Homemade Rock 'Em Sock 'Em Costumes

Here's a unique men's costume idea based on a classic toy!

In the slide show above, you're viewing Red and Blue Rock 'Em Sock 'Em Robot costumes designed by Ian Austin of New York. The Rock 'Em Sock 'Em action toy was popular several decades ago, and then revived recently for today's boys to enjoy. No matter in which era you became a fan, using these lively boxing toys as a costume idea makes great sense: it's a unique Halloween costume idea that will make the heads of onlookers pop off in surprise!

Rock 'Em Sock 'Em Robots--Fun Pairs Costume

You can make just one...but this is a perfect homemade Halloween costume for 2 guys who love to clown around!

Did you ever enjoy playing with the Rock 'Em Sock 'Em Robots?

Maybe yes, maybe no...but you'll actually get IN the boxing action when you make this unique set of robot costumes for men.

Ian Austin of New York did just that...and you can tell from the pictures above how much fun he and his friend had punching, jabbing and otherwise causing heads to turn. (Yes, the suits are surprisingly mobile!)

On the rest of this page, you'll discover how Ian made the robot suits...and you may decide to give this project a try yourself next Halloween or for any time you need a lively men's costume!

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Homemade Rock Em Sock Em Robot instructions

by Ian Austin

Want a fun Halloween costume? The two Rock Em Sock Em robot suits (The Red Rocker and the Blue Bomber) are just the project. This costume turns heads! In fact, I had a whole elementary school applaud these costumes.

People were really apt to come up and punch us while wearing these...which was rather annoying, but at least we had a lot of attention.

We were actually surprisingly mobile in them. If we needed to use our hands we let the arms hang and stuck our arms out the holes in the inside of the elbow joint. The thighs were screwed/velcroed to our pants, so they moved right with us. The feet were a little cumbersome because they are blocky...we could walk just fine, running was out of the question. If we walked a long distance we just took the boot feet off and though bulky, we could move like we normally could.

How did I design these robot costumes? I took photos of the actual robot toys and projected it onto the cardboard using an opaque projector so as to get the correct shapes and proportions. The steps I used in making the costume are listed below.

Materials for the Rock Em Sock Em Robot Costumes

The list of materials needed is simple:

1.) Cardboard Boxes of appropriate size

2.) Duct Tape, about 6 rolls of colored tape for each suit (in either red or blue, if you wish to look authentic)

3.) Rubber balls (will be cut in half)

How long does it take to make the Rock Em Sock Em robot costume project? It took me about two days to complete this homemade robot costume.

Steps in making the Rock Em Sock Em Robot Costumes

As mentioned above, I needed to take photos of the toys in order to get the correct shapes. If you don't have a set, the Rock Em Sock Em Robots are easy to purchase online. I projected photos of the toys onto the cardboard by using an opaque projector. If you don't have one, you can try eyeballing it and make a free-hand drawing.

Making the robot's head: The Head was first thing to make, since if that looks bad then why bother going on? Once that worked out, the rest was pretty simple. After cutting the shapes, the cardboard pieces get taped together, then covered with red duct tape.

The Robot's Arms: The arms were made from built up cardboard cut from the appropriate shapes. The decorative "rivets" were actually rubber balls that we cut in half (100 in all!)

Hinged Joints: I made all the joints with hinges so we could have easy movement and boxing action.

"Painting" the suit is done by carefully and neatly covering all exposed surface areas with the duct tape.

I was in a parade that has a number of school groups walking in it. I just happened to stroll by one of these groups and someone pointed me out and everyone cheered and applauded.

I also wore this suit to a Halloween party. As you can see in the slide show at the top of the page, this robot costume was mobile enough for me to dance!

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