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Halloween Pet Costumes

Funny? Scary? Just plain adorable? What "look" does YOUR little cutie want this Halloween?

In the slide show above, you're viewing pictures of adorable Halloween dog costumes sent in by readers of this website. All of these pictures were submitted as part of either the September or the October Halloween Costume Photo Contests here at Don't you agree that each of these costumes look simply adorable? Hopefully, you'll be able to get some ideas for making or buying your own dog or cat costume by seeing the disguises that these clever pet-owners have come up with!

Halloween Pet Costumes: Buy or sew?

In the slide show above, you're viewing pictures of cute Halloween pet costumes! All of these are for sale at, one of the internet's largest costume stores...and despite this large selection, there are still more. Animal costumes available at include: dracula, "hot dog," king/queen, elf, rock star (Elvis,) jail bird, Dark Knight Batman & Joker, bride & groom, Star Wars characters, skeleton, fireman, devil, dinosaur, superheros...and many more. Here's a link to view the Pet Halloween Costume section of Or, if you see a particular pet costume in the slide show above that you'd like to find out more about, simply type its name into the costume search box below to discover more details.

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Advantages of sewing vs buying your cat's or dog's Halloween costume

Photo: Dog Halloween witch hat modeled by Reina the Dog If sewing isn't one of those skills on your long list of talents, then this question is already decided for you!

If you DO love to sew, you'll have the advantage of being able to create a one-of-a-kind Halloween costume for your pet. You can pick a durable fabric which will stand up to every cute little antic your dog or cat wants to put it through...jumping all over you, rolling in the wet grass in the back yard, trying to dig under the fence, etc. What a strain pets can put on an inexpensive Halloween costume in just one night! Even human toddlers...well known for being active busy-bodies...are not going to put a costume to test on Halloween night like a frisky, inquisitive 4-footed friend can!

In other words, remember to keep your pet's active nature in mind when you make your selection. You want your little fellow to have FUN...not feel restricted or get yelled at for messing up his costume.

Buying a costume is easier. You simply walk into a store & pick it out. It may also cost less money than sewing a costume yourself, especially if you pick one of the lower-priced costumes. But, if you've got the time & talent, there's certainly lots of satisfaction to be gained from making it yourself...then seeing how cute your furry little sweetheart looks in it!

Sewing Cat and Dog Halloween Costumes

Simplicity's Pet Halloween Costume Patterns

Picture: a dog pirate hat will look great with your pet's Captain Jack Sparrow costume! 1.) Dog Pirate Costume, a doggie dragon suit, a Mexican serape for pets, and dog Superhero costume patterns all come in one handy little package when you choose the Simplicity 3667 Halloween pet costume pattern. Would your dog like to look like Captain Jack Sparrow? No problem! Simplicity #3667's doggie pirate costume can be customized to give your dog an outfit with the exact colors and fabrics that look best with his or her coloring. The one-piece pirate suit is made with a black body and white sleeves when sewn to match the envelope's picture, and a scarf pattern (which the envelope suggests to be made in contrasting red & white stripes) comes included. All you need to buy, if you'd like, is a Pirate Hat, like the one modeled by Reina the Dog (in the photo to your right.)

The dog dinosaur costume is another dog costume included in this pattern's package...but unlike the pirate suit, the dragon costume has an attatched hood and 4 sleeves (instead of 2.) This versatile pattern could actually be done up in several different ways. You could turn it into a dog clown costume by using a fabric featuring bright polka dots or stripes and adding a clown hat. Or, you could make sleepy-time dog pajamas by sewing the suit in flannel. This pattern could even be made into a pet Santa Suit by using red velvet fabric and adding a furry white trim. Let your imagination run wild with this one!

The pet superhero costume has been turned into a dog Superman outfit when made as the pattern package suggests. On the other hand, with differently colored fabric and decals, any caped super hero could be made from Simplicity #3667, including a dog Batman costume. The cape is NOT detachable, meaning that your dog can't lose it...even if he should run around in circles and climb under the fence.

2.) Dog king and queen (or princess) costumes, a pet Jack o Lantern/pumpkin costume, a doggie Santa Suit, a dog witch costume and doggie "hot dog in a bun" patterns all come in the package for Simplicity's #3952 sewing pattern. In some ways, this Halloween pet costume is not quite as versatile as Simplicity #3667 (which had both 2 and 4 sleeve views; whereas Simplicity #3952 features only 2-sleeve styles.) On the other hand, you'll get directions for some really CUTE costumes. Plus, hat patterns come included with this pattern.

An advantage of Simplicity #3952 is that you can really "get deluxe" with this pet costume pattern. The assembly of the costume calls for sewing some intricate details. You'll need to know how to make gathers for some views of this costume, and the patterns include more pieces. This pattern, while not requiring you to have the skills of a professional seamstress, is definitely not as simple to make as pattern #3667.

Picture: dog's devil costume modeled by Reina the Dog3.) Dog Elvis costume: You'll think that Elvis Presley's double has turned up at your house when you make Simplicity dog costume pattern #2839. Featuring the "Elvis in Las Vegas" look, you'll want to choose white satin (and plenty of rhinestones!) to complete this costume fit for a King. This pattern is now out-of-print...but if you're an Elvis fan, don't let that stop you! You can still find the Simplicity 2839 doggie Elvis pattern from time to time on Ebay and other auction websites. Other patterns in this package include an adorable doggie cow costume; a dog's honey bee costume, and a dog's lion costume, complete with a tawny mane and tail.

4.) Doggie & Me costumes: Do you have a small dog? Perfect! That's exactly the size for which Simplicity's dog pattern 4325 was made! This pattern gives you a selection of styles to make...both in misses sizes and dog sizes. Best of all, this pattern is good even for those who don't sew...because the highlight of the costumes (both yours and doggie's) are tutu skirts made by a "tie on" method. You can choose between several looks: devil, queen of hearts, 80's rocker, fairy and witch...or wing it from the pattern & make up your own idea. One thing's for sure: your friends will all say that you and your pooch make the cutest couple ever!

5.) Wizard of Oz: This is a good year for Wizard of Oz lovers---Simplicity now has patterns for dog Wizard of Oz characters! If your pet would like to be Dorothy, the Tin Man or the Scarecrow, please visit the Wizard of Oz Costumes page of this site, where you'll find both human and pet versions of these favorite movie costumes discussed.

Butterick Halloween Pet Costume Patterns

Butterick pattern #B5117: Beginners, take heart---you CAN sew your pet's Halloween costume! Butterick's simple costume pattern for pets makes it easy for you to turn out good results with minimum sewing skills! You can make either a cat or dog devil's costume or a pet witch costume by using this Butterick sewing pattern. And, if you're more inclined to choose a simple "hat and collar" costume for your pet, Butterick #B5117 gives you several different decorative cat/dog collars from which to choose.

You may use the following link to view Butterick' pet costume pattern, B5117. Note: this dog costume pattern is now on Butterick's discontinued list. It will continue to sell on the Butterick website until the company runs out of them. After that time, your best hope of finding this pattern will be on Ebay or other online auction sites.

McCalls & Kwik Sew Dog Costume Sewing Patterns

McCalls Costume Pattern #M5502 includes several different styles from which you may choose. Like the Butterick pet costume sewing pattern, this McCall's costume makes a great project for beginners. You'll be able to choose from a dog's Superman cape, doggie angel wings, a simple princess outfit (with Damsel cap) for pets, and doggie butterfly wings. If you'll follow the upcoming link, you'll be able to take a peek at this McCall's easy pet costume sewing pattern on the McCall's website.

The Kwik Sew pattern company is now related to McCalls, and you'll find an absolutely adorable trio of pet costumes offered by them. The pattern number is Kwik Sew K3629, and it comes with three different robe-like costumes. One is a king's cape, suggested to be made in a lush velvet with a fur trim; the pattern for a crown is included. The second view is a high-necked vampire's cape, suggested to be made in sleek black stain and lined in red. And the 3rd option is a hooded pumpkin suit...with a jolly jack-o-lantern face on the back & a cute green pumpkin stem & leaves decorating the hood. For your convenience, here's a link to Kwik Sew dog costume pattern K3629.

Halloween Pet Costumes on EBay

Still another fun place to find pet costumes is on the EBay internet auction website. You'll find pet costumes and clothing up on the bidding block all year long!

Below, you'll find a widget which shows you the latest dog costume auctions which are going on RIGHT NOW on EBay. As one auction ends, the widget updates itself with a new that any time you return to this page, you'll get all new pet costume ideas from the EBay pictures that you can see! (This widget is set for "Halloween dog costumes." If you're looking for something else...for example, dog clothing or pajamas, cat costumes, etc, you can simply use the search box on the widget to pull up different EBay auction categories.)

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