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Legoland Activities for young children

Will toddlers and preschoolers find plenty to do at Legoland? YES!

In the slide show above, you're looking at pictures of activities at Legoland California which toddlers and preschoolers can enjoy! What can toddlers and preschoolers do at Legoland? Go on rides? Yes! Watch fun shows? Yes! Enjoy water-play activities? Yes! Make up games of pretend in various types of settings? Once again, the answer is yes! As you can tell by the photos in the slides, Legoland is colorful, unique, and varied.

Legoland fosters curiosity and creativity!

YES, your preschoolers will "get something" out of a Legoland visit!

Photo: Cute interactive fountain featuring giant frogs made from Lego bricks! During the early years of life, expanding your child's horizon with new sights, sounds and activities is important to his or her mental development. Play is a young child's "work." Touching, exploring and interacting with the environment are all ways that little ones learn about their world and hone their intelligence. In your job to raise your young child to develop his or her mental capacity to its fullest, Legoland has tried very hard to be your partner. Its attractions are not only fun...they're tools to help you help your child develop.

If you come to Legoland Park with toddlers or preschoolers, chances are you'll spend a nice-sized chunk of your day in the delightful "Duplo Village" themed area of the park. In "Duplo Village," you'll find several rides with no "minimum height" requirement, plus activities that let youngsters play and explore.

Other activities of special interest to toddlers and preschoolers are scattered throughout the park. You'll enjoy the unique, only-at-Legoland attractions nearly as much as your little ones do!

Legoland Activities for Preschoolers

Plenty of preschool-age fun in Legoland's "Duplo Village" themed area!

Photo of a friendly-looking Lego ogre that you'll see while floating along the Fairy Tale Brook "FAIRY TALE BROOK" BOAT RIDE: On your visit to Legoland California, you won't want to miss the cute "Fairy Tale Brook" ride. While little ones will enjoy boarding a small "leaf-shaped" boat and cruising past scene after scene from popular fairy tales, this ride will ALSO interest the young-at-heart of any age. Who wouldn't enjoy seeing the inventive way in which thousands and thousands of Lego bricks have been put together by Legoland's master builders to create these charming vignettes?

"LEGOLAND EXPRESS" CHOO CHOO TRAIN: The Fairy Tale Brook boats are in the "Duplo Village" section of the park, where you'll also find the children's train ride called "The Legoland Express." This little choo choo will give you a small trip around the farm-themed area of Legoland California. You and your preschoolers will want to give this a try. After all, what youngster isn't fascinated by trains? The adorable Lego cornfields you'll pass as you ride along in the train are simply adorable, too! There is no minimum height requirement for this Legoland train. All aboard!

"DUPLO PLAYTOWN" ACTIVE PLAY AREA: Next, prepare to sit a spell while your little cutie has a ball playing make-believe and investigating the little buildings at "Playtown," which is also located in the Duplo Village area. You'll find a collection of toddler-sized buildings that will allow preschoolers to feel all grown up as they explore and play in a town that's just their size.

Photo: Cute interactive fountain featuring musical instruments made from Lego bricks!CHARACTER GREETINGS: In the Village theater, tykes can meet and greet characters that have been featured within Lego building kits---for example, the Bionicle hero, Tahu Nuva. Other characters include Johnny Thunder and Miss Pippin Reed. Now, I'm not familiar with these characters, and maybe you aren't either. But, these colorfully costumed characters are interesting to see nevertheless, and give parents still more great Legoland photo opportunities!

WATER PLAY! Not far from the Duplo Playtown the WATER WORKS area of Duplo Village...children will enjoy several other interactive play areas...including both "dry" activites, and some water-play fountains, as well. As you can see in a photo to your right, water comes spouting out of musical instruments in one play setting. (And, of COURSE, these instruments are made entirely of Lego Bricks!) And, as you saw in a different photo above on this page, whimsical frogs are part of a different interactive fountain nearby. Can you get the stream of water into the frog's mouth? Aw, 'cmon, give it a try--it's all part of the fun! And, of course, the frogs and their lily pads are made of Legos, too.

Photo of the Safari Trek ride at Legoland--this rhino is made entirely of Lego bricks!SAFARI TREK: One of the most adorable rides in Legoland's "Duplo Village" area is Safari Trek. You'll enjoy this ride through the "African wildlands" just as much as your children will. Hop into one of the tiny jeeps with your child; they're small, but YES, a parent may certainly ride along. Then, it's off to brave the lions, rhinos, monkeys, zebras and other African animals. Don't worry, though...the safari trail is lined with Lego copies of the real animals. Standing stately in their poses, you'll be able to come back and enjoy them again on your next trip to Legoland, too!

Note: These safari vehicles are undoubtedly the squishiest of all the Legoland ride cars which were made to accommodate adults. Two adults simply can't fit. Parents will have to split up to take additional kids in the family. Kids must be 34" tall to ride with a parent...or 48" tall AND age 6+ to ride alone in the safari vehicles.)

Toddler water playground -- Get wet all over!

Photo: Get wet at Legoland's water playground meant especially for toddlers and preschoolers!If you and your child enjoyed the interactive fountains in the "Water Works" area, then why not continue the fun? Get it wet...get it ALL heading over to the Pirate Shores area of the park. That's where you'll find two large water play area: one is meant for the "older" kids, while a separate area is just for toddlers and pre-schoolers. And, of course, Mom & Dad can join in on the fun, as well!

No, these two play structures are NOT a part of the Legoland Water Park. The Legoland Water Park is an extra-fee area where you can enjoy additional water attractions...but the water play areas come "free" with your Legoland admission ticket. If you would like to discover more about the extra-fee water park area, please visit our Legoland Water Park page.

The great advantage of the Legoland water play parks is that you don't have to wear a bathing suit. You don't have to take time to change, pay for a locker, or wait in lines for water slides. Simply head to the playground and start your fun! Legoland towels are for sale nearby if you didn't come equipped...and the California sunshine will finish drying whatever the towel doesn't get.

Still MORE toddler & preschool fun at Legoland

Photo: There are two Legoland Driving for preschoolers, and another separate area for kids who are just a bit older. What child WOULDN'T want to drive adorable little cars such as these?Fun Town activities for preschoolers: Be sure to head over to the "Fun Town" area of Legoland California, where your preschooler will enjoy the Volvo Jr. Driving School. This special area---where preschoolers actually get a chance to drive a "car"---is limited to youngsters age 3--5...eliminating your worry about older kids bumping and banging into your little one. You'll also find play areas where toddlers can run & romp, and water-play areas where they can splash. This is a very cute area, so bring your camera!

Dino Island activities for preschoolers: At Dino Island, you'll find a unique activity---the "Dig Those Dinos" exploration area. The scenario is that your child has stumbled across an ancient dinosaur burial site, and---as a budding archaeologist---he or she must dig up the valuable bones in the interest of science!

For digging, your child will want tools...and on this point, you have 3 options. First, you may bring your own little tools into the park and play in the "Dig those Dinos" area free-of-charge. Or, you may rent a set of tools for a nominal fee. Or---if you'd really like a tool set to take home with you---you may buy a set of digging tools right at the play area. Either way, digging is just one of those activities that preschoolers always seem to enjoy.

Other activities for Preschoolers at Legoland Park

Picture of the Safari Trek ride at Legoland--these zebras are made entirely of Lego bricks!While Legoland has specific activites for preschoolers, the park also offers a selection of attractions which will interest more than one age group. Your toddler or preschooler may also enjoy some of the rides and exhibits that you'll find covered on one of our other pages about Legoland. These include---

  • Lego miniature Star Wars, New York City and Washington DC Part of the "Miniland" section of the theme park, these tiny versions of real cities and movie scenes fascinate many kids...even very young children, too.

  • Lego miniature Las Vegas, Los Angeles, San Francisco & New Orleans Also found in the "Miniland" section of the park.

  • Legoland attractions for ages 5--8 Some of the attractions meant for this age group can also be enjoyed by younger kids (with appropriate supervision)

  • Legoland Water Park If your child enjoys the water play areas for preschoolers, you'll find still MORE water fun at the Legoland Water Park. Yes, there's an extra fee to enter the water park, but it's a modest fee...and some of the attractions in the water park (though not all) are geared towards younger kids.

  • Legoland Halloween Activities If you've never visited the theme park in October, you may not realize that Legoland offers "fall fun" that even tots can enjoy.

  • Legoland Christmas Activities Legoland San Diego also puts on a nice winter celebration during the month of December...and preschools can enjoy most of the fun!


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