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Jack Sparrow Additions

to Disneyland Park's Pirates of the Caribbean ride!!!

Picture: Jack Sparrow animatronic figure, one of 3 Jack Sparrow additions in Disneyland's Pirates of the Caribbean ride

As you may already know, the character of Captain Jack Sparrow from Disney's "Pirates of the Caribbean" movies has been added to the Disneyland theme park's ride (from which the movie got its inspiration!) As of June 26, 2006, the refurbishment of Disneyland's Pirates of the Caribbean ride was officially ended and the ride opened to the public. And, the positive response to the Jack Sparrow additions to this already-popular attraction has been tremendous!

In other words, if you're headed for a visit to Disneyland Resort these days, you'd better see the "Pirates" ride (in the New Orleans Square section of the park) early in the day, because this ride is drawing huge crowds!

News! More Disneyland pirate-themed attractions were added in 2007! If it's been awhile since you've visited Tom Sawyer's Island at Disneyland Park, you'll want to check it out again soon! New pirates-themed additions are ready for visitors to enjoy on the island. Pirate's Lair is the name of the additions...and these changes transform what was once a kiddie attraction into a feature that adults and teens will like, as well! There are now long lines to board the rafts to Tom Sawyer's Island---what better proof of the new attraction's popularity do you need than THAT? The public likes them!

The island's caves have been re-themed to Pirates of the Caribbean; pirate plunder, skeletons, and other props have been added to carry out this motif. You can view Will Turner's blacksmith shop, hear the Bootstrappers quartet, and even take your picture inside a "skull and bones cage" (as seen in Pirates of the Caribbean 2.) To discover all the fun activities you'll enjoy on Tom Sawyer's Island these days, please visit the Pirates Lair Pictures page of this site.

Have you ever wanted to make a Captain Jack Sparrow costume for a masquerade party or for Halloween? If you have, you might enjoy reading through the "Jack Sparrow Costumes" page of this website! Why not go for a pirate look this year? Jack Sparrow's outfit is one of the coolest movie costumes to come along in ages---and you can be one of the hottest dressers at the event you'll be attending when you appear in your OWN pirate get-up!

Making Jack Sparrow's and Captain Barbossa's animatronic images

Picture: Captain Barbossa animatronic figure in the Pirates of the Caribbean ride at Walt Disney World in Orlando, Florida

Though many additions and refurbishments have been made to the "Pirates of the Caribbean" ride at Disneyland Park, people are most anxious to view the animatronic reproductions of the film's leading character, the flamboyant Captain Jack Sparrow. Played in the films by master-actor Johnny Depp, Jack Sparrow's character was artfully brought to life...and, indeed, Depp's imaginative portrayal is one of the biggest reasons that Disney's "Pirates" movies reached the realms of mega-popularity. ("Pirates of the Caribbean 2: Dead Man's Chest" was even a record-breaking film in its first few days...being the first-ever movie to top the "$100 million in ticket sales" mark after only 2 days!)

Ultra attention to the details of Captain Sparrow's looks, costume, and mannerisms were made during this character's replication for the Pirates of the Caribbean ride. Complete measurements were made of Johnny Depp's face in preparation for making the face of his animatronic counterpart...every little detail. (Such as length of nose, height of forehead, shape of jaw and cheekbones...down to the very millimeter.) Naturally, his exact height and other physical features were copied, as well.

Picture: Jack Sparrow peeks out of barrel in Pirates of the Caribbean ride at Walt Disney World in Florida

In the photo at the top of this page, you saw a close-up shot of Captain Sparrow's face. The make-up worn by Johnny Depp in the "Pirates" movies is copied exactly for Jack Sparrow's character in the Pirates of the Caribbean ride. (And, as you can also saw in that picture, Captain Sparrow's beloved hat is hanging on a hook within arm's reach just above his head.)

Johnny Depp closely inspected the work of the animatronic Sparrow character's figure during the construction process. Any action or saying that he felt Jack Sparrow would not have actually said or did, he made them change.

One of the Jack Sparrow additions to Disneyland's Pirates of the Caribbean ride in Anaheim, California

The Jack Sparrow character appears 3 times in the newly-refurbished Pirates of the Caribbean ride: 1) On the right hand side of the boat, appearing amongst a display of women's dresses (2) On the left-hand side of the ride, Jack's head pops up and down from out of a barrel, and (3) at the end of the ride, Captain Jack again appears on the left, drinking from a golden goblet amongst a pile of pirate loot. Therefore, if you want to get a really good view of all 3 "robot" Jack Sparrows, you'll have to ride on the Pirates of the Caribbean boats twice: one time sitting on the left side of the boat, and another time sitting on the right.

Captain Barbossa animatronic figure: Captain Barbossa's figure was added one time within the Pirates of the Caribbean ride---on a ship during the "cannon battle" scene. Similar care was taken with Barbossa's character to make sure the finished figure appeared realistic. Unfortunately, the figure is somewhat difficult to see during the ride.

Jack Sparrow Additions -- Other ride additions and refurbishment

The older characters in the Pirates of the Caribbean ride at Disneyland were spruced up during the ride's 2006 refurbishment

As mentioned above, the character of Captain Barbossa (portrayed by Geoffrey Rush in the films) was also added to the Pirates of the Caribbean ride. You'll see him best from the left-hand side of the boat. His character appears the canon-blasting scene where a pirate ship is bombarding a fort on-shore. You'll also here his voice on the ride's soundtrack as you pass through the cannon battle scene of the attraction.

The character of Davy Jones also appears in the ride now, as well...although, NOT as an animatronic character. His image appears on a screen of smoke-like can put your hands right through it! The Davy Jones image appears centered, directly over the tour boat, and can be seen equally well from both the boat's left hand and right hand sides.

You'll be very pleased with the new sound system that's been installed in Disneyland's Pirates of the Caribbean ride. All of the sounds are clearer and more distinct than ever before. More importantly, you'll finally be able to hear the words being spoken by the characters, which tended to sound blurry before. The script has been changed a bit, with other animatronic characters now making references to Jack Sparrow in several spots throughout the ride.

New banner adorns the Pirates of the Caribbean ride building in Disneyland Park, Anaheim, California

Along with the original (and well-loved!) Pirates theme-song, you'll also enjoy hearing snippets of the movie's sound track in the ride now. Having music from the Pirates of the Caribbean movies helps the whole ride to blend seamlessly into an experience "right out of the movie." Music always adds to an attraction, and in this instance, the musical additions really "set the mood" for a wonderfully immersive experience into the Pirates of the Caribbean's world.

Another new addition to this popular ride is that the pirates' golden treasure is even more golden-colored than before.This extra brilliance is not just your imagination playing tricks on you----many more (and shinier!) golden props were added to the Pirates ride during its refurbishment.

Also, every single one of the original props and animatronic characters were shined up during the refurbishment process.

There's still one other improvement to the ride---enhanced lighting. Since the ride's lighting was always one of its strong points, it's perhaps one of the more difficult improvements to notice...but it's there. It's a case of a "good thing getting even better."

All in all, the ride seems "fresh and new" thanks to the recent refurbishments. If you were a "Pirates" ride lover before, you'll enjoy this attraction even more now. And, if you weren't a Pirates lover, DEFINITELY give this ride another try now. If you enjoyed the movies, I think you'll definitely like the ride now that the additions from the movie have been made. Believe it or not, he additions make this attraction seem like an almost totally different experience.

Jack Sparrow Portrait--Pirates of the Caribbean ride foyer

New Jack Sparrow portrait in the Pirates of the Caribbean ride foyer

If you've never noticed the "gallery of rogues" paintings in the Pirates ride-queueing area, you will now! Captain Jack's painting has been added to the line-up of famous Pirate Captains...and his images is the very first one you'll encounter as you enter the Pirates ride building at Disneyland Park. (See a photo of this Jack Sparrow painting to your left.)

If you'd like to snap a family photo by Jack Sparrow's new portrait, that will be easy to do. Simply choose the LEFT HAND queuing line as you enter the ride's courtyard (where the line-up begins.) The left-hand line will allow you to pass directly in front of the painting. Since Jack's painting is at eye-level, his image is in a good spot for taking a brief snapshot as you pass by on your way into the ride.

Jack Sparrow Additions -- Viewing Strategies and Tips

Mornings are the best time to visit Disneyland's Pirates of the Caribbean ride

Yes, the new Jack Sparrow additions inside the Pirates of the Caribbean ride at Disneyland Park are mega-popular. Yes, lines build to quite a long length for this ride. HOWEVER, you may visit the newly-refurbished Pirates ride WITHOUT having to stand in a long line IF you go during the first hour or two that the park is open. (As you can see in this photo to your left...taken about 1 hour after Disneyland's opening time...the line through the ride's courtyard is strolling along easily. During the afternoons, this area will be packed with bodies merely inching forward a little bit at a time.)

Even on busy summer mornings, you can breeze through the short early-morning lines at the Pirates of the Caribbean can even catch a 2nd or 3rd time through before you notice the line starting to build. If you're putting the new Jack Sparrow additions on your "must see" list for your next Disneyland visit, try getting to the park at opening time. Either walk to New Orleans Square (where the Pirates of the Caribbean ride is located) or catch the Disneyland train from the Main Street depot, if you'd like to save wear and tear on your feet. Head to the Pirates ride as your first attraction for the day, and you shouldn't have any problem getting onto the ride.

A front-row seat in the tour boat can help you to get a better view of the ride's new additions. Ask to wait for a front-seat spot; at least for our group, the staff ("cast members") willingly complied.

Previously, the Pirates of the Caribbean ride featured the "Fast Pass" option." The Fast Pass tickets are no longer available at "Pirates," so don't count on them for catching a quick stroll through the line later in the day. (When I inquired about this, the staff told me that the "line moved along faster without the Fast Pass feature in place.")

Jack Sparrow Merchandise on EBay

Jack Sparrow fans have a Pirates merchandise shop in New Orleans Square at Disneyland Park in which they may buy themed shirts, bandanas, hats, and other memorabilia. But how do you find Jack Sparrow clothing and decor if you're not planning to visit Disneyland soon?

On EBay, the auction website! Every day of the week, Ebay has interesting Pirates of the Caribbean merchandise up for bid. In the EBay widget below, you can see what's currently being auctioned right now. When one items gets sold, another one takes its place in this you a constantly rotating supply of Pirates-themed merchandise to enjoy viewing!

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Use the button above to visit the "Jack Sparrow Costumes" page of this website. Learn how to make a Capt'n Jack costume...PLUS see pictures of the Jack Sparrow wax figures at Madame Tussaud's Wax Museum!

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