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Your Jack Sparrow Costume, pt 1

Get hints on creating your own Captain Jack costume!

Closeup photo of Jack Sparrow's face makeup, hair and beads Would you like to make or buy a Jack Sparrow pirate costume? If you're interested in dressing as Captain Jack Sparrow for a party (or for fun!), anyone could certainly understand WHY. The Jack Sparrow pirate costume has to be the coolest movie costume in years---maybe EVER!

There are 3 basic ways of getting your Jack Sparrow Costume---

1.) Make the costume from items already in your closet...with a few accessories and makeup added on

2.) Buy the Captain Jack Sparrow costume

3.) Sew the pirate costume...or have it sewn for you

This page is going to focus on putting together an adult's Captain Jack Sparrow costume from items you may already have in your closet (or buy at a thrift store.)

If you plan to sew or buy your Jack Sparrow Pirate Costume, please see our "Sewing or buying a Captain Jack Sparrow Costume page, instead. Or, if you need a kid's Jack Sparrow costume, check out the Kids' Pirate Costumes page. Finally, if you need a women's pirate dress or pants outfit, please see our Adult pirate costumes page.

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Captain Jack Sparrow Costume -- The face and hair

"Create Your Own Memorable Captain Jack Sparrow Costume"

Note: For writing this article, we enlisted the help of a friend (Wendy from Canada) who works with local theater groups in her area. She was able to look at photos of the Jack Sparrow pirate costume and notice a jillion things about it that we never saw...yet were right there before our eyes!


If your heart is set on dressing up like Captain Jack Sparrow, but your budget doesn't allow for a purchased rendition, try creating your own costume.

When planning your costume, keep in mind that there are items that are essential to the look, like the bandana, and others that are not, like the hat, which is rarely worn.

Start with the essential pieces and add from there as your budget allows.

1. Makeup---

Jack Sparrow and Pirate Wench, sent by reader Alexa of Vista, CaliforniaEyeliner (essential) - Use some kohl (black) eyeliner to line the upper and lower eye and then smudge. Also, smudge a little across the center of each eye.

Bronze foundation or faux tan (non-essential) - Use some to create the rugged outdoor look of someone who is exposed to the elements everyday.

Photo note: The picture of a great-looking Jack Sparrow costume was sent by reader Alexa from California, who is wearing a deluxe pirate wench costume.

2. Headwear---

Bandana (essential) - Find or make a large bandana that will have enough excess fabric to leave ends that drape down to the shoulders after being tied around the head. A faded red to a deep muted pink color with a small floral pattern is preferable. If you can't find one, purchase fabric cut to size or dye and paint a piece of plain fabric. Also, be sure to attach a short strand of beads (about 7-9 assorted) with a medallion attached to the end, so that it drapes forward on the bandana, pointing toward the right eye.

Hat (non essential) - The hat is rarely worn in the movie. Unless you are quite handy, this may be one of those items you will have to buy if you really want to add it to your costume. It could be made with some starched, heavy weight fabric, cut into a circle and pulled up to the three points, tacked and then attached to a matching touque.

Jack Sparrow Costume -- The Shirt, Vest and Pants

Picture: Jack Sparrow costume & makeup example; a job well done! 3. Hair---

The braided beard (essential) - Unless you can grow it yourself, you'll have to buy the Jack Sparrow mustache and beard or some kind of costume beard that can be braided into two 3-5 inch braids. Be sure to include 2 beads at the end of each braid, also.

Long dark hair or a wig (essential) - Again, unless you can grow it yourself, you'll need long dark hair, If you have long hair in a different color, you can dye it. Otherwise, you'll need to buy a wig or hair extensions. Remember to include some random braids, strands of beads and medallions throughout the hair.

Dreadlocks (non essential) - If you can find some of those small braids(to make into dreadlocks) or actual dreadlocks to attach throughout the hair it will add to the disheveled pirate look.

4. Shirt---Choosing some kind of cotton, muslin or linen V-NECK shirt (preferably with no buttons) in a light color (somewhere between white and muted tan) is essential. You may have something in your closet or you can probably find something at a thrift store. Much of it will be covered, so it is up to you how authentic you want to get with the shirt.

5. Outerwear---

Waistcoat or Vest (essential) - Jack Sparrow's waistcoat is a long, buttoned, fitted vest. The waistcoat could be your biggest investment in time or money. Long waistcoats are not readily available, and unless you have one stored in your attic, you will need to purchase one or make one from scratch. A buttoned waist coat is preferrable, but not essential. You could just cut a simple box-shaped vest with no buttons. It will later be cinched in by the sash anyway. The waistcoat or vest should be a muted purple to charcoal color in order to most authentically replicate the Jack Sparrow look.

Frock Coat (non-essential) - Only add this to your costume if you absolutely want to include every item of Jack Sparrow's look. It is rarely worn in the movie and would be costly to make or buy. (In the link to the photo of Jack Sparrow's costume above on this page, he is NOT wearing the frock coat. Captain Jack is wearing the Waist Coat (vest) uncovered in this picture.)

6. Breeches or Pants---Since the boots and waistcoat cover much of the pants, any dark gray pants will be suitable to complete the look. If you want to be authentic, the pants fall to mid-calf and include four buttons and a buckle at the bottom of each leg.

Jack Sparrow Costume -- The Accessories; Captain Jack's Belts, Sword, Boots, etc.

Picture of Jack Sparrow look-alike seen at Disneyland in California7. Belts and Sashes---

Sash (essential) - Depending on your size, you'll need about 3 yards of fabric to create Captain Jack's waist sash. Striped flannel or cotton would be perfect. Use an old bed sheet if you have one. The sash needs to wrap around the waist, over top of the shirt and waistcoat, and hang down below the knee, so be generous with the length of the sash.

Belts -

One belt is essential, two are optional. In Pirates 1 Jack Sparrow wore one belt and in Pirates 2 he wore two. Whatever you decide, the belt buckles should be about 3 inches high or larger. One belt should be worn around the waist, over top of the sash and the other just below that.

Sword belt or Baldric (non-essential) -
This belt is worn across the chest from right shoulder to left waist with the buckle sitting on the upper right chest area. It is one of those items that is often not worn in the movie, so add it only if it is important to you.

Picture showing details of Captain Jack Sparrow's shirt, vest, and sash 8. Boots---

To create the boots, either purchase boot covers or make them yourself. There are patterns available. If you're crafty, you may not even need a pattern. Purchasing authentic boots would be quite pricey, so boot covers, boot toppers, or boot spats would be the way to go.

9. Accessories---

The compass, Jack's rings, the swords, pistols and other accessories will add to the look, but are not essential. Many variations of these items can be found at second hand shops or you may have some stored away at your own place. Add any of these accessories as your budget allows. Keep in mind, that unless you are using toy weapons, it may be illegal to carry swords and pistols in your area, so do your research on this before you add them to your costume.


Now that you look like a pirate, capture some Jack Sparrow charisma by watching the movies and picking out mannerisms and lingo that you can pull off. Get that body swagger and slurred, non-chalant vocal pattern down, and you just might be the talk of the party!

Host your own pirate party! Need ideas?

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Need some ideas? Just click on the words "pirate party," and you'll discover a dead man's chest full of super ideas at Wendy's plan-a-party website! You'll find tips about pirate party games, pirate invitations...and even how to talk like a pirate! What say you?

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