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Las Vegas Attractions for Kids

This page spotlights The Adventuredome & the Las Vegas Zoo!

In the slide show above, you're viewing pictures of the Adventuredome's fun thrill rides and family attractions. Located at the first original family-friendly casino, Circus Circus, this air-conditioned amusement park features family fun for kids from preschool to teens (and every age in between, as well!)

Adventuredome at Circus Circus

Teens & adults head for the Adventuredome's thrill rides; younger children love the theme park's kiddie rides

Picture: Adventuredome's roller coaster; Circus Circus hotel in Las Vegas, Nevada The Adventuredome at Circus Circus is one of the most fun family attractions in Las Vegas! This comfortable indoor amusement park features rides, games, miniature golf, laser other words, all the activities kids, tweens and teens will want to enjoy on you family vacation to Las Vegas.

In addition, the Adventuredome is beautiful. The decor is attractive, with southwestern rock formations and architecture providing the theme for this well-kept amusement park. You won't believe how many attractions have been neatly placed under the pink dome...without it feeling crowded. You'll simply have to see it for yourself before you may comprehend the ingenuity of the park's design. And yes--even adults traveling alone will enjoy taking a peak at this interesting "theme park under glass!"

* The Circus Circus Adventuredome has kiddie there's plenty to do at this fun Las Vegas amusement park even if you have toddlers and preschoolers.

* The Circus Circus Adventuredome has thrill rides, mini golf, games of skill and laser tag...all fun activities the tweens, teens and adults in your family will enjoy.

* The Adventuredome at Circus Circus is CLIMATE CONTROLLED!!! In Las Vegas, with its 100+ degree days in the summertime, the 72 degree dome's cool and comfy temperature makes sure that you'll have a great day. You won't sweat or swelter under the pink dome!

Adventuredome Prices

Picture: Adventuredome's pink exterior; located at Circus Circus in Las Vegas, Nevada There is free parking and FREE ADMISSION to enter the Circus Circus Adventuredome...if you just want to look around and see what's there. You only need to pay for the attractions you want to enjoy.

Would you just like to play a round of indoor miniature golf? That's fine; you only pay for the games of golf that you actually play. Or, if you decide that you want to enjoy just one or two rides while you're there, you can purchase single-ride tickets at the ticket window.

All-day wristbands are also available at the Adventuredome. If, on the other hand, you'd like to spend an afternoon enjoying all of the Circus Circus Adventuredome's attractions with your family, getting all-day wristbands is a great idea. With the wristbands, you can enjoy all the park's rides time and again, as often as you like. (This offer does not apply to the arcade games and mini golf, for which there is an separate fee.)

Prices for the Circus Circus Adventuredome's all-day wristband are $27.95 for adults and $16.95 for kids as of January, 2013. Prices have barely risen in the past few years. So, the Adventuredome's value for its "fun factor" just gets better every year! Single-ride tickets are available at the park (but are not available for purchase online.) However, the all-day pass is indeed a good value if you want to enjoy more than just a few attractions.

Adventuredome Discounts

There are never enough Adventuredome discounts available for the general public. However, you might be eligible for one of the few which are offered:

  • Local Resident Adventuredome Discount: With presentation of valid photo ID, local residents and their families will receive $2 off each all-day wristband on weekdays (Mondays through Fridays.)

  • Military Discount for Adventuredome: Yes, active members of the military and their families receive discount tickets to the Adventuredome. However, they're not sold at Circus Circus; you need to pick them up at the Nellis AFB IT&T office before heading to the amusement park.

  • Circus Circus Hotel offers for Adventuredome discounts: From time to time, you might be able to get a Circus Circus hotel room package which includes discount tickets to the Adventuredome. You'll just have to check the Circus Circus website when you're ready for your Las Vegas trip to see if any specials are going on when you need them.

  • Coupons in free tourist magazines: Adventuredome coupons for $4 off an all-day wristband have been spotted in selected brochures given away at tourist information centers.

  • Coupons at local restaurants: The Adventuredome sometimes offers coupons at local restaurants & businesses. Even better, the Adventuredome's website lets you know where you can currently find these coupons! Here's a link to the Adventuredome's Promotions and Discounts page, for your convenience.

    List of Adventuredome rides & attractions

    Photo: Adventuredome's Chaos ride; Circus Circus Adventuredome in Las Vegas, Nevada The Circus Circus Adventuredome classifies its children's rides in 2 ways. If parents can ride along with their children, then the attraction is called a "Family Ride." If there's an age or size limit to the attraction---meaning that older siblings or parents can't ride along with the child---then it's called a "Junior Ride."

    Here's a list of the Junior Rides at the Circus Circus Adventuredome---

    * The Frog Hopper---This is a smaller version of the "tower" type thrill rides that are so popular at theme parks these days. The Frog Hopper will boost the ride's multiple-passenger car to the top of the tower...and then give the children several "scary" quick-drops during the course of the ride. The minimum height your child must be for the Frog Hopper is 36"; the maximum height is 58".

    * The Mini Mike---This ride is a junior roller coaster, and the kids at the Adventuredome all seem to LOVE it! There's a 33" minimum height requirement and a 58" maximum height limit.

    * The Thunderbirds---A kiddie plane ride. Budding pilots must be 36" tall, at minimum to ride. No one over the height of 58" is allowed to board.

  • List of Family Rides at the Adventuredome...the attractions which parents MAY ride with their kids. The minimum height for all of these rides is 42" if a child is riding alone, but there's no minimum height enforced if the child is riding with a paying adult.

    * The B.C. Bus---This is a standard kiddie bus ride. Kids and parents board a multi-passenger mini-bus, then they're raised up into the air. First, the bus will circle forwards several times, then it will circle around backwards.

    * The Circus Carousel---This lovely carousel features beautiful, intricately molded animals (not just horses) and are painted in vibrant pastel colors. It's as much a pleasure to look at as it is to ride!

    * The Drifters---You'll board cute & colorful "hot air balloons" that will circle around with a ferris-wheel action...but no one can easily fall out.

    * The Road Runner---this is a miniature "Himalaya"-type ride, that runs rapidly around and around a circular track while bumping over little hills. It's a kiddie's version of a scary thrill ride!

  • List of Adventuredome thrill rides:

  • The Canyon Blaster, a full-sized, 55 mph roller coaster that twists and turns throughout the interior of the pink dome. Coaster buffs will WANT to catch this ride! More timid souls can simply be stunned at the way this ride blends in so seamlessly with the other features in this limited-space environment.
  • The Rim Runner, a plunging water ride on which you're sure to get soaked!
  • The Inverter, a ride that will turn you upside down repeatedly!
  • The Sling Shot, a "tower" style ride which shoots you up to the top, then drops you for a free-fall plunge back to the bottom again!
  • Chaos, a ride which rapidly whirls around a center hub, while lifting off the ground and tilting you into the air. AND, your car is free to flip-flop around at the same time!
  • Extreme Ride Theater: You'll enjoy on-screen entertainment from a 3D or "4D" movie (the specific selection rotates every now and then.)
  • The Canyon Cars ride, a traditional bumper car ride where your family members can try to "wham" each other as they drive
  • The Sand Pirates, a "swinging boat" style ride that's popular at amusement parks. Center seats get a mild rocking action; end seats fly high for a wilder ride.
  • Disk'O, a spinning ride which also moves along a track as it spins.
  • Lazer Blast, an exciting game of laser tag.

    Adventuredome address & contact information

    The Circus Circus Adventuredome phone number is 1-877-434-9175. This is a toll-free telephone number. The Circus Circus Adventuredome address is: 2880 S Las Vegas Blvd, Las Vegas, NV 89109. If you'd like to know more about the Circus Circus Adventuredome family fun center, please use the following link to view the Circus Circus Adventuredome official website.

    Map to Adventuredome at the Circus Circus Hotel: To get a better mental picture of where you'll be headed, you may use the following link to view a Google map to the Adventuredome and Circus Circus Hotel.

    PDF Map to Adventuredome: You may print out the following map to take along with you as a guide. You will see the Adventuredome marked by a blue dot at the Circus Circus hotel...which is near the top of the map. Here's the PDF map of the Las Vegas Strip with the Adventuredome clearly marked.

    Las Vegas Attractions for Kids

    The Las Vegas Zoo

    In the slide show above, you're viewing pictures of the Las Vegas Zoo. In the next section of this page, you'll find info to help you decide if your family would enjoy a visit to the zoo during your Las Vegas vacation.

    Photo:  Art and Ryan Fewell admire a peacock at the Las Vegas Zoo The actual name for this popular-with-locals Las Vegas kids' attraction is the "Southern Nevada Zoological -Botanical Park." Just don't ask the locals for directions using that name---they all know it by "the Las Vegas Zoo."

    While I talk about the zoo, you can enjoy these photos of my son (Art) and grandson (Ryan) enjoying the animals at the Las Vegas Zoo.

    The Las Vegas Zoo is a small zoo. Nevertheless, it's the only zoo in Las Vegas...and since kids ALWAYS seem to like zoos, the locals are great about giving their support.

    The Las Vegas zoo features over 150 species of plants and animals. A fun river otter exhibit is one newer attraction of which the zoo folks are quite proud. It's a 2,700 gallon exhibit, and features an area where you can observe the otter's underwater behavior.

    Photo of Art, Ryan and a goat in the petting zoo area of the Las Vegas Zoo There's a small petting zoo for the kiddies...which was popular with little Ryan! In still another photo, you'll see Ryan seeing a peacock for the first time. The peacocks have free-roam of the park, and seem very used to the human gawking and admiration of their brilliant feathers.

    The zoo is also quite proud of its brother-and-sister pair of lions. Plus, even though the zoo is small, it does indeed take part in animal conservation efforts. It's working right now on an animal population-building effort together with the huge-and-famous San Diego Zoo!

    Photo of Art and Ryan Fewell at the Ostrich exhibit at the Las Vegas Zoo The address and contact information for the Las Vegas Zoo is---
    * 1775 W. Rancho Drive.
    Las Vegas, Nevada 89106

    The Las Vegas Zoo's phone number is: (702) 647-4685

    The Las Vegas Zoo's website is...

    The site doesn't give nearly as much information as I'd like you to be able to find about the zoo itself...but it has extensive zoo-themed lesson planning pages for teachers which include games and "hunt for these animals" activities which are geared especially for visitors to this particular zoo. You can both get ideas of things to talk about with your kids during your trip to the Las Vegas Zoo AND download the pencil-and-paper games!

    The Las Vegas Zoo Hours of Operation are daily from 9 am to 5 pm.

    The prices of admission to the Las Vegas Zoo (as of Jan, 2013) are---
    * Adults, $9
    * Children ages 2--12 and seniors 62+, $7.

    Special note---at the Las Vegas Zoo's website, there's an internet coupon that you can download that's good for $2 off of a child's admission ticket to the zoo!

    Need a map to find your way? You may use the following link to view a Google map to the Las Vegas Zoo.

    Las Vegas Attractions for Kids

    Las Vegas Build-A-Bear Workshops

    In the slide show above, you're viewing pictures of Las Vegas Build A Bear stores. If your kids love stuffed animals, then they'll especially love visiting the Las Vegas Build A Bear Workshops.

    Las Vegas children---both the locals and visitors alike---just LOVE the Build-A-Bear Workshops! There are currently two locations in metro Las Vegas. The thousands of visitors who come to Las Vegas looking for "family-style" things to do with children in Las Vegas keep both of these locations busy, busy, busy!

    Photo: You can choose what your stuffed bear will If you've never actually entered a Build-a-Bear store, here's what happens inside---

    * First, you pick out an empty, un-stuffed bear or other animal. (See photo above.) As you enter the store, you'll see the displays of finished "examples", and then the bins of ready-to-stuff bears below them. Look over these animals---you can build a dog, cat, pony, koala, frog, Cookie Monster, monkey, giraffe, cow or other animal if you don't want to "build" a bear.

    * You decide whether or not you'd like your Build-a-Bear to talk...and if you WOULD like that, then you have to decide what it will say. (An extra fee applies to the "voice box"---as well as the different clothing and accessories you can get for your be careful! It all adds up!)

    In the photo on your right, you see the display where you can pick the "saying" for your bear. You'll remove the "voice box" of your choice from one of the drawers, and during the bear-stuffing process, the voice box will be inserted into your animal. Once your "furry friend" is finished, you'll be able to activate the voice box by pressing the bear's hand or foot (whichever one in which the voice box gets placed, of course.)

    Photo: A basket of little hearts await to be inserted into bears as they're individually stuffed at the Build-A-Bear Workshop * Next, you'll stand in line for the Build a Bear Stuffing Machines. When it's your turn, an employee will actually do the bear-stuffing itself as you watch the fluffy, cottony stuffing whirl and dance to the air currents inside the Bear Stuffing Machine. To make your child feel more involved with the process, she'll be asked to press down on a foot pedal to help the pristine, white stuffing flow from the machine into the bear.

    * Midway through the animal-stuffing process, the employee will perform the famous Build-A-Bear wishing-on-a-heart ceremony. Your child will pick a heart for her bear from the basket you see in the picture on your left. Then, she'll make a wish upon the heart, rub the heart for luck, pat the heart, hop up and down with the heart, and also spin around with the bear's heart (no, I'm not kidding!), before it will finally be placed inside her very own bear.

    * Next, the final bit of fluff is added, and the bear is ready to be "laced up." (The rest of the build-a-bear's body has been made with industrial sewing machines for sturdiness, to be sure. But the final bit is done by hand-lacing...a process with which your child gets to help. Supposedly! When the store is busy, the employee will just quickly lace up the bear, and that's that.

    ***Finally, the finished bear is ready for its "bath" (don't worry--it's a waterless, PRETEND bath) and, if you're buying clothing for the bear, to be dressed.

    ***The final process of the day is naming the bear and getting its birth certificate! Then, you're all done at the Build-A-Bear workshop...and your new baby bear (or penguin, or pony, etc) heads home in its "Cub Condo," which is the Build-A-Bear Store's name for a fancy box that doubles as a carrying case!

    Photo of a Build-A-Bear monkey dressed in an angel's costume Here on your right, you see a picture of a Build-A-Bear monkey...all decked out in a pure-as-snow angel's costume!

    Whatever you'd like your Build-a-Bear pony, poodle or pig to wear, you'll find it in the Build-a-Bear store. You'll find Build-a-Bear dresses, skirts, pants, shirts, shoes, sports uniforms, bridal gowns and graduation robes...and that's just the beginning of the list! Plus, once your Build-a-Bear animal is smartly attired...don't forget to buy him or her some comfy Build-A-Bear furniture!

    Here's the contact information for the 2 Las Vegas area Build-A-Bear Store Locations---

    * Build-A-Bear Workshop address (for the "Galleria at Sunset" Mall location) is---
    1300 W. Sunset Road
    Henderson, Nevada 89014
    Buildabear telephone number: (702) 458-7363

    Hours of operation at this Build-A-Bear location: Mon--Sat, 10:00 am to 9:00 pm; Sundays from 11:00 am to 6:00 pm

    * The Build-A-Bear Work Shop address at the Fashion Show Mall is---
    3200 Las Vegas Blvd South, Space 2530
    Las Vegas, NV 89109
    Build-A-Bear Phone number for this location is: (702) 388-2574
    Build-A-Bear Opening and closing times: Mon thru Fri---10:00 am to 9:00 pm; Saturdays, 10:00 am to 7:00 pm; Sundays 12 noon to 6:00 pm

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