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While you're visiting Southern California, you can enjoy a slew of family-friendly

Hollywood Attractions!

In the slide show above, you're viewing pictures of exciting Hollywood, California attractions. Every month, thousands of visitors around the world descend on Hollywood to enjoy the Hollywood Bowl, Grauman's Chinese Theater, Walk of Fame stars, and other famous places familiar in all corners of the globe. Which attractions will interest you and your family? The suggestions on this page will give you an idea of where to start!

Hollywood is full of fun family attractions!

Photo of Marilyn Monroe and Charlie Chaplin imitators on Hollywood Blvd in front of the historic Grauman's Chinese Theater What could add more fun to your Southern California vacation than spending a day on Hollywood Boulevard! You'll get a chance to enjoy over a dozen family activities on Hollywood Boulevard...with other attractions within easy driving distance.

On this page, we'll talk about some of the fun you can have along Hollywood Boulevard. To get directions and see a map of how to get to Hollywood Boulevard (which is part of the greater Los Angeles, California, metropolitan area) head to the bottom of this page!

Hollywood attraction discounts: Some Hollywood attractions are completely free of charge! The popular Hollywood Walk of Fame is one example. And, it's also free to view the foot and hand prints at Grauman's Chinese theater, stroll around the unusual Hollywood & Highland Mall, or esplore the Hollywood Bowl museum. On the other hand, there are a number of tours and attractions that do charge admission fees. If you plan to enjoy several attractions, you can get discounted admission prices if you pay in advance for all of them as a group. To discover details about two good discount plans, please see the Go Los Angeles Card website and the Hollywood City Pass websites. In addition, you may wish to view our website's Multi-Attraction Discounts page.

Will you be visiting any theme parks during your visit to Hollywood? If so, you may also want to view our Theme Park Discounts & Coupons page. Most theme parks have at least some sort of discount going on...and by planning ahead of time, you can get in on the savings!

Photo note: In the picture to your left, you see Marilyn Monroe and Charlie Chaplin imitators standing in front of the world-famous Grauman's Chinese Theater. On a typical day along Hollywood Blvd, you can catch half a dozen or so imitators...making their living from taking photos with tourists, while adding a great deal of fun to the atmosphere of this famous strip of turf. It's all part of the fun! If you'd like to discover still other costumed characters you might run into on your Hollywood visit, you may head to the Hollywood Blvd Costumed Characters page of this website!

Family Fun in Hollywood--

Fun things to do on Hollywood Boulevard!

Photo of the Disney Soda Fountain on Hollywood Blvd in Southern California Hollywood Boulevard is a long thoroughfare which runs east to west through Hollywood, California. Most of Hollywood Blvd is not of any particular interest to tourists. Nevertheless, as you drive along this famous street, you'll notice a beehive activity centered around the famous Dolby (Kodak) Theater, Hollywood & Highland shopping/dining/entertainment complex, the Grauman's Chinese Theater, and Disney's El Capitan Theater. Travel no more! This is where you'll want to park (head UNDER the Hollywood & Highland Center in the subterranean parking garage for some of the better parking rates in the area.) Hollywood Boulevard is a complex of attractions which CANNOT be properly enjoyed unless you're on foot!

Photo of an elephant statue decorating the Hollywood and Highland Center on Hollywood Blvd in greater Los Angeles, California In the photo to your right, you see the statue of an ornately-carved elephant---one of the adornments of the lavish Hollywood and Highland Center (a can't miss attraction of Hollywood Boulevard.)

Many of Hollywood Blvd's attractions are so famous and so historical that they can't be properly discussed in just a paragraph or two. They've needed their own separate pages to "do them justice." So, for information about the following famous attractions, please follow the links provided to view their own separate pages on this website:

  • Disney's El Capitan Theater,

  • The Disney Soda Shop and Studio Store

  • Grauman's Chinese Theater

  • Hollywood Walk of Fame

  • Dolby (Kodak) Theater, home of the Academy Awards Oscar presentation ceremonies

  • The Pantages Theater

  • Hollywood Blvd Costumed Characters

    Photo of the Hollywood Blvd McDonald's Restaurant Still more Hollywood attractions---which are NOT located along Hollywood Blvd---have their own pages on this website. These attractions include:

    The Hollywood Bowl, the world-famous amphitheater featuring concerts under the stars

    The Hollywood Sign, another world-known symbol of Hollywood

    Universal Studios Hollywood and its adjacent shopping, dining and entertainment area, the Universal Studios CityWalk

    And on this page? You'll find info about still MORE family-friendly Hollywood activities! (Note about the photo at left: You're viewing the striking sign of the Hollywood Boulevard McDonald's Restaurant, address 6776 Hollywood Blvd; even McDonald's tries to look glitzy in Tinseltown!

    Madame Tussaud's Hollywood Wax Museum

    A favorite family attraction in Hollywood...where you can take your picture with the "stars!"

    In the slide show above, you're viewing pictures of celebrity wax figures at Madame Tussaud's Hollywood. World-renowned for their realism, Madame Tussaud's locations are busy in every location around the globe...and Hollywood is no exception!

    A terrific location of the popular Madame Tussaud's wax museums awaits you on Hollywood Boulevard! You'll enjoy visiting their shiny new building which features striking architecture---as well befits its prime real estate location next to Grauman's Chinese Theater, the Dolby (Kodak) Theater and the Hollywood & Highland mall! If you're not familiar with Madame Tussaud's, you'll be astonished to discover how fun (yes, FUN!) a wax museum can be. At Madame Tussaud's, you'll not only SEE very realistic replicas of your favorite actors, singers and movie characters, you'll be able to POSE beside them and snap some very memorable pictures.

    Madame Tussaud's discount coupon: The state of California tourism website has a discount coupon that you can print at home before heading to this fun new attraction. Here's a link to the California discount coupons page of the state of California's official tourism website,

    Madame Tussaud's own print-at-home discount: For further details about thisattraction, including special online discounts, here's a link to the Madame Tussaud's Hollywood website. Or, if you've never been to a Madame Tussaud's and would like to get a tourist's-eye view of what to expect, you can view our pictures taken at the Las Vegas Madame Tussaud's location on our other site,

    Hollywood Attractions for Kids--The Ripley's Believe It or Not Museum

    In the slide show above, you're viewing pictures of odd and eerie displays at the Ripley's Believe It or Not "Odditorium" in Hollywood, California. If you've got a teen or tweenager in your group, or anyone who enjoys the weird & whacky side of life, then you may wish to check out the interesting displays at the Hollywood Ripley's museum.

    Photo of the terrifying dinosaur atop Ripley's Believe It or Not museum on Hollywood Blvd in California What kid can resist the funny, silly...and often grotesque...oddities found in a Ripley's Museum? Hollywood Boulevard has a location of this popular preservation-site of the "weird and whacky." You'll find such "interesting" items as a (taxidermied) two-headed goat and a five-toed cow...along with oddly-shaped skeletons, and other strange items. It's like a permanent circus side-show!

    In fact, the true name of the Ripley museum reflects the true nature of its contents. It's actual name is Ripley's Believe It or Not ODDITORIUM!

    Photo of the Ripley's Believe It or Not museum on Hollywood Blvd in Southern California

    The Ripley's Believe It or Not phone number is 323-466-6335.

    The Ripley's Believe It or Not address is: 6780 Hollywood Boulevard, Hollywood, CA 90028. (For directions to this area of Hollywood Blvd, please see the bottom section of this page.)

    The Ripley museum's hours (at the Hollywood Blvd location ONLY) are as follows: Sundays thru Thursdays, the museum opens at 10 am and closes at 10 pm. Fridays and Saturdays, the Ripley opening time is at 10 am and the closing time is at 11 pm. Summer hours are even longer--10 am until midnight every day of the week! (Note: These are longer hours of operation than at most Ripley's Believe It or Not locations.)

    To find out more about this eerie museum, including information about its other locations world-wide, you may use the following link to view the Ripley's Believe It or Not official website. Or, if you're looking only for info about the Hollywood location, here's the Ripley's museum Hollywood page.

    Hollywood Attractions for Kids--Guinness Book of World Records Museum

    In the slide show above, you're viewing pictures of exciting and astounding displays at the Guinness Book of World Records museum in Hollywood, California.

    Are you a fan of the Guinness Book of World Records? It's easy to enjoy tales of the best, the fastest, the longest, and the strongest. On Hollywood Boulevard, you can not only READ about people, plants and animals who are superlatives in their categories, you can also see pictures and enjoy displays of information about them. In the photo to your right, for example, you can see a replica of the world's tallest man...and see how YOU compare to his height.

    There aren't very many locations of the Guinness Book of Records museums; grab your chance to visit one while you're on Hollywood Boulevard! Situated along the famous Hollywood Walk of Fame...and located only 1 block from the Dolby (Kodak) Theater, Hollywood & Highland Mall and Grauman's Chinese Theater...the Guinness museum is easy to find and takes virtually no additional effort to add to your day of Hollywood fun!

    Photo of the entry to the Guinness Book of World Records museum on Hollywood Blvd in Southern California

    The Hollywood Guinness Book of World Records museum's phone number is 323-463-6433.

    The Hollywood Guinness Book of World Records museum's address is: 6764 Hollywood Boulevard, Hollywood, CA 90028

    Hours for the Guinness World Record Museum are from 10 am to 12 midnight daily.

    If you'd like further information about the types of feats that Guinness covers, here's a link to the Guinness Book of World Records website.

    Or, if you're looking specifically for information about the Hollywood Guinness World Records museum, here's the Guinness World Record Museums website.

    Hollywood Attractions--Hollywood Wax Museum

    In the slide show above, you're viewing pictures of wax statues at the Hollywood Wax Museum. Featuring actors dressed for some of their most noted roles, any movie lover will probably enjoy visiting the Hollywood wax museum. And,'ll be able to take your picture alongside the figures of your favorite actors and actresses, in most cases!

    Photo of the Hollywood Wax Museum sign on Hollywood Blvd, California If you'd like to see the Hollywood "stars" in wax images, then you'll love paying a visit to the Hollywood Wax Museum. Located just across the street from botht the Guinness and Ripley museums (and just down the street from Graumann's Chinese Theater, the Hollywood & Highland complex, and Disney's El Capitan Theater,) dropping into the Hollywood Wax Museum couldn't be more convenient.

    You'll see the wax figures of many major screen stars posed in a setting from one of their famous movies. You'll tour along inside the museum at your own pace; stay as briefly at an exhibit as you'd like...or linger awhile to enjoy all the little details of these intricately sculpted figures.

    The Hollywood Wax Museum phone number is 323-462-8860. The Hollywood Wax Museum's address is 6767 Hollywood Blvd, Hollywood, CA 90028. (See the "directions" section of this page to get details on how to get to the museum and the other Hollywood Blvd attractions.)

    The Hollywood Wax Museum's hours of operation are as follows: the museum opens daily at 10 am and closes at 12 midnight. It is open for business 365 days per year.

    If you'd like further information about this popular Hollywood tourist attraction, you may use the following link to view the Hollywood Wax Museum's official website.

    Directions to the Hollywood Blvd Attractions

    Photo of a Tiger dressed-up character on Hollywood Blvd who is greeting tourists along the Walk of Fame All of the tourist attractions described on this page lie within a few steps of the Hollywood Blvd/Highland Ave intersection. If you'd like to see a map of this area, you may use the next link to view a Google map to the Hollywood tourist attractions which have been discussed on this page.

    Directions to the Hollywood tourist attractions along Hollywood Blvd: From the US 101 Freeway through Hollywood, California, take the Hollywood Blvd exit and head WEST. Another way to get to the tourist-centered Hollywood Attractions is to take the Highland Ave exit of the 101 Freeway, then head SOUTH.

    Parking: A great place to park while you enjoy any of these interesting Hollywood attractions is to use the underground parking garage of the Hollywood and Highland mall located at 6801 Hollywood Blvd. The entrances to the parking lot are NOT directly on Hollywood Blvd, however. You will need to access the parking lot from either Highland Ave or from Orange Drive. The fee to park in the Hollywood & Highland structure is $2/hour, with a maximum daily rate of $10. Validation of your parking ticket gets you a discounted parking rate, and is available if you patronize certain Hollywood & Highland restaurants and shops. (You must remember to ASK for the validation at these establishments.)

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