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Photo: Funnel cakes are a snacking highlight at Knott's Berry Farm Looking for more info about Knotts Berry Farm Restaurants? On this page, you can find out information regarding the very popular Pink's Hot Dog location at Knott's, TGIFriday's Restaurant, the exciting new Johnny Rocket's Diner (actually built WITHIN the theme park!) and several lesser-known restaurants which are located in the "California Marketplace" section just outside of Knott's Berry Farm. (You can shop and dine at the California Marketplace without having to pay admission to the theme park! PLUS, you won't have to pay to park in the Knott's Berry Farm parking lot---because you'll get 3 hours of free parking adjacent to the California Marketplace when you visit any of the stores or restaurants there!)

Save your dinner and shopping receipts! A new parking policy now allows you to get only ONE hour of free parking if you don't have a receipt from a Knott's Marketplace store or restaurant. Also, even if you have a receipt, be sure to keep within the 3 hour limit. Parking for longer than that will run you $24---which is actually more expensive than the Knott's Theme Park lot! (This policy was put into place because too many theme park visitors were using the Knott's Marketplace parking lot, which made it difficult for store and restaurant patrons to find parking places.)

Bacon & Chocolate Funnel Cakes? Another hot topic on the Knott's Berry Farm food scene is that chocolate & bacon funnel cakes are now permanently on the menu at the least, permanent as long as they stay popular! Do you dare to try one? If not, then you'll love the more traditional Cinnabon location at Knott's...serving up the warm, gooey rolls you've enjoyed for many years at your local shopping mall. Cinnabon is right outside of the Knott's theme park gates in the California Marketplace shopping & dining area.

There's still another favorite restaurant at Knotts Berry Farm. It's the beloved Mrs. Knott's Chicken Dinner Restaurant. There's so much to say about Mrs. Knott's restaurant that it needed a whole page just to talk about it! If you missed the information about Mrs. Knott's Chicken Dinner Restaurant---that famous establishment started in 1934 by Mrs. Knotts herself---you may check out the Mrs Knotts Chicken Dinner Restaurant page of our site, and you'll find a whole page full of info on that restaurant alone!

Pink's Hot Dogs at Knott's Berry Farm

Picture: Pink's Hot Dog Restaurant at Knotts Berry Farm in Southern CaliforniaPink's Hot Dog stand in Los Angeles is a popular fast food outlet which has been in business since 1939. In fact, it's so popular that when a new location of Pink's opened in the Knott's Marketplace (just outside of the theme park) a big crush of excited customers rushed to enjoy the wieners...and the stream of traffic continues still today!

Hot dogs are the star of the menu at Pink's, naturally. Hamburgers? Yes, they make them...but they aren't the reason that people line up to order at Pink's. If you'd like to see all the varieties they make...which are made with exactly the same recipes as the famous Los Angeles Pink's hot may check out the menu at Pink's website.

What's so great about Pink's hot dogs? To connoisseurs, the Pink's recipe is top-of-the-line...almost hot dog Nirvana. If you'd like to read a bite-by-bite review of the new Knott's Berry Farm Pink's restaurant (by someone who actually loves hot dogs,) then here's a fun review of Pink's at Knott's Berry Farm from the Jim Hill Media website.

Johnny Rockets Restaurant within Knotts Park

Picture: Johnny Rockets Restaurant at Knotts Berry Farm theme park in Southern California In addition to the restaurants at Knott's California Marketplace, you'll also find a new Johnny Rocket's Restaurant inside the park itself! The Johnny Rocket's Diner is located in the "Boardwalk" section of the theme park...right next to the Perilous Plunge ride. This happens to be the largest Johnny Rockets restaurant in the entire chain, and seats 260+ people! Naturally, as at any other Johnny Rocket's retro-style diner, a cute 50's style decor helps the restaurant to ooze nostalgia. Overstuffed booths, chrome trimmings, and retro posters serve as eye-candy. And, to add even more to the atmosphere, juke boxes fill the air with "Do-wop" oldies favorites.

This is the Knotts Berry Farm restaurant where you can order thick, juicy 1/3 pound hamburgers and cheeseburgers, stuffed with lettuce, tomatoes, pickles and sauce. Or, how about a giant-sized quarter pound hot dog? And, of COURSE you can find made-from-real-ice-cream malts and milk shakes here---and they're so thick you can stand up a straw in them!

Knott's Berry Farm offers a free, 45-minute "shopping pass" which you can use if you'd like to visit the Johnny Rocket's Diner without paying for park admission. You can get a shopping pass at the Guest Relations booth outside the park (to the left of the main ticket booth area.) However, you WILL have to pay a deposit equal to the park's current admission fee...which they'll keep if you end up staying in the park longer than the 45 minutes you're allowed.

Would you like to visit a Johnny Rocket's restaurant, but would prefer a different location? If so, you can head to the Johnny Rockets website, where you can see details about the diner's menu, plus find a list of all the Johnny Rockets restaurant locations in Southern California (along with maps and directions!) The Knott Berry Farm Johnny Rocket Restaurant phone number is 714-220-5005, if you'd like to call them with questions.

Knotts Berry Farm Restaurants --- TGIF at Knott's Berry Farm

Picture of the TGIF Restaurant in the California Marketplace section of Knott's Berry Farm in Buena Park, CaliforniaIn 2005, a new establishment was added to the collection of Knotts Berry Farm restaurants in the "California Marketplace," and that's TGIFriday's!

TGIF at Knott's Berry Farm has the TGI Friday chain's stylish new building style, featuring handsome stonework embellishing the exterior. (See photo to your right.) At the Knott location of the TGIF restaurant, you'll find a large outdoor patio dining area, made even more attractive by colorful red umbrellas. As you dine, you'll get a great view of the Ghost Rider roller coaster zooming by! TGIFriday's Restaurant, which emphasizes entrees straight-from-the-grill, rounds out the variety of cuisine styles to be found in the California Marketplace area of Knotts. If you have yet to visit a TGIF Restaurant, you can see pictures of TGIFriday's food in the photo slide show to your left.

TGIF brings late-night dining to California Marketplace...something which has been needed for a long time. (Hours here are 11 am--11pm Sunday--Thursday, and 11 am--midnight Fri & Saturday.)

Menu items at TGIF Knotts Berry Farm include---

* Appetizers---There's a huge selection of appetizers at TGIF...around 15 or so...costing in the $6--10 range. Some parties make a meal out of ordering different appetizers and then splitting them into individual "sampler" dishes.

* Grilled entrees are the specialty of the house---This includes grilled steaks, fajitas, ribs, shrimp, chicken, salmon and various combos of all the above.

* Sandwiches---Favorites at TGIF include a selection of various burger styles and their famous pulled-pork sandwich.

If you'd like to contact the restaurant to ask questions about their menu...or anything else, for that matter, the Knott's TGIF restaurant phone number is: 714/761-6000. The Knotts Berry Farm TGIF restaurant address is 8039 Beach Blvd, Buena Park, CA 90620...exactly the same as the Knott's theme park itself.

To get directions to Knott's Berry Farm and its new TGIF restaurant (and to see a map), please hop to the "Knotts Berry Farm Directions" page of this website. Or, it you'd rather learn more about the TGIFriday's menu items, use the following link to browse through the TGIFriday's official website. If you can't make it to the Buena Park TGIFriday's restaurant at Knott's Berry Farm, you'll also be able to search for a TGIFriday's location closer to your home while you're on this site.

Knott's Berry Farm Bakery

Photo: You can purchase taste-tempting treats at the Knott's Berry Farm bakery Are you in the mood for just a light snack? Head to the Knott's Farm Bakery in the California Marketplace. Seating is limited inside; however, most of the customers make take-out purchases. You can snack on brownies, cookies, sweet rolls, croissants, etc. A selection of drinks is available for those eating in the store.

Knott's Berry Farm is famous for its luscious pies, and the Knott's Farm Bakery is just the place to get them! A full selection of those delicious pies served in Mrs. Knott's Chicken Dinner Restaurant---including that super-favorite, the Boysenberry Pie---are available here.

You'll also find a selection of ready-made cakes...AND you may get made-to-order themed cakes decorated by one of the bakery's professional cake decorators.

If you'd like more information, call the Knott's Berry Farm Bakery phone number at 714/220-5094. This is the Knott's Bakery's direct telephone number; you'll talk to a "real live person" in the bakery at Knott's California Marketplace.

Knotts Berry Farm Restaurants --- The Berry Market

Photo: You can buy delicious Knotts jams, jellies and fruit preserves in the California Marketplace section of Knott's Berry Farm While The Berry Market isn't actually a restaurant, you'll really want to know about this unique specialty shop which specializes in selling the tasty Knotts Jams, Jellies, Preserves, and other goodies.

As you enter The Berry Market, you'll notice attractive displays of all sorts of combos and gift packs. For the gourmets on your shopping list, you'll think you've entered Gift Heaven!

You'll undoubtedly find just the right gift pack that will please your loved one among the many offered---BUT if you DON'T---no worries! At The Berry Market, you can order specialty made-for-you gift baskets!

In addition, the Knott's Berry Market ships! If you can't find exactly the Knott's jelly (or other product that you want) in the on-line store, you may call the Berry Market. They have a wider assortment of products than the on-line store has, and you may be able to find exactly what you were looking for. The direct Knott's Berry Market phone number is 714/220-5288. By dialing that telephone number, you will speak directly to an employee in the Berry Market store at Knott's Berry Farm's California Marketplace. You'll find the salespersons to be very thorough in their knowledge of the Knott's food products, and they'll also be able to quote you the shipping prices for what you want to order.


No one can say they've seen all of Knott's Berry Farm without eating at Mrs. Knott's Chicken Dinner Restaurant. Punch the teal button to find out about this historic restaurant!

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