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Knott's Berry Farm Theme Park---Fun for all ages

In the slide show above, you're viewing pictures of the exciting Knott's Berry Farm theme park in Buena Park, California. This popular theme park is known for its good balance of thrill rides, family attractions and kiddie rides. Open both weekdays and weekends year-round, Knott's is open whenever you wish to visit! Knotts Berry Farm is offering good deals & specials! For further information, please visit our Knott's Berry Farm Discount Tickets page.

Pictures of Knott's Berry Farm

On EVERY page of the Knott's Berry Farm section of this website, you'll find pictures, pictures, pictures! On this overview page, we'll talk about the fun Knott's Berry Farm themed areas...and then each Knotts themed area has its very own page on this website to show you more photos and fill in the details.

Picture: Knotts Berry Farm entrance decked for Halloween and the annual Knott's Scary Farm Halloween Haunt event

Knott's Berry Farm Themed Areas

Photo of the Ghost Rider roller coaster, Knott's Berry Farm Knott's Berry Farm theme park really does love families---and families, in turn, love Knott's!

Children adore the huge Camp Snoopy kid's area, filled with rides, shows and merchandise geared towards tots and "tweens."

Teenagers love the white-knuckle thrill rides for which Knott's Berry Farm is famous.

Adults find the authentic California ghost town buildings---and the stores inside them---intruiging. On this page, you'll find an overview of what attractions await you in the various themed areas at Knott's.

Photo of Bigfoot Rapids, Knott's Berry Farm, California***GHOST TOWN
At Knotts Berry Farm, not everything's shiny and new---and that's GOOD! Knott's has amassed a museum-quality collection of authentic antique stores and other buildings straight out of ghost towns in the western USA. But checking out the past isn't the only activity in Ghost Town. There's the ever-popular Ghost Rider wooden roller coaster, a teen and adult favorite. Another fave of thrill ride fans is the sleek Silver Bullet looping coaster. Ghost Town also has a number of family-oriented rides (such as the log flume you saw in the slide show pics,)...but there's no room to talk about them here, so be sure to visit the "Ghost Town" section of this site to find out more!

The unique Pony Express roller coaster is in Ghost Town...and so is the family-favorite Bigfoot Rapids white water rafting ride.

Picture: Snoopy Character waiting to meet and greet guests at Knott's Berry Farm California

Kids love Camp Snoopy at Knotts Berry Farm!
Parents of young children will be pleased with how LARGE this area is...and with how long their kids can stay entertained at Camp Snoopy! There are rides, rides, "Peanuts" themed a live theater a restaurant with a birthday party room...and some non-ride attractions, too. What a list! To see photos and learn about all these attractions, head to the "Camp Snoopy" section of this site!

You may also hold Knott's Berry Farm birthday parties here; there's a cute, special Peanuts-themed room in Camp Snoopy where your guests may gather. Snoopy will even be your special guest! For details about having a fun celebration at the park, please see the Knott's Birthday Parties page of this blog.

Picture: Jaguar Roller Coaster at Knott's Berry Farm, California

You'll find Fiesta Village, the Mexican-themed area of Knotts Berry Farm, brightly decorated with south-of-the-border stlye color.

Three thrill rides rule this section---the exciting La Revolucion ride, the zippy Montezuma's Revenge roller coaster, and family-friendly Jaguar coaster. Several other family rides round out the attractions in this themed area. Visit the "Fiesta Village" section of this site to see the whole list!

Photo of the Xcelerator roller coaster, Knott's Berry Farm

The Boardwalk section of Knotts Berry Farm is alive with the excitement of several major thrill rides.
In the photo to your right, you see the super-steep, hairpin drop of the Xcelerator roller coaster. Whoa--just look at that thing! The Boomerang coaster and Supreme Scream free-fall ride are two other white-knuckle favorites of adrenaline-rush lovers.

Of course, there are plenty of activities here for families to enjoy together, as well. Come discover them all in the "Boardwalk" section of this website.

Knotts Scary Farm monsters! ***KNOTTS SCARY FARM
Every October, the sounds of shrieks and terror replace the usuall cries of glee coming from the theme park. Why? Because every October, Knott's Berry Farm holds its annual Halloween Haunt! Known world-round as being the leader in theme park Halloween celebrations, Knotts Berry Farm gives you all the terror---and fun---that teens and adults are seeking for their Halloween Celebrations.

Kids aren't left out of the fun, either! Daytime at Knotts Berry Farm will let you see the cute Halloween decorations which adorn the park's Camp Snoopy area. And every weekend in October, the Camp Spooky activities for kids are in full swing!

On this website, you can view the Knott's Halloween Events page to get information about both the Knotts Scary Farm and Camp Spooky events. Or, for photo-lovers, you can visit the Knotts Scary Farm Pictures, part 1 and the Halloween Haunt Pics, pt 2 pages!

Picture: TGIF Restaurant...aka TGI Knott's Berry Farm in California ***THE CALIFORNIA MARKETPLACE
With White Water Wilderness, you completed the circle-tour of Knotts Berry Farm theme park. Now, it's time for some shopping and dining at the California Marketplace, right outside the turnstiles.

In the photo to your left, you're looking at the TGIF restaurant. In addition, the California Marketplace hosts a Southern California dining tradition---Mrs. Knott's Chicken Dinner Restaurant. Yes, there was REALLY a Mrs. Knott's...and this restaurant preserves the old-time atmosphere---and home-style cooking---of when she was the proprietor. Use the following links to find out about Mrs Knotts Chicken Dinner Restaurant or Knott's Berry Farm's other restaurants, including the popular TGIF location in Knott's Marketplace.

For information on ordering the famous, high-quality Knott's Jams and Jellies (plus preserves and fruity pancake syrups, too!) visit the "Knott's Berry Farm General Info" page of this site.

Did you enjoy the holidays at Knott's Theme Park?

Did you have fun at Knott's theme park during the Halloween or Christmas holiday season?

If your family enjoyed celebrating the Christmas holidays (or Halloween) at Knotts Berry Farm, you may wish to remember the fun you had by checking out the photos on the following pages of this website. (Or, if you haven't yet been to Knott's Berry Farm to celebrate these holidays, you may want to make plans for the next Halloween or Christmas season!)

Christmas at Knotts Berry Farm:

1.) Knotts Berry Farm Christmas events

2.) Knotts New Year's Eve event and more Knott's Christmas pictures

Or, if you're looking for pictures from the recent Knott's Scary Farm Halloween Haunt, you'll want to visit the following pages of this website:

1.) Knott's Scary Farm details--and info about the child-friendly "Camp Spooky," too!

2.) Knotts Scary Farm Pics: See eerie pictures of Ghost Town's monsters and decorations at the Halloween Haunt

3.) Knotts Halloween Haunt Pics, pt 2: See photos of the Carnevil scare zone and other Knott's Scary Farm pictures.



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