chunk" nearly as big as he is! You can tell that the little fellow has been trick-or treating...because his little Jack-o-lantern tote is stuffed full of goodies!

This mouse costume for dogs comes complete with cute pink-lined ears on the hood, and a long mouse's tail.

This is one little "mouse" that will get more ooh's and aah's than shrieks when he runs through the house!

Picture: Dog's Spider Costume is cute, not scary!

Kathleen had also entered one other costume to the Halloween photo contest---an adorable Doggie Spider!

Since Kathleen enjoys not only dressing her four-footed friends in costume, but posing them in cute settings, as well, she chose a scary spider's web as a prop for this costume.

Her doggie is simply too precious to scare anyone, isn't he? But the Spider's Web does serve to clarify what costume the little fellow is wearing, just in case someone had any doubts.


Green Toy Soldier amazes readers & win's "Children's Costume" Category

Jennifer Honeycut invented and made this costume after watching the "living statues" at the Venetian Hotel in Las Vegas!

Picture: Plastic green toy soldier costume, created by Jennifer Honeycutt

Jennifer Honeycutt enjoys Halloween...and loves making original costumes for her family every year!

Long before the trick-or-treating begins, she starts to mull over Halloween costume ideas in her mind. It just so happened that while she was making her plans, she was on vacation in Las Vegas. She saw the famous "human statues" who pose for visitors to enjoy at The Venetian Hotel in Vegas...and she was very impressed!

As you can see in the picture of the "green army man" costume to your left, the elements of standing still and posing were incorporated into the costume she made for her son.

You can create this same look, too...and no sewing is required! Purchase pants and a shirt in Army Green (or, dye some of your own clothing in that color.) Use non-toxic Halloween face makeup to cover your child's face entirely in green. Use matching green spray paint to cover the army boots, backpack, helmet and pedestal. Then, buy a plastic army rifle for an extra prop...and you're all set! This costume takes pre-planning; you won't whip it up Halloween morning. But your child will certainly "turn heads" when wearing this costume, making it well worth your effort!

Picture: Unique Halloween costume idea, an MVP Award Statue!

Jennifer submitted a 2nd entry called the "MVP Award!"

You can make a similar unique Halloween costume, too! Jennifer used a basic gold color for the costume & makeup, this time. Rightly so...because a winner's statue is always golden!

Gold-colored clothing can be purchased or dyed. Golden makeup is applied to the face and other areas of skin (in order to create a seamless look.) For posing, Jennifer's son stood on a base which had been painted as if it were black marble featuring white streaks. A name plate was also added to make the MVP Statue costume complete.

You could make an Oscar Awards Statue costume in a similar method. What a great centerpiece for your February Oscar-viewing party! (You can see pictures of Oscar Statuettes on the Hollywood's Kodak Theater page of this site, to refresh your memory of how they look.)

In May, this costume could turn into a "World's Best Mother" statue...or in June, it could be re-themed as "World's Best Father." What a versatile costume idea which could fit many different occasions!

Beth Abelew's colorful "Phoenix Birds" costume takes the "Adult Costumes" category

Amazingly, this complex, original design is a "No Sew" Halloween costume!

Picture: No Sew Phoenix Birds costume was designed by its creator, Beth Abelew

Beth Abelew's "Phoenix Birds" came in 1st place in the Sept 2008 Halloween Costume Contest.

Beth designed the Phoenix Birds herself, a unique Halloween costume that was a one-of-a-kind creation. Beth has been designing Halloween costumes for a number of years, and has no intention of slowing down. In fact, her 2009 original Halloween costume is planned to be the best one yet! ( remains a secret for now...)

Together with her sister, Bonnie---another creative and talented costume designer---the pair comes up with a number of interesting, unique costumes every year (both for humans as well as their pets.)

How can you create an elaborate No Sew costume like the Phoenix Birds? Of course, you'll surely have your own ideas about how your finished costume will look, but the techniques Beth used can help you get some good Halloween costume ideas, even if you've never sewn one stitch.

Step 1: Start with a plain store-bought outfit underneath. A yellow shirt & pants combo was used under the Phoenix Birds.

Step 2: Cut strips of material in the colors and shapes you desire, then glue them to the shirt & pants. Since Beth's costume was a golden bird, she cut feather shapes of gold material. Both Beth and Bonnie recommend using Fabri-tac glue. It's a specialty glue that they've used extensively over the years in making their no-sew costumes, and have had great success with wearing the costumes...and NOT having them fall apart, even when being fully active.

Picture: Elephant costume for Halloween; an original design called The Sultan's Elephants

Step 3: Add more layers and different colors. Over the basic layer of shiny, luxurious gold fabric, Beth glued feathers in a contrasting red color. Using more than one layer adds depth, detail and realism to the costume.

Step 4: Add interesting accessories. A no-sew costume (like any other costume) is made more interesting by adding pertinent accessories to further convey the design's theme. Purchased Phoenix Bird wings, tail feathers and bird-shaped noses were used with this costume.

Step 5: Add makeup and wig. Beth and Bonnie used golden makeup to carry the costume's basic color up into their faces. Beth made wigs of the same feathers used on the costume's body so that the secondary color of red would cap off the costume.

Photo note: Beth entered a 2nd original costume to the contest, called "The Sultan's Elephants." You can see the elephant costume's picture to your right. The Sultan's Elephants was another original design...but this particular costume required more sewing than did the Phoenix Birds.

Austin Davidson's unique Gargolye costume took top "Scary Costume" honors!

Austin designed and applied his creative liquid latex Gargoyle Halloween costume

Picture: Gargoyle costume won top prize in the Scary Costumes category

Austin Davidson amazed contest voters with his jaw-droppingly unique Gargoyle costume. He took top prize in the "Scary Halloween Costumes" category of the September 2008 Costume Contest.

Austin took many weeks to pre-plan his unique creation. Because he was working with liquid latex applied directly to the body, he couldn't make the suit ahead of time. There was no suit---other than the Gargoyle's pants, the costume is created strictly with latex & makeup.

Even having pre-planned every aspect of his Gargoyle costume, it took Austin many hours to apply it. Then, after Halloween night, it took many hours to remove it, too!

Austin's finished "look" was terrific! I'm sure you'll agree that his wonderful Gargoyle costume would look completely "at home" on the set of a major motion picture!

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