Universal Studios Hollywood's

Halloween Horror Nights!

In the slide show above, you're viewing pictures Halloween Horror Nights at Universal Studios Hollywood! These terrifying monsters...and many more of their good buddies...couldn't wait to sneak up on guests with a chain saw or bloody knife last year. They'll be back to give visitors a good scare in 2014. Will you be there? You wouldn't want to disappoint them...would you?

Dates of the 2014 Horror Nights at Universal Studios Hollywood

When do Universal Hollywood's Horror Nights begin in 2014?

On Friday, September 26th! This scary, pulse-pumping event will be running on ALL Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays from September 26th thru November 2nd. In addition. Horror Nights will also be operating on 3 different Thursday evenings: October 16th, 23rd and 30th.

Hours for Halloween Horror Nights: In 2014, the opening time is 7 pm & closing time is 2 am on every night that this event is scheduled.

Halloween Horror Night is a separately-ticketed event

Picture: The Psycho House at Universal Studios HollywoodIf you're planning to enjoy the regular daytime activities at Universal Studios Hollywood, you WILL find the park open and running its normal daytime schedule on the date of all Halloween Horror Nights events. (Daytime hours at Universal Hollywood generally run from 9 or 10 am until 5 or 6 pm.)

Most of Universal Hollywood's regular shows, rides, stores, restaurants, character greetings, etc. will be operating as usual during the daytime. Conversely, the park's Halloween Horror Nights events ONLY happen in the evening. It's quite possible to enjoy BOTH sets of attractions on the same day.

In fact, if you've never seen Universal Studio's "regular" theme park attractions, Autumn is a terrific time to do so! Daytime crowds are light and Southern California's weather is generally quite pleasant at this time of year.

HOWEVER, if you do decide to enjoy BOTH the daytime hours at Universal Studios AND Halloween Horror Nights, as well, then you'll need to purchase TWO separate tickets. You'll need a regular theme park ticket for daytime attractions, and then a separate, special-events ticket for the evening's Halloween-themed activities.

There's good news, though. You can save a substantial amount of money by getting a Day & Night Combo Pass. With a combo pass, you can enjoy all the rides and daytime attractions PLUS the Horror Nights events while getting close to buy-one-get-one-free pricing. For example, the normal cost of a daytime admission is $92 this year. Combo tickets run $109 to $119 (if you purchase them in advance on Universal's website.) That's like getting your admission to Horror Nights for only $17 to $27! (The exact price depends on which night you'll be visiting the Halloween events.) Normally, tickets to Horror Nights cost $77 to $79 at the gate...so you can see that the combo ticket offers quite a big savings.

Restrictions: Day/Night combo tickets must be used on the same day. You might have to exit the theme park at its normal closing time, while the park prepares for the evening's scary fun. (This is because all of the scariest decorations are put away during the daytime so they won't frighten the kiddies who visit the park.)

Other Halloween Horror Nights ticket discounts

How much does the Halloween Horror Nights event cost at Universal Studios Hollywood? For 2014, Horror Nights Tickets cost $77 to $79 depending on which night you plan to attend. This is the full-price cost that you'll pay at the front gate of Universal Studios Hollywood.

Is there a way to get cheap discount tickets to Halloween Horror Nights? Always! In fact, Universal Studios Hollywood itself offers the best discount tickets...IF you use their online, print-at-home Horror Night ticket special!

How much do Universal's Horror Nights tickets cost if you use their print-at-home special offer? There isn't just one answer; it all depends on WHICH night you plan to attend this super-scary annual event. The more crowded the event gets, the more it costs...and so the theme park entices you to visit on certain days of the month by providing larger discounts.

In short, you can save anywhere from $5 to $25 depending on your choice of night. (Generally speaking, you'll get a better discount early in the season, and less of a discount the closer to Halloween you attend. Also, Saturdays are the busiest nights, and so you'll get less of a discount if you go on Saturday. In fact, there are 3 Saturdays in October when you'll get NO ONLINE DISCOUNT at all!)

There is a 99 cent fee for print-at-home discount tickets (in addition to the cost of the tickets.) No other discounts may be used in combination with Universal's special print-at-home price (Coke can, fast food discount coupon, etc.)

Check the Horror Nights calendar of discounts to discover the exact discounts for the various nights you're considering. You may also purchase your tickets directly from the Horror Nights calendar, if you reach a decision. Here's a link to Universal Hollywood's Horror Nights website where you can play around with the calendar & get the best deal that meets your needs.

ANNUAL PASS HOLDER DISCOUNTS: Universal Studios Hollywood annual pass holders can get an online discount to Halloween Horror Nights. Have your pass available when you order, because you'll need to enter the number in order to claim this discount.

Front of Line passes to Halloween Horror Nights at Universal Hollywood

Universal Studios Hollywood gets EXTREMELY crowded during its Halloween Horror Nights. It is entirely possible that you might NOT get to enter all of the event's haunted houses. Actually, on some busy nights it's quite likely that you WON'T!

However, Universal does have 2 ways that you can see all of the mazes. One of these is the Front of Line pass, and the other is the exclusive VIP Experience pass.

The Halloween Horror Nights front-of-line pass is a good way to get into all the mazes in one evening. The front of line pass at Halloween Horror Nights DOES include your admission fee...plus the following benefits:

* If you have pre-purchased your front-of-line pass online and come to the park with your printed ticket, your privileges begin even before you reach the event's attractions. You'll bypass the ticket booths & get Front-of-Line access to the entrance gates and security screening stations.

* Front-of-line access ONE TIME to each of Universal's haunted houses and the terror tram. This does not guarantee that you'll be able to walk right in, but you shouldn't have more than a 5 to 10 minute wait.

* Front-of-line access and reserved seating to all shows.

* Front of line privileges at all theme park rides

HOW MUCH DO UNIVERSAL HOLLYWOOD'S FRONT OF LINE PASSES TO HORROR NIGHTS COST? The 2014 prices vary from $139 to $159, depending on which evening you're attending. (It costs more on busier nights.) This is a steep price, but it DOES include the cost of your admission, as well as your front-of-line privileges.

Do Front-of-Line passes sell out? Yes, only a limited number of Front-of-Line passes are sold. If you decide that you want one, you should purchase it as soon as possible. Front-of-line passes were all sold out for some dates even BEFORE the very first night of the event!

VIP EXPERIENCE PASS: If you'd like UNLIMITED access to ALL haunted mazes, rides and attractions, then this is the pass you'll want to get...but it comes with a hefty price tag. However, if you've got an extra $209 to $249 just taking up space in your wallet, you can have carte blanche entry to whatever interests you during Horror Nights. You'll walk right into every attraction on the property...AND get access to a special VIP Horror Lounge (with food), AND get a guided tour of the Universal back lot. (The $249 price is for the busiest nights, and the $209 fee is for the less popular nights of the event...with varying prices in between for nights which have "moderate" attendance. However, there's always a crowd at Horror Nights...even on the least-busy nights---which is why these tickets became so popular in the first place.)

CHECK VIP AND FRONT-OF-LINE PASS PRICES: Here's a link to the Universal Studios Hollywood "Horror Nights" website where you may check the Front of Line and VIP pass prices for the night you'll be going.

Attractions at Halloween Horror Nights, Hollywood:

The Back Lot Terror Tram!

Picture: A scene of desolation on the Tram Tour at Universal Studios Hollywood Walk through scary movie sets used for making horror pictures!

Universal Studios Hollywood has a history of turning out some of the scariest...and most popular...horror movies ever made. And, luckily for guests, Universal uses some of these REAL movie sets as part of its Halloween Horror Nights festivities!

Each year, Universal Studio's macabre films "come to life" during Horror Nights! In addition to the event's haunted houses, Universal Studios Hollywood offers a scary version of its famous back lot tram tour, as well. This year the Walking Dead will haunt the tram tour...and they won't succeed on their mission unless they get some grizzly screams out of you!

In recent years, guests to Halloween Horror nights have also "enjoyed" walking through the eerie Bates Motel (the set of Alfred Hitchcock's "Psycho.")

Other things to do on tram tours in past years have included walking along the eerie pathways of the infamous Crystal Lake...but you certainly couldn't think of camping there. Despite its tranquil setting, the same awful fate that befell the movie's campers may happen to you, too. (Tip: if you're asked to join someone for a campfire dinner, better "just say no." You wouldn't want to end up as the main course!)

Past tram tour guests have also scavenged among the ruins of a downed jet plane...and discovered monsters hiding among what appeared to be "merely" a field of corpses strewn amongst the wreckage. If you've got a medical problem, HIDE it from them! The medics "helping" the unfortunate crash victims think it's easier to finish off the wounded than to help them heal!

Universal Horror Nights' Scary Haunted Mazes

Picture: A monster at Universal Studios Hollywood What would a Halloween fest be without scary mazes? Universal Studios Hollywood has them...and no other theme park's Halloween celebration will have these same mazes, either. Why not? Because Universal has the legal right to use horror characters and movie themes that no other theme park can use.

2014 mazes will included---

Alien VS Predator

From Dusk to Dawn

Dracula: Untold Reign of Blood

Face Off in the Flesh

An American Werewolf in London

Clowns 3D

SAVING TIME at Universal Hollywood's Horror Nights: Arrive earlier than the 7 pm opening time; lines just to get into the park itself can be quite long. Head to the mazes and tram tour first after you enter Halloween Horror Nights. Skip out on the shows, scare zones and restaurants until later. Most people want to see the all of the mazes. But, since there are so few of them, the lines keep building all evening until there's a waiting time that's scarier than the evil monsters lurking inside!

(Of course, Universal Studios would like to help you solve the problem of long waiting-times at the mazes...by selling you a "front of the line" pass!)

Scare Zones crawling with creepy monsters!

Picture: A barker at Universal Hollywood Horror Nights 4 monster-filled Scare Zones await guests at Universal's Halloween Horror Nights. The monsters will be "dying" to meet you!

Universal Studios Hollywood certainly doesn't skimp on hiring scare-actors...and the many zombies, vampires, grizzly pigs, evil clowns and other frightening fiends roaming the park's scare zones will try their best to catch you off-guard when you least expect them.

Clouds of fog; darkness punctuated by eerie lighting; gangly skeletons; tattered cobwebs, and other special effects help set a sinister mood as you enter each scare zone.

Keep your eyes open & watchful...or your voice will be added to the sounds of screams that can be heard piercing the night's tranquility!


Fun rides! Universal Studio's new Despicable Me attraction, the Transformers wild dark ride, the Mummy Roller Coaster, the Simpson's Ride and Jurassic Park boat ride are open during the festivities. (Now's your chance to plunge down the Jurassic Park ride's steep drop...in the dark!)

Shopping: There will be special Horror Nights merchandise for sale during the event. If you make it through the haunted houses, you can boast to your friends without saying a word: simply buy the T Shirt & wear it with a smug grin!

Dining: It might be difficult to think of food amidst all the blood & gore, but it you get hungry, don't worry--a number of the Universal Studios Hollywood restaurants & snack bars will be open during Horror Nights. For an even better choice of restaurants, you may step out into Universal City Walk, which is directly adjacent to the park.

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