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Halloween Costume Prize Winners

Get group costume ideas, couples costume ideas...and more!

In the slide show above, you're viewing pictures of Halloween costume prize winners from the Family-Vacation-Getaways.com Halloween Photo Contest of October, 2008. Aren't they great costumes? Viewing them may spur you on to create your OWN prize-winning costume this year! (And don't forget to enter the 2009 Halloween Costume Photo Contest at Family-Vacation-Getaways.com if you do!)

Some of the contest prize-winners have already been discussed on another page of this site; if you haven't enjoyed those photos yet, here's a link to the Prize-winning Halloween Costumes, part 1 page of this site. But don't forget to return here to check out the wonderful Halloween costumes featured below!

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Trio of Dr Seuss characters won the contest's Group Costumes category!

Picture: Cat in the Hat, Thing 1 and Thing 2 made a prize-winning group costume! Brenda Hargrove (Illinois) submitted the photo of her grandchildren dressed as The Cat in the Hat, Thing 1 and Thing 2 which went on to win top honors in the Group Costumes category.

The kids look just as if they stepped of the pages of this popular Dr. Seuss story book, don't they? Even the goldfish and his bowl are represented here.

An interesting fact about making the costumes is that the 2 blue wigs for Thing 1 and Thing 2 were actually the most difficult accomplishment!

First, it took some shopping around to find wigs the color of the storybook character's hair. However, when they were purchased, these wigs actually had long, straight hair! How did Brenda get them into the shape of Thing 1 and Thing 2's hairdos?

It took session after session of back-combing and spraying with stiff spray to whip them into the proper shape...and leave them sturdy enough so that any wind whipping up on Halloween night wouldn't knock them flat again!

Edward Scissorhands costume won Teen Costumes category!

Picture: Edward Scissorhands costume...made by hand...was a prize-winning teen costume

Sheri Findlay (Utah) crafted a remarkable Edward Scissorhands costume for her son...and won the prize for best tween/teen costume.

This highly detailed costume was hand-sewn...and it was actually pieced together from several different sewing patterns.

Metallic details that couldn't be sewn on were hot-glued into place to prevent them from coming loose during the festivities Halloween night.

The scissors for the hands were purchased on Ebay. A putchased wig was carefully tousled to produce just the right look. Then the costume's appeal was finished off with makeup for Edward Scissorhand's face.

Terrific job, Sheri!

Headless Marie Antoinette costume won top Scary Costumes prize!

Picture: Marie Antoinette, Beheaded won the Scary Costume prize...with good reason! Jennifer Perryman (Texas) won top prize in the Scary Costumes category for her clever...and macabre...Marie Antoinette--Headless costume.

I don't know about you, but it took me a number of times gazing at the picture before I could look at the costume without wincing. Scary, indeed!

To make this Headless Marie Antoinette costume, Jennifer needed to find an appropriate gown and gloves, a wig, a mannequin which could be cut, and a sturdy backpack (with a frame...like a rolling backpack with the wheels and handle removed.)

First, Jennifer cut a hole in the dress where her head would appear. Jennifer took the mannequin's torso and mounted it atop the backpack (so that when she wore it her head would appear at the mannequin's waist-level.) Jennifer cautions others who would make a similar costume to begin their search for supplies early; it took her several months to find the perfect outfit and the other supplies.

Putting on the Marie Antoinette costume was another challenge. It's too tall to be worn in a car, so she had to transport it to the Halloween party & put it on there before stepping inside. With another person helping, it took about 10 to 15 minutes to get the costume into place.

There you have it! If you make a similar costume, good luck---and expect people to run screaming!

Cousin Itt won top Adult Costume prize!

Picture: Cousin Itt from the Addams Family was the clever homemade costume winning the Adult Costumes prize

Nedra Cassarino (California) designed and created her own Cousin Itt costume (from the Addam's Family TV show) and her masterpiece won top prize in the Adult Costumes category.

Surprisingly, it took only 3 long wigs to re-create the Cousin Itt look. These were surely thick wigs, because it certainly looks like more than three were used, doesn't it?

Nedra and her family go "all out" for Halloween every year, turning their home into a haunted house and holding a party for friends and neighbors. She has made several Halloween costumes so far, but this one, she feels, is her best effort---so far!

Funny incidents happened while wearing the homemade Cousin Itt costume. The family dog became very suspicious of the moving costume, and began biting at the hair. And outside when the wind arose, Cousin Itt's hair tangled just like any long hair gets tangled...only there was lots more of it!

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Circus Poodles costume won in the "Adult Pairs" category!

Picture: Pink Poodle costumes featuring thousands of pom pom balls won best pairs costumes in the contest Bonnie and Beth Abelew (New York) took top honors in the Adult Pairs category with their imaginative, hand-made Pink Circus Poodles costume.

This sister duo is known locally for going "all out" every year with their Halloween costumes...and friends always wait anxiously to discover what the pair will create next. For them, Halloween-planning begins in the summertime...and construction of their elaborate costumes continues into the fall.

For the Circus Poodles costume, thousands of pink pom pom balls (purchased) needed to be glued in place on top of the plain pink pants and shirt which served as the "base." (The Abilew sisters recommend using Fabri-tac glue.)

Ruffled circus collars and tutus, plus embellished hats and headpieces needed to be made. Purchased ballet slippers and pink gloves completed the outfit (along with a very good makeup job done on the day of their party.)

It's hard work...but fun. And their costumes always make a hit at local Halloween parties every year!

Homer and Bart Simpson costumes won top adult/child pairs prize!

Picture: Homer and Bart Simpson costumes made for a comical, prize-winning pairs costume

Val Rugel (Minnesota) hand made the Bart and Homer Simpson costumes you see in the picture to your right...and they went on to win top honors in the Mixed Pairs category of the contest!

Actually, Bart and Homer were only two of four costumes that Val made. The entire costume was actually for their family of four, and included Marge and Lisa Simpson, as well!

The exhausted Val exclaimed, "It took longer and I spent more money than I imagined it would!"

Fortunately, all the hard work paid off in several ways. Of course, these costumes won a prize in the Family-Vacation-Getaways.com Halloween Costume Contest. But there's more!

The costumes were made to be worn at a Halloween wedding reception. All the guests were in costume...but all eyes were on the Simpsons family group!

Adorable Eeyore and Tigger costumes won the Children's Pairs category

Picture: Eeyore and Tigger costumes took the prize for best children's pairs costumes Crystal Cave (Virginia) won the Children's Pairs category with the adorable photo of her twins dressed as Eeyore and Tigger.

Crystal has always decorated for Halloween, and 2008 was an extra-special year. It was her twins' very first Halloween time!

The furry, warm Tigger and Eeyore baby costumes were purchased. Nevertheless, a lot more went into making the winning picture than dressing up the babies. The photo's setting---which makes the photo so lovely---took a bit of work to produce.

First interesting scarecrow decorations, fall foliage and autumn-blooming flowers had to be arranged around the family's fireplace. Then, Crystal carved a smiling jack-o-lantern, and artfully arranged it alongside an un-cut pumpkin.

With the decorations in place, it was time to bring out the twins! But, those of you with infants know that it's difficult to capture a winning smile. With patience and cajoling, Crystal managed to capture not only one, but TWO perfect baby smiles! The result? A heart-melting Autumn scene which captured the hearts of contest voters!

Barack Obama costume wins the Political Costumes category!

Picture: This child's Obama contest won the Political Costumes category

Paula Mbonda (Ontario, Canada) made her son's Barack Obama costume...and took top prize in the Political Costumes category!

This cute little Canadian boy likes to watch his father view the news on CNN. One thing led to another, and the tyke's proud mom came to think that dressing her son as this popular presidential candidate would be a perfect Halloween costume.

The basic costume, of course, was the child's Sunday suit. Paula further embellished the costume with a red, white & blue necktie and several campaign buttons. To make the Obama costume photo more special, she photographed her son standing beside the television at the same time Mr. Obama appeared on CNN!

But, there's more to the story! To turn her son's Obama outfit into a "group costume" for the family, Paula and her husband both dressed as their son's body guard!

Kitty Pumpkin Costume takes the Pets category top prize!

Picture: Cute cat pumpkin costume stole the Pets category Cynthia Beaumont (New Jersey) snapped a prize-winning photo of her cat, Hunter, in his kitty Halloween pumpkin costume. It took top honors in the Pets category (which included all costumed animals except for dogs.)

Halloween was a special day at Cindy's house; it wasn't just trick-or-treating time...it was Hunter's 1st birthday, too!

Cindy found this special pet's pumpkin costume, whose colors went well with the brown tabby cat. Next she arranges a speciall little scene in which to take the special birthday picture.

With a little patience...and cooperation from Hunter, the photo came out well, and became the contest's prize-winning shot in this category!

Doggie Scuba Diver won top Dog Costume prize!

Picture: Unusual dog costume, Scuba Diving Doggie, won the Dog Costumes category

David Kittle (Illinois) and his adorable dog, Echo, won the contest's "Dog Costumes" category with the imaginative Scuba Diving Dog outfit.

Coming up with this unusual costume idea must have been difficult...but maybe not as difficult as actually finding the miniature scuba equipment!

Echo looks like he's ready to go for a dive to the ocean's depths...but, as you might guess, that's actually the family's aquarium in the background that makes such an interesting photo backdrop.

How did David get his dog to be so cooperative? Well, for one thing, Halloween is always celebrated at the Kittle household, and the scuba outfit is certainly not Echo's first costume. But, in the end, David's dog photography advice is this: "Treats are the key to taking a great picture!"

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