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2010 Halloween Costume Photo Contest!

This year's contest was so big, it was split into two contests...for more chances to win!

In the slide show above, you're viewing the top prize-winners in this year's Teen, Adult & Pet Halloween Costume Contest! Congratulations to these terrific contestants who have made such wonderful costumes. In total, there were about 1,000 entries in this year's Halloween it was split into two different competitions with, each with their own Grand Prize winners. Two contests = more chances for our readers to win!

Above, you have seen the top prizes in the Teen-Adult-Pets Costume Contest. On the following pages, you may see the other Adult/Teen/Pet prize winners, which include the "Best of Category" and "Category Runner Up" prizes:
1.) Teen Individual Costumes
2.) "Men's Individual Costumes"
3.) "Women's Individual Costumes"
4.) "Teen & Adult Pairs, Couple's and Group Costumes"
5.) Scary Costumes
6.) "Pet Costumes"

Kids & Family Halloween Contest Winners

In the slide show above, you're viewing the top prize-winners in this year's Halloween Kids & Family Costume Contest!

Winning pictures for the Kids & Family Costume Contest were posted on Thanksgiving Day. You have seen the top prizes in the slide show above. You may also wish to check out the other winning pictures (which include the "Best of Category" and "Category Runner up" awards) on the following pages:

1.) "Baby and Toddler Contestants"
2.) "Girls Costumes"
3.) "Boys Costumes"
4.) "Kids Pairs Costumes"
5.) "Family Group Costumes"
6.) Other family costumes, including wagon/stroller/wheelchair/vehicle costumes; and the "Families with Pets" costumes

What was the 2010 Costume Contest all about?

Having fun, of course! What's more fun than wearing a cute or scary costume at Halloween time?

On the rest of this page, you'll see the contest's rules and information for 2010.
Handsome Jack Sparrow costume and lady pirate outfit; entered last year by Brittany Singletary of Florida Halloween is a fun celebration---

and it's also one of the top photo-taking holidays every year!

Will you, your child, or your pet be getting a cute Halloween costume for 2010? Or super-scary?

Or, do you want to show off the costume you wore for Halloween 2009?

Terrific! Send in the best photo you took of your costume. Not only can you show off to your friends, family and other readers of this website, but you might win a cash prize!

What kind of costumes can you enter? Any costume that's suitable to be shown on a family-friendly website is eligible for this free online photo contest. It can be home-made...or store-bought. You might have used a sewing pattern...or created your own original design. You might think you had the best costume ever...or you might simply think that you had the cutest baby, child or pet!

Halloween costume photo contest prizes for 2010

Lavish Demeter the Cat costume submitted last year by Cristine Armstrong of California$125 will be the prize awarded to the 1st place Grand Prize winner! In addition, there will be a number of other prizes.

A $100 second place and $75 third place prize will also be awarded, as well. 4th Place and 5th Place positions will both win $50 prizes.

In addition, each category of costumes in the contest (baby, children's, pet, scariest, couples, group, etc) will be awarded a prize. This year's best-of-category prizes will be $35 each. Category "runner up" prizes will be $25 each.

The 2010 Halloween Costume Contest winners will be decided by a panel of judges.

The last day to register for the Halloween contest is November 3rd. Then, contest judging begins November 8th. It will take the judges about 2 weeks to go through the process of deciding the contest winners.

Our Halloween Contest's Panel of Judges

Cute child's tiger costume; entered by Angelita Raposas of Hawaii Meet the 2010 Halloween Contest panel of judges! These three contest judges "think Halloween" all year long. Why? Because they each are responsible for websites which advise their readers about different aspects of preparing for Halloween and other holidays.

Margaret Rench, editor of, helps readers plan their Halloween parties from the ground up. Whether the subject is invitations, decorating, refreshments, activities...or even costumes...the Theme Party Palace website can offer tips, suggestion and help. Other popular parties for which you'll find advice from this website are Christmas and other holiday parties, birthday parties, showers, and themed get-togethers for adults and teens. If you'll be planning a Halloween (or other) party this year, you'll want to browse through the website for fresh new hints and ideas.

Cute dalmatian baby costume submitted by Nicole Andra of Utah

Kelli Gaylor from www.Holiday-Crafts-and-Creations is our Halloween judge whose artistic flair and life-long enthusiasm for holiday crafts projects has led her to develop a website on the topic. If you're looking for beautiful Halloween decorations to liven your home this autumn, you'll want to check out her website. You'll discover how to make the cutest Halloween-themed banners, garlands, greeting cards, and other interesting projects. Each step is clearly described (and illustrated with photos) so that you're sure to have success. Kids will love the adorable Halloween coloring pages...and may beg you to hold a Halloween get-together just so you'll make the amazing party favor bags. Be sure to check out Kelli's site if you need some good ideas for fun, free designs.

Greta Gaylor, also from has extensive experience with many different crafting skills. With every holiday, she strives to create several exciting new projects...not only for personal use, but to share with the many readers of the lovely website which she produces with Kelli. If you enjoy creating holiday projects, as many of our contestants do, you'll certainly want to check out the fun new projects for Thanksgiving and Christmas that are now available on her website!

Many thanks again to Carol Leather, from and Brenda Rowe, webmaster of, for their helpful assistance with the judging of last year's contest.


Halloween Costume Photo Contest Rules

What is the object of the contest

1.) The object of the Halloween photo contest is to have fun! You'll submit a great-looking digital picture of yourself, your family member or your pet wearing a terrific Halloween costume. If you win a prize, your picture will be posted to the website...and you'll have pleasure & pride of showing off your costume to all your family and friends! But that's not all! You might also win a prize!

What are the qualities of a winning photo?

Photos will be judged on the following qualities: Aesthetics of the costume and/or makeup; clarity of the photo; and appropriateness to a family-oriented website.

It's free to enter---and no purchase of products advertised on this website (such as Halloween costumes) is required. So, why not join in the fun?

2.) Eligibility for the Halloween costume photo contest

You are eligible to enter a picture into this costume contest if you:

a.) Are a resident of the United States or Canada (contest offer is void if prohibited in your locality)
b.) Are 13 years of age or older. Submissions from children age 12 and under should be made by their parents. Teens should have their parent's or guardian's consent to enter the contest.
c.) Took the costume photo (or photos) yourself. Also, your entries must be pictures of you and/or your own children or your own pet. If a friend is in your picture, as well, you must have your friend's permission to enter your photo into this costume contest. Professional studio photos are discouraged, since we may have problems publishing these photos (due to copyright issues.)

3.) Beginning and ending dates of the Halloween Costume photo contest

Entries for the 2010 Halloween Photo Contest will be accepted beginning October 1, 2010. The last date to register for the contest will be Wednesday, November 3, 2010. Pictures must be received by Friday, November 5th. Several days will be needed for processing the pictures, and then the Panel of Judges will begin their work on Monday, November 8th. It will take about 2 weeks for the judging process. Winners will be announced by Thanksgiving Day if all goes well. And if you're one of the winners, you'll have your prize checks in your hand to use for your Christmas shopping!

4.) Entry requirements for the Halloween costume picture contest

Scary skeleton costume and makeup; entered by Angela Romney of California

In order to be eligible for judging, your Halloween picture must meet the following requirements:

a.) Your photograph must be an original digital photo. It must have been taken by yourself (or by your minor child for whom you are making the submission.) If you do not have a digital camera, you may send a digitally scanned image of your photo, instead.

b.) We prefer if your Halloween costume picture has have been previously published on the internet, including other Halloween Costume Contests held on other websites. We have a number of contestants, however, who do enter multiple contests trying to win the maximum amount of prize money. You should keep in mind, however, that each website on the internet, including, strives to bring fresh new costume pictures to its readers. It is not fair to the websites holding contests to re-submit the same photo time and time again. When making submissions to multiple contests, we would much prefer that you take a number of shots and submit different poses and backgrounds, to minimize the similarity.

c.) Your Halloween costume picture must be compatible with the "family friendly" nature of this website. Entries may not contain any content that:
1.) Is sexually suggestive, explicit nor would be offensive to the many parents reading this website with their young children.
2.) Promotes gangs, dangerous stunts, alcohol, drugs, tobacco, weapons, hatred or other harmful activities

5.) Number and handling of entries to the Halloween Costume photo contest

Choose your best photos! For the 2010 costume contest, each contestant may submit only ONE picture of each costume, and a maximum of 3 different Halloween costume pictures in total to the competition. Please send good-quality photos. Pictures may be eliminated from the contest before the judging phase for reasons including the following: too dark to see the costume or its wearer; blurry; too small to be seen easily during judging, etc.

Although you may enter up to 3 Halloween costume pictures, you may only win one prize. If more than one of your costume photos tally up a winning number of the judge's votes, you will be awarded the highest prize for which you qualify, and your lower-level prize must be forfeited.

Inexpensive Halloween monster costume6.) Awarding of Halloween Costume Contest prizes

After the winners of the Halloween Costume Contests have been decided, the winning pictures will be displayed for public view, along with a list of the winner's names. Winners will be contacted by email. (When you enter, please give an email address that you check regularly. It can be difficult or impossible to locate winners who do not check or abandon their email addresses during the contest. will send a follow-up email if you don't answer the first one. However, we reserve the right to award your prize to the next-highest scoring contestant if you do not answer your 2nd winner's announcement within one week.) Once the winners have been notified by email...and have responded...their winner's checks will be mailed to them!

Sound fun? Be thinking about which costume you'll enter!

7.) How do I enter the contest?


Adult Costumes

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