Halloween Costume Contestant's Pictures, Pt 2

Family groups & pets are here in Part 2 of the contest photos!

In the slide show above, you're viewing pictures of winners in the Family-Vacation-Getaways 2009 Halloween Costume Contest. On this page, you'll view some of last year's winning kid's costumes, plus family group and pet costume winners.

If you'd like to see last year's Grand Prize Winner, you'll find that picture on our Halloween Costume Photo Contest main page. To see more 2009 costume contest winners in the babies thru teen categories, please visit the Kids Halloween Costume Winners page. Finally, to view the 2009 Halloween winners in our adult groups & pairs, individual and scary categories please check out the 2009 Halloween Costume Contest Winners, Part 3 page.

On the rest of this page below, you'll see pictures of all 2009 competitors in the Family Groups & Pets category. We had such terrific costumes last year, they're going to remain on this page so that our readers may admire them!

What if YOU would like to enter this year's Halloween Costume Contest? Discover this year's rules and prizes on our 2010 Halloween Costume Contest page.

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Halloween Costume Category: Kids Pairs

Note: in all categories on this page, contestants are listed by alphabetical order within each category.

Halloween Costume Category: Children's Groups

Halloween Costume Category: Family Groups

Halloween Costume Category: Pets, part 1 (A thru K)

Pets, part 2...owners last name L thru P

Pet Costumes, part 3...owners names beginning R thru Z

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