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How to get Knotts Berry Farm discount tickets!

In the slide show above, you're viewing pictures of Knotts Berry Farm rides and attractions, present and past. Knott's theme park features plenty of excitement for family members of all ages...from breath-taking thrill rides to sedate, scenic train rides that even babies can enjoy. Take advantage of one of Knott's discount ticket plans, and join the fun!

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Looking for Knott's discounts? Plan ahead!

Discounts are available, but only if you plan in advance!

Picture: Pony Express ride's decorative sign The Knott's Berry Farm theme park is committed to being Southern California's "low price leader" among the area's theme parks. Although ticket prices this year are higher than they've ever been, all the other theme parks throughout California have raised their prices even MORE than Knott's. So, Knott's prices still come out ahead, comparatively.

Also, Knott's Berry Farm itself has provided a number of ways to cut your costs when visiting its theme park. As long as you plan ahead, you'll be able to take advantage of SOME type of discount program provided by the park itself. We'll talk about these Knott's discount ticket programs on the remainder of this page.

Disclaimer: The info on this page is provided to give you an estimate of how much you'll spend if you choose to visit Knott's Berry Farm theme park. It's for the purpose of "general budget planning" ONLY, and may not represent the exact price that you'll find when you visit the park. Knott's Berry Farm is free to raise its prices and change its discount programs at any time, so you should always check with its official website as close as possible to your actual visit-date to obtain the freshest information possible.

Knotts Berry Farm Tickets --

How much to full price Knotts tickets cost?


Knott's Berry Farm is well aware that the theme park business in Southern California is very competitive. And that fact is good for YOU. Simply put, Knott's Berry Farm has lower admission prices than any of the other Southern California theme parks. What this means for you and your family is a more affordable theme park experience...without sacrificing quality.

KNOTTS TICKET PRICES FOR ADULTS--- What are the Knott's Berry Farm ticket prices for adults and teens? In late Spring, 2019, regular-priced Knott's one-day tickets are $84.00 if you pay full price at the Knott's ticket booths. Even without a discount, this price is still the least expensive of all the Los Angeles area theme parks. Even so, you'll rarely have to pay the full price...if you plan ahead.

KIDS--- How much do Knotts Berry Farm children's tickets cost? For kids ages 3 through 11, you'll only pay $54.00---AT FULL PRICE. Children ages 2 and under get free admission.

SENIORS--- Knott's Berry Farm also gives a generous discount to seniors. Starting at age 62, Seniors only pay the same $64.00 admission price that kids do.

Is it easy to get Knott's discount tickets? Yes, it's fairly easy to get good discounts. There are many ways you can save money when your family goes to Knott's Berry Farm. On the rest of this page, you'll find many different ways that you can get cheaper Knott's tickets.

Knotts Berry Farm Current Deals and Specials

Picture: Jaguar Roller Coaster at Knott's Berry Farm, California
Quite frequently, Knott's offers a super discount for people who visit their website. These offers vary throughout the year. A very popular discount this spring has been the pick-a-date special, with tickets costing only $49 on many dates. (On dates that are expected to be busy, the price is a bit higher.) If you don't want to select a date to attend, you'll still get a good online discount---$64 for Any Day ticket at the time of this update.

Don't worry if that particular special isn't available when you plan to visit, because whenever one special ends, another generally begins within a few days. (Of course, as the various offers change, so do the ticket prices.) You may check out the current online cost and purchase them on the Daily Tickets page on the park's official website.


There will be several good Knott's promotions going on at local stores and restaurants this year. (1) Frequentlyl, Ralph's grocery stores sell Knott's Berry Farm discount tickets at the service desk in many locations. You may not see any signs or flyers by the service desk, so you'll probably have to ask the employee if they're currently carrying them. Discounts are not available for junior & senior tickets. (Other groceries, at times, sell Knott's tickets, including Albertson's and Food 4 Less at their service desks.)

(2) Also, Orange County and Los Angeles locations of fast food restaurants are a good place to look for paper coupons. Each year, there will be several restaurants that offer coupons...and these are available for only as long as supplies last (usually a month or less.) Subway, Burger King, Jack in the Box and Taco Bell have all offered coupon periods during the last several years---so keep your eyes open for them.

Picture:The Xcelerator hairpin roller coaster at Knott's Berry Farm , Buena Park, California USA***ARES TRAVEL AGENCY'S KNOTT'S BERRY FARM TICKET DISCOUNTS
If Knott's Berry Farm doesn't have a grocery store or restaurant discount coupon going on, then you might find the ARES Travel Co's print-at-home discount to be one of the best current deals anywhere around. Hundreds of our readers over the past decade have purchased ARES Travel Co. tickets for Legoland and Disneyland without any problems.

You might want to check out their current prices to see if the ARES current offers are good ones for you. (There are generally several to choose from.) You can check out the current discounts on the Knott's Discount Tickets page of the ARES Travel website. There is a small per ticket convenience fee...but it's generally less than Knotts Berry Farm's own website fee for tickets.

Knott's Berry Farm offers a regular, year-round military discount. You can get adult/teen admission tickets for the discounted price of around $54. (The exact amount may vary throughout the year.) How do you claim your discount? Simply show your current photo ID at the Knotts Berry Farm ticket booths. (The Military Discount ticket cannot be purchased online at the Knott's website.)

Knott's Berry Farm also offers a special Military Tribute every Fall. The Knott's military salute usually runs from early November through December (or some years, even through January.) During the military appreciation days, members of the armed services can get free tickets for themselves and one guest, plus discounts for up to 6 other members of your party. Be sure to look on the website for the Military Appreciation Days info again this coming November for complete details.

POLICE & FIRE SALUTES Knott's "Fire and Police Recognition Days" are an annual event every Fall/Winter. This salute generally runs from late November all the way through December or early January. Since this is an annual event, be sure to look for the Knott's Fire and Police Recognition Days beginning in November this year. Unfortunately, unlike the Knott's daily military discount, there is NO year-round discount for specifically for police and fire personnel.

Photo of the Xcelerator roller coaster, Knott's Berry Farm***GET A LOS ANGELES GO CARD
If you're a visitor to Southern California who would like to sample a number of theme parks & attractions in Los Angeles, Orange and San Diego counties, a multi-attraction discount card called the Go Los Angeles Card may be exactly the right discount for you. You may purchase these discount cards in either 1, 2, 3, 5 or 7 day increments. You may cram as many tourist attractions as you like into the time period that you've purchased. Theme parks included on the list are Six Flags Magic Mountain, Universal Studios Hollywood and Legoland (in addition to Knott's and Knott's Soak City.) Other attractions range from aquariums, Hollywood studio tours, zoos and museums. For further information about the Go Card's prices and attractions, please visit the company's website at

SAN DIEGO GO CARD: If you'll be spending more time in San Diego than in Los Angeles, that's not a problem. Knott's Berry Farm is ALSO a featured attraction on the San Diego Go Card. What's the difference? It's the same deal: pay one price, then stuff in as many activities as you can for the same price. The activities are different, that's all. You can find out the complete details by going to the company's website, which is

The AAA Club admission price is a 20 to 30% discount off a full-price adult ticket (it varies from time to time.) You don't have to be a Southern California resident to use this discount, either. This discount program is valid even if you're visiting Knotts Berry Farm from out of the Southern California area. Kids and seniors pay the same price that Knott's always charges for these tickets, since they are already deeply discounted. AAA members must show their cards at the Knott's ticket booth; this special is not available when ordering print-at-home tickets from the Knott's website.

Picture: Supreme Scream thrill ride at Knott's Berry Farm***CREDIT UNION DISCOUNT TICKETS FOR KNOTT'S BERRY FARM
If you do your banking with a credit union, you're probably already reaping the benefits of good interest rates and fast, friendly service. However, there are still more perks for credit union members...and these perks often include theme park discount tickets. The exact price of the Knott's credit union discount tickets does vary depending on what credit union you belong to, but this year, the price is ranging from approximately $54-56 for an adult/teen ticket. Not a bad deal indeed! Be sure to check for Knott's Soak City discount tickets, as well, since some California credit unions offer these, too.

Knott's Berry Farm has a Facebook page and is active on Twitter. While you won't necessarily find a discount or contest for free tickets going on at the time you wish to visit the theme park, these are two places you might try. They may not be having a contest at the time you'd like to visit...but, then again, they MIGHT!

If you plan to visit Knott's several times during your vacation...or to return again next might wish to purchase their annual pass. You can choose from several types of season passes---Knott's theme park only; Knotts AND the Soak City water park; or Knott's Berry Farm AND all the other theme parks in the Cedar Fair chain! Additional details about the Knott's passes can be found in the section below.

Knotts & Cedar Fair Season Passes!

Picture: Supreme Scream thrill ride at Knotts Berry Farm theme park Knott's Berry Farm is owned by the Cedar Fair theme park company. Some season passes are good at Knott's Berry Farm ONLY...while other types of passes include some of Knott's "sister parks." Note: Knott's season passes are not annual, year-long passes. They expire at the end of the current calendar year. A true "annual pass" would last for 12 months from the time of purchase.

Here's a list of the Knott's/Cedar Fair season passes that you may buy:

  • Knott's Berry Farm Season Pass: The cheapest season pass you can buy, the "regular" Knott's pass, will admit you to Knott's Berry Farm all the rest of this year through December 31st. (It's NOT good at any of the Soak City water parks nor at any of Cedar Fair's other theme parks. However, if you don't like water parks and you aren't going to be traveling, this is the very best pass for you.)

  • The Knott's Gold Pass---This pass is valid at Knott's Berry Farm Theme Park and both of Southern California Knott's Soak City water parks (Buena Park and Palm Springs. Note: there is no longer a Knott's Soak City waterpark in San Diego; it has been purchased by SeaWorld, and is now called "Aquatica.") A nice feature for the Gold Pass is getting to receive a certain amount of "early ride time" during the busy summer season (usually 30 minutes.)

  • The Knott's/Cedar Fair Platinum Pass---This is Knott's Berry Farm's most expensive season pass...but it does include parking. Also, if you'll be doing some traveling this year, this pass could save you plenty of money because you will get FREE admission to the following list of Cedar Fair theme parks and water parks:

    • California's Great America (Santa Clara, CA)
    • Canada's Wonderland (Toronto, ON)
    • Carowinds (Charlotte, NC)
    • Cedar Point (Sandusky, OH)
    • Dorney Park & Wildwater Kingdom (Allentown, PA)
    • Kings Dominion (Richmond, VA)
    • Kings Island (Mason, OH)
    • Knott's Berry Farm (Buena Park, CA)
    • Gilroy Gardens (Gilroy, CA)
    • Michigan's Adventure & Wildwater Adventure (Muskegon, MI)
    • Valleyfair & Whitewater Country (Shakopee/greater Minneapolis-St Paul, MN)
    • Worlds of Fun (Kansas City, MO)

    Note: the Knott's Premium Pass does not include admission to the Knott's Scary Farm event. And also, unfortunately, the Platinum Pass never goes on sale. If you're a die-hard theme park fan who wants all the benefits the Platinum Pass brings you, then you'll have to just suck it up & pay the full price. (However, sometimes you can get a small discount by purchasing 4 or more Platinum Passes at the same time.) The Platinum Pass may be purchased at the ticket booths and online for the same price. You'll have to allow time during your first theme park visit for the "pass processing" procedures.

    If you're interested in further info about any type of Knott's passes, then here's the Season Pass page of the website.

Knotts Berry Farm discount tickets -- The Joe Cool Club

Picture: Snoopy costumed character at Knotts Berry Farm theme park in Southern Califoria
Knott's sends discount coupons out to employers who join their "Joe Cool Club" program. With the Joe Cool Club, you just pick up a coupon while you're at work...and, voila! You're ready to head to the Knott's Berry Farm ticket booths.

When you present your Joe Cool Club coupons at the park's admission booth, you receive the discount printed on the coupon, which generally represents a substantial discount over full price at the ticket booths. (Sometimes, however, Knott's own print-at-home prices are just as cheap.) Urge your employer to join the Joe Cool Club! You deserve these benefits!

For group discounts and Joe Cool Club details, here's a handy link to visit the Group Sales page of the Knott's Berry Farm website. Save money by planning ahead and getting the discount for which you qualify!

Knott's "Fast Lane" front-of-line pass

Tired of lines? You can pay to jump to the front!

When you visit Knott's Berry Farm, your time spent in line can be dramatically decreased. How? By purchasing the park's "Fast Lane" pass!

The Silver Bullet roller coaster soars over a beautiful pond at Knotts Berry Farm theme park, Buena Park, California, USAThe Knotts Fast Lane pass buys you front-of-line privileges to 12 popular Knott's rides, including the XCelerator, Silver Bullet, Ghost Rider and Boomerang roller coasters. This is an all-day, multi-use pass, so once you've purchased it, you may use your pass again & again to speed through the lines on these rides. Here is a complete list of the rides for which you may use your Knott's Berry Farm Fast Lane Pass at the time of this update:

  • HangTime roller coaster
  • Calico Mine Ride family adventure
  • Coast Rider, Knotts Park's new family coaster
  • Ghost Rider wooden roller coaster
  • Jaguar family-friendly coaster
  • La Revolucion thrill ride
  • Montezooma's Revenge launched coaster
  • Pony Express family roller coaster
  • Sierra Sidewinder spinning coaster
  • Silver Bullet steel roller coaster
  • Supreme Scream exciting drop tower
  • Voyage to the Iron Reef
  • The Xcelerator roller coaster

    What are the Knott's Fast Lane prices? Prices depend on how crowded the park is expected to be on the day that you visit. An average price for the Fast Lane price runs about $75. (Note: it may cost less than this on days when the park is not expected to be busy, but more when it's crowded.) You may make your purchase once you reach the park, or you may buy your Fast Lane Pass online before you arrive. If you purchase your Fast Lane Pass online, then you will need to plan what date you'll visit the park ahead of time. Since only a limited number of Fast Lane Passes are sold each day, you'll actually be buying a date-specific pass if you get yours through the website.

    Would you like a Fast Lane season pass? They're available this year! The cost at the time of this update is $549....which is steep, but allows frequent park-goers to have tons of fun without tons of wait-time. For complete details, please use the link to Fast Lane info below.

    NOTE: Since Knott's Berry Farm is a year-round theme park, there are many weekdays during the off-season when there is NOT a long line for most rides. But sometimes the waiting time for rides can get long...for example, during Spring Break, Summer Vacation and the extremely popular Christmas holiday season. Those time periods are especially good times to consider purchasing a Fast Lane Pass. Here's a link to the official Knott's ticketing page where you can find out further information about the Knott's theme park Fast Lane passes.

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