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Plan your USA road trip to Los Angeles with these maps of Interstate 15!

In the slide show above, you're viewing pictures of Las Vegas, Nevada family attractions. Las Vegas is one of the major cities along Interstate 15...and many travelers on I-15 are either headed there, or will pass through the area. On this page, you'll find the maps you need to help you plan a fun family I-15 road trip.

Interstate 15 Maps -- Overview of I-15

Interstate 15 is one of the few Interstate Highways to run north to south from border to border It links the USA to Canada, our neighbor to the north, as well as to Mexico, our neighbor to the south. (Actually, I-15 stops a few miles short of the Mexican border...but it comes so close, that it deserves to be called a "border to border" freeway.)

Most of the length of I-15 is very quiet. It runs through many more miles of open countryside than it spends carrying motorists through the midst of city traffic. You'll have little trouble with traffic jams along its route except for the very few big cities through which it passes (Salt Lake City, Utah and Las Vegas, Nevada, specifically.) However, once Interstate 15 goes south into metro Los Angeles and San Diego, it clogs up plenty!

PDF map of Interstate System with I-15 & other interstates plainly marked:

To view I-15 in context with its place in the Interstate Highway system, here's a link to a USA Interstate Highway System PDF map. You may easily enlarge this map if you'd like to see the details more clearly.

Maps of Interstate 15 -- I-15 map of Montana

Picture: Montana's Little Bighorn Battlefield; display of campfire cooking

Assortment of Montana maps: Here's an interesting Montana Maps page which will give you an assortment of choices. Some are interactive; others are static. Some show Montana's major roads and freeways (including I-15,) which are the most likely the ones you'll want to view. But, you may see Montana's physical features instead, if you'd like. Here's the assortment of Montana maps which can help answer your questions about the state's shape, roads and major features.

Printable PDF map of Montana: Montana publishes an official road map, showing all of the state's major highways, including I-15. You may also view the estimated driving times to & from Montana's cities on this map. Here's a link to this full-color PDF Montana map that you may print up at home & take in the car on your road trip, if you like. Here is a different version of the same PDF Montana highway map but without the distance calculator taking up room on the page.

When you're viewing this Montana highway map, you can clearly tell that Interstate 15 enters the United States from the province of Alberta, Canada. Then, as I-15 heads south, it travels through the major Montana cities of Great Falls, Helena and Butte.

PDF maps of Helena, Butte and Great Falls: The state of Montana publishes an interesting map for tourists that includes tips about fun Montana attractions...and also includes PDF maps of the state's major cities. Here's a link to the full-color Montana tourist's map, including the printable PDF maps of Montana's cities with each city's major attractions marked in red and parks marked with green. The map will seem to small to read clearly when it first pops in; however, it is easily enlargeable.

PDF maps of Butte: Here's a no-nonsense, black & white PDF map of Butte. Unlike the tourist map above, no interesting features are highlighted. However, You'll find many more city streets represented on the map: Butte PDF Map. Or, if you prefer, here's a PDF map of Butte in color.

PDF map of Great Falls: If you need help finding your way through Great Falls, the state of Montana also has several choices of maps for this city, as well. Here's a simple black & white PDF map of Great Falls. Or, if you prefer, here's a full-color PDF map of Great Falls.

PDF Maps of Helena: Helena is Montana's state capital. Tourists to the city might find it interesting to view Montana's State Capitol Building. First, here's a plain black & white PDF map of Helena. And next, here's a full-color PDF map of Helena.

Montana Road Conditions Map: Montana certainly has more than it's share of inclement weather! If you're in doubt about the condition of Montana's highways during your travels, you may use the next link to see the state's map of current Montana road conditions.

Interstate 15 Maps -- I-15 Maps of Idaho

As you head south along Interstate 15 from Canada, you'll leave the state of Montana and enter Idaho. Interstate 15 spends relatively little time in Idaho, compared to some of the other states along its route.

Idaho's climate features mild summers and cold pack your bags accordingly!

Assortment of Idaho maps: Here's an Idaho map page which gives you a selection of different types of maps, both interactive and static. Included in the selection are Idaho road maps. Here's a link to the Idaho map assortment.

PDF map of Idaho: If you'd like to print up a map to take with you on your vacation, here's a color PDF map of Idaho. Interstate 15 is marked in red. As you can see, it runs north and south through the southeastern section of the state. You'll pass through the major cities of Idaho Falls and Pocatello along the way.

Printable PDF map of Idaho Falls: If you should need some help finding your way through the city of Idaho Falls, here's a PDF street map of Idaho Falls from the city's website.

Printable PDF map of Pocatello: For help in finding your way around Pocatello, here's a colorful PDF map of Pocatello, ID with I-15 exits clearly marked.

Interstate 15 Maps -- I-15 map of Utah

Moab, Utah: Rafting on the Colorado River near Arches National Park

Selection of Utah maps: The following maps of Utah include an assortment of various types of maps; hopefully, the selection includes a type of Utah map for which you're looking. You may use the following link to see a varied selection of Utah maps.

PDF printable maps of Utah: If you'd like to print up a Utah map at home to bring along on your vacation, here's a several-color PDF map of Utah which shows the state's major highways and interstate freeways.

Or, if you prefer, here's an even more detailed PDF Utah map, which includes freeway exit numbers, national parks, national forests and other attractions.

As you can tell from viewing these maps, I-15 runs from north to south throughout the state. Most of the length of I-15 passes through rural areas and farmland...but Interstate 15 also is the major route through the state's most heavily populated areas (metro Ogden, Salt Lake City and Provo.) If you would like a more detailed PDF map to help guide you through the heavily populated area from Ogden south to Provo, here's a PDF map of Utah's Wasatch Front area.

PDF maps of Salt Lake City: Here is a PDF map of metro Salt Lake City, including all major freeways and streets. Or, if you would like a more detailed map of the downtown area and its attractions, here is a PDF map of downtown Salt Lake City.

Traffic map of Salt Lake City: Like most big cities, Salt Lake City has its share of rush-hour traffic jams and slow-downs. If you'd like to see how smoothly traffic is moving along the Salt Lake City freeways at this moment, here is UDOT's traffic flow map of Salt Lake City, which is updated frequently.

Printable PDF map of Provo: If you'd like to print out a map to help you find your way around Provo, Utah, here is a colorful PDF map of Provo and Orem, Utah with major tourist attractions noted.

Interstate 15 Maps -- I-15 maps of Nevada

Palm-decorated exterior of the Mandalay Bay hotel in Las Vegas

As you leave Utah heading southwards, you'll descend in elevation into the much warmer state of Nevada. Winter temperatures in Nevada can be chilly, but are quite often enjoyably mild. Summer temperatures are broiling hot! It is quite uncomfortable to drive along I-15 through Nevada during the summertime without car air-conditioning.

Assortment of Nevada maps: You may enjoy seeing an assortment of different types of Nevada maps. Hopefully, one of them will be what you're seeking: Nevada map assortment.

Printable PDF map of Nevada: You may wish to use your home printer to run off a map to take with you on your vacation. If so, you'll enjoy viewing the following PDF printable map of Nevada which shows the state's major roads and interstate highways.

As you can tell by viewing this map, I-15 runs through only a small portion of the state. I-15 is nevertheless a very important freeway in Nevada, because it runs through the state's most populous city--Las Vegas.

Most visitors won't have any trouble finding where they're going---the city's famous Las Vegas Strip runs parallel to I-15. Here's a PDF map of the Las Vegas Strip which shows how closely it follows the Interstate. On this map, you'll find that all of the Strip's major hotels are marked; so is the Las Vegas Convention Center and UNLV.

PDF map of metro Las Vegas: If you'll be driving around more of the city than simply the Las Vegas Strip, you might prefer to print out the following PDF map of the Las Vegas metro area showing the area's freeways and major streets.

Backup on Interstate 15 between Las Vegas, NV and Baker, CA resulting from an accident

Traffic warning: Las Vegas to Los Angeles traffic may be heavy, at times. After leaving Las Vegas to head southwards towards Los Angeles, you may run into quite a bit of traffic. Many Los Angeles residents make weekend trips to Las Vegas; and they all need to be back at work in Southern California on Monday! Traffic jams can occur in the desert---literally "in the middle of nowhere"---on Sunday afternoons and evenings as California visitors return home. And on "long weekends" (such as the Memorial Day or Labor Day holiday weekends)---the snarls get even worse!

As you can see in the photo of a Nevada traffic jam to your right, there isn't a building in site. This is simply an open stretch of I-15 out in the middle of the desert. All it takes is one small accident to back up traffic for miles. Vacationers will have a much smoother drive between Las Vegas and Los Angeles if they avoid the "weekend rush."

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