Inexpensive Homemade Costumes

Discover fun last minute Halloween costumes you can whip up at home!

In the slide show above, you're viewing pictures of inexpensive homemade costumes created by readers of this website. Even if your budget is in a pinch this year, there's no reason you can't have a cool costume...AND the satisfaction that comes with creating it with your own hands! Note: This page is about budget-friendly homemade costumes; if you's rather buy your disguise, please see our Cheap Halloween Costumes page for ideas!

Inexpensive homemade costumes--how do you start?

Take stock of what you've already got; figure out what you can get cheap!

Who doesn't have unneeded items cluttering up the house?

Make use of them---for your Halloween costume! On this page, you'll see how readers have "turned trash into treasure" by creating their costumes out of old clothing, sheets, cardboard...and even plant trimmings!

By adding makeup, wigs and accessories--voila! Brand new costumes have come to life...along with the pride and satisfaction of having created a costume with their own two hands (and a bit of brain power from the imagination!)

Important note: whenever your child is wearing either a homemade or purchased costume which limits his or her vision and mobility, it's an absolute MUST that you stay by your child's side constantly until the costume comes off!

If you give up & decide to BUY an inexpensive costume instead, there are lots more choices available than you might imagine. You may check out cheap men's & women's Halloween costumes in the "Adult costumes under $30" section of the website to see what's available, if you wish. Or, if you're looking for a baby, toddler or child's costume instead, here's a link to the kid's $20-or-less costume section at

Cute homemade ghost costume

Picture: Cute homemade ghost costumes, sent by reader Gwen Thomas of Ohio

It seems too cliche, doesn't it, to make ghost costumes from an old sheet or tablecloth?

But that's exactly what Gwen Thomas from Ohio did---and with quite a flare!

By cutting out cute "ghost eyes" from black fabric...and adding a bow to her daughter's costume, she gave a very traditional costume a modern new look.

She dressed both kids in matching pants and gave them identical trick-or-treat buckets to give the children a "matched pair" look, as well. Turned out great, don't you think?

Inexpensive homemade robot costume

Picture: Homemade robot costume made from cardboard and foil; sent by Samantha Yanes of Georgia

Who doesn't have aluminum foil at home? And, if you save or salvage a cardboard packing box, you can turn it into a fun costume you'll remember for years to come.

Samantha Yanes of Georgia created a darling robot costume for her little boy this way. As you can tell from the picture of her robot costume to your right, she crafted both the robot's body and head out of cardboard, then covered the creation with shiny foil.

Next, it was time to add a dollop of silver-toned makeup to her son's face, wrap foil over her son's sleeves to create the robot's arms...and the costume was ready for some trick-or-treating fun!

Inexpensive homemade mummy costumes

Picture: Homemade mummy costume created with strips of an old sheet; sent by Megan Patrick of Illinois

What child isn't fascinated by the topic of mummies at some point?

Halloween is a great time for a kid to actually BECOME a mummy!

There are several creative ways to concoct a homemade mummy costume, as you can tell by the pictures of mummy costumes to your left and right.

Megan Patrick of Illinois chose to make her son's mummy costume from strips of a bed sheet! First, of course, she had to take the time to rip the sheet into strips of a fairly uniform width.

Next, her son put on white clothing...from shirt to shoes...and even gloves. This way, if the strips of sheeting moved around and left gaps as the evening wore on, the costume's effect wouldn't be ruined. Then ghoulish-looking makeup was applied to the face...and inexpensive costume makeup which could easily be washed-off afterwards. The final step, of course, was doing the actual wrapping of the mummy!

Picture: Homemade mummy costume made from bandages; sent byTanisha Hinojosa of Texas

Tanisha Hinojosa of Texas chose to make her son's mummy costume out of guaze bandages. Because most of us associate gauze bandages with wounds, simply the sight of this mummy evokes a gut feeling within us that this poor fellow must have suffered before he took his last breath!

To add to that effect, Tanisha added plenty of red makeup to serve as evidence of bleeding. But, since this mummy must have been in the tomb for quite some time, she also added bits of green and grey makeup to mimic the dust and mold it may have collected over time.

Congratulations to both Tanisha and Megan for creating two very good...and distinctly different...mummy costume styles!

Inexpensive homemade corpse costume

Picture: Scary corpse makeup completes her homemade corpse costume; sent by Kim Oliva of California

What could be more imaginative than using plant trimmings to make a Halloween costume?

That's what Kim Oliva from California did!

First she began using old clothing as a base. Stands of plant vines were attached at the make it look as if her corpse arose from the ground, dragging vegetation along with it.

Makeup was an important part of her corpse costume, as you can see in the picture of her corpse makeup to your left. She used white makeup to signify pallid flesh, along with brown tones to give a sunken-eye appearance.

Spiders were drawn here and there to add a "fresh from the ground" look...and she even added makeup to her teeth, for a rotting appearance.

Picture: Homemade corpse costume, sent by Kim Oliva of California

You can see other details in her makeup which helped to create her overall "look." She sprayed several strands of hair silver. And, of course, her hair wasn't too neatly combed, because this corpse has been through a lot. Yet, though she looked unkempt from being under the ground, this corpse must have been a well-dressed woman in life--note the veiled hat that's still in place on her head.

A homemade tombstone with R.I.P. on it was another addition Kim made to give a "freshly arisen" look to her costume.

To give further evidence that she's just come up from the dirt, Kim attached several fake rats to her outfit...and a couple of birds, too.

Quite the convincing costume, isn't it!

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