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Legoland Cruise

Fun Legoland activity for the whole family!

After you've walked around Legoland's Miniland miniature cities, there are still MORE intricate and fascinating Lego reproductions to see! However, you won't be able to see them very well "from land," so it's time to take a relaxing Legoland Cruise around the park's man-made lake! The attractions you'll see on this boat ride are what we'll be covering on this page. It's an all-ages activity that eveyone in your group is sure to enjoy!

Highlights of the Legoland Coast Cruise

Lego Statue of Liberty, Taj Mahal, Sydney Opera House, and more!

One of Legoland's highlights that please ALL ages is the Lake Legoland cruise boat ride. Before boarding, you'll wait in a shady, covered line queue area. It's "standing room only" in the line area; no benches are available.

Your waiting time in line will vary on how big of a crowd is at Legoland California on the day you attend AND the number of boats running. Expect a moderate wait even on off-season, uncrowded days...because only one or two boats will be running during those times. The boats themselves do NOT have shade canopies. During warm-weather months, your cruise might be more comfortable during the early part of the day.

There is NO minimum height requirement for the Legoland Coast Cruise. Even babies are welcome. However, strollers must be parked; there is no room for them on the boats.

Photo: The Sydney Opera House made entirely of Lego bricks!  Legoland California In the Lego Miniland cities exhibits "on land", you'll find ONLY cities from the USA in their miniaturized, Lego-brick form. But out on the water, you'll get to see Lego versions of some famous landmarks from around the world. On your right you see, of course, the world-famous Sydney Opera House...made piece by piece out of Lego parts with the same incredible eye for detail for which the Legoland master builders are famous.

Not far from the Lego Sydney Opera House, you'll see another replica of one of the most famous of all world landmarks---the Eiffel Tower of Paris, France!

Photo: The Taj Mahal made entirely of Lego bricks!  Legoland California The majestic Taj Mahal is often acclaimed as one of the world's most beautiful buildings. So, what happens if you can't afford the trip to India to see it? (Very few North Americans can!) Well, at least the Lego Taj Mahal sits regally along the shores of Legoland Lake for you to view!

Despite the "boxy" shape of each individual Lego brick, the Master Builders at Legoland San Diego have managed to capture the fluid beauty of this magnificent structure...including its curved arches and domes.

Picture: Statue of Liberty made entirely of Lego's! Legoland theme park, California The Lake Legoland cruise will also allow you to see several more USA landmarks that are hard to see from land. Out in Lego New York harbor stands the inspirational Statue of Liberty...well, in Lego form, that is! This is a fitting place for her to be located, as if welcoming guests to the Lego version of the United States in miniature, which is what the Miniland exhibit is all about.

Also along the shores of the lake you'll see the Lego Mount Rushmore. The Lego Mount Rushmore doesn't do justice to the truly inspirational "real" Mount Rushmore, and we was disappointed in this reproduction (due to the smirks on some of the president's faces.)

While on the lake cruise, you'll see still other Lego reproductions that don't have anything to do with world monuments. You'll see large Lego elephants bathing and splashing water. And still another whimsical Lego scene where it appears that you'll be squirted with water...and then the showed suddenly quits right before you arrive!

There's a large Lego octopus in an "Octopus's Garden" vignette, as well as some Lego flora and fauna spaced about the lake (for example, a Lego swan) to make the lake look alive with natural activity.

After taking your Legoland Cruise...

Check out Lego New England!

Photo: a New England scene made entirely of Legoland bricks!  Legoland California The US region of New England is represented with numerous Lego-brick harbor scenes. On your left, you see a New-England-style structure on a wharf flanked by made-of-Legos boats.

In the picture to your right, you'll see a New England lighthouse gracing still another section of the Miniland harbor.

Photo: A New England lighthouse made entirely of Lego bricks!  Legoland California

The Midwestern parts of the USA are represented by several farm and Lego livestock exhibits. One of our favorites in this section is a Lego barn...complete with little Lego cows peeking out from inside! You'll see Lego horses & cowboys, tractors and grain silos, and every one has been created with amazing detail.

Photo: A New England scene made entirely of Lego bricks!  Legoland California

Well, after 3 pages of pictures, we've finally come to the end of the Legoland Miniland section. Once you visit in-person, you'll be surprised at the extensive-ness and detail of Legoland's Miniland cities, buildings and monuments. And, despite all the photos we've shown, there are still PLENTY of surprises left for you to discover on your own when you reach Legoland in San Diego!

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