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Delightful Legoland Attractions...

...especially for children ages 5--8 to enjoy with their parents!

In the slide show above, you're viewing pictures of fun Legoland California rides and attractions for the 5 thru 8 age group. As you can tell by the photos, Legoland's rides are colorful, appealing and imaginative. Most of the activities are different from what you'll find at other Southern California theme parks, too!

So many fun Legoland rides; where should you begin?

Photo of Legoland California's Spash Battle ride...where everyone in the family can take water cannons...and end up soaking wet! On this page, you'll discover Legoland attractions which are especially appealing to the 5--8 year old age group.

Naturally, these age groupings are "approximate" only, and you'll have to decide for yourself if your own youngster would actually enjoy these particular attractions, or would prefer those discussed on other pages, instead.

The Legoland attractions for this age group are imaginative, cute and unique---and your child is certain to find MANY ways to have fun during a day at Legoland California!

Legoland Attractions 5, 6, 7 & 8-year-olds:

"Fun Town" Area--Kids can imagine being all grown-up!

Picture of Legoland's Driving School the Fun Town area of Legoland California. Kids age 6 to 13 can get behind the wheel to maneuver the streets of a cute Lego town! Legoland's Fun Town area features a child-sized city. Buildings and houses are smaller...making children feel tall and grown-up! Some of Fun Town's activities carry on with this theme of "kids pretending to be adults." (Some of these activities have age & height restrictions for riding alone...but younger children may also enjoy some of them with an adult riding along.)

  • What child isn't fascinated with the thought of driving a car? To give young drivers this chance, Legoland set up the Volvo Driving School, in which kids drive small cars around a cityscape of attractive roadways---complete with painted street markings, traffic signs, and street lights!(Sorry, parents---this attraction is just for the kids themselves to ride. But, the set-up is SO CUTE, you'll be too busy snapping photos of your child cruising these streets to feel left out of the action!) There are 2 parts to this attraction. The Volvo Driving School itself, which allows guests ages 6 through 13 to join in the fun, and its preschoolers-only counterpart...the Volvo Jr. Driving School, for little ones ages 3--5 only.

    Picture: Legoland's Sky Patrol helicopters are fun for kids and parents alike!

  • The Sky Patrol ride features darling helicopters that have that made-with-Legos look to them. This is an unusual helicopter ride, because the ride vehicles don't circle around a central hub. Instead, the each helicopter sits atop its own hydraulic lift and goes up and down. Adults are welcome to accompany their kids on this unique ride. For kids, the minimum height required to ride the Sky Patrol helicopters is 34 inches (with parent) or 48" tall to ride alone.

  • The Flight Squadron is a traditional kiddie ride that features small airplanes circling a central hub, while their young drivers push and pull levers to make the planes raise and lower. What's different about THESE planes is the endearing "Legoish" look of the planes. Once again, here's another ride where the vehicles LOOK as if they were really fashioned from Lego bricks. Minimum height requirement for this ride is 48" tall to ride alone...or just 34" tall if a parent comes along on board.

    Picture of Legoland's Skipper School motor boat the Fun Town area of Legoland California. Yes, you're really steering the boat--it's not on a track!
  • The Skipper School Boat Ride is an exciting adventure for kids, and a pleasant outing for the adults who accompany them. You'll board small motorboats and cruise freely around an attractive Fun Town lake. You'll be sure to want a family member to stay on-shore to catch some photos of you and your child on this attraction! Minimum height for riders, once again, is 48" tall to drive alone or with another child...but only 34" if accompanied by a parent.

  • The Sky Cruiser is an interesting ride with a novel concept: You'll pedal your own ride car along an elevated ride track that will give you a great view of Legoland as you cruise along. The minimum height for accompanied riders is only 48" tall to ride alone (or 36" tall when accompanied by a parent.) However, it would be difficult for children that size to actually pedal the ride car. Unless you go with an older child, be prepared to take charge of the pedaling yourself!

    In Fun Town, you'll find several good attractions for the 5--8 age group, too.

  • At the Fun Town Police & Fire Academy, budding firefighters can take aim with their hoses and douse a building on "fire."

  • At the Adventurer's Club, you'll walk through indoor exhibits themed around Ancient Egypt (some really beautiful displays!), the Arctic region and the Amazon Rain Forest. (Care to see a boa constrictor made entirely of Legos?) One thing that makes this attraction fun is that, as you enter, you're asked to find several hidden objects as you stroll along. Since the objects are NOT hidden in obvious places, this little game gives guests some intrigue while they're admiring the Lego creations. (Kids will probably need adult help to find all the objects...and adults will have just as much fun as the children in looking for them.)

    Legoland Attractions: Pirate Shores

    Kids LOVE the water activities in Legoland's wet-play section!

    In the slide show above, you're viewing pictures of exciting pirate-themed attractions in the Pirate Shores section of Legoland California. As you can tell by the photos, MOST of the activities in Legoland's Pirate Shores area feature water-play fun!

    Photo of the Splash Battle water cannon ride at Legoland California The new Pirate Shores water-play area of the park is great for ALL ages, but 5-8 years olds will especially enjoy the new attractions in this area. What's available for your family to enjoy in Pirate Shores?

  • SPLASH BATTLE BOAT RIDE! The pirate-themed Splash Battle ride is a family-friendly ride that you won't find at any other theme park!

    Your group will board a boat that's equipped with giant squirt canons! As you ride (the boat glides along a track), you'll engage in target practice with the squirt canons, or perhaps imagine yourselves as part of a pirate battle at sea! The minimum height required to board is 36 inches tall. (To your left, you see a picture of the Splash Battle ride.)

  • TREASURE FALLS LOG RIDE! The Treasure Falls log flume is another fun ride for kids...and the whole family, as well!

    Treasure Falls is Legoland's version of the ever-popular log flume ride. However, since this is Legoland...and the rides are geared for'll enjoy a MILDER version of a log flume ride than you'll find at other theme parks. For example, Disneyland's Splash Mountain, Magic Mountain's Log Jammer, and Knott's Berry Farm's Timber Mountain Log Ride all have steep drops which may scare children. The Treasure Falls log flume features a log drop of only 12 feet! In addition to the "thrilling" drop, you'll have some time to cruise along in your log. Not only will you be able to enjoy the sensation of floating...but you'll also get to admire scenes of Lego Pirates, crafter by Legoland's master Lego builders!

    Photo of the Splash Battle water cannon ride at Legoland California

  • Captain Cranky's Challenge is a "dry" boat ride that's designed to be one of your child's first thrill rides. Grab your seat in the boat, then it will begin to move forwards, backwards, up, down, and even swiveling around a bit. But while it's perfectly safe and built for the younger set, parents are bound to get a bit of a thrill themselves when riding in it! The minimum height to ride Captain Cranky's boat is 34" tall (with parent) or 42" inches tall alone.

  • WATER PLAY AREAS! In addition to these 2 rides in the Pirate Shores area of Legoland Park, there are 2 separate water play areas.

    1.) One is a very large structure called Soak-N-Sail, which has over 60 interactive water toys, spray guns, etc geared for the older kids (school-aged) in your family. On a warm day, this play structure attracts quite a crowd of kids running, squirting, and generally "being rowdy," so this area is not meant for little toddlers who could easily be knocked over by the action of kids just "being kids."

    2.) HOWEVER, toddlers DO get their very own water play area in Pirate Shores! This is called the Swabbie's Deck, and features gentler water play features. Swabbie's Deck does not attract the same large crowd as does the Soak N Sail area, making it a safe water-play area for babies and pre-schoolers.

    Legoland Attractions -- Castle Hill area

    Kids pretend to be damsels and knights of olde!

    Legoland's Royal Joust ride is a just-for-kids attraction that sends them on a horseback journey through Castle Hill. Er, make that a LEGO horse journey! The Knight's Kingdom section of the park has several rides and attractions of particular interest to the 5--8 year old age group. What kid can resist the fun of pretending to step back into Medieval Times, where bold nights and lovely princesses live again?

  • ROYAL JOUST: A popular Castle Hill kiddie ride is the Royal Joust, where children mount a Lego "horse" robed in medieval battle attire, and take a ride through a forest in search of a quest. Naturally, since this is Legoland Park, the forest is populated with figures made out of Lego bricks! (See photo of the Royal Joust ride to your right.) This is one of the few Legoland rides on which parents may NOT accompany children. The Royal Joust is strictly a "kids only" ride. In fact, the maximum age for this ride is 12 years old. There is also a minimum height of 36" for riders...along with a 4-year-old age minimum.

  • GIANT PLAY STRUCTURE: "The Hideaways" is a very large, multi-level play structure. Here, your child may climb rope ladders, chute down slides, and make-believe that this is a fortress strong in ye merry days of olde.

    Though there's no minimum height requirement for The Hideaways play structure, you'll have to judge for yourself if its safe for your toddler-aged children. On a busy day, there will be plenty of older kids whooping and running through the structure. A toddler might get knocked down! On the other hand, if you attend the park on a mid-winter day when the older kids are in school, the structure should be perfectly safe for toddlers to enter. You'll need to size up the situation here & act appropriately.

  • PAN FOR GOLD! Another fun family attraction is at the "King's Treasury" where you'll find the extra-fee attraction of panning for gold!

    Legoland Attractions: "Dino Island" Area

    Kids love pretending to live alongside dinosaurs!

    Coastersaurus roller coaster at Legoland California

  • The Costersaurus is a mini-roller coaster built for parents to ride together with their kids---perhaps as their childrens' very first roller coaster experience. It reaches a top speed of 21 MPH, and creates a mild zooming effect without making any steep, plunging drops. It's decor is fun---a giant made-of-Legos dinosaur serves as the ride's centerpiece, and nearby other Lego dinosaurs adorn the area. A minimum height requirement of only 48" (or 36 inches with a parent) makes this a great coaster for the 5--8 age group.


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