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Knotts Berry Farm Birthday Parties

A Peanuts character visits YOU at your Knott's birthday!

Picture: Snoopy costumed character at Knotts Berry Farm theme park in Southern Califoria
If there are Charlie Brown, Lucy or Snoopy-lovers in your family, what could be more fun for them than having their birthday parties at Knotts Berry Farm? Unfortunately, there's some bad news on this topic...but there is also some GOOD news, too.

What's the bad news? Knott's Berry Farm has quit holding the children's birthday parties that were held in the Camp Snoopy area of the park for many years. There was a party room called "Lucy's Lunch Box," and families could reserve this area for eating their birthday meal and opening presents. That facility isn't available any more.

So, what's the GOOD news, then? Knott's Park is still a festive place to hold a birthday...and there are actually more ways to customize your party in the long run ever since these changes were made. For non-catered parties, you'll still be able to get special pricing for your birthday long as there are 15 or more people for whom you will be purchasing tickets. But, catered parties are still available, as well...just with different options than before. On this page, you'll discover the information you need to throw together a lively and successful birthday party at the Knotts Berry Farm theme park.

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Knott's Berry Farm Birthday Party Options

2 ways to throw your own bash at Knott's Park

Picture of Lucy's Lunchbox Restaurant, where birthday parties were formerly held at Knotts Berry FarmSeveral years ago, Knotts Berry Farm discountinued its Lucy's Lunchbox birthday party packages. (You can see the former Lucy's Lunchbox in the picture to your right.) However, the de-emphasis on Camp Snoopy as the party venue has actually opened up a wider range of age groups that are interested in planning birthday parties at Knott's. And you'll find that there are still 2 good ways to hold a birthday party at Knott's Berry Farm! These two ways are:

1.) Plan your own event, with NO character visit: By using the park's Group Discount tickets, you can still head to the park with your friends for you loved one's birthday prices cheaper that what tickets would cost you at the front gate. However, there will be no special gathering room or pavilion at the park for your group to relax, eat and open presents together.

2.) You may use the park's special events co-ordinator for catered birthday parties. With your co-ordinator, you'll plan out a customized party that WILL include the use of a party room or table, and WILL include a visit from a Peanuts character. It will cost a bit more than the old Lucy's Lunchbox parties, and your party room won't necessarily be conveniently located in the middle of the popular Camp Snoopy section of Knott's Park. But the planning will be done by the staff, and all you'll need to do is show up with your group at the time and location that you agree upon with your coordinator. Prices vary from party to party...depending on the number of guests you invite, and the options that you select for your special event.

Here are the links you'll need in order to buy tickets for your self-planned party...or, if you prefer, plan your customized event with a Knott's party co-ordinator:

Self-planned party: In 2019, group tickets require 15 or more paying guests (in addition to any guests who will be entering with an annual pass.) You may purchase your guests tickets this year for about $49-$53, depending on the exact date that you choose. (Yes, you will need to know your exact party date BEFORE you buy the tickets.) This means that you'll already need to know who is coming to your bash by the time you buy them---because the group tickets must be purchased all at one time (in batches of 15 or more) in order for you to get the group discount. However, you do NOT need to give out the names of your guests when you buy the tickets----so that if one guest cancels, you may simply invite a different friend, instead. And, for last-minute guests, you may still buy individual tickets at a discount by using one of the park's online, web-only ticket specials. Here's a link to the Knott's Group Tickets page where you may purchase your self-planned party tickets any time you're ready. (Once you click on the "Buy Now" button, a window pops up on the screen for you to choose your date and make your purchase.) For summer birthday parties, you may also purchase group tickets to hold your party at the Soak City Water Park (which is directly across the street from the theme park.) Advance parking lot tickets are also available, and both parks share the same lot.

Catered party: You need to know how many people you'll be inviting and a general idea of when you'd like to hold your party before you speak with your party planner. Since there are a limited number of group areas at Knott's, there's a chance you might need to change your dates if all the group areas are full on the date you select---but that's rare. Your planner will tell you the options you can make to customize your event...along with the prices for each different selection. Prices aren't included on the Knott's Berry Farm website, so you'll need to actually contact a Party Planner (by phone or email) in order to figure out the final cost. But there's no obligation for you to purchase until you actually book the date and time for your party. Here's a link to the Catered Party page of the Knott's website.

Still have questions? You might find some of the answers you're looking for on the rest of this page.

Putting together your own Knott's birthday party

Picture: the Snoopy costumed character sometimes greets theme park guests

Question: Are the current party options as cheap as the old Knott's birthday party package prices?

Yes and no. Prices for a self-planned party are fairly similar to what you'll be paying for your Group Tickets. What you'll be nissing is the atmosphere of the special Lucy's Lunchbox party room...which, in our opinion, was considerable---especially when seen through a child's eyes. You and your guests first got to walk thru the festive Camp Snoopy area...feeling just a bit more special than the other park guests who were busy going on the kiddie rides...and not even realizing that it was your birthday. Poor them! And your group got the thrill of bypassing the entrance to the "regular" part of the restaurant. Of climbing the stairs to Lucy's Lunchbox in eager anticipation...and entering a room where hardly anyone ever gets to go. Of seeing the cute Peanuts decorations in that room. And then, having your own special celebration begin... inside of Knott's Park, but sequestered inside its own little world.

The difference between the Lucy's Lunch Box parties and your own self-planned party...with no special room, no meal and no character visit...were mostly a difference in "atmosphere." The groups of celebrants seemed like a more cohesive group. They weren't just all together at Knott's---they were all together with nobody else around, and in a place where nobody else could join them. It simply "felt" more like it was a party (rather than a random visit to the theme park.)

The meal that came included in the Lucy's Lunchbox package wasn't all that great. In fact, calling it "average" might even be too big of a compliment. It was just something that you'd expect from an amusement park. But it didn't even matter to most people. The party room was special. Your party turned into an event that everyone there would end up remembering for a lifetime. (It was a terrific picture-taking spot for capturing all of those memories permanently, too.)

A self-planned party leaves you and your guests entering the park together and riding the rides together...but not having any party room or character visit to differentiate this particular day from any other day that your family visits Knott's. You can make it a little MORE special by having a meal at one of the park's restaurants, though. It will cost extra, but the GOOD thing is that you'll get your choice of meal. Everyone can order what they want. Each person can order something different. The biggest problem with the old Lucy's Lunchbox parties was the actual food itself. Everyone got the same thing, and it was definitely not high-quality fare. You can still get a junk food kind of meal at the park, if you wish. On the other hand, there are some really good places to eat, instead---including Mrs. Knott's Chicken Dinner restaurant (just outside the gate.)

Another very big "plus" for self-planners is that you don't need to pre-reserve a party room (since you won't be using one.) Problems arise in life. Guests cancel. Conflicting events arise, etc. You no longer need to reserve your party room a long time in advance of the event. Group tickets must be purchased ahead of time, but mere hours ahead (instead of weeks or months.) If you want to cancel your party because rain is in the forecast...well, you can do that. It's your choice, because a self-planned party is the most flexible kind you can plan!

Photo: Giant Snoopy on top of Snoopy's Bounce House at Knott's Berry Farm theme park in Southern CaliforniaHow do the old Lucy's Lunchbox prices compare with the new "catered" birthday party rates? Since we don't know anyone who has planned a party using the new system, it's hard to say. Several years have passed since the Lucy's Lunchbox parties were phased out, so there's going to be some inevitable increase in the price, anyway. The big advantage of the new system is that there are more options, instead of only several pre-set plans. This gives you more ways to change the price of the finished party that you "create." Upper limits to the number of guests you invite have also increased. (40 guests were the maximum allowed into the old party room.) Plus, parties for older kids and adults are more comfortable without all the "Snoopy" emphasis, as well.

Some of the hassles of this system remain the same as with the old party system. You still need to have an exact head-count before you book, because the price is dependent on the total number of participants. (And there aren't any refunds for guests who don't show up.) You also still need to plan ahead, because you don't want all of the group dining areas to be booked-up before you get a chance to schedule yours. And you still need to pay for the group with one credit card or PayPal account; individual guests can't buy their own tickets separately.

Question: Is the the Grizzly Creek Lodge (the restaurant in the Camp Snoopy section of the park) the best choice adding a birthday meal---if we choose to pay extra and treat our guests to lunch or dinner? It can be, especially if your child is young. Most of the park's rides for the 7-and-under crowd are located in the Camp Snoopy section of the theme park. Not everyone wishes to herd a group of toddlers or young kids around the park. If you eat at the Grizzly Creek Lodge, then you'll never need to leave the Camp Snoopy area. The kids can ride their favorites over & over again. Nobody will get lost or have sore feet afterwards.

Other restaurants in the park have better food, however. Mrs. Knott's Chicken Dinner restaurant has always been a favorite with our readers, and it's just outside the park's front gates. Same for TGIFriday's, which you'll find across from Mrs. Knott's in the California Marketplace area. Another favorite is Johnny Rocket's Restaurant in the "Boardwalk" themed area. Not being tied to a party room any longer gives you options that you didn't have before. You can even save money by eating the meal at home before or after your time at the theme park.

Other tips for planning an "unofficial" Knotts Birthday Party

Picture of Birthday Snoopy stuffed animalQuestion: My child was looking forward to having Snoopy visit his party. Now that will no longer be possible, right?

Yes and no. Catered parties DO still have Peanuts character visits as an option. But other Peanuts characters are now available, as well. You should make your "favorite" character known to your party planner and urge them to try to schedule that particular it Snoopy, Lucy, Charlie Brown, etc. But in the end, you'll undoubtedly be told that they will try...but there's no guarantee of which character will show up. And there won't be refunds for your party if the favorite character that you've mentioned isn't available...and a different character shows up instead.

If you're holding your own bash, then no, Snoopy won't give you a personal visit. However, once again, there's good news. Knott's theme park now has a permanent area for character meet-and-greets. (Snoopy just used to walk around randomly. Seeing him was a matter of chance.) The greeting area is right inside Camp Snoopy, so you won't have far to go.

One benefit of using the greeting area (instead of having Snoopy at your party) is that it solves a big problem. Technically, Snoopy was supposed to greet ONLY the birthday child. This would leave other kids at the party disappointed if the rules weren't bent a little. With the meet 'n greet system, each child at the party can have their own hug and picture with Snoopy. Other characters are sometimes available at the meet 'n greets, as well.

Question: What about Snoopy birthday invitations? The old party system supplied them.

Snoopy party invitations, favor bags, etc, aren't always easy to find around town. But you can find them easily online. usually carries them. Ebay is another source. If you are planning a meal or cake ceremony at home, it's also good to know that you can find Peanuts character tablecloths, plates and cups at, Ebay and other sources online.

Favor bags, balloons, etc.: You probably know this, but it's not a good idea to pass out favors or treats right before entering the park. Outside food and merchandise is not allowed. So, you should leave any party favors at home or in the car...or pass them out after you leave Knott's Berry Farm.

Question: Are Snoopy and Peanuts character gifts available at the park? Yes, there is a good supply of Peanuts merchandise---including Snoopy---both inside and outside of the park. In the picture to your left, you see a special birthday-themed Snoopy, which we were lucky enough to find on our special day. However, a special birthday Snoopy may or may not be available when you have your party. The merchandise is constantly rotating. There will definitely be a good selection of cute Snoopy plush animals, even if a birthday-themed animal is not among them. You can also find Peanuts-themed clothing and toys at the abundance.

Snoopy Birthday Cakes and Cupcakes

Picture of Snoopy Cupcake at Knott's Berry FarmQuestion: We used to enjoy the Snoopy-themed birthday cake that came with one of the party packages. Now, how do we find a Snoopy cake?

You can buy a Snoopy birthday cake or cupcakes at the Knott's Bakery, just outside of the turnstiles in the "California Marketplace" section of the park. So, just because you'll be holding an "unofficial" birthday party doesn't mean you'll have to do without an official Snoopy cake! You may wish to visit the bakery early in the day to get the best selection. Ordering ahead is another idea to make sure that a Snoopy cake is available on the day you need it. The phone number is 714/220-5094.

The Knott's Berry Farm Bakery also offers other types of birthday cakes from which you may choose. Both Snoopy cakes AND birthday cakes without Snoopy are available (in case you're holding the party for an older child.) In addition, you'll find cakes which don't have a birthday theme at all (in case your party is for some other special occasion.) Pies, cookies and some types of breads are also sold in the bakery.

Snoopy cupcakes are also available at the Knott's Bakery. These are reasonably priced, and come in a choice of either chocolate or vanilla. These cute cupcakes are another good party option.

Snoopy birthday cakes and cupcakes are available at the Knott's Bakery just outside the theme park's entranceIs there an easy way to make Snoopy cakes and cupcakes at home? We prefer our own cake recipes.

Well, as you can tell by the pictures of Snoopy cupcakes (from Knott's Bakery) to your left & right, the Snoopy design on the top of the cupcake is made via a build-up of white frosting. Therefore, if you have experience with cake decorating, you could make your own favorite type of cupcake and then add a similar Snoopy face. Google Images shows a ton of other ideas that people have used for their cupcakes if you don't like the design that Knott's uses.

But, to make the Knott's style, first, you would choose your favorite icing and frost the cake normally. You would then build up the Snoopy face from white icing on the top of the pre-frosted cake or cupcake. With a bit of practice, your Snoopy will look just fine! Chocolate icing is then applied with a thin cake decorating tip to simulate Snoopy's eyes, ears, nose and mouth. Cute & colorful decorative sprinkles can also be applied to the top of the cake or cupcake to give a festive, exciting appearance to the finished dessert.

Snoopy cake pans: Wilton is the company famous for making cake pans in cute character shapes. Their website isn't currently selling Snoopy cake pans...but that doesn't mean you can't buy one elsewhere. There are usually Snoopy cake pans for sale every day of the year on the Ebay auction website. You can also find Peanuts character cake-toppers...or even colorful Peanuts mini-flags for your cake.

While you're planning your child's birthday party, you may want to browse through the following pages of this website for further info---

1.) Camp Snoopy Themed Area: You'll see pictures and read descriptions of the kiddie rides and attractions at Knotts.

2.) Mrs. Knotts Restaurant: If you're planning to host an "unofficial" party, you may wish to dine in the park's restaurant that's been a favorite for several generations!

3.) Other Knotts Restaurants: You'll get info about both the Johnny Rockets and TGIFriday's restaurants at Knotts Berry Farm, plus learn about other snacking options.

Knotts Camp Snoopy Store

Picture: cute Snoopy stuffed animal is dressed in a pumpkin suit for Halloween

Whether holding a birthday party at Knotts...or not...Snoopy fans should remember that there's plenty of Peanuts-themed merchandise at the theme park!

It can be hard to find a good assortment of Peanuts and Snoopy items in the stores where you shop around town. But Knotts Berry Farm has a wonderful assortment of things that any Peanuts enthusiast will enjoy looking at. Peanuts tee shirts, Snoopy and Peanuts stuffed animals (such as the one you see in the photo to your left,) seasonal decorations---inluding Christmas ornaments, and all sorts of miscellaneous items from toys to magnets to drinking mugs.

Picture: Snoopy Store just outside the Knotts Berry Farm main gate, in the California Marketplace One store that Snoopy-lovers will not want to miss is the Snoopy store just outside the Knotts theme park's main gates (in the California Marketplace.) You can see a picture of this store to your right.

The great thing about the Snoopy Store in Knott's California Marketplace is that you can visit any time...whether you're visiting the theme park or not. There's no admission charge to the California Marketplace, and there's FREE parking, too! (If you can't find a parking spot on the street right by the Snoopy Store, there's a large parking lot by the entrance to TGIF Restaurant.)

But, even if you've been to the theme park, the Snoopy Store in California Marketplace is worth checking out. It's bigger than the Peanuts store inside the park. And, the fact that it gets less business means that items which may be temporarily out of stock inside the park are plentiful in the California Marketplace. (For example, the cute Halloween Snoopy stuffed animal was sold out inside the park on the day I bought the one in the picture. At the Snoopy Store outside Knott's main gate, there were plenty of them!)

Picture: Peanuts store in the Camp Snoopy area of Knotts Berry Farm theme park
On the other hand, for anyone heading into the theme park, the Peanuts-themed store is so easy to stroll into...and so much fun to look through.

Even if you don't have kids (and, therefore, you won't be visiting the Camp Snoopy area of Knotts Berry Farm) the Peanuts store is easy to reach. It's right at the entrance to Camp Snoopy! You don't have to pass a bunch of kiddie rides to get to it.

This is a convenient store for guests coming to Knott's Berry Farm birthday parties, as well. If you haven't had time to get to the store for the birthday child's problem.There are plenty of cute gifts right inside the park!

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