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Kids Halloween Costume Pictures

from our 2009 Halloween Costume Contest!

In the slide show above, you're viewing the 2009 Halloween Costume Contest winners in the Babies, Toddlers, Preschoolers, Kids, Tweens and Teens categories. Congratulations to these fine winners! Keep reading to find out the winner's names.

Overview of last year's Halloween Contest

The 2009 event was a large Halloween costume contest with 400 entries---and most of them were very good ones. The panel of judges labored for 2 weeks before being able to reach a decision. Many very fine costumes couldn't be included on the winner's because of the volume of entries. In fact, even the non-winning contestant's costumes were so good that they'll remain posted here on this page for an entire give our readers plenty of time to enjoy them and admire them!

If you'd like to see this year's Grand Prize, you'll find that picture on our Halloween Costume Photo Contest main page. To see more winning costumes, including 2009 contest winners in the family groups and pets category, please visit the Halloween Costume Winners, Part 2 page. Finally, to view our 2009 Halloween winners in the adult groups & pairs, individual and scary categories please check out the 2009 Halloween Costume Contest Winners, Part 3 page.

What if YOU'D like to enter? That's easy! Simply check out the 2010 Halloween Costume Photo Contest page to discover how to enter this year.

Here are the names of our winning Kids Costume contestants

whose pictures you see in the slide show above

Category--Babies 0 to 6 months: The winner in our youngest category of contestants is "Baby Dorothy of Oz," who was submitted by Irene Egardo-Ruiz of California. This baby's huge beaming smile helped her to capture the hearts of the judges, who thought she made the perfect baby Dorothy. Runners-up in this category are Jamie Walsh of Iowa, showing off her little cutie's puppy costume; and Marisa Block of California, with her cuddly little baby's lamb costume.

Category--Babies 6 to 12 months: Winning in the category of "Babies, age 6 to 12 Months" is Monica Giardina of Missouri. This clever homemade spaghetti and meatballs costume along with a terrific pose captured the winner's spot in this category for her. Another very creative outfit, a cute baby alien costume, won Sandra Pistarelli of Maine a runner-up spot. Our other runner up is Kristin Garibell of New Jersey whose daughter's happy smile and exotic Tutti Frutti costume earned her a place on the winner's list.

Category--Babies 12 thru 19 Months: What did Fred Flintstone look like as a baby? We now know, thanks to our category winner, Alicia Ramirez of Texas, whose homemade Baby Fred Flintstone costume captured the winner's award in this category. Seated in his pre-historic car (which she also constructed,) he looks enough like Fred to be his long-lost twin. One runner up in this category is Kely Bodziak of New Jersey, whose daughter's orange-accented witch costume photographed at their scenic local pumpkin patch would make a perfect "October" page in a 2009 calendar. Our other runner up is Libbie Bailey of New York, whose daughter's facial expression seems to capture a child's marvel at the excitement of the Halloween season.

Category--Toddler 20 mo to 3 years: For the darling peacock costume she designed, along with her daughter's captivating smile, Brittany McDilda of Tennesee captures the winning spot in the Toddler Costumes category. Runners up are Diane Martin of Virginia with her daughter's cute toddler scarecrow outfit, and Jolene Ivie of Utah, with her little girl's colorful homemade Rag Doll costume.

Category--3 Year Olds: A darling home-designed Smurfette costume, terrific makeup, and an amazing photographic setting & pose win this category for Rachel Flowers of Ohio. An inventive original Sponge Bob costume and darling smile won Juliette Gomes of Massachusetts a runner up placement. Tying for the other runner up spot are 2 terrific Halloween disguises: a home-designed Wall E costume (the Disney movie robot,) entered by Coby Smith of California; and a dashing home-sewn Peter Pan costume, submitted by Carrie Hill of Michigan.

Category--4 and 5 Year Olds: The fun "Skeleton" Jack Sparrow costume and makeup, along with her son's immersion into his role, won Anegla Romney of California the top prize in this category. The wonderful "Teen Wolf" costume & great pose of Amber Brockwell from Mississippi won a runner up spot. The sharp home-created "Fireman with Firetruck" costume entered by Brett Kaiser of Illinois captured the other runner up award.

Category--Girls Age 6-9: The elegant and graceful girl's peacock costume created by Mariyah Dhanani of Florida wins top prize in this contest category. Another adorable outfit, a whimsical Raggedy Ann dress, submitted by Karen Christensen of Utah captures a runner up prize. And, the imaginative "box of crayons" costume submitted by Diana Riddle of California wins the other runner up award.

Category--Boys Age 6-9: The clever, home-designed "Creature from the Black Lagoon" costume made by Lisa Calton of Florida grabs the top honors in this costume category. Christine Cashen of Texas also dreamed up a highly unusual costume; a cruise ship, which receives a runner up prize. A great-looking home-made R2D2 costume constructed by Rick Mugavero of Florida rolls away with the other runner up spot.

Category--Tween & Teen: A highly unique and colorful Medusa costume designed by Cindee Walker of Florida grabs the top prize in this category, which covers the 10 through 16 year old age bracket. Joyce Puluse of New Jersey made a "Poor Boots Magooch" hobo costume for her son who is a great admirer of Emmett Kelly, this character's creator; and snags a runner up prize. The delicately elegant Forest Fairy costume designed by Hayley Baxter of Texas flits away with the other runner up award.

All Baby, Kid's, Tween's and Teen's Halloween costume pictures

which were entered into the 2009 Halloween Costume Contest

2009 Contestants: Babies age 0 to 6 Months

In the section below, you may view ALL of the terrific costumes which were entered into the contest's Baby thru Teen categories:

The tiny...and adorable...contestants in the slide show above were our youngest entries into the 2009 Halloween Costume Contest. How old was our youngest contestant? Only 10 days old! The slide show above is arranged to show you all of our 0 to 6 month old contestants in the order of age.

2009 Contestants: Babies age 6 to 12 Months

The above cute contestants range in age from 6 to 12 months, and appear alphabetically.

2009 Contestants: Babies age 12 to 19 Months

The adorable contestants above range in age from 12 thru 19 months of age, and are ordered alphabetically.

Toddlers from 20 Months up to age 3

In the slide show you're viewing the cute kids & costumes entered into the Toddler age range of the contest.

Category: Preschool age 3

In the slides above, you're viewing boys and girls who are 3 years old.

Category: Preschool ages 4 thru 5

In the slides above, you're viewing boys and girls who are 4 or 5 years of age.

Category: Boys ages 6 thru 9

In the slides above, you're viewing boys in the 6 thru 9-year-old age range and their costumes.

Category: Girls ages 6 thru 9

In the slides above, you're viewing girls in the 6 thru 9-year-old age range.

Category: Tween/Teen---ages 10 thru 16

In the above slides, you'll see the clever costumes of the Halloween contestants between the ages of 10 & 16.

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