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Holiday Haunted Mansion Pictures

Disneyland's popular ride has been invaded by Jack Skellington and the Nighmare Before Christmas gang for the holidays!

Picture: Holiday Haunted Mansion at dusk; Disneyland Park, Anaheim, California
Disneyland Park's popular Haunted Mansion ride gets a "makeover" every fall---Jack Skellington, Sally, and all their friends from Tim Burton's "Nightmare Before Christmas" take over!

Out go the "regular" ghosts, ghouls and fixtures, and in comes a completely new "look," soundtrack, and decorations. In other words, The Holiday Haunted Mansion is created! And a popular attraction it is, too!

This popular temporary attraction, lastS for BOTH the Halloween and Christmas seasons. The Haunted Mansion stays closed during the first half of September while the ride's popular seasonal makeover is accomplished. Then, the Holiday Haunted Mansion opens to the public in mid-September, just in time for Disneyland's "Halloween Time" celebration. You'll be able to enjoy it throughout the months of October, November & December each year...and for the 1st week of January (for New Year's week.) Finally, The Haunted Mansion closes once again for most of January to be turned back into its "regular" version.

Is the Holiday Haunted Mansion scary? Not to most people, with the possible exception of young children. Quite the opposite---most people find the Haunted Mansion ride to be whimsical! Those who don't like ghostly themes will especially enjoy the Holiday version of the Haunted Mansion. Jack Skellington & friends are "in," and the emphasis on ghosts is downplayed.

The Holiday Haunted Mansion is a treat both inside and out. You may see pictures of the mansion's EXTERIOR on this page. But the inside is even better and contains far more "Nightmare Before Christmas" themed details! To enjoy interior pictures of the Holiday Haunted Mansion, please see our Nightmare Before Christmas Haunted Mansion, Pt 2 page.

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Holiday Haunted Mansion--Entry Path

Picture: Jack Skellington at entrance to Holiday Haunted Mansion in Disneyland Park, Anaheim, CaliforniaThe poor Haunted Mansion---it just can't raise a scare in anyone!

But...there are times.....

Like right at dusk. The sun has set. The light is fading. The house is still dark. OOOOHHH! If you were walking alone by the frightening-looking house, would the hairs stand up on the back of your neck?

If so, that feeling won't last for long!

When nighttime comes, the Holiday Haunted Mansion comes ablaze with lamp lights and Christmas decorations! The mansion looks like it's ready to welcome you to a party, not to frighten you or anyone else!

Glowing Jack O Lanterns blaze. Dozens of candelabra glow with lights. Decorated lampposts shed a cozy glow.

And the Holiday Haunted Mansion looks downright friendly!

Jack Skellington himself greets you as you enter the Holiday Haunted Mansion's front gate! What could be more appropriate?

In the Nightmare Before Christmas movie, Jack wanted to study the holiday of Christmas and learn how to re-create its magic. In his statue's pose above the entrance gateway, you can see him pondering a snowflake ornament, as if to find out its meaning and "secrets."

Picture: Halloween Jack O Lanterns sitting inside a horse-drawn hearse at the Haunted Mansion in Disneyland Park Along the walkway to the Holiday Haunted Mansion, you'll be tempted to dawdle so you can do your OWN studying of decorations!

Just like Jack Skellington, you'll ponder the magic glow of Christmas lights on the mansion.

However, not all of the ornaments at the mansion are from the Christmas holiday. Jack's own Halloween Town (and the Halloween holiday that is so familiar to him) are highlighted throughout the attraction. For example, you see several glowing Jack O Lanterns---decorations with which Jack Skellington would be very familiar---ornamenting a horse-drawn hearse in the mansion's front yard.

Picture: Pumpkin-headed scarecrow in the Holiday Haunted Mansion's front yard

One decoration that looks cute in the bright sunlight as it sits on the Haunted Mansion's front lawn is a pumpkin-headed scarecrow.

Somehow, with its lights aglow against the darkened sky, this scarecrow appears a bit more menacing and sinister!

Photo: Holiday Haunted Mansion's beautifully decorated lamppost

In the 3D Nightmare Before Christmas movie, Jack Skellington's big problem is that even though he STUDIED the Christmas holiday, he just couldn't "get" what it was all about.

In the yard of the Holiday Haunted Mansion, you see beautifully decorated lampposts. Alas, just as poor Jack himself would have done, the tidy bows beneath the glowing lanterns just aren't "right." Jack's favorite color...the black so popular in Halloween themes...just doesn't fit with the cheery Christmas spirit!

Holiday Haunted Mansion Pics--House Decorations

Photo of Christmas wreath adorning Disneyland's Holiday Haunted Mansion Did Jack Skellington himself design this Christmas wreath?

Though it's beautiful, once again it's a decoration whose hopeful and cheery tidings have been twisted and distorted by someone who just doesn't "get" the meaning of the holiday.

Though the wreath is beautiful, how can there possibly be a skull decorating it? Or a black bow tied beneath? Only someone from Halloween Town could have thought of such a design!

Picture: Jack O Lanterns adorn the yard of Disneyland's Holiday Haunted Mansion

More inappropriate decorations! Did Jack Skellington place them here?

This field of Jack O Lanterns decorates the back yard of Disneyland Park's Holiday Haunted Mansion. Cute? Yes...if you ignore the menacing faces on these pumpkins.

Only someone from Halloween Town could decorate for Christmas this way!

Picture: Pumpkins adorn the roof of Disneyland's Holiday Haunted Mansion

Many pumpkins adorn the rooftop of the Holiday Haunted Mansion. Most of them have been carved into Jack O Lanterns, like the one you see in the picture to your right.

Picture: Jack Skellington's face adorns this Jack O Lantern at Disneyland Park in Anaheim, California

There's one special pumpkin that Jack Skellington lovers will want to see on their visit to Disneyland Park...and it's NOT at the Haunted Mansion!

Head to the Main Street circle in front of the Sleeping Beauty Castle. Surrounding the statues of Walt Disney and Mickey Mouse that stand in the center of the circle, you'll find a number of ornately-carved Jack O Lanterns...each one bearing the face of a Disney (or Disney-related) character!

As you can see from this picture, visiting lovable Jack Skellington's pumpkin will be a can't-miss stop for Nightmare Before Christmas enthusiasts on vacation at Disneyland Park!

Fun Jack Skellington Merchandise

Jack Skellington animationWhere can I buy Jack Skellington/Sally/Nightmare Before Christmas merchandise?

Several readers have wondered where they can get cute items like tees, purses, keychains, and other interesting stuff bearing the image of Jack Skellington, Sally and the other Nightmare Before Christmas characters.

Jack Skellington merchandise at Disneyland Park: It's easy to find Jack Skellington-themed items if you'll be going to Disneyland Park. At Disneyland Park, Jack Skellington enthusiasts can buy merchandise bearing his image year-round! You'll find a shop dedicated to Nightmare Before Christmas merchandise in the New Orleans Square's "French Quarter" section. During the Holiday Haunted Mansion period (mid-September through early January) you'll also find a merchandise cart located just outside the Holiday Haunted Mansion's exit.

There's also Jack Skellington stuff for sale at the Downtown Disney District's "World of Disney" store---and you don't have to pay any admission nor parking fees to go there!

Jack Skellington merchandise on EBay

Bid, Buy or Sell on eBay!
Another good place to find Jack Skellington & Sally merchandise all year long is on the EBay auction website. You'll see the cutest and most unusual items come up for bit...the variety is amazing! Here's an EBay widget that will show you the current Nightmare Before Christmas auctions that are going on right NOW on EBay! The widget updates if you return, you'll get to enjoy seeing a whole different batch of interesting Nightmare Before Christmas shirts, jewelry, toys, etc.

Let's see INSIDE the Mansion!

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