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Knotts Scary Farm Pictures

Here are Halloween Haunt photos to help you make up your mind...

In the slide show above, you're viewing pictures from Knott's Berry Farm Halloween Haunts during the past several years. Will you be brave? Will you dare go to Knotts Scary Farm this year? Maybe this page will help you decide! (To discover Knotts Scary Farm dates & hours, please see our Knotts Halloween Info page.)

Picture: Knotts Scary Farm monster outside the Black Widow's Cavern ride

Knotts Scary Farm: Ghost Town Scare Zone

It's really dark, it's really foggy...and someone is creeping up behind you!

Picture:  Knotts Scary Farm's eerie red and white sign

It's only natural that Knott's Ghost Town section can be turned into quite a scary-looking place. After all, Ghost Town is made up of genuine, authentic Old West buildings which have been collected from abandoned towns throughout the western USA. And REAL cobwebs had to be dusted off of these buildings before they were cleaned up, moved to Knott's Ghost Town, and had the fake cobwebs applied!

The Knott's Scary Farm event features several "scare zones" in which actors in costumes and deftly applied makeup & masks roam freely...portraying zombies and monsters, and trying to raise a cry of fright from the guests!

Ghost Town is turned into a super-large scare zone for the Halloween Haunt, and some people feel it's the best fright zone of the event. The characters pay attention to the tiniest details of their costumes and makeup, plus the eerieness of the old buildings themselves (along with Knott's superb fog & lighting effects) all combine to create an atmosphere where guests can truly envision "things that go bump in the night."

Ghost Town Scare Zone Monsters

Zombie sheriffs, gunslingers and saloon girls appear from out of nowhere in the foggy night!

In the slide show above, you can see some of the terrifying western-themed zombies who have taken over Knott's Ghost Town for the 2009 Knott's Scary Farm event. You may not even see them coming for you, as you wade through Ghost Town's eerie thick fog.

Picture of Knotts Scary monsters in the Ghost Town scare zone

Here are some more pictures of the monsters who might be sneaking up behind you when you visit the Ghost Town scare zone!

Picture of Knotts Scary Farm Monster Bride in the Ghost Town scare zone

Picture of Knotts Scary Farm monster in the Ghost Town scare zone

Picture of Knotts Scary Farm monster in the Ghost Town scare zone

Picture of Knotts Scary Farm Wild West monster in the Ghost Town scare zone

Picture of Knotts Scary Farm monster in the Ghost Town scare zone

Knotts Scary Farm--Ghost Town Decorations

Picture of cobwebs lit by black lights decorating the Knotts Scary Farm Halloween Haunt Black lighting is used throughout the Knotts Scary Farm Halloween Haunt to add eerie effects.

Many of Ghost Town's old buildings are covered with fake cloth cobwebs for the event...and some of them glow under the illumination of black lights at night! In the photo to your left, you see an example of the effect that's created by this technique. The building itself seems to disappear into the darkness...while the cobwebs seem to float by themselves in mid-air!

Picture: Catwoman silhouette seen through the fog and dim lighting of Knotts Scary Farm's Ghost Town

In addition to black lights, other types of decorative lighting effects help to create an other-worldly atmosphere at Knott's Scary Farm. Red lights, blue lights...and even NO lights in some places, create a dimly lit fantasy world where nothing is the same as it seems.

Fog is yet another one of the special effects used at Knotts Halloween Haunt to create a hazy, now-you-see-it-now-you-don't environment.

In the image to your right, the silhouette of a Cat-Woman monster shows faintly through the dim lights and fog.

Picture: Gargoyle decoration at Knotts Scary Farm's Halloween Haunt

To your left, you see a gargoyle decorating the Ghost Town scare zone...illuminated solely by red lights.

Picture: Fake cobwebs decorate an Old West building in the Ghost Town scare zone at Knott's Berry Farm's Halloween Haunt

In the picture to your right, you can see, once again, how cobwebs are used as ornamentation in the Ghost Town Scare Zone. This time, red lighting is used instead of black lights...creating an entirely different effect.

Do you like evil, killer clowns? Knott's Scary Farm has plenty of them! You can find pictures of them on the Knotts Scary Farm Halloween Haunt Pictures, part 2 page of this site!

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