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Hollywood Bowl, a world famous venue

In the slide show above, you're viewing pictures of the world-famous Hollywood Bowl. You don't have to attend a concert to enjoy the beautiful Hollywood bowl and its lovely grounds---you may tour the Hollywood Bowl free of charge, when no concert is being held! Get up close to the stage; see in-person the famous concert venue that you've heard about many times before. Or, gaze out at the seating area from in front of the stage...and enjoy the view as if you were actually performing! Then, tour the free-of-charge Hollywood Bowl museum to learn about the history of the Hollywood Bowl...and discover all the famous musicians who have performed here in the past.

The Hollywood Bowl -- Enjoying the atmosphere

The Hollywood Bowl seen from the back of the amphitheater One of your favorite musicians has performed at the Hollywood Bowl. How can I say that, when we haven't even met? Because this preeminent venue has hosted so many of the world's top artists, that surely one of your favorites has been among them.

Though the Hollywood Bowl is world-famous for its concerts, perhaps the best time to see and enjoy the Hollywood Bowl is when it's empty. There is a special joy in beholding this very special place in solitude. If you've never seen it, I'd highly recommend that you go.

Everything about the Hollywood Bowl is extraordinary. The architecture, of course, is a delight to behold. The grounds around the structure are surprisingly green and lush. Some of the other buildings in the complex, such as the box office, have a compelling style of their own.

Hollywood Bowl, view of the concert shell from the side Still, it may be what you CAN'T see that's most impressive of all. It's the "ghosts." It's sitting on an empty bench and letting your mind rove back to the '60s...perhaps to the Beatles' concert. Or imagining one of the world's top maestros conducting a classical concert here. Or mentally re-creating the rhythm and vibes of a recent Hollywood Bowl jazz concert.

Whatever musical style you might choose to think about, or from whichever decade (from the 1920's to the present day) that you'd choose to imagine, the best and most talented members of the musical world would have played here.

The Hollywood Bowl -- Address and Map

Hollywood Bowl entry sign on Highland Avenue in Hollywood, California THE HOLLYWOOD BOWL ADDRESS is---
2301 N. Highland Ave.
Hollywood, CA 90068

HOLLYWOOD BOWL DIRECTIONS: The Hollywood Bowl is accessible by taking the Highland Avenue exit of the 101 Freeway, and heading south.

ROAD MAP TO THE HOLLYWOOD BOWL: To get a clear mental picture of where you'll need to go, use the following link to see a Google map of the Hollywood Bowl area.

MAP OF THE HOLLYWOOD BOWL GROUNDS: In addition to seeing a road map of the Hollywood Bowl area, you might like to also view a detailed map of the Hollywood Bowl grounds. You can see the various Hollywood Bowl parking lots and interior roadways by viewing the following map of the Hollywood Bowl's grounds from the Hollywood Bowl's website.

Photo of the seats midway the Hollywood Bowl amphitheater; center seats are

If you visit the Hollywood Bowl when there's no concert going on, you'll be able to pull right up and park right next to the Hollywood Bowl entrance or the museum entrance. Things are quite different during a concert! The closest parking lots to the Hollywood Bowl are inadequate for the crowds. Here are some pointers about Hollywood Bowl parking to remember---

FREE PARKING FOR HOLLYWOOD BOWL TOURS: When there's no concert, you may park free for touring Hollywood Bowl museum and taking a Hollywood Bowl self-tour. When there's a concert, you'll pay for parking here.

"STACKED" PARKING DURING HOLLYWOOD BOWL CONCERTS: "Stacking" is practiced in the close-up parking lots during a concert. That means, your car will be placed side-by-side and end-to-end with the other cars in a lot...looking just like they're stuck in a Los Angeles traffic jam! Once you park, your car must stay in the lot until the end of the concert. If you'd like the freedom to leave mid-concert, you'll need to park further away.

HOLLYWOOD BOWL SHUTTLE BUS: Since the Hollywood Bowl's close parking lots are inadequate, parking at "remote" lots is encouraged. For a small fee, you may park at one of several parking lots that aren't actually located at the Hollywood Bowl itself, then take a shuttle to the Hollywood Bowl. Here's a map of Bowl Bus Shuttle parking lots from the Hollywood Bowl website. The closest of these lots is just down the street at the Hollywood and Highland Center's parking structure. A drawback to using this fairly-close parking lot is that you'll have to pay to park in the Hollywood & Highland's subterranean garage in addition to your Bowl Bus Shuttle ticket price.

The other remote parking lots are a bit farther from the Hollywood Bowl. One of the lots on the Bowl Bus Shuttle run is in Griffith Park, at the Los Angeles Zoo parking lot. Parking at the Griffith Park lot is free of charge; you'll simply have to pay your Bowl Bus Shuttle fee. The other Hollywood Bowl remote parking lot, the Ventura Lot, is located near Universal Studios.

HOLLYWOOD BOWL PARK AND RIDE: If you'd rather not drive to the Hollywood area to use the Bowl Bus Shuttle parking lots, there are a number of parking lots scattered throughout LA County which participate in a Hollywood Bowl Park & Ride program. Shuttles to and from the Hollywood Bowl are very reasonably priced when you use a Park and Ride lot. Since the traffic jams and parking mess surrounding Hollywood Bowl events is one of the "down sides" of attending these events, taking a shuttle from a Park and Ride lot makes sense. It's easier on one's nerves; and with today's price of gasoline, it may even be less expensive than driving in your personal vehicle. Here's a map of Hollywood Bowl Park & Ride lots from the Hollywood Bowl's website.

Hollywood Bowl Seating Chart

Close-up picture of the Hollywood Bowl THE HOLLYWOOD BOWL SEATS: If you are interested in attending a concert with your family at the Hollywood Bowl, you might be interested in studying a detailed Hollywood Bowl seating chart before you purchase your tickets. First, though, let's talk about the quality of the seats themselves. Basically, the Hollywood Bowl is NOT like a movie theater---with every seat in the auditorium being the same (and the only difference being the viewing angle of the screen.) At the Hollywood Bowl, the closer seats not only have a better view of the stage. In addition, the actual SEATS themselves change as you mover higher up in the amphitheater.

HOLLYWOOD BOWL'S BOX SEATS: Closest to the Hollywood Bowl's stage, you'll find box seating. Though the box seating areas in the Hollywood Bowl pictures you see on this page are empty, that's just the way they look when they're being cleaned between events. Before each Hollywood Bowl concert, each box is filled with 4-6 canvas chairs and a table (for dining/snacking.)

HOLLYWOOD BOWL'S "SUPER SEATS": Midway up the amphitheater, there are movie-theater style seats (although they're made of molded plastic instead of the upholstered seats you're used to finding at the cinema.) The plastic seats simply stand up to the elements better than upholstered seats would. Nevertheless, these seats do have molded backs, arm rests and cup holders...and are relatively comfortable.

HOLLYWOOD BOWL'S WOODEN BENCH SEATING: Going still higher up in the amphitheater, you will find plain bench seating In the Hollywood Bowl pictures on this page, you can see the "cheaper seats" higher up in the amphitheater. If you do not think you could feel comfy on these bench seats, you could rent a seat pad shortly before your concert begins.

HOLLYWOOD BOWL SEATING MAP: You may use the following link to see a detailed seating chart of the Hollywood Bowl amphitheater from the Bowl's website. This is a marvelous interactive seating diagram which will show you an actual view of the stage from the area of the map you're investigating.

HOLLYWOOD BOWL WEBSITE: For learning other general information about the Bowl, you should read through the Hollywood Bowl's official website. In addition to shuttle and parking information, at the Hollywood Bowl website, you'll be able to get this season's concert schedule, learn more about Hollywood Bowl history, find out about restaurants at the Bowl, discover how to order a meal at your box, and purchase tickets on-line. You may use the next link to access the Hollywood Bowl official website,

The topmost, cheapest seats at the Hollywood Bowl are benches without backrests

Hollywood Bowl museum photos

The FREE Hollywood Bowl Museum features excellent displays!

In the widget to your left, you can see a slide show which features photos of the Hollywood Bowl Museum. Admission to the museum is free...and its displays have been professionally and tastefully designed. It's guaranteed that you'll come OUT of the Hollywood Bowl museum knowing much more about this famous venue than when you went IN.

HOLLYWOOD BOWL MUSEUM'S PERMANENT EXHIBITS: The photos in the slide show will give you an idea what the museum's exterior and permanent exhibit area look like. In the permanent exhibit area, you'll learn all about the history of the Hollywood Bowl, and go decade by decade viewing pictures and memorabilia of noted Hollywood Bowl concerts which were held here.

HOLLYWOOD BOWL MUSEUM'S ROTATING EXHIBITS: Upstairs, you'll view an ever-changing exhibit about various Hollywood Bowl concert topics. Popular topics recently have been La Musica Latina at the Bowl and a "Rock & Roll at the Bowl" exhibit. You'll be treated to pictures of past concerts and artists. You'll get to hear musical selections by artists who have performed at the Bowl. Plus, you'll get to enjoy other special displays relevant to the topic that's being explored.

Picture of Jim Morrison on the Doors poster advertising the group's 1968 Hollywood Bowl concert WHAT MUSICIANS HAVE PLAYED AT THE HOLLYWOOD BOWL? It's difficult to list all of the musical groups and musicians who have played in concerts at the Hollywood Bowl over the decades gone by. Even the Hollywood Bowl museum does not have one big visible list of musicians who've played at the Bowl...the list would simply be too lone. (You can, however, head to the computer room at the Hollywood Bowl Museum. Whatever you want to know, there's a good chance you'll find out on their computerized info files.)

Downstairs in the permanent exhibit room, we learn that Frank Sinatra, BB King, Muddy Waters, the Beatles, the Doors and other groups & individuals have played at the Hollywood Bowl. Because, as mentioned above, the permanent collection explains and interprets the Bowl's history from before its founding up until the present day.

Which Rock musicians have played at the Hollywood Bowl? The list of rock bands, musicians and singers who have played at the Hollywood Bowl include Bobby Darin, the Everly Brothers, the Isley Brothers, Bobby Day (Rockin' Robin), The Penguins (Earth Angel), and Bobby Rydell, for starters.

Hollywood Bowl Store also has information and memorabilia concerning past concerts and musiciansMoving forwards in time, The Beatles played at the Hollywood Bowl...and years later, Paul McCartney came back. The Doors played to a sold-out audience in 1968. James Taylor played at the Bowl in his younger days...and then in later years, as well. The Rock & Roll at the Bowl exhibit also talks about the followin Bowl performers: Sonny & Cher, Simon & Garfunkel, Brian Wilson (touring in later years), Santana, Jimmy Page, Robert Plant, the Grateful Dead, Bob Dylan, the Rolling Stones, the Jimi Hendrix Experience, Alice Cooper, Rod Stewart, the Jackson 5, Pink Floyd, Earth Wind & Fire, Bonnie Raitt, Sheryl Crow, Sting, Alicia Keys, Elton John, Janis Joplin, and.... AND, there's more on the list, as well.

Here's the Hollywood Bowl's complete list of rock groups who've played between 1958 & 2010. But, why not visit the Hollywood Bowl museum where you can discover which of your own personal favorites have been heard in concert here!

HOLLYWOOD BOWL MUSEUM HOURS: Most of the year (from mid-September thru June 30th) the Hollywood Bowl Museum is only open Tuesdays through Fridays. The museum opens at 10 am, and closes at 5 pm. However, during the busy summer tourist season, the Hollywood Bowl Museum only closes on you Tuesdays through Sundays to view the exhibits. Tuesdays thru Saturdays, the museum's summer opening time is 10 am. The Sunday summer opening time is 4 pm---the museum stays open until concerts begin for the summertime concert-goers to enjoy.

HOLLYWOOD BOWL MUSEUM WEBSITE: To discover still further details for planning your visit, you may wish to review the Hollywood Bowl Museum information section of the Bowl's website.

HOLLYWOOD BOWL STORE: Not far from the Hollywood Bowl Museum, you'll find the Hollywood Bowl Store. This store is another place where you can find books, music, clothing and other memorabilia about past musicians and groups who have played at the Hollywood Bowl. You'll find the store just across an attractive plaza from the Hollywood Bowl's box office.

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